Aquatain of the Weird

An elemental oracle living in Arvandor


A weird can divine information that could change the very course of history. It has its finger on the pulse of fate and knows exactly where possible courses of action might lead. Like most seers, an elemental weird never provides a clear, concise prophecy. Some of the message may seem forthright, but some is always confusing or just difficult to decipher because the listener does not have enough information to understand the weird’s meaning. Though its messages can be misinterpreted, a weird’s warning and advice are never wrong. Its counsel is seldom free, however, so anyone beseeching a weird had best bring offerings or be prepared to undertake a quest of vital importance to the creature.

Water weirds are soothsayers that bring words of healing to the wounded. They offer curative knowledge for suffering lands and new options for people who seek a better way. When there is little hope for life, water weirds offer a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat against the odds.

Aquatain appears as a translucent, blue humanoid woman composed entirely of water. Her feet remain below the surface of her pool at all times.

Deep in the midst of the forest of enormous trees that makes up the heart of Arvandor, beneath a starry sky filled with carriage-sized fireflies, lies an ancient ruin guarded by a tribe of Thorns. At the center of ruins covered with murals and carvings that appear to be of the Great War, depicting elves, dragons, and slaadi fighting together, led by a giant male elf, lies a fountain running into a pool of still water. From this pool, if one is courteous and lucky, Aquatain the water weird may rise.


First appearance: The Forge of the Maker

One of the four Kâhin sisters:
Aquatain (water)
Vuur (fire)
Napjev (air)
Zemlja (earth)

Aquatain of the Weird

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