Angilene Bolivar

Guildmistress of the Stonemason's Guild, Y'Draesk's Ex-Girlfriend


The party met Angilene at Greyclifff just before their encounter with the Foxwoman. Y’Draesk had received a warning from an oracle, instructing him to return to Greycliff because “the Silver Lady seeks the death of the Red Hawk”. When he arrived, he found Angilene at dinner, negotiating with Kelroth regarding the future role of her guild in the development of Greycliff, as Kelroth had been using magic to raise the walls of the keep. He found her garbed with silver jewelry, and with black and silver hair. She was greatly offended by his accusations, and left Greycliff in outrage. Later, discovering his mistake, Y’Draesk attempted to make amends for the error. These attempts eventually initiated a relationship to blossom between them. Additionally, Kelroth was able to successfully negotiate with the guild.


Angilene Bolivar

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