Melkorith Moonblessing


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That fine, red, wine trickles down my throat on it’s journey to my brain,
it burns my eyes and stains my hands as it tears my spirit to shreds.

I paint my face with it’s fragrant heat until I seem to blush like a child,
the mask, it is false, the innocence lost, and the babe lies cold in his grave.

With rippling cuts, it cores my heart, while it grins like a naked skull,
caressing my loins as it bites my lips and whispers to me my name.

Such a warm, red, wine to take what is mine, and mat my hair with it’s salt,
it stains my clothes and pours to the ground like a steaming, sickly, rain.

It’s found the quenchless thirst that dwelt in my sleep and nourished it to life,
pressing me to pull from this endless cup, while I drown in it’s savage flow.

The feral light that burns behind my eyes is that wine looking out through my face,
sobriety flown, the only sounds that I know, tempest winds and the wailing dead.

It’s a thick, red, wine that tastes so sweet, as it scalds my thoughts with it’s fire,
with tattered lips smiling, I laugh at their fear, for I know I am insane.

With strips of flesh I bind up my wounds, the bandages rent from my skin,
the more I swathe, the more I need flay, sticky blades remove all pain.

Phantoms walk with me, now, by night and by day, calling me away,
singing to me a chilling litany, their shrouds shrieking the refrain.

Oh, That fine, red, wine weeps within my mind and damns me forever to hell!


Melkorith Moonblessing

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