Annakrion Skybender

A.K.A Thingizzard, A.K.A The Green-mother - insane green hag druid.


Thingizzard was first encountered by the party in the far western lands. Unintentionally displaced from her home by the actions of the party, Thingizzard relocated to the Greenwood near Greycliff, where she frequently intruded into the party’s lives. Eventually, she openly declared herself their enemy, taking over the druid circle in the Wyrmwood, although she was not opposed to making use of them if the opportunity presented itself, such as in The Ghosts of Risp.

In actuality, she is Annakrion Skybender, daughter of the Eldar Hithlorien Cargil and granddaughter of the infamous Coramorphus Carnen. She was slain during the adventure Root of Evil.


Annakrion Skybender

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