Bretaria Ellanta

Former Speaker of the Eldar, killed by Eqximiye


“Quite so, we are the Eldarea. Why, so surprised? We have endured for six millennia. We have survived countless purges and prejudice. We persevered through far bloodier times than these. Did you think that your little song would destroy us, your highness? Did you believe that your brother’s edict had forced us to abandon our duties? Ever have the Eldarea been the protectors of elvenkind, we will not fail in our charge. Do not judge us by the ‘enlightened’ standards with which you measure yourself. It has been through the blood and sweat of such as we that you may enjoy the luxury of your morals. Upon our shoulders ride the fate of our people – you can afford to be weak – we cannot.”

- Bretaria Ellanta to Prince Kelroth Carnen during <insert title="true">

Bretaria Ellanta

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