Astoria Carmiriël

Eldar and founding member of the HeartGuard


Astoria Carmiriël was a member of the Eldar who kept a crow as a familiar, and a friend of Mendorian Carlack. She traveled to Greycliff with the party to investigate the keep. She and Y’Draesk quarreled during the journey. After the group’s arrival at Greycliff, she was responsible for the death of Arlaroo the druid, who worked for Kelroth and was a friend of Gabriel, and was romantically involved with Y’Draesk. When she killed Arlaroo, Thangil shot her, but she escaped using Tree Stride.

She fled to her lover, Melkorith, also known as Blackmoon. Instead of aiding her, he gave her a ring of the Taken. Celethor and Elenariel enlisted Eqximiye when they found her and brought her to the palace. Blackmoon had placed a cursed mask on her face, in addition to the ring. The mask covered her features, preventing her from eating or drinking.

Eqximiye recognized the ring, and cut off her finger to save her sanity. Celemar then provided a scroll that allowed them to remove the mask, saving her life, although her face was horribly scarred by her attempts to remove it. This experience convinced her that Prince Kelroth was correct about the return of the lich, and she eventually became a founding member of the Heartguard. She was killed by her former allies from the Eldar faction known as the Arrows of Correllon.


Astoria Carmiriël

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