Root of Evil III - The Abysal Seed

Cerveth 26, 5055 (07/26/5055)


Having fought their way into the depths of the demonic tree, Malgarius, our heroes have convinced the squabbling factions of the demon lord’s multiple personalities to assist them in overcoming Thingizzard’s hold on its prison. Can they trust the deposed demon lord? Can they defeat Thingizzard and destroy the growing demonic forest? Join us. Same Bat-time, same bat-channel!

The group had 20 hours –till the fiery orb reached its apex- to rest heal and prepare their spells. Fowyn converted spells to healing spells and attended those who needed healing. Kelroth took the +2 Int Ioune Stone, and Yestamir claimed the hat which was the Crown of the Temporal Juggler.

It was decided that the Combat-inclined members should be responsible for the non-Combat-inclined. The teams were:
Y’Draesk & Eqximiye
Pr’Gillis & Quingle
Umbrecrom & Yestamir
Thangil & Kelroth
Nique/Nelke & Fowyn
Cyren and Faedrie would be floaters who would assist where they were needed.

Before they rested there were spells that were cast-
Fowyn: Heroes Feast which offered immunities, protections and 15 bonus HP
Quingle: Superior Resistance (+6) to Thangil, Fowyn, Quingle, Kelroth, Nique, Umbrecrom, Y’Draesk,and Pr’Gillis.
Kelroth: Greater Luminous Armor and Contingency Spell with a Battle Magic Prerception

The group then rested for 8 hours. Upon awakening the casters began casting the magics that would protect and augment the group.

See Invisible
Battle Magic Perception
Resist Energy Mass- Electricity
Spell Turning
Mass Fly
Mirror Image
Fox’s Cunning
True Seeing
Bull’s Strength

Endure Elements- Cold
Greater Mage Armor
Animalistic Power
Interfaith Blessing
Battle Magic Perception
Greater Status
Moment of Precience
Undead Bane Weapon
Disrupting Weapon
Mass Resist Energy- Sonic
Entropic Shield
Nimbus of Light
Align Weapon
2 Sheltered Vitality
Zone of Revelation
Mass Death Ward
Sublime Revalry
Freedom of Movement

Moment of Precience
Greater Mage Armor
See Invisible
Battle Magic Perception

Primal Instinct
Primal Speed
Resist Energy
Mass Resist- Fire
Energy Immunity- Acid
Tortise Shell
Linked Perception
Animal Growth
Twilight’s Luck
Owl’s Wisdom
Sheltered Vitality
Pheron’s Resolve
2 Twilight’s Luck


Insight of Good Fortune

Primal Hunter
Primal Instict
Primal Senses
Primal Speed
Protection from Energy- Acid
Celestial Aspect
Silvered Claws

And the psionic people manifested some powers.


Force Screen
Inertial Armor
And he drank a potion Water Breathing

Mind Link
6 x Power Resistance
Mind Blank
Adapt Body

There are minutes of frenetic casting. The walls to room begin to peel away as the room contracts & shrinks. There are several minutes of shuddering and shaking as the room becomes a bubble of reverse-peristalsis 120’ up the trunk of the tree. The bubble space that contained everyone conjoins with an organic chamber over 100’ wide the center of which had a pedestal on which a silvery orb within a bubble of force released energy blasts along the inside surface of the force bubble. The orb itself levitated several inches off the pedestal. Erupting from the adjacent walls, floor and ceiling long ropey tendrils extended and reached toward the burning sphere. The far side of the room had a lense with flickering images of the city that resided where the Demon tree Malgarius sprouted. The images showed a city destroyed and ravaged. On a 10’ high ledge that ran the length of the back wall there stood a Gigantic Tyrannosaurs Rex next to a floating Astral Diva bathed in a white glow. Everyone knew it was the Druid Nighthag Anachrion Thingizzard wild-shaped into an Astral Diva.

She spoke:
“ I’m so glad to know in the end it was you Aunt Gilenial who came to try to stop me and witness my final triumph. “

Closer along the side walls in front of the area where tendrils erupted were coiled 2 Night Crawlers- undead intelligent extra-dimensional wyrms. The one on the left was surrounded by 6 Dread Wraiths – undead creatures with no discernable features exzcept for their glowing red eyes.

Round 1
Cyren moved up 30 & held her action. 4 of the Wraiths approached the group, coming to a stop within 10 of people in the front rank. The first reached out at Umbrecrom & and its incorporeal arm reached through the magic shield he held before him narrowly missing touching the Barbarian’s arm. Another attempts to touch the Fist of Zuoken, Pr’Gillis and misses. Thangil is hit twice and takes damage from the unnatural chill of the spiritual damage(13) but he makes his saves. Y’Draesk takes a 5’ step and makes a full attack sequence making 2 pair of hits (56, 60) and a final hit (17) which destroyed it. Eqximiye’s Battle Magic Perception sensed a spell coming from Thingizzard- a Baleful Polymorph- which Eqximiye burns her Battle Magic Perception to try to dispel but fails. Thangil manages to make his save defeating the Druid’s spell. Kelroth senses through his Battle Magic Perception another quickened spell from the Nighthag- he recognizes the Flamestrike and using his Ring of Elemental Control of Fire he counter-spells it- the energies of the opposing Flamestrikes play out against each other in a flashing light spray. This activates his Contingency Battle Magic Perception spell. Fowyn, flying 10’ higher than where the group levitates and casts Holy Aura. The Night Crawler on the right surges from his coil toward Umbrecrom and there is a crackling in the air as Fowyns Holy Aura meets the creatures own Aura of Desecration. It snaps at Umbrecrom and misses. Pr’Gillis climbs Umbrecrom and leaps off his shoulders onto the back of the Night Crawler, after having taken a glancing bite from the creatures AoO (13). Yestamir manifests his Shadow Body power turning into an unconnected shadow hovering in the air. 4 more Dread Wraiths rush from the right and 4 more from elsewhere. Quingle cast Arcane Spell Surge, and then backs up 10’ to assure the maximum effect and casts a Shadow Illusion which mimics a Disruption Wave which is maximized by the chunk of the Plane of Shadow he carried. 8 of the Dread Wraiths were destroyed and one of the Night Crawlers caught in its effect roars and dies. The remaining Dread wraith it had summoned is released back to its netherworld existence and disappears. Nique casts Superior Magic Fang on herself and Nelke and Wild Shapes into a Dire Bear. Malachitrix does a flyby attack on a Dread Wraith but his acid spray passes through the incorporeal undead. Thangil shoots and hits with 4 arrows but most of the damage is blunted by protective Stoneskin that it has (20 40). Eqximiye casts Assay Resistance on the Astral Diva which allowed her to divine the nature of her magic protections: a curiously useless lavendar and green Ioune Stone, +1 AC, Ring of Acid Resistance, Powerful magic bracers, Cloak of Resistance, a Ring of Freedom of Movement, Trueseeing, Stoneskin, Bear’s Endurance, Cat’s Grace, AirWalk, Resist Elements Fire, Spell Resistance of at least 30%, Immune to Venom, Greater Magic Fang, and 4 Elemental Wild Shapes. Kelroth readies an action and says “Anachrion! We have found you! Come Home.” To which she laughs and says “ I am home. Tis is my Home-coming! Now die annoying pathetic worms!” Umbrecrom slips into his combative rage and charges dropping his shield and provokes an AoO from the Night Crawler he charged- and it hits him (18) and it starts a grapple with him in its maw preventing Umbrecrom from being able to do anything.

Round 2
2 more Night Crawlers from the other side of the room start to make their way through the writhing tendrils. And 3 more Dread Wraiths come through the tendrils. Cyren hits the 4th Night Crawler with a Ring of the Ram (29) which cracks some of its chitinous armor. Quingle’s Battle Magic Perception alerts him to a Dispel Magic spell Anachrion has cast and he casts a Greater Dispell to counter-spell it. Kelroths Battle Magic Perception alert him to a Quickened Entangle spell and he casts a Dispel Magic spell which dispels it. Y’Draesk hits (59, 40). The night Crawler holding Umbrecrom eats him (8). Fowyn casts Haste which will affect most of the group. Pr’Gillis blasts a maximized Lightning Bolt from his mouth (48). Yestamir manifests an Energy Bolt at the Night Crawler and penetrates its Spell Resistance but it saves and takes half damage (15). Faedrie Magic Missles a Dread Wraith & it disappears in a puff of smoke. Quingle casts True Casting and another Shadow Illusion of a Disruption Wave maximized by the chunk of the Shadow Plane and both fail their saves and are destroyed and the Dread Wraiths vanish. Anachrion, speaking in Abyssal says “Malgarius! It’s about time you did something!” There is acreaking & ripping and a section of the wall behind her reaches out and slams her T-Rex “What the hell are you doing!?” And then all the air is sucked out of the room. Various members of the group make con checks and do not pass out. Umbrecrom from within the gullet of the Night Crawler snaps the fingers of the hand wearing the Glove of Storage and his Great sword which is miniaturized and held in stasis immediately appears full sized in his hand- stabbing the gizzard of the Night Crawler (37) which causes a large enough slash through its side that Umbrecrom exits through the gash and is free, dripping the digestive juices of the Night Crawlker.

Round 3
Cyren makes her con check and rams the Night Crawler again but this time doesn’t penetrate its magic resistance. Kelroth makes his con check and Limitedly Wishes for a bubble of air around his party. Anachrion wildshapes into an Earth Elemental. Fowyn casts Dismissal on the Night Crawler but it fails to penetrate the magic resistance. The night Crawler bites Quingle (16) & grapples and holds the Sorcerer. Thangil shoots arrows and 3 hit (63) and it roars. Pr’Gillis hits it (22) Faedrie puts a Necklace of Adaption on Y’Draesk and Yestamir grabs him and Dimension Doors on to the raised area across the room. Y’Draesk makes a dex check. The T-Rex sees them and roars which causes it to loose all of its air. Y’Draesk charges Anachrion and misses her. T-Rex moves to Y’Draesk and provokes an AoO (3 -10). T-Rex hits Y’Draesk (9 –10) T-Rex tries a close quarters grapple but provokes an AoO (37–10) which breaks the grapple. Quingle thinks to Malgarius who he figures is reading all of our minds “Malgarius, I apologize for the discomfort my attack to the other creatures caused you. We need air to be able to continue to attack Anachrion to free you.” And then casts Teleport to get out of the Night Crawlers maw and then casts Orb of Electricity Maximized. The Night Crawler makes its save and dies (81). The area near Y’Draesk erupts into barbed tentacles and hits the T-Rex (3 –10). Malachitrix goes to Quingle. Nique calls a Lightning Storm on the T-Rex but it makes its save and takes no damage.Eqximiye casts Magic Missle at the T-Rex (14). Umbrecrom hustles out to past the pedestal still next to the writhing tentacles.

Round 4
Cyren holds her action, Kelroth casts Sunburst up near Anachrion but she and her animal companion saves.Kelroth tries a quickened Dispell Magic on Anachrion. Cyren runs up closer near the pedestal. Air rushes back into the room and Anachrion Wildshapes into an Astral Diva and casts Baleful Polymorph, but thanks to Battle Magic Perception is detected by Kelroth who fails to stop it. Anachrion gets through Yestamir’s magic resistance but Yestamir saves. Fowyn casts Lower Spell Resistance to which Anachrion fails her save (-15) Thangil hit the T-Rex 4 times (12 –50). Pr’Gillis Abundant Steps onto its back and blasts another maximized Lightning Bolt at it which the T-Rex manages to evade. Y’Draesk commands his Ring of the Valiant convert into a chain-whip and bellows “Ashenthorn make me proud!” and the demon-bound weapon screams at Anachrion as it hits (10 –10) and hits again (9 –10). Yestamir tries to Dominate the T-Rex but it saves. It misses Y’Draesk. Faedrie Dimension Doors opposite Anachrion. Quingle does a Ray of Enfeeblement at the T-Rex and it looses 12 strength points. Quingle then casts Battle Magic Perception. Y’Draesk gets hit by the wall (11 –32)
Anachrion in Abyssal” No1 No! No! The Psionic one!” Nique understands what she said and translates it through the Mind Link so everyone understands she’s telling Malgarius who to attack. Nique holds her action. Eqximiye flies straight over to the area by the seed and with a knowledge arcane check realizes that the energy is something like force-lightning and that it’s a defensive spell. Umbrecrom screams “Psionic Strike!” as he strikes massively at the T-Rex who takes full damage because his sword is unaffected by the Stoneskin (76). Nelke move up to Nique.

Round 5
Cyren casts a Silence between the T-Rex and Anachrion. Anachrion then turns into a Green Dragon and flies over to the seed and screams “Now!” Cyren hits with her Adamantium Rapier (7) on the AoO. Anachrion bites Kelroth (1 –10). Everyone near the seed gets hit by tentacles (including the Dragon). Kelroth (1 –10) Eqximiye (0 –10) Quingle(13) Malachitrix (11) Fowyn (12) Cyren (12). Fowyn’s Lower Resistance spell trhen goes into effect. Kelroth casts Anti-Magic Ray but misses the touch attack causing it to deflect off the force wall around the seed. Fowyn casts Destruction at the Dragon but it saves and takes damage (40) Thangil hits with an arrow (13 –10)Pr’Gillis attacks the T-Rex (61). Y’Draesk hits the T-Rex (14 –10, 12 –10, 11 –10, 25) and it drops.
Anachrion screams “Ginthrax! Ginthrax!” as it starts to shrink to merely huge in size. Faedrie flies close to Anachrion and takes 3 AoO from the tentacles (4 –10, -9, 6 –10) but misses attacking the Dragon. Yestamir manifests a Concusion Blast (29). Quingle holds his action. The temperature in the room drops to –50 degrees. Nique casts Rain of Roses ana Anachrion takes 4 wisdom damage. Speaking as Galenial Nique says “And this is why you’ll never be an Eldar. You don’t have what it takes.” Eqximiye casts Tactical Teleportation which places Umbrecrom right next to the Dragon’s side as he attacks but misses 3×. Quingle uses his Moment of Prescience and dispels a number of the magical effects Anachrion had upon herself: Shape Change, Air Walk, Trueseeing, and she changes back into a Green Hag. Nelke holds.

Round 6
Cyren moves provoking 3 AoO (10, 12, 13) but misses her attack on Anachrion. Anachrion casts Word of Recall and Quingle notes it with his Battle Magic Perception but fails to counter spell it and she vanishes in the subtle vacuous pop of air as she teleports away. Yestamir immediately uses his Divert Teleport power and psionically grabs her and diverts the destination of her Teleport right back to where she left. The tentacles attack everyone in the area. Umbrecrom (11), Cyren (14), Faedrie (0). Y’Draesk (1), Kelroth (4, -10). Fowyn readies an action, Thangil hits twice (12 –20), Kelroth readies his actionwaiting for Yestamir to Manifest the diamond that he could use as a component for a Sanctify the Wicked Exhalted Spell. Pr’Gillis runs over to hit and hits a few times (33) Faedrie hits with 2 crit (15 –10, 24 –10) and Y’Draesk hits (20 –10). Acid pours down from above but Pr’Gillis avoids it while Kelroth makes his save (26). Anachrion loose 2 more Wisdom points from the Rain of Roses. Nique calls Lightning but Anachrion saves and it doesn’t bother her. Malachitrix holds. Eqximiye readies an action. Umbrecrom hits (35) and then crits (67) cleaving her arm off. Lying in the widening pool of blood the Green Hag mumbles “Adda it’s cold…” and dies. Eqximiye immediately casts a Wish as Anachrion went to her final rest. “ I wish the seed was in my hands” and then it appeared in her hands. The tentacles lunged at her and she made her will save to exert control over the seed and Malgarius. Eqximiye secures Malgarius’ cooperation. Y’Draesk takes Anachrion and her severed arm. Despite having the cooperation of the demon tree it is decided that everyone needs to leave immediately. Umbrecrom decides the T-Rex tail would make a nice ceremonial sheath for his sword and chops off a length of the dinosaurs tail before everyone ports away.



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