Psicrown of the Temporal Juggler


Upon donning the psicrown it mentally whispers its functions to its wears (no, it is not a sentient item).

A psicrown is a special headband that stores several powers. Unlike dorjes, which can contain a wide variety of powers, each psicrown is of a certain kind and holds specific powers. The power points within a crown can be spent only on the power that are contained within the psicrown. Psicrowns use the power trigger activation method, so manifesting a power from a psicrown is usually a standard action that does not provoke AoO. (If the power being manifested, however, has a longer manifesting time than 1 standard action, it takes that long to manifest the power from the psicrown). When activating a psicrown, the user spends power points contained in the psicrown on any one of the psicrown’s powers. Powers activated from a psicrown can be augmented with additional power points from the psicrown itself, so long as the total number of power points spent does not exceed the user’s manifester level. The user can’t manifest a power from a psicrown using his own power points.

This particular psicrown is a Psicrown of the Temporal Juggler and is made of psionically reinforced silk and has an AC 7, 10 hit points, hardness 2, and a break DC of 24.It has 743 power points (out of 850) and is made of silk and clear crystal. It allows the use of the following powers:
Temporal Acceleration
Time Hop
Timeless Body

Strong psychoportation; ML 17; Craft Psicrown, temportal acceleration, time hop, timeless body; Price 95,624 gp.


Psicrown of the Temporal Juggler

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