Rogue working for Eqximiye


Andros first appeared in the adventure Lachrunya and Alcarg the Elf Slayer. He followed the party until he was killed during a fight with the Foxwoman, who was working for Lady Bane. He jumped in front of Kelroth, saving him from being struck by an arrow of elf-slaying. The party, suspicious of Andros, turned and cut him down. They had him raised out of remorse, but he chose to leave the group.

Due to his early involvement with the party, their enemies frequently captured and interrogated him regarding the party’s current whereabouts and plans. Intermittently, the party would “kidnap” him back from their enemies in return, bullying him into providing information about these enemies and their questions. At one time, Kelroth, Thangil, Y’Draesk and Eqximiye rescued him the Red Wizard of Koth, Raver Styx. Concerned about what he may have told their enemies, they held him for questioning, but he escaped. He was later picked up by Bretaria, who polymorphed him into a mule in return for his cooperation. The palace stable master sold him, and once again he vanished from the party’s notice.

Currently, he performs various jobs for Eqximiye. Most recently, he appeared in the adventure My Dinner with Witherow and Baggage Claim.



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