The Temper of Perfection, Part II: The Lord of the Iron Fortress
06/18 thru 06/22/5055

On the trail of missing ore and dead smiths, our heroes find themselves on an obscure cube on the plane of Archeron…


Upon the lost cube of Kolyoral, Umbrecrom and his assembled cohorts arrived on the 19th. Yestamir erected a psionic Mindlink so that everyone who stayed within 30 feet of another in the Mindlinked group maintained a telepathic communication. They looked out across the flat steel plain seeing tears and spots gouged with wear. They could see for miles but not indefinitely. To the Southwest they could make out the sharp edge of a horizon. At a certain point it just became indistinct and diffused. The immediate thought was to locate a place where they could regroup to if they needed to later. Miles of flat stretched out in every direct. The air smelled metallic. The distant clash of swords and armor was constant. Archeron was the plane of eternal battle. As Nelke paced in obvious agitation Nique cast a Druid spell that lets her commune with nature and learn of her environment. She discovers a large fortress, a huge rent in the surface of the cube, where a mountain seems to arise from another point, a collection of holes leading into the cube, and where various large battles have occurred. She casts another spell, which allowed her to know the direction of their objective- Zandikar, The Iron Fortress. Sensing to which direction the assembled needed to go she then Wildshaped into a horse for Yestamir to ride and took the lead. Next, Nelke served as mount for Cyren who kept an eye out for traps on the metal plane. Umbrecrom remained on foot in front of Thangil who Wildshaped into a lion while his companion Arime followed. Pr’Gillis was last. They were able to maintain a pace that allowed them to cover almost 2 leagues a day (37.5 miles). The plain offered little diversion- small dents and rips, some metallic rubble, there were spots where bits of it peeled away like mica. After 8 hours they decided to rest. The sky dimmed till it was almost like moonlight. Umbrecrom’s first watch was uneventful, but a while after he had nodded off during Cyren’s watch, she and Thangil spotted something high overhead. They watched as two eagles descended, this being significant because it was the first indication of life on the cube other than the distant clangor of ever-present combat. After a period they decided the eagles were large eagles. Very large. Yestamir, Pr’Gillis and Nique were also awake and prepared for the still descending birds, which now looked to be giants, yet strangely and unnaturally beautiful. Cyren shot an arrow and hit the first what was obviously a Roc. The pair of axiomatic Rocs continued their strafing run. Yestamir established his Mindlink effectively awakening the sleeping Stonechild. Nique shouted ‘Stop!’ The Rocs being animals, they may otherwise had be dissuaded from attacking, without resorting to having to kill them. Yestamir attempted to Dominate the second gargantuan bird and succeeded. Nique had cast one of her Druid spells attempting to charm it, but to her disappointment her spell didn’t hold. Having gained a degree of control over the second Roc, the blue-haired Elf tried to get the bird to fly close and nudge the first to throw its attack off balance, but such an action being so averse to the Roc’s normal behavior, it was able to once again gain control of its actions from the Psion. Thangil, seeing them still making their diving attack, having readied his bow, hailed 3 arrows into the neck and chest of the first one. Umbrecrom rising from his slumber reached for a vial of acid from a pouch and hurled it at the second bird striking it, splashing the burning liquid across the feathers of its underside. As the birds circled around for another air-born attack, Cyren noted the size of the birds that were very nearly as large as adult dragons, set aside her bow and leveled her wand at the first as it flew by, loosing a Scorching Ray spell that began to properly set it afire. Yestamir having botched his subtle tactic, called upon his strange powers again, this time manifesting Breath of the Black Dragon as a gout of corrosive acid much more potent than what Umbrecrom used, which spouted from his mouth catching the first one that Cyren had cast upon. Pr’Gillis calling upon his own Half-Dragon heritage used his own breath weapon, breathing flame on the second Roc as it passed, catching it aflame. Nique began casting another spell as Umbrecrom threw another vial of acid but misjudging his timing, threw it into the airy wake of the Roc. Thangil still with his bow loosed 3 more arrows of which only one found its mark in the leg of the second Roc. Because the Roc’s attacks were disrupted by the damage they sustained, they flew by unable to retaliate. Cyren having switched back to her bow shot 2 arrows that sank into the Roc’s tail. Yestamir having retrieved his Energy Bolt Dorje, aimed it like a wand and let loose a bolt of fire that didn’t seem to catch hold of the trailing bird. The flame was doused by the concussion of air that accompanied Nique’s summoning of the Air Elemental, which tried to attack the trailing Roc without success. Thangil with a carefully placed single shot hit the first Roc so well placed that the bird flinched in pain, while Pr’Gillis used the bow the Elves had given to Umbrecrom to hit the second Roc in the side with an arrow. As the Roc’s flew off, abandoning the humanoids on the ground Thangil let fly a final arrow hitting the trailing bird. Yestamir tried his mental domination yet again to no avail. The summoned Air Elemental easily caught up to the Rocs landing an impressive albeit unseen attack on the first. Cyren shot 2 more arrows, which hit but showed very little effect. A final time Yestamir reached out his mind straining to gain command of the body of the Roc, edging the creatures own psyche only to have its mental essence slip past his Dominate again. Nique, dismissed her summoned Elemental deciding that these animals need not die for their attack. No one was hurt after all. The rest of the night passed uneventfully, and everyone rested well. The next day they moved another nearly 2 leagues and stopped to rest. On Pr’Gillis’s watch he noticed a tall bipedal being that somehow was only 100’ away. It had a long thick tail, and was scaly. It also carried a spear. The sleeping members of the group awake. Several recognize the creature as a Betazu more specifically a Glugon- an Ice Devil. ‘Are you friend or foe of Imperigon?’ it asked. Yestamir offered ‘We know not who Imperigon is…’

‘Imperigon- Lord of the Iron Fortress.’ it offered back.
Thangil announces ‘We are not friends of this Imperigon.’

In the ensuing conversation the Glugon revealed that Imperigon had one of the outcasts from the Pit. Something that had been banished from the Abyss? The Abyss was the home of demons- something they would cast out? Devils certainly. The Raptors had recently retrieved a captured Cleric of Labolis from the foul plans of the daughter of the Dark Elf goddess the Spider Queen, who makes her home within the Pit. She was trying to usurp her mother’s place. Could their interference have caused the would-be godlings casting out of the Abyss? The Ice Devil said this Imperigon or its Pit creature has been stealing petitioners. She had stole a High Priest of Labolis… Are they the same? I think it named the creature ‘Lydzen’. The Ice Devil was on a mission to retrieve the stolen Batorean Green steel weapon, which had been stolen from its master. It said Imperigon had allies from Erelhei-Cinlu which was the city of the Dark Elves- the creature from the Pit may very well be the goddess’s daughter. There were also said to be Emissaries of Ilkkool Rrem with Imperigon also. Illythid from the Mind Flayer stronghold. The Ice Devil offered power to any who would take it, but would require the deaths of both Pr’Gillis and Nique. We had declined. Before it left, it bid us to think upon its offer, and gave its name, Iskiset, should we decide to take up the deal. It then walked away and vanished.

The next day Nique cast a Cloud Walk spell upon us, which turned us into a mist allowing us to float upon the wind, and we echolocated so as to stay within the confines of Yestamir’s Mindlink. An hour out we ran across a battle- Fomians, a race of giant Ant-like beings attacking 3 Humans, one Human having already fell. When Yestamir tried to detect psionics one of the Ant creatures with a bronze helmet panicked and teleported away. The two remaining Fomians died, as Yestamir noted there were no psionics in the remaining combatants. The Humans began to dance and celebrate at their victory, not sensing our presence. They then began to change into a trio of Slaadi- two tall green Slaad in armor wielding swords, and a grey Slaad garbed with braciers but no other armor to speak of, but wearing a prominent ruby studded gold necklace.

Umbrecrom and Yestamir, unfamiliar with the specifics of the creatures, decide that they should question them and willed themselves out of the Cloud Walk spell, not noticing that it actually took them 5 rounds to return fully to solidity. Umbrecrom walked out about 30 foot away from Yestamir so as not to provide a single area to target should things go badly. Things immediately took a turn for the horrible, as one of the green Slaad casts a lightning bolt past Umbrecrom to where Cyren hovered still under the effects of the Cloudwalk spell. Yestamir used his psionic power to create a manifestation of Black Dragon’s breath weapon, gouting acid at the other green Slaad and its grey companion. which the grey one managed to avoid. Umbrecrom retrieved one of the Glyph Eggs Lord Kelroth had bid him to carry during the mission in Port Dawn to retrieve the renegade Elven soldiers bent on murdering the town’s slave holding families. Speaking the activation word he threw it at the bunch engulfing all three in a consecrated Fireball. When the fire cleared it was apparent the grey Slaad had avoided the effects of this spell also, although the other green ones had not. The grey Slaad then looked to Yestamir who had delivered a far more potent attack, and raised his hand in the Elf’s direction, and grasped it into a fist. That’s when Yestamir died. His body crumpled inward upon itself, bone snapping, skin rupturing in sprays of bright red blood all mingled in the muffled scream of his dying breath being forced from the crushed sponge of his lungs. The tattered dripping remains of his corpse dropped to the ground a wet limp memory. Seeing this Nique knew they had no time to wait for the timely transition the Cloudwalk required and dismissed her spell, which immediately brought the rest of the party back from their misty forms. Pr’Gillis interposed himself over Yestamir’s seeping red remains, eyeing the green Slaad that would soon advance. Nique already near Yestamir began preparing another spell hoping to save her friend. Cyren cast a Scorching Ray spell from her wand on the other green Slaad burning it to the bone, yet still it stood. The first green Slaad motioned its hands grunting sounds in its bizarre language, which brought into being a multi-hued explosion of energy that hammered the Half-Dragon Monk. Pr’Gillis then activated his psionic armor and stood his ground. Umbrecrom, having seen his friend Yestamir brutally cut down slipped into the raging combat mind of the Barbarian and unleashed fury upon the green Slaad Cyren had already hurt. First the Barbarian’s powerfully enchanted star metal great sword White Iron appears in his already swinging hand being summoned from the Glove of Storing that he wore and sundered the green Slaad’s own enchanted sword, destroying it. Umbrecrom continued the swing into another arc that glances off the creatures magical Chain Shirt, but a third circuit connects deeply as it slices through ribs al the way into its breastbone where Umbrecrom held the dying Slaad to shield himself from the grey Slaad’s direct attack. Thangil with bow in hand and arrows ready shot an arrow as he positions himself but the arrow deflected from the remaining green Slaad’s enchanted plate mail armor. The grey Slaad still held out his hand and re-positions it slightly at Pr’Gillis. He squeezed it into a fist again. Half Dragon hide folded and compresses, his skull cracked- an impacted crater that crowded his clavicles, his ribcage imploded upon itself as the Monk died where he stood. Nique completed her spell which drew the disparate shreds of lifeless Yestamir together and re-knit his torn rendered body into a battered corpse that was then infused with enough life energies to bring him back to life if only just barely. She then gave him a potion of healing she had pulled out to further his healing and restore a semblance of vigor. The remaining green Slaad advanced on Thangil swinging its sword and missing the quick Ranger. Cyren again leveled her wand and released a devastating Scorching Ray that the grey Slaad was caught it. Umbrecrom tosses the green corpse on his sword to the side as he charged the grey Slaad. He struck his sword at the portion of the grey Slaad’s own sheathed sword that protrudes over its head from its back sheathe and easily shattered the enchanted weapon, ensuring it would be weaponless in melee combat. The Stonechild continues the stroke full circle burying the great sword deep into its chest by way of its thin grey neck. With a frighteningly casual flick, Umbrecrom discarded the Death Slaad’s corpse from his sword. Nique cast healing magic on Yestamir, but the journey back from the dead always takes its toll. Except for the most powerful resurrection spells those who return from death’s grasp always leave something of themselves behind, always return diminished. Yestamir would be something less than what he was. Umbrecrom and the others inspected the corpses of the four Slaad. Victory tithings as Barbarian tribes would call it. Spoils of victory, loot, those of a more civilized nature would say.

The green Slaads offer:
1 suit Enchanted full plate mail
2 Enchanted Chain Shirts
1 destroyed enchanted swords
1 enchanted Tower Shield
2000 Gold Pieces

While the Death Slaad paid tribute with:
1 Ruby studded gold necklace
1 destroyed enchanted sword
1 set of enchanted Braciers

In the wake of combat Cyren prayed to the deity that she has pledged herself to Clerical duty for- Olidammara. The Laughing Rogue answered her prayers, but it is never that straight forward, never that simple. Soon, Pr’Gillis had benefited from the effects of a resurrection spell, and Cyren and Thangil having been privy to the ire and pronouncements of Talisid the Celestial Lion, the sentience of a Deck of Many Things, Olidammara, and the Dragon goddess of Life, Tamara before time started once again. Umbrecrom tried to figure on what souvenir to claim from the Death Slaad decided to rip its jaw off. As he pulled it from the Slaad head, 5 of the Fomian Ant creatures appeared at the edge of the field of battle. There was a short period of confused efforts to communicate before Cyren casts a Comprehend Languages spell allowing her to understand the insectoid clicks and whirs of the Fomians. Yestamir psionically manifested his power of Correspond, which allowed him to breach the language barrier by communicating directly mind to mind with the Fomian wearing the Bronze helmet, who also possessed a degree of psionics. They were under the impression that Pr’Gillis led Umbrecrom’s group, and no one dissuades them of that notion. Yestamir translated for Pr’Gillis. He negotiated an audience with their Queen and insisted that Yestamir and Umbrecrom need to be present and it was agreed. The psionic Ant creature teleported them to an area Nique had identified with the Commune with Nature spell two days prior as a torn up area of the cube exposing the hive of the Fomian people. Introductions were made and protocol observed. In talking to Pr’Gillis the Queen told of an alliance of the pack leader of the steel predators and the Lord of the Iron Fortress. Yestamir retrieved Thangil, Cyren, Nique and Nelke bringing them back to the hospitality of the hive where Pr’Gillis and Umbrecrom ate from strange nectar pods. The information the Queen provided on the steel predators, which roam the cube in packs, and had an alliance with Imperigon:

Large creatures
Very fast
about 12 HD
They like to consume fresh metal
Are utterly deaf
Exceptional scent ability
Speak terran
Blind Sight
Sonic Attack
Like to attack from surprise
They are some kind of living metal.

The Temper of Perfection
06/01 thru 06/18/5055


Umbrecrom Iron Rage has a problem. His sword, the touchstone of his identity as a puissant warrior, fails to meet his ever elevating standards. To this end, our stoney friend has decided to seek out the rare and powerful Soulforge Enchantment as an addition to his weapon. However, things are rarely as simple as a quick shopping trip to Celestia…

The Shards, having regrouped except for Yestamir after the invasion of Port Dawn returned to Fennas Ear by way of one of the many wing ships, which took a little more than a week. Upon returning the Stonechild Barbarian decided that he wanted to speak with the Warlord Celethor and let it be known to the Palace that he wished to schedule an audience. Not long afterward Umbrecrom was summoned to the palace. After surrendering his weapons and submitting to a search he was admitted to the waiting room where he awaited the time that Lord Celethor would grant him. Eventually he was brought to a room, which had been some converted ballroom deep within the Palace. The floor had been worked with inset jewels and gems, fine gold and platinum filigree of a map of the known world, which Umbrecrom remembered had been in a state of expansion for some months now. Despite the inlaid treasury decorating most of the floor of the former dance hall, it was the Warlord himself that was the reason for all the guards, both martial and arcane. It was a precaution to insure that despite being in the heart of the Elven seat of power here in the Palace, the Warlord would not suffer any unexpected attack. Umbrecrom could not remember any Elf either here in Fennas Ear, or in far off Amcarofarne that had so many watching over his safety. As if the Warlord needed it. Once again the towering outsider was inspected to insure he was unarmed and at a disadvantage should he try to attack the leader of the Elven military forces, after-which he was brought to the presence of Celethor. The Warlord bid him to say what he had come for, because even more than a week after the Invasion he was near overwrought with managing the details of the occupation of the far off port to the south, so his time was a precious thing.

“Lord Celethor I have been in service to the Elves and the war effort for some time. I am hoping that you would see fit to provide me compensation for that which I’ve helped to be a part of. I am not a soldier, yet for months have I undertaken military missions at your bidding. But also I know that the war effort has depleted some if not much of the expendable resources available to the Elves. I intend to return to the city of Sigil, which is something of a nexus for inter-dimensional trade, for both myself, which is why I come before you, and for the Elves, which may prove timely and beneficial. I would know if you think either my claim or my offer hold merit.”

After thinking briefly Lord Celethor to walk with him, nodding to the closest guards indicating what he would say was not for their ears. They walk to hall at the back of the room. He clarified Umbrecrom’s point as they walked down the hall. “So you would have a stake.” Umbrecrom not having thought of it in quite such stark terms agrees that a stake in the prosperity of the Elves of Fennas Ear was in his interest. They approached the end of the hall where it split to both the right and left. “To the right you can claim 200,000 gold pieces. If you chose to accept this you will never mention anything of the secrets to which you have knowledge.” This was exactly what Umbrecrom was hoping for- but thought would be denied him. “Or if you choose to go to the left… You will have a stake. Make your choice. We are done.” Lord Celethor then turned to attend to the minutia that awaited him back in the map room. Umbrecrom, his natural proclivity for avarice warring with the curiosity, and allure for the undeclared ‘stake’ stood considering his choices. After more than a few moments, the Barbarian considered some more, and turned to the left and walked to the end of the hall, knowing Celethor was the Warlord for a reason. From an alcove hidden by shadow, Thangil emerges and directs him to sit in a chair to the side where he scrutinizes the task before him. “This won’t do…” He summons attendants from other alcoves forth, who begin to take measurement of the Barbarian, a process he is familiar with, that had brought him a sinking sense of quite desperation knowing what it had resulted in when it happened the first time during Pr’Gillis’ deception as General Purge in Port Dawn. He was then bid to remove his traveling outfit once the attendants returned with clothing befitting a noble like Lord Thangil. Both the fit and the style met Umbrecrom’s approval. Finally a talbert with the same insignia as that worn by Thangil was presented to the Barbarian. After he put it on as the Elf bid him, he was then led down another hall where they entered a room lined to both the sides with others wearing the same garment. At the back of the room Cedric and Lady Eqximiye sat on thrones. Thangil announced that he sponsored Umbrecrom Iron Rage to become one of the Knights of Fennas Ear- the Iron Knight. As such he would be given a noble’s title and lands- the Barony of Stonehaven should he pledge allegiance to the Knights, and fealty to the Duke and Duchess of Fennas Ear. And upon acceptance he would be made Master of Trade Legit to Sigil. They brought out the Signet ring of the Baronet of Stonehaven, and a seal for the Trade Legit authority.

“Do you accept Sir Umbrecrom Iron Rage?” the Duke asked of him. Umbrecrom thought of the 200,000 gold pieces briefly. He noted the appointment would make him a soldier of sorts, a point not lost on him, having pointed out to Pr’Gillis not many days before that he was in fact, not a soldier in the Elven military. He considered the offer- Master Trade Legit to Sigil, the City of Doors, the multiverses’ inter-dimensional nexus of trade. A Baronet. The Iron Knight. His stake.

“I pledge fealty to Cedric the Duke & Eqximiye the Duchess of Fennas Ear, and accept the Knighthood of the Knights of Fennas Ear.” Umbrecrom intoned loud and clear. A cry arose from the assembled Knights “Huzza! Huzza! Huzza!” With Umbrecrom’s own sword the Duke knighted him and returned his blade to him. He grasped it, thinking briefly that he hoped to get it properly re-forged sometime in the future by the spirit of a Dwarven master weapons smith, and raised it into the air “Huzza!” With that the formalities ended, and the informalities began. Before long he addressed Lady Eqximiye, mindful of the honor bestowed upon him, yet still unable to properly plan for his visit to the markets of Sigil for lack of personal resources. Having just returned from a mission led by her very cousin Lord Kelroth in tracking Elven war criminals and foiling but a portion of their plans to raze Port Dawn of its’ slave trading nobles, Umbrecrom requested of the Duchess a loan so that he could acquire an item of powerful magical properties that he hoped could be found in Sigil’s vast trading metropolis. She offered him a loan of 20,000 gold pieces, which Umbrecrom hoped would be enough. The party lasted well into the next morning.

Umbrecrom considers his trip to Sigil, and tracks down his friend Yestamir who he plans to extend an invitation. The Psion’s Plane Shift power was his only way of leaving the plane. As it turned out Yestamir arrived at the Palace after having arranged an apology to a Halfling Cleric of Olidamara for taking her on a planar journey against her will which the Elf abashedly explained to his friend the Stonechild. Umbrecrom in turn let him know that he was now a Baronet, Knight, and finally the Master Legit to Sigil, which he planned to take advantage of by having Yestamir take him there. Yestamir agreed. Remembering the Halfling Cyren from when they were tracking Vodden the Blood Pudding, and the assistance she provided them, Umbrecrom decided that he would invite her. He had met the Laughing Rogue, Olidamara when Yestamir took him to Arvendor, and the deity had granted him a boon for making him laugh, while he conceded the same boon to Yestamir in exchange for service. Umbrecrom thought it was a good omen that Yestamir had offended the Halfling but made amends. If she could forgive him his earnest oblivion which caused the blue-haired Elf to occasionally overlook the judgment and consideration of others in his zealous pursuit of whatever mission he occasionally assigned himself, Umbrecrom knew that she would grow to appreciate his finer qualities, and grow to understand his misgivings as Umbrecrom had.

“Lady Cyren, I understand you profess faith to the Laughing Rogue. I have had occasion to both meet and receive assistance from him. Although I have no debt to him, I would welcome your association in an endeavor I plan. I will be going to an inter-dimension trade city called Sigil, on the plane of Concordant Opposition. I also hope to have my sword re-forged in the forges of Celestia, but the opportunity for that may not happen anytime soon. I would have you along if you’re interested.”

She considered. “Who else is to be going with you?”
“So far my good friend Yestamir Carnen. I hope to interest The Lion Knight, Lord Thangil Elendu, my friend
Nique, and Pr’Gillis.”
“All right then, but if Yestamir is going to be taking us I’ll need to be finding a back-up plan for getting back. When do you plan to leave?”
“Morning after next.”

Umbrecrom then went to find the Lion Knight, and presented the trade mission he planned, "Thangil, I wanted to thank you for your kind assistance while we of the Shards toiled to extricate ourselves from expenses while on mission in Port Dawn. I will soon be undertaking a trip to a city of inter-dimensional trade for both my own interests and the larger interests of the Elves. Someone who had ready resources to assist would seem to me to have the proper business temperament to help establish official relations in Sigil and so I would like to extend to you the opportunity to join me. "

He then went to find Pr’Gillis, the Shard’s Half-Dragon Monk. After explaining the trade mission, and the hope to have his sword re-forged, Pr’Gillis agreed. Nique and her Saber-tooth Tiger Nelke were still in Port Dawn attending to the aftermath of the invasion. In the course of the war many creature of the surrounding forest still suffered, the Druid used her abilities to heal and soothe the beasts and Fey that sought her aid. Umbrecrom’s assembled group gathered back in Palace at Fennas Ear where Yestamir prevailed upon the Lady Eqximiye to borrow her crystal ball to scry on Nique so that he might use a new power he had learned, which was a psionic Greater Teleport. All he needed to do was locate her with the scrying device, and then he invoked his power. They appeared as Nique attended a dire boar that had metal plates of armor bolted to its knobby protrusions. Nique was obviously upset at the cruel mindset that could conceive of using animals in such a way. She noticed the arrival of Umbrecrom and his group- so too did the boar that was spooked by their presence. “Uh, some assistance Umbrecrom?” the Druid intoned struggling to keep the boar from running off. Umbrecrom calmly went over to hold the animal as Nique managed to remove the armor patches. The others helped where they could. Nique had already depleted the larger part of her spell battery, so when Umbrecrom explained his offer, she agreed provided that they leave the next day after she had prepared her spells anew, and afterward they take her to visit her Nymph friend on Arvendor. The next day the assemblage visited Pr’Gillis’ father, Fo’wyn Tiranyaare High Priest of Labelas Enoreth who cast the Heroes’ Feast spell which provided them a magically summoned breakfast and then cast Find the Path on Yestamir, hoping to aid his Plane Shifting powers to avoid arriving too far from his intended destination which was always a problem with that particular ability. They then gathered together and Yestamir Plane Shifted to the plane of Concordant Opposition. Ectoplasmic slime coated the group and they shifted from the Prime Material plane. They arrived in a savanna filled with grass that reached Yestamir’s chest. The ectoplasmic slime evaporated away in moments. As they surveyed their whereabouts the Psion pulled out his planar compass, unfolding sensors, levers and the various apparati that the compass entailed. Umbrecrom, who had been practicing a specific ability of barbarians that often traveled across the planes of existence, tried sensing for dimensional portals. If there were any in the immediate area he should have been able to ascertain it, but he sensed nothing. Yestamir looking at his compass had discovered something in the distance, but yet not so distant as the spire that arose well beyond the plain- the very core of the plane itself. “That tree.” he pointed to a tree miles away within the savanna. Yestamir led them. Before long they noticed that they were being tracked by a group of creatures in the grass behind them and off to the side. Large creatures the size of Nelke. The group moved on mindful of the threat behind them.

They reached the tree with no trouble, and before long Yestamir discovered a large hole within the roots. Umbrecrom tried to sense a portal again without success. They decided to go in. Yestamir followed by Umbrecrom and then Thangil. It was a little close for Umbrecrom but not as tight as it would prove to be for Nelke. As Yestamir emerged into an underground cavern a booming voice intoned in Draconic (which sounded like a dragon’s growl to anyone who didn’t understand the language) “Who enters my home?” There was the head and neck of an adult Black Dragon protruding from the stone wall on the far side of the cavern. Umbrecrom listened to the voice and Yestamir growl back and forth as he emerged into the cavern. He didn’t enter though. After a time he watched Yestamir present an offering of gems to the Dragon. Appraising the gems even from this distance, knowing the kind of gems Yestamir carried with him, Umbrecrom guessed they valued somewhere between 5 and 10 thousand gold pieces worth. A fair price for avoiding the ire of an irate Black Dragon, even if it seemed as if it were trapped within a wall of stone. As each member of Umbrecom’s assemblage walked past the Dragon it let out a brief grunt. They were directed to go down a path to their left. As they turned into the corridor there they looked upon the feet protruding from the floor. No more than 10 pair of legs arose from the stone ground. The Dragon was far from trapped in the stone. Umbrecrom guessed it had the ability to cast the powerful spell Rock to Mud and its corollary Mud to Rock. At the end of the passage there was an iron plate in the ceiling that they pushed open. The Barbarian guessed that this was the portal they sought although he had no indication to validate his suspicions. They emerged from a manhole in the street right within the marketplace of Sigil. Yestamir’s path was true. Umbrecrom asked Yestamir if he remembered where the Hearty Copper Hero and Camel Inn was, to which a passing stranger pointed them off in the proper direction. The establishment’s Half-Orc maitre d’, Mr. Eyago resplendent in his gold lame vest, bow tie, belt and maroon pantaloons, greeted them. He took them to a table where Yestamir ordered wine and meals for everyone. Umbrecrom went to the bar and Ajax 12, an old Inevitable construct in the form of a mechanical centaur who had seen better days, asked if he would like one of the house specialties, a Flaming Beholder. Intrigued Umbrecrom agreed. A thick crystalline mug was brought to him, which had a jellied thing that resembled an eye floating in a layering of rainbow colored liquors. Umbrecrom drank deep, chewing the flavorless gel of the eye after having finished the liquor. Setting the mug back on the counter, the Barbarian wretched a belch that exuded a cloud of black smoke that engulfed his head. As the smoke cleared, the stony hide of Umbrecrom’s head began to melt, corroding away to reveal a flaming skull where his head should have been. In a burst of flame Umbrecrom’s proper head replaced the skull. An illusion of some skill no doubt. Through it all Umbrecrom felt his hide disintegrate and drop away, and the heat of the flame surrounding his skull. Quite an experience, and he chuckled imagining how it would feel getting drunk on Flaming Beholders. He decided to pass on Ajax’s next suggestion, C’thulu’s Old Socks. During the meal Yestamir telepathically contacted Kylie, knowing it would annoy Umbrecrom to no end having to spend time trying to locate the Teifling. She agreed to meet them in two hours at the Inn. Promptly she arrived and sat down with the group. When Mr. Eyago pointed out that she had been banned from the establishment she countered that had been LAST week. A gratuity from Yestamir helped him remember that might indeed be the case. She effused over Yestamir until he pointed out that Lord Umbrecrom had been made Fennas Ear’s Master of Trade Legit to Sigil. They wheedled for the next few hours parsing out agreeable terms, Umbrecrom aided by a telepathic network that joined the minds of everyone in his group. 20 gold pieces a day up to 300 gold pieces, and 150 gold pieces in expenses, which had to be agreed upon before she incurred them all to be done in weeks time and a 100 gold piece bonus should she accomplish her task sooner. She also served to help find brokers for information they hoped to sell. Throughout the negotiations she showed a deeper appreciation of Umbrecrom’s obvious charms than she had originally noticed the first time they met.

Umbrecrom and his group waited 3 days at the Inn in which time various members went out and ventured into the marketplace to buy and trade. While speaking with an Archeron looking for someone to buy him drinks Yestamir and Umbrecrom learned that in Celestia, where he wanted to go if he were to get his sword re-forged as a Soul-forged weapon, the spirit of Dergeden the Black, the famed Dwarven Weapons Smith had disappeared maybe a month ago. He also found out that on Sigil the best weapon smiths were being killed off. After speaking with a cleric who was investigating the matter, Yestamir acquired a copy of a drawing of the cat-like metallic non-construct, which was whispered to have been seen killing one of the smiths. George the Gnome was the betting pool’s next guess to be killed.

A group from the Church of Pelor agreed to a payment of 2000 gold pieces and teaching Nique and Thangil the casting of the spell The Syrrulian Sign for information about the Neogi, their near escape from Port Dawn and the Guild they ran Neek Hist.

A group of cultured Orcs wearing the raiment of priests of Heironeous offered 4000 gold pieces to learn of the fate of the Colossus of Heironeous, the story narrated and performed by Yestamir (diplomacy check) and Thangil (performance check).

The preserved head of the Illithyd Lich Ma’Haridroon was given to an alchemist along with 3 heads, vial of blood from regular Illithyds for 3100 gold pieces. There was an offer of 20,000 gold pieces to Kylie for our names alone from creatures that were undead themselves, that she seems to have passed on. The Alchemist is likely in grave danger. This might have been a horrible mistake.

Githyanki delegates paid 30,000 gold pieces worth of gems and offered a free pass through their territory usable only once for information on the whereabouts of the Githyanki General’s sword that Lashimer had acquired. When specific information on Lashimer and the location was freely given- we did want them to succeed in messing with him as much as they could, they took back the free pass through their territory and Kuraek hand wrote a writ allowing free passage to Tunarith the Githyanki home city that would be valid for one year. Paying proper appeasement to the cities patron was strongly advised.

Kylie also managed a real connection and arranged a meeting with a Master Anglican Fortimus Z, an Archeron Lord for Umbrecrom, Yestamir and Cyren. They went to the Arcane Compound and were brought before a giant blue man who sat on a pillow on the ground, behind a large though accommodating hooka. They spoke of trade in the broadest of terms, he wanted to learn if it would be profitable and to what extent. Yestamir asked permission to contact the Warlord who directed him to General Aglarndak to determine the need. It was determined that trade would possibly be in excess of 5 million gold pieces once price lists and specific needs were addressed. Master Anglican Fortimus Z then drew up papers for Umbrecrom to return to Illuvinari with. Yestamir suggested we see if there was a way to return more directly to Sigil that would work both ways, which Z provided for 5,000 gold pieces. The indication that this would be a portal from Fennas Ear.

Upon returning to the Hearty Copper Hero and Camel, the group decided to look further into the situation of the missing smiths, and they then went to the guildhall to speak with the guild master. Umbrecrom and associates sensing adventure had offered their assistance. They negotiate a 25% lifetime discount and any guild products they would purchase, and 20% of the value of any of the missing adamantine ore they recovered. The guild master then suggested they speak with one of their suppliers of adamantine ore, Virigis and gave directions and instructions to a portal directly to his operation on one of the portal towns, Rigus in the border out-lands. He took them below the guildhall to the portal that would lead them to Rigis. Rigis was a barren place patrolled by enforcers who immediately confronted them. Once they learned that Umbrecrom and his people were visitors they were issued metal plate necklaces identifying them as such. They then were directed to the ore importing/exporting operation of Virigis. As they arrived there were an Effreet and a Fire Giant locking up the establishment and making their way around the side. Thangil stepped forward and asked if either was Virigis. The Effreet responded that he was but wasn’t too interested in being interrupted. Umbrecrom put forth that they had come from the Guild master of the Smiths on Sigil where they offered their assistance, and were directed to talk with Vigiris.

The Effreet suggested that Snerguson could determine if the group was tough enough to help them. The Fire Giant looked at Umbrecrom likely because he was the tallest and heaviest, ergo the toughest fighter type to his large but challenged mind, and challenged him. There was some back and forth, where Pr’Gillis offered to handle Umbrecrom’s light work, but the Stonechild turned down the offer. It was offered that a meaningless brawl would be pointless, to which Umbrecrom conceding that it would be pointless and added that it wouldn’t be profitable, hoping to diffuse the Effreet’s expectation of a bit of entertainment. Snerguson offered to test the Barbarian after they returned to which Umbrecrom promised that it was a deal. Virigis then began to speak about the next shipment due at Sigil, which had in fact been taken, although this information had yet to be released to Sigil. He estimated that 5 tons of the valuable adamantine ore had already been stolen, and had heard that it was going to the lost cube Kolyoral. They decided to inspect the site of the last ambush, so Snerguson was instructed to lead us there, several miles out. Yestamir discovers finds some strange steel spikes that had biological tissue on the back end of them. He attempts to do a remote view but runs into a barrier preventing him from seeing whatever the spikes were connected to. As we return Snerguson is quiet. The Effreet informs us of a portal we could use to get to Archeron, the plane that holds Kolyoral, the lost cube. The group returns to Sigil to try to discover a direct route to this lost cube. After spending 1000 gold pieces to research it in one of Sigil’s superbly equipped libraries Yestamir is able to determine that our objective would likely be on its first layer which has a great fortress that was built by a greater devil who has since been defeated and whose name has slipped beyond knowledge. It is known as the Iron Fortress. Beyond that he can confirm that no portal in the City of Portals exists to go directly there, that it can’t be reached through Plane Shifting, nor could he get a detailed description of it, because one simply doesn’t exist. Cyren meanwhile prepares to disguise Yestamir and Thangil, as two Elves would likely be out of place on this cube.

After much conniving, a way was thought out how to get to the lost cube, and they would try to get this expense paid for by the guild master. The Elves are disguised on Sigil. The group returns to Rigus where they are escorted by Virigis to the underground portal to Archeron with a wizard in tow who can use a special spell to teleport the group from one of Archeron’s cubes to another. Virigis gives everyone a packet that seemed to hold a small amount of grain and instructs everyone on what to do, tapping the wall with the packet and then walking through it. He demonstrates and everyone follows. On the other side he collects the packets and leaves. How can he not be deeply involved in this? He is after all an Effreet. Umbrecrom’s assemble adventurers arrive on Archeron.

A Clockwork Legacy, Part II: The Cogs of History


Via Chat

[20:24] prindle666: Welcome to “A Clockwork Legacy, Part II: The Cogs of History” When last we left our heroes, they had separated. Cyren, Rille and Yestamir had slipped away during the journey to the Forty-seventh Level Three Court of Law on the Twelve-hundred, twenty-third Antemeridian Primary Cog of Mechanus. Meanwhile, Eqximiye, Kelroth, Thangil, Fo’wyn, Fadrie and Y’Draesk went on to witness an inevitable-style justice.
[20:26] fredseesthings: anyone have a way of contacting them on this plane?
[20:26] prindle666: When last we left our heroes, Eqximiye was left, literally holding the bag, or box rather, full of the disintegrated dust of Y’Draesk.
[20:27] lester_hd3: (silent in box)
[20:27] eqximiye: ((WAAAAAAGH!)
[20:27] fredseesthings: checking my spell list . . .
[20:27] gilrand: I have no way of contacting them
[20:28] prindle666: We return now to some of our heroes (namely Eqximiye, Kelroth, Thangil, Fo’wyn, Fadrie) as they loiter in the lobby of the 47th Level 3 Court of Law….
[20:28] fredseesthings: (is xma actually "waaagh"ing?)
[20:28] eqximiye: (no, she is staring at the box in mute shock)
[20:29] mrake_lavode: can we verify that the remains of y’draesk are in the box?
[20:29] prindle666: A mechanical man, similar in appearance to a Kolyarut, dressed in gold robes steps up to the party.
[20:30] lester_hd3: (I triple-dog-dare-you to snort me)
[20:30] gilrand: I think I can safely say I watched them scoop him up and deposit him in there
[20:30] mrake_lavode: maybe tghere was some switch inside the chamber?
[20:30] prindle666: “Is there some assistance required?”
[20:30] eqximiye: (I really don’t think they would cheat…they will follow the letter of the law here)
[20:31] prindle666: “Query repeats: Do you require assistance?”
[20:31] boskone2: I have Find the Path which we can use to locate them.
[20:31] boskone2: (Ask him about Y’D’s equipment?)
[20:31] eqximiye: Um, indeed. <eqx> I have some questions about the details of an agreement arbitrated here on Mechanus. To whom should I direct those questions?
[20:32] prindle666: ((ask away))
[20:33] boskone2: (OOC: We have the money they gave us, don’t we? Maybe we should see if they have facilities here to re-intergrate him or resurrect him…)
[20:33] prindle666: “Statement: Many agreements are arbitrated by us. Query: Nature of the agreement in question?”
[20:33] eqximiye: (I doubt he would agree to be brought back here…)
[20:33] eqximiye: (remember the soul has to agree…)
[20:33] gilrand: If they don’t I have an option open back in Fenis Ear to bring him back.
[20:34] boskone2: (ahh, yes)
[20:34] eqximiye: The agreement was calld The Compact, initiated by Coramorphus Carnen.
[20:34] lester_hd3: (OOC: you got that FRIGGIN’ right, Eqx)
[20:34] prindle666: The creature whirls and clicks for a long moment.
[20:34] eqximiye: (I think it would be safer to ask the church of the Seldarine to do it))
[20:35] gilrand: (( thats my plan. But I’ve got an angle))
[20:35] fredseesthings: ?
[20:35] prindle666: “The Compact. Initiated on timereference 234233.34.7. Further details are restricted to authorized personel.”
[20:35] fredseesthings: someone having a half-off sale?
[20:36] eqximiye: I am the current Speaker of the Eldar.
[20:36] prindle666: “Authentication?”
[20:36] eqximiye: (blue light special at the Isle of the Moon)
[20:36] eqximiye: I hold out the Speaker’s Rod.
[20:38] prindle666: The mechanical man turns and begins to walk up the hallway. “You will escort.”
[20:39] mrake_lavode: OOC: that’s what got the governer of new york to resign
[20:39] eqximiye: I turn to Thangil, “Do you have room to carry our fallen comrade?”
[20:40] gilrand: I do.
[20:40] eqximiye: I pass the box carefully to Thangil.
[20:41] gilrand: I take it carefully. making sure it is closed I put the box in my haversack.
[20:41] prindle666: It walks to the end of the hall and stops at a set of double metal doors. It holds up its hand beside the frame. With a buzzing sound, its fingers fold back and an elaborately carved shaft extends from its wrist, which it inserts into a slot in the wall.
[20:42] eqximiye: I look at everyone to see if they are ready and then move after the mechanical man.
[20:42] prindle666: The doors slide open, revealing a bare metal room about 10×10×10.
[20:42] gilrand: I follow her
[20:42] fredseesthings: right there . . .
[20:42] lester_hd3: (silent in box)
[20:42] mrake_lavode: i follow
[20:42] boskone2: following, making sure no one is left behind.
[20:42] prindle666: “Proceed.”
[20:43] prindle666: ((everyone entering the room?))
[20:43] gilrand: aye
[20:43] eqximiye: I enter the room.
[20:43] fredseesthings: (sigh) yup
[20:43] mrake_lavode: yes
[20:43] boskone2: yes
[20:43] lester_hd3: (no choice)
[20:44] prindle666: The doors slide close with a rapid whoosh and you’re left in what is essentially a dark, bare, metal box.
[20:44] mrake_lavode: OOC: you are kind of boxed in
[20:44] gilrand: (( we have been for this whole freaking trip))
[20:45] eqximiye: “Charming.”
[20:45] prindle666: ((whine, whine, whine))
[20:45] boskone2: ((If we were over a barrel, then it would be wine, wine, wine.))
[20:46] eqximiye: ((well, I AM having cheese for dinner, I should have some whine to go with it right?))
[20:46] prindle666: Suddenly you are all thrown violently to the wall, your feet lifting briefly off the floor.
[20:46] lester_hd3: (I got a bad feeling about this. Oh, sorry, that’s just me. I’m industrial strength itching powder)
[20:46] prindle666: A distinct and unpleasant sensation of RAPID movement comes over you.
[20:46] fredseesthings: (looking at Fadrie) “Who are you?”
[20:47] mrake_lavode: are we all thrown in the same direction
[20:47] prindle666: ((yes))
[20:47] fredseesthings: brb
[20:48] prindle666: A faint whirring noise accompanies the sensation of motion. As you regain your upright positions, the box settles into a steady, quiet humming.
[20:48] eqximiye: Well, this is fun.
[20:48] gilrand: ((still moving))
[20:48] fredseesthings: b
[20:49] eqximiye: does anyone have a light?
[20:49] lester_hd3: (express elevator to the bowels of Mechanus)
[20:49] prindle666: ((dark as the inside of a closed coffin))
[20:49] mrake_lavode: yes
[20:49] boskone2: ((at least it isn’t singing with a Gene Wilder voice, but then that movie represented chaos.))
[20:49] fredseesthings: I uncover my staff . . . .
[20:49] prindle666: ((ya think, Kyle?))
[20:49] prindle666: Kelroth’s staff fills the chamber with a soft glow.
[20:50] prindle666: Suddenly a soft, urgent beeping sounds……..
[20:50] eqximiye: Much better, thank you Kel.
[20:51] gilrand: Hang on…
[20:51] prindle666: ((everyone please make a DC 20 Reflex Save))
[20:51] prindle666: ((Thangil gets a +2))
[20:51] fredseesthings: Though still just us to see . . . .
[20:52] gilrand: 23 here
[20:52] fredseesthings: 24
[20:52] prindle666: The room suddenly shifts direction violently – throwing anyone who misses their save to the floor to take 4 points of damage.
[20:52] boskone2: 21
[20:52] eqximiye: 20 here
[20:52] mrake_lavode: 17
[20:53] prindle666: ((Fadrie take 4 points of damage – basically a bloody nose))
[20:53] gilrand: (( Thangil decides this is a good time to take a seat in the corner))
[20:54] prindle666: Another beeping sounds – everyone make a save at +2
[20:54] eqximiye: 22
[20:54] boskone2: 27
[20:54] gilrand: 27
[20:54] fredseesthings: " I would as rhetoricly if this thing was built by monkeys, 14
[20:54] mrake_lavode: 30
[20:55] fredseesthings: ouch! but I know the answer"
[20:55] prindle666: The sensation of sudden deceleration takes hold, sending Kelroth to bloody his lip against the doorways for 3 points of damage.
[20:55] prindle666: The whine dies.
[20:55] eqximiye: “Look at it this way Kel, at least we’re not being disintegrated” Eqx murmurs to her cousin.
[20:55] boskone2: (Kelroth is a mage; that 3 pts really hurts.)
[20:56] prindle666: The doors slide open, reavealing a bare stone-tiled hallway with dim lighting.
[20:56] fredseesthings: (grumble) (wiping lip)
[20:56] prindle666: A low grinding sound eminates from all around you.
[20:56] gilrand: Heading out the doorway
[20:57] eqximiye: “Let’s get out of the box folks.” Eqx leaves to box.
[20:57] eqximiye: the box
[20:57] fredseesthings: quickly exiting . . .
[20:57] prindle666: At the end of the long hall, you can see a smooth metal wall that seems to be rippling.
[20:57] boskone2: leaving cautiously.
[20:58] eqximiye: I move toward the rippling wall, cautiously.
[20:58] gilrand: right beside xma.
[20:58] fredseesthings: (is the mecha still with us?)
[20:59] boskone2: is the bot moving toward the wall?
[20:59] prindle666: ((no – Fadrie? leaving the box?))
[20:59] eqximiye: “Are we all here?”
[20:59] prindle666: ((the mecha did not come with you))
[20:59] fredseesthings: hrmm
[21:00] prindle666: The doors snap shut violently after the last of you exit, then recede at an alarming speed, quickly disappearing in the distance, leaving only a dark void.
[21:00] eqximiye: Gee, how comforting.
[21:01] prindle666: ((I’m assuming that Fadrie left the box too))
[21:01] eqximiye: ((Perhaps Mike got pulled away for something…))
[21:01] prindle666: ((that’s what I’m assuming))
[21:01] fredseesthings: If not, that’ll learn ‘er . . . .
[21:01] prindle666: ((well? standing around?))
[21:02] eqximiye: Edging towards the moving wall
[21:02] fredseesthings: follwing xma
[21:02] prindle666: As you approach, you see that the entire wall seems to be sliding from right to left.
[21:02] prindle666: ((the metal wall ahead of you that is))
[21:03] eqximiye: (Is there a room on the other side?)
[21:03] mrake_lavode: sorry, yes I left the box
[21:04] prindle666: So far, you can not see anything beyond the moving wall – it’s as if the entire hall you’re standing in is pressed up against another surface and is moving…
[21:04] eqximiye: (is the movement disorienting, like the last box was? Should we brace ourselves?)
[21:04] prindle666: An amber light glows softly over your heads.
[21:04] lester_hd3: (we’ve journeyed to the center of the world)
[21:05] fredseesthings: “Wanna bet that that is part of a cog”
[21:05] boskone2: bracing then
[21:05] prindle666: The light turns yellow.
[21:05] eqximiye: “Not a bet I would take…”
[21:05] fredseesthings: “Maybe a opening is coming?”
[21:05] prindle666: The light changes to green and the wall slides open from right to left, revealing a short passage.
[21:05] mrake_lavode: kneel down to keep from falling
[21:06] prindle666: The light changes to a strobing red.
[21:06] gilrand: heading in
[21:06] fredseesthings: “NOW!”
[21:06] eqximiye: “I guess this is our hallway” headingint into the hall
[21:06] prindle666: The wall opens entirely then begins to close from the right side.
[21:06] mrake_lavode: move to this new passage
[21:07] prindle666: ((everyone moving?))
[21:07] boskone2: moving quickly.
[21:07] gilrand: Quickly yes
[21:07] fredseesthings: (when I said “now”)
[21:07] boskone2: All metal, no trees. what a terrible place.
[21:07] gilrand: I believe the other kolyarut said timing is everything
[21:07] prindle666: As you stand in the new gleaming white passage, you look back to see the hall behind you seem to turn away….
[21:07] eqximiye: It is sort of…sparse…isn’t it?
[21:08] prindle666: The wall behind you is now a moving wall of rock…
[21:08] lester_hd3: (that’s the least of their terribleness)
[21:08] fredseesthings: “Such is the nature of Law . . . no compromise.”
[21:08] prindle666: Before you the hallway irises open to reveal a smooth hemispherical chamber about a mile across.
[21:09] eqximiye: (Move into the chamber)
[21:09] fredseesthings: (follow the speaker)
[21:09] prindle666: The room is light by various regular crystal formations that flash and hum to themselves.
[21:09] lester_hd3: (humming Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to My Nightmare”)
[21:10] prindle666: Enter
[21:10] fredseesthings: (what happen to “silent in the box”?)
[21:10] boskone2: Wow! This place is huge! But the crystals are a nice touch.
[21:10] gilrand: moving in
[21:10] lester_hd3: (silent in box)
[21:10] prindle666: Proceed to the central distribution node. Touch nothing.
[21:10] eqximiye: (Its Drae – even dead he won’t pipe down!)
[21:10] lester_hd3: (goad)
[21:10] eqximiye: Can I guess what the central distribution node is? I touch nothing.
[21:10] boskone2: (Even his ashes are chaotic)
[21:11] mrake_lavode: moving forward with hands held close to avoid accidently touching anything
[21:11] prindle666: At the center of the chamber is an elaborate octagonal console.
[21:12] fredseesthings: OOC: if we sprinkle the chaotic y’d ash on this place, will it explode?
[21:12] prindle666: ((the ash or the room?))
[21:12] fredseesthings: okay, both . . . .
[21:12] eqximiye: I move towards the console
[21:12] lester_hd3: (I triple-dog-dare-you to snort me)
[21:12] gilrand: no but I’m really liking the idea of a Galenial drop on this plane…
[21:12] fredseesthings: (shadup shuttin up!)
[21:13] boskone2: That’s what I’m talking about!
[21:13] eqximiye: (Geez, we’ve barely finished with Port Dawn…the place is still smoking…and you wanna start a War with MECHANUS?)
[21:13] prindle666: A small circular opening on one panel is suddenly surrounded by a bright blue light.
[21:13] boskone2: moving very carefully to the spot, but curiously looking around.
[21:13] prindle666: Authentication.
[21:13] eqximiye: I move forward and hold out the Speaker’s Rod.
[21:14] eqximiye: “I am Eqximiye Carlack, current Speaker of the Eldar.”
[21:14] prindle666: Second request for authentication. Security measures in fifteen sections.
[21:14] boskone2: ((Now it’s the Lt. Gov’s turn, Mike))
[21:14] eqximiye: I place the Rod quickly in the hole illuminated with blue light.
[21:14] gilrand: isn’t there an Eldar language?
[21:15] prindle666: Final Request for Auth………..Welcome Speaker
[21:15] eqximiye: “Thank you.”
[21:15] prindle666: State the nature of your enquiry.
[21:16] eqximiye: “I would like to know the nature of the agreement with the group of Thorns living on Arvandor. What was promised to them in return for aid?”
[21:16] prindle666: collating
[21:16] eqximiye: ((OK guys, any questions you want me to ask?))
[21:16] fredseesthings: “You may need to be more specific with these people . . .”
[21:17] eqximiye: “I just gave them all the info I have, that’s my problem, no info.”
[21:17] gilrand: ((All details regarding The Compact. Initiated on timereference 234233.34.7. ))
[21:17] prindle666: Thorns – unit designations 739/zeta-5, Compact agreement version 72
[21:18] lester_hd3: (“these people” snort)
[21:19] eqximiye: (Pipe down there, ash-boy)
[21:19] lester_hd3: (silent in box)
[21:20] prindle666: "in return for military aid as specified in section thirty-two, Thorns designation 739/zeta-5 will be given a portion of land to adminstrate as thier own on the prime material plane designation 3372-9a “Illuvinari” no less than twenty-two thousand square miles in a temperate zone of their choosing"
[21:20] gilrand: We really need to see the whole compact don’t we?
[21:21] eqximiye: “Please advise what is the size of the Compact in entirely?”
[21:21] fredseesthings: 22,000 . . . that is a 150 mile square . . . .
[21:22] prindle666: Entire text of current version encompasses four hundred and ninety-seven megabytes.
[21:22] boskone2: What land could we give them?
[21:22] gilrand: current?
[21:22] carol0nyx: ((ouch… that’s a hell of a lot of text))
[21:22] eqximiye: “How often is the Compact updated?”
[21:22] boskone2: Or has the land already been designated.
[21:23] prindle666: The last update was version 72, timereference 3994272.44.0
[21:23] fredseesthings: (I’m more concerned about getting mega-bitten 497 times!)
[21:23] prindle666: No further updates have been provided.
[21:24] eqximiye: “What is the current time reference, right now?”
[21:24] gilrand: ask for details on the last update please.
[21:24] boskone2: What is the conversion of 3994272.44.0 to our calendar?
[21:24] prindle666: Current timereference as of time of inquiry 433272744.33.3
[21:25] eqximiye: "Alternately, are you able to provide me with a conversion of timereference 3994272.44.0 to the Illuvinari calendar?
[21:25] gilrand: FYI 150 sq miles is the square area of the Wyrmwood roughly
[21:26] prindle666: At last survey there were three-hundred, forty-seven calendars in common use on that plane. Please refine request.
[21:26] eqximiye: “I refer to the Elven calendar in use in Fennas Ear and Leiore.”
[21:28] eqximiye: ((Chuck is typing))
[21:29] prindle666: Conversion complete. Last update was completed at twelve sixteen, seven seconds on the second Tarion of Norui, Enquant Year Twelve.
[21:30] eqximiye: “Is there a summary page or index to the current version?”
[21:31] prindle666: Define page.
[21:31] boskone2: Too bad this compact isn’t a book. I could use Scholar’s Touch to read it in an instant….
[21:31] eqximiye: “Page or section?”
[21:31] gilrand: As funny as it seems can we get a paper version of it. The WHOLE thing?
[21:32] prindle666: Please restate query, Undefined referend.
[21:32] fredseesthings: (Oh what a waste of trees!)
[21:32] eqximiye: “Is there an index that will tell us what is included in each section?”
[21:32] mrake_lavode: is there an outline or table of contents?
[21:33] prindle666: Witness currently inactive.
[21:33] gilrand: Witness?
[21:33] boskone2: I think all are talking is confusing it.
[21:33] eqximiye: “What is witness?”
[21:33] fredseesthings: Witness? Like a inteface?
[21:34] prindle666: Witness, Interface. Certification. Binder.
[21:34] eqximiye: “Do you keep track of which agreements have already been fulfilled and which are outstanding?”
[21:35] eqximiye: (I have no idea what the witness thing is, so help me out guys…)
[21:35] fredseesthings: (typing)
[21:35] prindle666: All outstanding agreements can be directly accessed.
[21:35] gilrand: Ask it again What is Witness or Who is the witness?
[21:36] eqximiye: “How?”
[21:36] eqximiye: “Can you provide me a paper copy of any outstanding agreements?”
[21:36] fredseesthings: There is a law bot, or something, here that is like a lawyer or mouthpiece for the document that is the compact. It witnesses agreements and stuff, I bet . . .
[21:36] prindle666: Please restate query, Undefined referend.
[21:36] * clan_mccracken has joined the chat.
[21:37] *
clan_mccracken declines a chat invitation to eqximiye-1206575056 – No, thank you..
[21:37] eqximiye: “How do I access outstanding agreements?”
[21:37] * clan_mccracken has joined the chat.
[21:37] fredseesthings: To get indepth information, we may have to have the witness activated . . .
[21:37] boskone2: ((Maybe ask if they have a mental interface to communicate the compact.)
[21:38] prindle666: Access to outstanding agreements can be achieved by direct request to the compact.
[21:38] eqximiye: (I agree…will be coming back to that line of inquiry…was waiting for everyone to finish yping their thoughts)
[21:38] eqximiye: “Is that what I am doing now?”
[21:38] clan_mccracken: Hi All. I’m completely behind the power curve. Went to refinanc house, and am hours off schedule. I’ll be popping in on and off. Please continue on with or without me.
[21:38] prindle666: ((no worries john))
[21:38] eqximiye: (Hi YestaJohn…glad you could make it.)
[21:38] prindle666: Please restate query, Undefined referend.
[21:39] eqximiye: “Please provide me with all outstanding agreements.”
[21:39] prindle666: Access to outstanding agreements can be achieved by direct request to the compact.
[21:39] prindle666: This unit is Read-only
[21:40] eqximiye: “Where is the Compact?”
[21:40] gilrand: ask it How do I make Direct requst to compact
[21:41] prindle666: Please restate query, Undefined referend. “Where is the Compact?”
[21:41] eqximiye: “How do I make a direct request to the Compact?”
[21:42] prindle666: A brightly glowing butterfly appears in midair along with the sound of chimes.
[21:42] prindle666: The butterfly abruptly disappears as does the sound.
[21:43] prindle666: Direct access cannot be achieved while this unit is in operation.
[21:43] gilrand: is the rod still in the access point?
[21:43] prindle666: Please remove the speaker’s rod and request access directly.
[21:44] eqximiye: (yes but if I take it out they might make us leave, so I’m gonna wait to try that)
[21:44] eqximiye: “Who is the witness?”
[21:45] prindle666: Witness is not currently active due to unresolved temportal anomalies…
[21:45] fredseesthings: ?
[21:45] gilrand: What unresolved temporal anomalies?
[21:46] prindle666: The witness has not yet been activated.
[21:46] eqximiye: “Can we activate the Witness?”
[21:46] gilrand: If we activate the witness we need to fulfill the compact
[21:46] gilrand: probably ALL of it
[21:47] prindle666: Resolution pending.
[21:47] fredseesthings: pending what?
[21:47] prindle666: Estimated time of completion – four weeks by your reference
[21:47] gilrand: What resolution?
[21:47] prindle666: Possible margin of error +/- 20%
[21:48] lester_hd3: (‘unresolved’ - ‘resolution’)
[21:48] eqximiye: <eqx> “Can additions be made to the Compact in the future?”
[21:48] gilrand: ((oh shit)) What’s in 4 weeks. Midsummer!
[21:48] lester_hd3: unresolved temportal anomalies…
[21:48] fredseesthings: (I just got a chill) Ask it what this unresolved resolution is . . .
[21:48] prindle666: Negative. Current version is transendant.
[21:49] eqximiye: “How will resolution be achieved?”
[21:50] prindle666: Temporal anomolies will be resolved. Elaboration: The witness will perform its function.
[21:50] eqximiye: “What is the function of the Witness?”
[21:50] prindle666: To ratify the Compact.
[21:50] gilrand: ((specualtion: The witness is the Tree))
[21:51] gilrand: When did we plant the sapling?
[21:51] eqximiye: (how can this ratify the Compact if its already signed and delivered?
[21:52] eqximiye: (we planted the sapling 2 Midsummers ago – I don’t think that can be the witness because it was the Queen too…?)
[21:52] fredseesthings: think less “ratified” and more “consumated”, I think . . .
[21:53] gilrand: Perhaps the merging of the queen and the sapling was reordained?
[21:53] eqximiye: (that’s a terrible thought)
[21:53] fredseesthings: it is a metaphor, but it is close to what I’m thinking . . .
[21:53] gilrand: Not really. It makes sense. She knew what she was doing..
[21:53] eqximiye: (that would mean that Coranorphus planned the death of his own mother…ugh!)
[21:54] gilrand: no. She knew byt doing the seperation of Laiore that it had a terrible price.
[21:54] fredseesthings: we are assuming that we are talking about the tree . . . it could be something else . . .
[21:54] gilrand: could be.
[21:55] eqximiye: true – ok I am stumped…ready to try to take the rod out and ask about unresolved agreements…anyone have anything else before I try that?
[21:55] fredseesthings: (thinking)
[21:55] boskone2: have it describe the witness
[21:55] * prindle666 has left the chat.
[21:55] fredseesthings: does the witness have a name?
[21:55] *
prindle666 has joined the chat.
[21:56] eqximiye: “Does the Witness have a name, other than Witness?”
[21:56] lester_hd3: (love that escape key, don’t you Chuck?)
[21:56] prindle666: (<grumbles>))
[21:56] gilrand: (( I have bottle cap over mine))
[21:57] carol0nyx: (( Carol is glad she doesn’t code in VI as much anymore and has gotten away from the urge to use the Esc key))
[21:57] prindle666: Possibility 98% of alternate designation.
[21:57] mrake_lavode: what was the purpose of planting the sappling?
[21:58] prindle666: Attention…. Updated Margin of Error +/- 2.5%
[21:58] gilrand: Could this designation take the from of the tree?
[21:58] eqximiye: “Can you describe the Witness?”
[21:59] prindle666: The witness was present at the signing of the Compact. As a non-involved entity, it provided a neutral ratification.
[22:00] gilrand: Can you describe the Physical form of the witness?
[22:00] prindle666: Bipedal humanoid.
[22:00] eqximiye: “Can you describe the physical form of the Witness?”
[22:00] prindle666: ((sorry – my bad))
[22:00] gilrand: male or femaile?
[22:00] prindle666: Bipedal humanoid.
[22:01] eqximiye: “Male or female?”
[22:01] fredseesthings: does the witness have any aliases?
[22:01] gilrand: or other designations?
[22:01] prindle666: Undefinded Referend. Define Male / Female.
[22:01] eqximiye: (Mike, the sapling was the acorn that the Queen’s spirit was channeled into by the Eldar in that one huge session where Celemar and Cassandra died in the cave)
[22:01] fredseesthings: birthmarks? tatoos?
[22:02] eqximiye: “I am female, Kelroth is male.” <gestures>
[22:03] boskone2: Can they provide a picture or painting of the witness?
[22:03] carol0nyx: ((TO try to help… Was the person you are talking about around at the time of signing… which the last UPDATE was Last update was completed at twelve sixteen, seven seconds on the second Tarion of Norui, Enquant Year Twelve."))
[22:04] prindle666: Attention… Updated margin of Error +/- 1.992 %
[22:04] mrake_lavode: also asking as Fadrie. she was not with the party and not clear on the reasons or how it connects to the Compact
[22:04] prindle666: Undefined Referend. Define Male / Female.
[22:04] carol0nyx: (( it’s now 5055… 4000 some years is a very long time))
[22:05] mrake_lavode: Male/Female refers to gender distiction
[22:05] eqximiye: “Male and female are gender distinctions.”
[22:05] carol0nyx: ((course calendars might be different… speaking as someone that doesn’t fit in this calendar distinction chuckle))
[22:05] eqximiye: (lol Carol – your suggestion is next)
[22:05] prindle666: Query: Gender distinction is component of bipedal reproductive functions?
[22:06] eqximiye: “Yes.”
[22:06] prindle666: Witness is reproductively functional.
[22:07] eqximiye: “Was the Witness present at the last update which was completed at twelve sixteen, seven seconds on the second Tarion of Norui, Enquant Year Twelve?”
[22:07] fredseesthings: (typing)
[22:07] prindle666: Affirmative.
[22:07] prindle666: Witness was present for all events.
[22:07] prindle666: Witness will be present.
[22:08] eqximiye: “Please provide all the names the Witness is or has been known by.”
[22:08] prindle666: Unable to comply. While alternate designations exist at a 98% probability, this unit does not have requisate data.
[22:09] lester_hd3: (provide …some, not all)
[22:09] fredseesthings: "I’ve got a thought here, but I’m not sure who to proceed. This temporal thing . . . I can think of only one person who currently is imprissoned in something that might have it considered “out of time” . . . but we don’t want to let him out."
[22:09] eqximiye: “Do you have data for any of the names the Witness is known by?”
[22:10] fredseesthings: who was walking around then . . .
[22:10] boskone2: (Boooo, Hithhhhhh)
[22:10] eqximiye: <mutters> how should we know? if this individual is moving through time, then it could be anyone
[22:11] fredseesthings: thats what I’m thinking . . ..
[22:11] carol0nyx: (( Maybe ask what action determines the witness or certification of the compact?))
[22:11] lester_hd3: (uninvolved third party definitely counts HIM out)
[22:11] prindle666: Witness. Notary. The Seal of Compact. Bystander. Outsider. The Sleeping Eye. The Lost One. The Signer.
[22:11] eqximiye: ((oooh good point, pretty much all the original Eldar were involved for sure))
[22:11] gilrand: typing
[22:12] carol0nyx: Almost sounds like a god
[22:12] eqximiye: yeah, it kinda does
[22:12] carol0nyx: ((err…. ((almost sounds like a god)) ))
[22:12] gilrand: Going along the line that it is the tree. Didn’t Cora revert the tree back to the acorn?
[22:12] carol0nyx: ((Since I’m not really there)) smirk
[22:13] eqximiye: (not sure Dale)
[22:13] lester_hd3: (there were many trees at one time)
[22:13] prindle666: ((two minute smoke break while you consider alternate questions / phrasings / actions))
[22:13] gilrand: ok next question then. Wasn’t the plan always to infuse the quenn’s energy into the tree? Hith just tried to subvert it
[22:14] mrake_lavode: “The Signer”? is there any form of the Compact with signitures?
[22:14] eqximiye: (no that was for him to take it and become a god, the Eldar were uing the acorn to channel it into Bretaria’s unborn child, when she died thenit stayed in the acorn)
[22:15] gilrand: Does anyone know the Actual plan if hith had not gotten involved?
[22:15] fredseesthings: nope
[22:15] eqximiye: what do you mean, the plan was Hith’s from the start?
[22:16] eqximiye: sorry bad punctuation, should read what do you mean? the plan was Hith’s from the start.
[22:16] gilrand: Speculation then what if the energy was going to the acorn anyways and thats why he was siphoning it off of there to the child.
[22:16] eqximiye: no they did that because he didn’t show up because Drae killed his familiar
[22:17] eqximiye: the ritual was supposed to take her energy and give it directly to him, they rigged something else because he didn’t show up and they freaked.
[22:18] prindle666: ((back))
[22:18] eqximiye: “Is there a form of the Compact that shows signatures?”
[22:18] gilrand: Right. But what if the regeualr plan was for the energy to flow to the tree from the queen.
[22:19] prindle666: Affirmative.
[22:19] gilrand: and his ritual siphoned it off from there but when we broke him it reverted back to the acorn and then they were sipohing it off from there
[22:19] eqximiye: “How do we gain access to that form so we can see the signatures?”
[22:19] prindle666: Direct access to Compact required.
[22:19] eqximiye: (not sure where you’re going with that one Dale?
[22:19] gilrand: Askit if we can disengage the rod temporarily
[22:20] gilrand: with out getting kickd out
[22:20] eqximiye: ((Are we done with this interface? I don’t have anything else to ask it…))
[22:20] fredseesthings: can’t think of anything good . . .
[22:21] eqximiye: (we know its here now so if we must…ugh…we can comeback)
[22:21] gilrand: I’m good.
[22:21] boskone2: ask it for a picture of the witness!
[22:21] eqximiye: (ok, I’ll try taking the rod out and asking directly)
[22:21] eqximiye: “Can you provide us with a picture of the Witness?”
[22:22] prindle666: Visual Record no longer available to this node.
[22:22] boskone2: Is there a node that has a visual record?
[22:22] gilrand: Is visual available from another node?
[22:22] lester_hd3: (did you notice that as you asked questions, the margin of error for when it would appear decreased?)
[22:22] boskone2: (yup!)
[22:23] eqximiye: “Is a visual record available to a different node?”
[22:23] eqximiye: (yes caught that)
[22:23] prindle666: Negative. Visual record moved to alternate medium.
[22:23] eqximiye: “What alternate medium?”
[22:23] boskone2: Fowyn says that the tapestry he has seen had a panel labeled The Witness and may have a picture of the witness.
[22:24] prindle666: Stained cotton fibers.
[22:24] lester_hd3: (skein)
[22:24] fredseesthings: son of a gun
[22:24] eqximiye: (OK, going to have to look at that tapestry when we get home)
[22:24] boskone2: I believe that altnernate medium is now at the Church…
[22:24] gilrand: And where is the Tapesty at Fowyn?
[22:25] fredseesthings: “OH CRAP!”
[22:25] mrake_lavode: has anyone else seen this tapestry?
[22:25] eqximiye: Since her friends have moved their attention to Fo’wyn, Eqx
[22:25] eqximiye: asks "Can I remove the Speaker’s Rod and ask questions to it directly?
[22:26] boskone2: Well, it was at the church, but I just remember that I had it moved to my home to study it move. I was going to cast Legend Lore on it but ran out of time.
[22:26] prindle666: Direct access now available upon request to primary Compact nexus.
[22:27] fredseesthings: " . . . "
[22:27] eqximiye: “How do I make a request to the primary Compact nexus?”
[22:27] gilrand: Ask away Eqx.
[22:27] eqximiye: “I would like to have direct access.”
[22:27] prindle666: Attention….. Updated probability of Resolution 99.9724392 %
[22:27] prindle666: Please remove primary nexus.
[22:28] eqximiye: Eqx reaches over and pulls out the Speaker’s Rod.
[22:28] prindle666: Security measures suspended for twenty-seven minutes. Mark.
[22:29] boskone2: How do we get to this primary nexeus?
[22:29] prindle666: Eqximiye pulls the speaker’s rod from the panel.
[22:29] gilrand: You now have 27 mins to ask questions
[22:29] eqximiye: “Please provide me direct access to the Compact.” she says aloud once the rod is free.
[22:30] fredseesthings: Eqximiye . . . give me 30 seconds . . .
[22:30] eqximiye: (Chuck is already typing…)
[22:30] eqximiye: (you keep typing too though)
[22:31] fredseesthings: Crazy idea, Galenial is the Witness. She is in the tapestry . . .
[22:32] fredseesthings: Her primary function is to destroy the world to stop the horrible evil darkness thingy, but she was interupted, and her function has been on hold all this time in the astral . . .
[22:32] eqximiye: Galenial was not an uninvolved party
[22:32] lester_hd3: The witness was present at the signing of the Compact. As a non-involved entity, it provided a neutral ratification.
[22:32] prindle666: Suddenly the rod glows with a blinding light. Firery runes burn themselves along its length, revealing the bones and veins in Eqximiye’s hands. With a sucking whoosh, light spews forth, unraveling like a gigantic scroll, great glowing runes unraveling and flowing throw the air, filling the entire chamber with spinning whirling text……
[22:32] gilrand: she was involved she nuked the bay
[22:32] fredseesthings: she was if she was a instrument of the compact, which was to destroy the world.
[22:33] prindle666: through*
[22:33] eqximiye: Can I read any of it>
[22:33] eqximiye: ?
[22:34] prindle666: It is in an entirely unknown language, although some runes and ‘letters’ seem familiar…
[22:34] eqximiye: Anyone else can read it?
[22:34] eqximiye: I didn’t mem comprehend languages today
[22:34] lester_hd3: (HA! Artifact Hard Copy)
[22:34] gilrand: Can I?
[22:34] prindle666: ((<grins>))
[22:34] fredseesthings: don’t you have a permanent comprehend?
[22:34] eqximiye: no tongues
[22:35] eqximiye: spoken not written
[22:35] prindle666: Nope, none here can currently read it.
[22:35] lester_hd3: (audio books! wave of the future!)
[22:35] boskone2: I have tongues as a permenant spell.
[22:35] carol0nyx: (( Darn, and I’m not there to see if my 10,000 yr old understanding of Elven helps chuckle))
[22:35] prindle666: ((LOL))
[22:35] boskone2: but I just checked. Tongues doesn’t apply to written, I don’t think.
[22:35] eqximiye: exactly
[22:35] prindle666: no, it does not.
[22:36] fredseesthings: (long shot) I’m a Carnen!
[22:36] gilrand: ok we have The compact. for how long?
[22:36] eqximiye: 27 minutes
[22:36] carol0nyx: (( check the signatures at least in the mean time.. you might be able to at least see something familiar))
[22:36] eqximiye: “Show me the signatures please.”
[22:37] boskone2: see if a translation to current Elven can be provided.
[22:38] mrake_lavode: does it have the text in other language such as Elvish?
[22:38] prindle666: The text swirls around the rod, swinging around the vast chamber at a dizzying speed, coming to an abrupt stop with a large section with runes in many different styles evident.
[22:38] eqximiye: Can I read any of the signatures?
[22:39] prindle666: Nope.
[22:39] eqximiye: “Can you provide the text in any other languages?”
[22:39] prindle666: Primary Node is non-sentient.
[22:40] gilrand: ask it to produce a copy…
[22:40] boskone2: As the rod to translate
[22:40] boskone2: ask the rod to translate
[22:40] eqximiye: “What functions does the primary node perform besides showing this text?”
[22:41] eqximiye: (one sec and I will ask for translation)
[22:41] gilrand: Fowyn didn;t you have a spell that allows you to copy things?
[22:42] boskone2: nope
[22:42] fredseesthings: I don’t think they’ll let you walk out with a copy, who do you think you are, Sandy Burger?
[22:43] eqximiye: (not in 3.5 Dale…I think I know what you’re remembering and it was pre this edition)
[22:43] lester_hd3: (HAWHAWHAW)
[22:44] eqximiye: (Chuck is typing)
[22:45] prindle666: Primary node provides multiple funcitons. Permenant Record of Compact. Communication with other nodes. Enforcement of agreements persuiant to Compact version 72. Enablement of Primary Excision as per section ninety-two.
[22:46] gilrand: Primary Excision? What does that mean?
[22:47] prindle666: ((amy getting drink – standby))
[22:47] eqximiye: “what is primary excision?”
[22:47] lester_hd3: (as per section ninety-two)
[22:47] prindle666: Excision of Infected Prime Material.
[22:48] gilrand: that would be the destruction of illuvinari.
[22:48] eqximiye: “Oh.”
[22:48] gilrand: Who would do this Primary Excision ?
[22:49] eqximiye: “Who orders the primary excision?”
[22:49] gilrand: Who carries out the Primary Excision?
[22:50] prindle666: Enablement of Primary Excision can only be authorized by the current holder of the Primary Node, per Compact section ninety-three. Elaboration: Eqximiye Carlack, Speaker of the Eldarea
[22:50] carol0nyx: (( in other words the odds getting better, are that the odds of the destruction of the world occurs? Updated probability of Resolution 99.9724392 % ))
[22:51] eqximiye: ((Chuck says no, that’s the resolution of the temporal anomaly in 4 weeks)
[22:51] lester_hd3: (that’s RICH!)
[22:51] carol0nyx: (( Ooo… you’re so cool Eqximiye… ))
[22:51] carol0nyx: (( Ah.))
[22:51] gilrand: What is the temporal anomaly?
[22:52] carol0nyx: (( that will probably be answered when you see who is pictured on the tapestry ))
[22:52] eqximiye: “I see.” Eqx clears her throat, sounding suddenly like she would really like a drink of water, but doesn’t want to make any sudden moves.
[22:53] eqximiye: “How does the primary node communicate with other nodes?”
[22:53] prindle666: By direct access.
[22:53] gilrand: Where are the other nodes?
[22:53] eqximiye: “How many other nodes are there in existance?”
[22:54] prindle666: There are currently three-thousand, seven hundred, twenty-nine active nodes. Compact is 84% active.
[22:54] eqximiye: “Are there any other active nodes on Illuvinari?”
[22:55] prindle666: That would be in violation of sections ninty through ninety-four.
[22:55] fredseesthings: why?
[22:56] eqximiye: “Why is that a violation o those sections?”
[22:56] prindle666: Infringement of territorial rights. All active secondary nodes must be held on the home plane of its designated power.
[22:57] eqximiye: “Son of a bitch.”
[22:58] eqximiye: “Does that mean that each power who signed the Compact has its own node?”
[22:58] prindle666: Affirmative.
[22:58] prindle666: Tertiary signers did not recieve nodes.
[22:58] eqximiye: “Son of a bitch.”
[22:58] fredseesthings: in which section does it say what the function of each node is?
[22:58] eqximiye: Eqx swallows and continues, “How does the primary node enforce the agreements persuiant to Compact version 72?”
[22:59] eqximiye: (one sec Kel, will come back to that)
[22:59] fredseesthings: k, then ask it for a “read back” of that section.
[23:00] fredseesthings: assuming it doesn’ t go on and on and on and . .. .
[23:00] lester_hd3: Enablement of Primary Excision can only be authorized by the current holder of the Primary Node, per Compact section ninety-three. Elaboration: Eqximiye Carlack, Speaker of the Eldarea
[23:00] eqximiye: (nope, different function )
[23:01] prindle666: Enforcement is persuiant to Primary node calling upon activation of that node’s agreements. Nodes ensure enforcement.
[23:01] eqximiye: “Am I able to access the primary node while on Illuvinari?”
[23:01] fredseesthings: strike my last question . . . .
[23:02] prindle666: Accessing Primary Node has been enabled. Elaboration. Affirmative. You may now access all Primary Node functions.
[23:02] eqximiye: (ok skipping it)
[23:03] fredseesthings: what, coming here turned it on?
[23:03] eqximiye: (evidently coming here made me official??0
[23:03] eqximiye: :-t
[23:03] gilrand: I think her id’ing herself as the speaker has activated the rod
[23:03] fredseesthings: xma, you rock!
[23:04] carol0nyx: (( You ARE so cool Eqximiye! chuckle Carol now has urge to listen to Fright Night soundtrack.))
[23:04] eqximiye: “Are there specific commands I would use to activate the different functions of the primary node?”
[23:04] fredseesthings: heheh Bruster!
[23:04] eqximiye: ((yeah yeah I’m great…gulp))
[23:04] prindle666: All functions are activated by will.
[23:05] prindle666: ((you have to have faith for that to work))
[23:05] lester_hd3: (Artifact Weapons… WOOT!)
[23:05] boskone2: (Do NOT think of the StayPuff Marshmellow Man!!!!!!)
[23:05] prindle666: =))
[23:05] eqximiye: “Is there a fail safe? Will the primary node verify that I really want it to enforce a specific agreement?”
[23:06] prindle666: Affirmative.
[23:06] eqximiye: “Whew.”
[23:06] lester_hd3: (can you access specific details at that time?)
[23:07] fredseesthings: Wow, you have all the power that the greatest Eldar could shovel into a artifact . . . . at will.
[23:07] eqximiye: “Can I access specific details at that time?”
[23:07] eqximiye: <joy>
[23:07] prindle666: Details of all agreements are deliniated in the Compact.
[23:08] prindle666: All active nodes contain current version.
[23:08] eqximiye: “Are there nodes that are no longer active?”
[23:08] lester_hd3: (ask it specifically for a translation or how to activate a translator)
[23:08] eqximiye: (will do)
[23:09] prindle666: Affirmative. 12% no longer active due to disappation of holders. 5% disabled. 1% destroyed.
[23:10] boskone2: (I wonder if the Lucians are after these nodes maybe?)
[23:11] eqximiye: “What happened to M’Zanik’s node?”
[23:11] prindle666: Designation M’Zanik Truefallen the Whitemane. Node disabled.
[23:12] eqximiye: “Once on Illuvinari, how do I activate a translation of the Compact?”
[23:13] prindle666: Attention. One minute warning. Security functions will reactivate in 59 seconds.
[23:13] gilrand: What security functions?
[23:13] fredseesthings: quick, what happens if you don’t primary function within 4 weeks?
[23:13] lester_hd3: (best get the ROD back
[23:13] eqximiye: I place the Rod back in the slot.
[23:14] prindle666: Security functions disabled. ((the scrolling glowing runes disappear))
[23:14] eqximiye: “What are the security functions?”
[23:15] prindle666: Insufficient Authority. Suffice to say that this unit is capable of defending itself.
[23:15] eqximiye: “Once on Illuvinari, how do I activate a translation of the Compact?”
[23:16] prindle666: Primary node does not have a translation function.
[23:16] lester_hd3: (ask it if you can re-access the Compact with suspension of security again)
[23:16] eqximiye: (Phil I dn’t understand your last question…)
[23:17] fredseesthings: (typing)
[23:20] prindle666: :-w
[23:20] fredseesthings: "You now have direct access. The “weapon”, the instrument of the completion of the compact is now “armed” and primed. You, I believe are now expected, as the Speaker to fullfill your purpose and activate it. All will be resolved with in 4 weeks, or something like that, and the law-engine as been calculating the probability for complettion is now like close to 100%. What happens if you don’t activate it?"
[23:21] eqximiye: I think there has been a misunderstanding – those probability estimations were towards resolving the time anomaly in regards to the Witness, not to me doing anything in 4 weeks.
[23:22] prindle666: Correct.
[23:22] lester_hd3: (who said that utilizing the excision is the reason the thing exists?)
[23:22] fredseesthings: ask it what your relationship with the anomaly is now . . .
[23:22] lester_hd3: (the ‘thing’ being the rod)
[23:23] eqximiye: “Is the excision function the reason for the existance of the Compact or is it a fail safe?”
[23:24] prindle666: Primary Excision is a secondary function. Elaboration. “Final Option”
[23:24] prindle666: It is meant as a containment attempt.
[23:24] eqximiye: “What is my relationship with the temporal anomaly?”
[23:25] prindle666: Temporal Anomaly involves the Witness.
[23:25] fredseesthings: “oh for the love of God”
[23:26] eqximiye: “When we are finished here, how do we leave without setting off security functions?”
[23:26] lester_hd3: (Midsummer falls on a “day between days” right? A day ‘outside’ of the months, like new years day?)
[23:26] prindle666: ((correct))
[23:27] prindle666: This unit will transport you at your request.
[23:27] lester_hd3: (a temporal anomaly the elves compensated for in their calendar)
[23:27] prindle666: (<chuckles> wrong track))
[23:28] eqximiye: (OK guys, does anyone have anything else we need to ask this unit right now? If not I think we need to go searching for our missing compatriots.)
[23:28] lester_hd3: (resuming silence in box)
[23:28] prindle666: (yeah, right))
[23:29] lester_hd3: (shaddup shuttin’ up)
[23:29] prindle666: (powdered Y’draesk – just add water))
[23:29] prindle666: (or is it beer? or piss and vinegar?)
[23:29] lester_hd3: (Lorien)
[23:30] gilrand: none from me
[23:30] eqximiye: (OK noone spoke up so…)
[23:30] fredseesthings: i is good
[23:31] eqximiye: “We are finished here. Please transport us back to…”
[23:31] lester_hd3: (find that planeshifting bastard and get my dusty remnants outta here)
[23:31] carol0nyx: (( We know that Kelroth… you fairly glow with goodness snerk))
[23:31] eqximiye: Eqx grasps the Rod.
[23:31] carol0nyx: (( laugh))
[23:31] eqximiye: (HEH HEH!)
[23:31] fredseesthings: :-O
[23:32] prindle666: With a flash of light and a sickening wrenching of your guts, the room around you vanishes.
[23:32] lester_hd3: (Eqx grasps the Rod – NAUGHTY NAUGHTY)
[23:32] eqximiye: ;)
[23:32] eqximiye: (I is a bad girl)
[23:32] lester_hd3: (poseur)
[23:33] prindle666: As your eyes clear, you find yourselves standing in the courtyard of the Ducal palace in Fenis Ear. Alarms are sounding…..
[23:33] eqximiye: “Oh shit.”
[23:33] fredseesthings: Not to worry, Y’draesk is dead.
[23:33] prindle666: =))
[23:33] prindle666: =))
[23:33] eqximiye: =))
[23:33] lester_hd3: Thanks for not worrying
[23:34] lester_hd3: (prick)
[23:34] boskone2: Umm, she didn’t say where to teleport us.
[23:34] eqximiye: oh dear god
[23:34] eqximiye: Phil, man, I love ya
[23:34] gilrand: we’ve done this before says thangil as he stands there with his arms up
[23:34] prindle666: Soon guards surround you and various captains and officials come out to verify your identities.
[23:34] fredseesthings: Oh, you wound me sir!
[23:34] lester_hd3: you just wait…
[23:34] eqximiye: <wiping>
[23:34] fredseesthings: :-)
[23:35] fredseesthings: Wait for what? Hey! Where is that box . . .
[23:35] prindle666: As the fervor dies down, Rille comes up to Eqximiye waudling on his crutch.
[23:35] eqximiye: “Rille, how did you get back here so quickly?”
[23:35] prindle666: (kelroth gets an amusing the gm bonus)
[23:35] prindle666: He looks confused.
[23:35] carol0nyx: ((snerk))
[23:36] eqximiye: Eqx looks at Rille through narrowed eyes.
[23:36] fredseesthings: (go me!)
[23:36] prindle666: I was sent back as soon as I was injured, Lady.
[23:36] gilrand: I have the Box
[23:36] gilrand: injured how?
[23:36] eqximiye: “You…were…just on Machanus with us…”
[23:36] prindle666: In the first day of fighing
[23:36] eqximiye: Mechanus
[23:37] prindle666: Mechanus? <snort> You have a strange sense of humor, Madam Speaker.
[23:37] eqximiye: “If not you, then who the hell is with Cyren and Yestamir!?”
[23:37] fredseesthings: Temporal anomaly?
[23:38] prindle666: Thank you for joining tonight’s session. I will be leaving this chat now. Carol, HD & John please standby for a new chat room
[23:38] prindle666: I hope you all had fun
[23:38] fredseesthings: big fun!
[23:38] * prindle666 has left the chat.
[23:38] eqximiye: byeeee
[23:38] fredseesthings: see ya!
[23:38] *
lester_hd3 has left the chat.
[23:38] mrake_lavode: yes, I had fun
[23:38] eqximiye: woohoo
[23:38] * mrake_lavode has left the chat.
[23:38] *
fredseesthings has left the chat.
[23:39] eqximiye: Wow
[23:39] eqximiye: Well, THAT was interesting eh?
[23:39] gilrand: yes. Wow.
[23:40] eqximiye: So at least if I get in a snit I can’t accidentally destroy the world
[23:40] eqximiye: ugh
[23:40] gilrand: it should be very interesting when we can ready the compact.
[23:40] boskone2: Elven PMS destroys the world
[23:40] eqximiye: rotf Kyle
[23:40] eqximiye: that’s exactly what I was afraid of
[23:41] gilrand: Does it mean you have access to ALL the functions of the rod now?
[23:42] eqximiye: yes tat’s what it said
[23:42] eqximiye: that’s
[23:42] eqximiye: I can punish those who betray us, create a shitload of text we can’t read or destroy all life as we know it
[23:42] eqximiye: what a fantastic set of abilities…woohoo
[23:43] gilrand: it’s good to have options
[23:43] boskone2: Really, most angst-ridden teenages can produce a shitload of text we can’t read…. or don’t want to read.
[23:44] eqximiye: true we hardly need an artifact for that eh?
[23:44] eqximiye: so Kyle you were pretty quiet, any thoughts about the Witness? You said you’ve seen the tapestry
[23:45] gilrand: What is on the tapestry.
[23:45] gilrand: Which tapestry are we talking about?
[23:46] boskone2: The tapestry is part of my character’s background. It basically shows a picture of events. I now believe the events to be the signing of the compact.
[23:46] eqximiye: wow that’s realy cool
[23:46] gilrand: Where did you get this tapestry?
[23:47] boskone2: I found it at the church hundreds of years ago.
[23:47] gilrand: Ahh. Cool.
[23:48] boskone2: I’ll have to check my notes about it and talk with Chuck about the details.
[23:48] boskone2: But I’ve got to head off to bed now.
[23:49] eqximiye: ok goodnight, I’m heading out too
Session Close (eqximiye-1206575056): Wed Mar 26 23:51:03 2008

A Clockwork Legacy, Part I: The Gears of Justice


Kolyarut 81o9/b7z completes his mission with help from our heroes. <via>

[clipped miscellaneous off topic chatting]
eqximiye: Kelroth, call this meeting to order before it gets completely derailed…too late…
fredseesthings: Everybody . . shutUP!
[clipped miscellaneous off topic chatting]
eqximiye: starting over Kel, what important stuff is on your mind?
fredseesthings: “We have the issue of Mechanus, Robby the Lawbot, Risp (when the miasma fell) and the moot . . .”
eqximiye: not to mention the sea elven city should be investigated
fredseesthings: aw crap! I forgot about that . . .
eqximiye: checking to make sure this room is scryproof
fredseesthings: (writing on my clipboard)
eqximiye: plus we have the lance to deal with
eqximiye: and Thingizzard
lester_hd3: (is this happening in game?)
fredseesthings: still writing . . . keep spitting em out . . .
eqximiye: OOC: John says hi and he’s ready to go after the Grey Wyrm when we are
prindle666: and kelroth’s flatulence problem
eqximiye: HD – not sure better safe tan sorry
eqximiye: \than sorry
fredseesthings: classy . . .
prindle666: Let’s keep this OOC for now.
prindle666: OOC = Out of Character
prindle666: <shrugs> don’t matter to me though
prindle666: okay, amy says let’s do this in character, but not in-game
lester_hd3: Mechanus/Koly-Zeta is Eqx’s angle, you have some sort of plan Eqx?
eqximiye: Yeah I thought I would disintegrate you and then after he leaves we’ll bring you back. Whaddaya think?
lester_hd3: fuck off and die
carol0nyx: In character, Cyren doesn’t have much to contribute to the conversation. She really doesn’t have any outstanding threads. At least in this millenia.
prindle666: <gets>
eqximiye: excellent
eqximiye: It’s really him guys
fredseesthings: actually . . . it has merrit . . .
lester_hd3: MERIT?!
eqximiye: Cyren’s contributions thus far have been significant enough that I am interested in her opinion
eqximiye: good one Kelroth
fredseesthings: (to cyren) agreed
prindle666: chuckles in amusement
fredseesthings: to Y’d, have you considered spending a year dead? it might earn you a tax break . . . :-D
eqximiye: OOC: John also says “your characters can bring your comfy shoes if it makes them happier” any takers for the Grey Wyrm adventure?
lester_hd3: you are the only taxman I know, Kelroth
carol0nyx: nod So far, it sounds like there is only one thing that has a datestamp attached to it… which is lawyer-robot there waiting for Y’d.
gilrand: There’s that whole level loss thing though
eqximiye: OOC: I think he’s already a level ahead of me, he can stand to lose a level…JUST KIDDING
prindle666: Well, I’ve got three adventures lined up with preparations for two others.
boskone2: Ok. Back. Had to restart the PC.
fredseesthings: :-D
lester_hd3: uhh… if I die, it may be easier and nastier for Thingizzard to summon me
gilrand: kill him in a circle of protection?
fredseesthings: hey!
eqximiye: Now that I have met her…uh Thangil that is truly devious
lester_hd3: giddy up, ya BASTARDS
gilrand: kill him on arvendor?
boskone2: Chuck, the new poll is asking if we want to join the 3 adventures. Is there a description of them somewhere?
eqximiye: “Drae its working, they are coming into the middle of neitrality even as we speak…isn’t it worth the price?”
eqximiye: oops neutrality
fredseesthings: does taht mean ur up for the disint?
prindle666: “The Temper of Perfection” which is Umbrecrom’s little shinding; “Clockwork Legacy” Which is Xma going to fix Y’Draesk’s Mess; and “Dancing with the Devil” which takes place during the midsummer celebrations
gilrand: disint?
carol0nyx: You guys are just mean. chuckle
fredseesthings: I kid, I kid . . .
lester_hd3: if it really works, sure. But they won’t stay neutral, Eqx
eqximiye: but they WILL lose their exalted status
gilrand: clockwork legacy is the trip to mechanus?
lester_hd3: (sniffle)
eqximiye: yes
eqximiye: doesn’t the name just fill the cockles of your heart with joy?
gilrand: dancing with the devil is the RP event?
eqximiye: correct
fredseesthings: xma and I have a angle for the mechanus trip . . .
prindle666: “Temper” is the disgruntled Umbrecrom’s search for new magic doo-dads to attach to his mega-sword. Expect combat…. Lots and lots of really ugly, extraplanar combat.
gilrand: An angle?
lester_hd3: “does taht mean ur up for the disint?” No Kelroth
fredseesthings: again, I kid . . .
prindle666: “Clockwork” is more of a suici….er diplomatic/exploration on the plane of mechanis
eqximiye: sigh so many excellent plans have to be discarded because they simply won’t work
fredseesthings: angle, as in "possible solution to get people out . . .
gilrand: is it possible to do all 3?
prindle666: And “Dancing” is a subset of the Midsummer RP
prindle666: It might be – depends on how quickly Umby’s group die….kills everything
prindle666: That’s why I put the poll up Dale – to see if I need to juggle dates around
boskone2: Umby’s quest sounds like a WOW quest. What level do I have to be to quest? grin
prindle666: Epic
boskone2: darn. back to working on my fishing skill…..
prindle666: Did I say “Epic” No…. I meant… 1st level – yeah… it’ll be an EASY quest
fredseesthings: brb
prindle666: Hell, you won’t even need to bring weapons…. or potions … or clerics
prindle666: Honest.
lester_hd3: Miye, have you mentioned our Mechanus via Limbo idea to anyone
prindle666: <afk>
boskone2: hmm, maybe I can finally get my flying mount… (and Borsa will kill anyone who calls her Fowyn’s flying mount.)
eqximiye: noooo
lester_hd3: (didn’t Borsa mount YOU?)
eqximiye: glad you warned me Fo’wyn…I was just thinking…
eqximiye: OH you just HAD to go there Drae
boskone2: I’d rather not talk about that…..
carol0nyx: chuckle
eqximiye: and why are you calling me Miye?
lester_hd3: gits and shiggles
eqximiye: k, just checking
eqximiye: Do you want to share or shall I Yiddy?
lester_hd3: That’s Puff Yiddy to you…
lester_hd3: no, go ahead
eqximiye: once I stop giggling
gilrand: (need mindfloss for that image)
eqximiye: OK, well the Puff-Man and I were talking about going to Limbo instead of Mechanus with the auto-bot, and destroying it so it can’t report back. That would buy us some time.
boskone2: Make sure you get a receipt with that bought time.
eqximiye: I’m afraid their printer is out of paper
lester_hd3: not to mention escalate the situation so that we might actually start a proper war… PLANAR!
carol0nyx: That seems too easy…
eqximiye: well, yes,we’ll still have to go deal with it, but we don’t have to go in chains
eqximiye: we can SNEAK in
prindle666: <borsa><seneshal> Uhm, Prince Kelroth? There’s a delegation here from the Limbo EPA
fredseesthings: I like exhalted . . . they give us cookies!
lester_hd3: “why not go to mechanus and deal with the situation there?” because it is Mechanus, and they have the opinion that their rules trump everyone else’s
fredseesthings: Limbo EPA, oh great! Another fine . . .
prindle666: On Mechanus, they do.
eqximiye: well, if we go to Mechanus with the kolyarut, then it will know we’re there and expect certain things of us specifically Drae
lester_hd3: EXACTLY
gilrand: you thought limbo might have an effect on the kolyarut but what if the kolyarut has an effect on limbo
prindle666: :D
eqximiye: what if?
gilrand: so is there such a planer place as “neutral territory”?
fredseesthings: ick!
prindle666: Astral
prindle666: or Sigil
eqximiye: I am NOT going to fight a kolyarut on the astral
eqximiye: the pointof Limbo was it would have minuses etc and we wouldn’t
prindle666: They loose thier Extraplanar template when on a transitive plane
fredseesthings: I’m imagining a ever expandng area of LAW expanding from lawbot once we put him on limbo . . . ick!
gilrand: ok… but what will it attract while on limbo?
prindle666: chaos?
eqximiye: again Thangil…not seeing the problem… ;)
prindle666: laughs out loud
carol0nyx: So… if Drae is being called back to this plane to answer for a particular ‘crime’ that is only really a crime there… is there someone we can talk with how would be able to understand all those planes laws such that they could tell us a loophole?
fredseesthings: you affect the area of chaos around you when you are there . . .
eqximiye: Yes actually I hired a couple of lawyers
gilrand: I’m thinking of a sight we say thru the crystal ball. he called 2 friend and they called 2 friend and so on and so on and son…
prindle666: <grins>
lester_hd3: Y’Deask, Esq. : doesn’t it make you want to vomit
carol0nyx: Do these lawyers feel they have a case for gettin Drea off?
eqximiye: they gated to Mechanus and tried to get info…they couldn’t get any because it is all restricted. Only the Speaker of the Eldar can get at the info
gilrand: thats was blastik wasn’t it?
fredseesthings: :-&
eqximiye: there isn’t a case for getting him off because they can’t find out what the sentence actually is or anything
prindle666: So make Y the speaker
lester_hd3: summoning upon summoning doesn’t work
eqximiye: What?
gilrand: so we start off with a trip to mechanus of xma and her part including the lawyers and see what we can find out?
lester_hd3: So make Y the speaker ; YEAH!
eqximiye: turns to Puff Yiddy and holds out the rod Want it?
gilrand: is that a fart I heard herein church?
boskone2: there’s something wrong about grabbing an Eldar’s rod…….
lester_hd3: fuck that
fredseesthings: :-S
eqximiye: That’s ALWAYS ther answer I get from everyone…I can’tPAY anyone to take it.
carol0nyx: Hmmm… according to most law systems of this type I’ve ever hear of, the defense is supposed to have access to the information and enough time to prepare their case. What if the Speaker went without Drae at first to demand the information and time to prepare the case?
prindle666: <rila> Uhm, Madam Speaker, if you need a replacement….
eqximiye: good lord is the whole freakin’ world in here?
fredseesthings: how’d he get in here?
lester_hd3: (punch Rila… hypothetically)
eqximiye: Carol, that was basically the idea
prindle666: He’s XMA
gilrand: (stepping out of the shadows Morawie draws his dagger ready to strike as soon as Rilla’s hands touch the scepter)
fredseesthings: yikes!
prindle666: He’s XMA’s personal psychophant
eqximiye: they tried him already though – and he didn’t get the notification so we all missed the trial – convicted in absentia
gilrand: so that should be immediate grounds for appeal
eqximiye: if we wait long enough, all the NPCs will kill each other off…
prindle666: Under YOUR laws
gilrand: so since the supposed infraction took place on this plane then these laws should apply.
fredseesthings: i’ve looked up a bunch of law stuff, and we could get a case . . . if we could use modern law . . . but remember we are dealing with things like “trial by combat”
carol0nyx: So… it’s a matter of finding a good enough lawyer to argue that point.
prindle666: PPP, your Portable, Personal Pychophant, by the Cerius Cybernetics Corporation..
fredseesthings: maybe not . . .
fredseesthings: (typing)
eqximiye: Right, we are making a lot of assumptions without having any real hard info
lester_hd3: my infraction is between my Deity and me
eqximiye: Actually, your infraction is between you and M’Zanik
eqximiye: (not my cat)
eqximiye: maybe you should send flowers?
gilrand: right
fredseesthings: we might not be arguing with a jury . . . it may just be one “judge” who hears the evidence and says “guilty!”
prindle666: Or a box.
lester_hd3: fucking Mechanus, really, their laws suddenly have precedence on all other planes just because they say so?
carol0nyx: Hmmm…. maybe there can be a case in that. A case that the plane of mechanis can’t punish Drae cause his Diety already has? (ooc: double jeopardy type of idea).
prindle666: The LawBox 4000
fredseesthings: a law box?
eqximiye: I am so confused…why would he give her a Lawbox 4000?
eqximiye: Why would she WANT a Lawbox 4000?
fredseesthings: to y’d(typing)
prindle666: No, no, no…. I was answering Kelright
prindle666: Kelroth
eqximiye: OH
eqximiye: its all clear to me now
prindle666: I am the lemon merchant
eqximiye: look out for the marmosets
prindle666: screams in a mad fit
lester_hd3: save the pillowtalk for later, you two
prindle666: :-*
eqximiye: anyway…we have literally two issues here: in order to find out what to do I HAVE to go to Mechanus
eqximiye: second, I have now taken custody officially of Drae to the robot-thingy
fredseesthings: we could argue the point of soverignty, that we can keep y’d here under our laws, because we have the soveirgn right to do so. But all that is trumped if you have some power that can, by force, say “we are imposing our law on you.”
prindle666: sorry – wrong button
eqximiye: If I bail on that and he robot reports back in then I have broken my word and now I am subject to the same crap
gilrand: If they are a plane of law wouldn’t that mean they would have to follow ALL laws?
prindle666: :D
carol0nyx: From what I have seen so far, I’d agree with you eqximiye.
fredseesthings: no
fredseesthings: to cyr n xma: yup
gilrand: so who’s to say you can’t appoint someon as your agent to either monitor Y’d or to go to mechanus and find out the situation?
carol0nyx: Are the lawyers that you hired from this other plane that they really know those laws?
lester_hd3: what I promised was to reamnd myself to Eqx’s custody. Eqx, you agreed to accept me into YOUR custody, NOT hvae me go Mechanus
prindle666: <to> NO, you are mortals, we are the embodiment of LAW. Your ineffectual attempts at order are flawed.
eqximiye: the reason I have to know what the rules are is that he was convicted of an offense against the Compact, which is an agreement orchestrated by the first Speaker
eqximiye: the lawyers specialize in this type of stuff
eqximiye: they are Keloanian wizards
gilrand: so like I sadi can you apoint an agent to act in your stead.
eqximiye: this M’Zanik was part of it and said that Drae was operating as her agent
gilrand: wouldn’t Fenmaril have prior claim to Y’Dreask?
fredseesthings: back in 5
lester_hd3: M’Zanik has sour grapes cuz she is being punished for another act she commited on my behalf
eqximiye: yes but Fenmarel is letting us deal with it
eqximiye: evidently
prindle666: Dontcha love chaos, Y?
lester_hd3: Yes
eqximiye: Chuck says I would have to give someone the Speaker’s Rod to send them as an agent
eqximiye: plus who the hell are we going to trust to find out the details of all that stuff?
prindle666: Oh! Oh! OH!!!! <rilla’s><the>
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: This Unit is designed to acquire future objectives.
carol0nyx: Trying to get me to incriminate myself, eh?
prindle666: <it>
carol0nyx: Cyren gives a rough laugh
carol0nyx: Do the laws you find yourself under not have stipulations about entrapment?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Define your use of the term ‘entrapment’. I believe that your intent of meaning is not the same as this Unit’s.
carol0nyx: Exactly why does this 47th Level 3 Court of Law located on the 1,223rd Antemeridian Primary Cog of Nirvana have any jurisdiction here on this plane?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Your query is irrelivant. Jurisdiction is not an issue.
fredseesthings: orange
prindle666: irrelevant*
carol0nyx: Jurisdiction is not an issue? But laws define boundaries… jurisdiction would be part of that, wouldn’t it?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: click-whirr-buzz You proceed from an erroneous assumption. Mortal Laws encompass the concept of jurisdiction.
carol0nyx: So, this is deity law that is being carried out?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Divine Law is ephemeral.
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: The Laws of the Multi-verse are absolute.
carol0nyx: Laws of the Multi-Verse. Cyren blinks And who, if it’s not mortals nor Dieties, created that?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: This Unit is neither designed nor concerned with such lines of inquiry. Such data are by nature, unknowable.
carol0nyx: Okay, you said that “The Appeal process is not part of this Unit’s function.” Is there an appeal process at all?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Correct.
carol0nyx: Can you relate to me what this appeal process is?
carol0nyx: Or maybe any information you have on it?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: This Unit possesses limited data on that process. Inquiries should be made to MendoTc412A/2Beta Court Clerk Officer of the 47th Level 3 Court of Law on the 12,23rd Antemeridian Primary Cog of Nirvana

carol0nyx: Hmmm… are you solely working for this court, or are you a freelancer?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: That Unit will provide the proper forms

prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: This Unit was created for this specific transgression. Once this violation has been rectified, this Unit will proceed to aquire new objectives in keeping with its primary principle.
carol0nyx: Are you the sole unit working this case? Will others be sent the violation has not be rectified within a certain timeframe?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: If this Unit fails, further escalation is at the discretion of the 47th Level 3 Court of Law.
boskone2: Blue
carol0nyx: How will the court know if you fail? Are you in contact with them?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Information on ComProtocol is Restricted to Authorized Units Only
boskone2: Am I blue now?
prindle666: ((are you sad, Kyle?))
carol0nyx: Ah. Sorry. Don’t want to step on toes.
lester_hd3: (no kyle)
carol0nyx: So, is there a timeframe you need to complete this task within?
boskone2: blue now
eqximiye: (yes Kyle)
carol0nyx: Actually, is there a way that if the court decided not to pursue Drae that you would know?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Phalanges are irrelevant to this discussion.
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: This Unit will be informed of any changes in Disciplanary Action.
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: buzz-click
carol0nyx: Once Y’draesk is at the Facility, would you then be involved with the actual disciplinary action… or do you just have to see he gets there?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: This unit will deliver the violator to the designated Facility. Then it will return to the Material Plane in Observation Mode.
carol0nyx: Considering all the resources that Y’draesk has or can get access to from what I’ve seen… it has got to be rough to try to catch up with him. Are you programmed to be able fly, or teleport, or something to be able to follow him where ever he goes?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Loud BUZZ Twelve-hundred time units remain.
carol0nyx: hmm. what do your time units equate to here in this realm?
prindle666: <it> Eleven-hundred, nine-nine time units remain.
carol0nyx: What happens at the end of those Twelve-hundred time units? Can any one see MendoTc412A/2Beta Court Clerk Officer of the 47th Level 3 Court of Law on the 12,23rd Antemeridian Primary Cog of Nirvana?
carol0nyx: If Y’draesk goes to see this clerk can he hold off disciplinary action until the appeal is heard?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: At the end of that time period, Eqximiye Carlach will be found in violation.
carol0nyx: Ah.
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Which query do you wish me to reply to first?
carol0nyx: First, If Y’draesk goes to see this clerk can he hold off disciplinary action until the appeal is heard?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Y’draesk Rrgel’nev, child of Alatia, Servant of Fenmarel Mestarine, Herald of Chaos, Warden of Clan Lin Elangilelimbul, and Sheriff of The Eastern Greenwood has been found in violation. His presence is no longer required.
carol0nyx: If Eqximiye goes to see this clerk will the disciplinary action be held off until the appeal is heard?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Disciplinary Action is not dependant on the Appeal Process. It will proceed. If an Appeal is granted and Y’draesk Rrgel’nev, child of Alatia, Servant of Fenmarel Mestarine, Herald of Chaos, Warden of Clan Lin Elangilelimbul, and Sheriff of The Eastern Greenwood is found to be free of guilt, appropriate recompense will be applied.
carol0nyx: Thank you for answering my questions. By the way, you seem to be mechanical… how do you not rust in this sea air??
fredseesthings: crap, he’s talking wirguild
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: This Unit is not susceptible to simple corrosion. Cyren Relton, will you reply to this Unit’s lines of inquiry?
carol0nyx: Sorry… one more thing. What is Eqximiye’s current countdown?
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: One thousand, sixty-two time units.
carol0nyx: I will answer if I do not believe that it will not have you come after me later, or that I believe I can answer fully and honestly.
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Factuality of your replies are not necessary.
carol0nyx: laugh Okay.
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: This Unit is capable of discerning falsehoods.
carol0nyx: Ah.
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: How many units will be involved in the attempt to free Y’draesk Rrgel’nev, child of Alatia, Servant of Fenmarel Mestarine, Herald of Chaos, Warden of Clan Lin Elangilelimbul, and Sheriff of The Eastern Greenwood?
carol0nyx: I know of no plan to free Y’draesk from this situation.
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: whir-buzz
carol0nyx: If that is all… I must make sure Eqximiye is aware of her time constraints.
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Then it is Cyren Relton’s belief that Eqximiye will assist this Unit in it’s enforcement?
carol0nyx: I believe that Eqximiye will do everything in her power to see this situation to a positive conclusion.
prindle666: [Unit Kolyarut 81o9/b7z ]: Thank you for your assistance. Nine hundred time units remain at the sound of the tone. bing
carol0nyx: Cyren nods and waves. Thank you.
carol0nyx: Cyren rushes off to meet up with the gang and relate time and said conversation.
prindle666: fini
prindle666: …interestin?
prindle666: g*
eqximiye: I am NOT happy.
prindle666: Didn’t ask that
eqximiye: Yes, interesting.
carol0nyx: Cyren pats Y’draesk on the shoulder That sucks dude!
fredseesthings: the point of this isn’t to prove the crime or not. they are gonna kill him because he is a fugitive . . . .
eqximiye: well he was convicted
eqximiye: they don’t care about the appeal process
lester_hd3: “The Laws of the Multi-verse are absolute” oh friggin joy… but even better “the liberation of strong forces that maintain molecular cohesion”
boskone2: only because he didn’t receive his notice in time. :-(
eqximiye: clearly a disintegrate
fredseesthings: clearly
boskone2: what’s a strong force? some type of magic?
carol0nyx: Life force… holding his cells together.
fredseesthings: as a paranoid person, I would wonder if someone arraanged for your notice not to have gotten to you for this purpose . . .
lester_hd3: interesting, yes…
eqximiye: I suppose it is possible, however it went to Cassandra
eqximiye: if she had survived the fight with the Eldar, it would have gotten to him
mrake_lavode: why was it sent to Cassandra?
fredseesthings: why not deliver it to him?
carol0nyx: He would not answer how much time he had to return Y’draesk… only the time in which Eqximiye had before SHE was in violation
eqximiye: yes I noticed that too, Carol
eqximiye: I don’t know the answer to Mike/Phil’s question and Chuck is smoking
eqximiye: when he gets in he can recap
carol0nyx: Frankly, I see why now you said this was above the call of duty… I just barely escaped that thing putting me on its to-do list.
lester_hd3: you betcha!
eqximiye: yeah that was risky
eqximiye: and we really appreciate you doing it
lester_hd3: yes I do… Thanks Cyren!
eqximiye: John says: clan_mccracken: Yay Carol!
clan_mccracken: Poor XMA
mrake_lavode: it does seem odd since there are several party members with a stronger connection to Drea, specifically Xma and Kelroth would be more logical recipiants
eqximiye: maybe they knew Cass was dead? or did she ever meet M’Zanik?
carol0nyx: I just don’t know if it did anything other than limit or choices. in a way that does help… we won’t keep going down those roads. But it really does seem to be fight, flight, or give in and bring back to life later.
carol0nyx: It did ask me how many would be involved in the attempt to rescue… but luckily, there wasn’t a plan in place for me to have to report.
eqximiye: agreed
eqximiye: that was lucky
carol0nyx: brb… bathroom calls.
eqximiye: Drae, ideas?
lester_hd3: uuuhhh…. thinking
prindle666: Run?
fredseesthings: that is plan . . .
mrake_lavode: fowyn, how did you find the notice? Was there any indication that it was received by anyone?
fredseesthings: I’m wondering if this whole mess is now just a way of getting at the speaker . . .
eqximiye: also possible
eqximiye: it certainly has the feel of a conspiracy
eqximiye: but to what end?
carol0nyx: back
lester_hd3: they just want to incinerate me, the appeal is a bureaucratic mess meant to further ensnare
fredseesthings: hey, paranoia has its uses . . .
prindle666: Hey! They said “appropriate recompense will be applied”
carol0nyx: Actually… does that matter at this point? Doesn’t matter if the notice was held up. They’ll disintegrate him anyway
eqximiye: quite true, although it would be nice to have an idea of what was behind this, maybe we can use it to our advantage some other way
carol0nyx: What was your oath again Eqximiye? You’ve only got about 900 time units to go before you have one of those on your trail yourself.
fredseesthings: no, i think the point was to have the notice held us, so they would find him in violation and disintigrate him
fredseesthings: held up, sorry
eqximiye: I promised to take him into my custody and that I would deliver him at the specified time
mrake_lavode: I am wondering about the rules covering the delivery of the notice and how this lead to his failure you appear for the trial. if the law was not followed properly in setting up the trial, would that not invalidate the judgement.
carol0nyx: Ah. really no wiggle room. How big is the plane of Mechanus? Cause did you promise to deliver him to a specific point? sigh Course, the way that thing thinks… probably wouldn’t help
carol0nyx: Ah… but that is the basis of an appeal, yes. But appeal and disciplinary actions are not tied together.
eqximiye: I promised to turn him over to this thing, not to Mechanus
lester_hd3: “Once this violation has been rectified, this Unit will proceed to aquire new objectives in keeping with its primary principle”….“This unit will deliver the violator to the designated Facility. Then it will return to the Material Plane in Observation Mode”
lester_hd3: most important: “This Unit is designed to acquire future objectives”
eqximiye: well, quite
carol0nyx: nod if any of us step out of line around this thing… it will add us to its to-do list
eqximiye: It can’tdo that at random
eqximiye: only if we break an agreement – bargains must be kept
carol0nyx: it seemed to be most concerned with breaking of a contract or vow. nod
eqximiye: as long as you keep your word (all the time, not just to it) you’re fine
eqximiye: they have other types for other offenses
carol0nyx: Ah.
fredseesthings: conspiracy . . .
eqximiye: but they don’t work together etc – they’re not the FBI – from what I understand this one wouldn’t go back and say, Cyren isnt an oathbreaker but she did kill someone
fredseesthings: luckily, we haven’t planned anything yet . . . :-)
eqximiye: exactly – no plans yet
lester_hd3: what if M’Zanik (the Plaintiff) interfered with the court delivering the original notice. Doesn’t help me now, but…
boskone2: Michael, Fowyn found it tucked in an old book.
eqximiye: OOC, way way OOC: we need someone else to bust him free once Eqx turns him over
eqximiye: someone Eqx doesn’t know about
eqximiye: so she can look this thing in the eye
lester_hd3: What book? cosmic jokes may abound and give us a clue
carol0nyx: once you were res’d, we could find out if this M’Zanik had an agreement to deliver… and didn’t, and get him is own robo-baliff.
boskone2: Fowyn walks away as he tries to remember the title of the book.
mrake_lavode: any information as to who received it? was it signed for? was it addressed to Cassandra?
gilrand: go and file comtempt charges against mzanik for interefering?
lester_hd3: I believe M’Zanik is serving a far worse sentence currently
boskone2: One question at a time. What was that book’s name……
prindle666: Nice idea Than, but no inevitables for contempt – want me to make one?
eqximiye: no she’s free, how could she have done this otherwise
eqximiye: ?

lester_hd3: assuming she’s free?
boskone2: art of something…..
eqximiye: I got the impression from the “lawyers” that she went and pressed charges so she can’t be bound IF that was the case
fredseesthings: all the discusion about appeal and contempt and crap is irrelivant . . . y’d is in violation and will get dusted .. . .
eqximiye: maybe we should go talk to M’Zanik
eqximiye: I dunno what good it would do but I doubt it could hurt
lester_hd3: I’m not getting dusted… whatever the fallout for the area… sorry
gilrand: short of nuking the koyarut sounds like Yd is going to get wasted
carol0nyx: Unless this M’Zanik person holds you up from turning over Y’draesk in time and you’re then in violation.
mrake_lavode: if an oath was broken in the delivery of the notice, would they need to address that before they can take action against y’draesk?
boskone2: (M’Zanik, chaos, dealing with law and Mechanus) (shakes head)
lester_hd3: sounds like they would handle it after the fact… ‘recompense’
fredseesthings: i’m right there too
eqximiye: Art of what Fo’wyn?
boskone2: Ah! Chaos! Art of Chaos! That’s it! The book was “Little White Lies – The Art of Chaos, Concealment and Misdirection”
eqximiye: Drae how quickly do you think we could get to M’Zanik?
lester_hd3: just so it’s clear… M’Zanik is the entity that was the Horn of Chaos, A Slaad lord I believe
carol0nyx: eye roll jeez.
eqximiye: Art of Chaos? What chapter?
fredseesthings: sounds interesting
eqximiye: No way – that freaking means something!
boskone2: The chapter with an envelope stuck in. I just noticed the lump in the book.
lester_hd3: how quick can we get to Greycliffe and the Limbo chamber
eqximiye: well, that had better mean something or we’re screwed
eqximiye: teleport quick, its getting back that I’m worried about
lester_hd3: 900 units sounds too short
eqximiye: so you don’t remember what chapter?
boskone2: The envelope was addressed to Y’dre. A really nice one if I recall.
prindle666: Stand by please
eqximiye: yeah its probably less than 2 hours
fredseesthings: xma and dra cant go . . .
eqximiye: can’t go where?
lester_hd3: can’t go where?
prindle666: lo
prindle666: lol
boskone2: I’m trying to remember if I noticed the chapter or not.
fredseesthings: if you two leave, then xma may also be found in violation . . . if someones going to greycliff, it’ll be me (or someone else)
gilrand: int check
gilrand: for fowyn?
prindle666: done
prindle666: been handling that in side chats
boskone2: Fowyn wanders off talking to himself.
carol0nyx: Actually their location doesn’t see to be an issue… as long as robo-baliff can go along or Eqximiye gets him back on time.
boskone2: Looking over the railing of the ship, Fowyn tries to remember the chapter name.
prindle666: (fyi – for RP purposes I’m assuming you’re all on one of the smaller vessels)
carol0nyx: so… we’re all whispering so the robo-baliff doesn’t overhear us right? laugh
eqximiye: Carol, good point, if we take Lawbot 250 with us we dont have to get back
boskone2: Fowyn looks at the beach, then turns around and says, “The Shell Game! That’s the name of the chapter.”
lester_hd3: we’re on a smaller vessel, not the Wrath. But whispering in a scry proof area while throwing salt over both shoulders isn’t a bad idea
eqximiye: The Shell Game
eqximiye: hmmm
fredseesthings: ha!
prindle666: RoboBalif is on the flagship
lester_hd3: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…
fredseesthings: got it!
fredseesthings: (typing)
lester_hd3: distractions, little white lies, shell games
boskone2: I wish we could pull a shell game on the BountyBot…..
lester_hd3: what are we being thwarted from doing?
carol0nyx: in your case, continuing to live past today?
boskone2: Is someone trying to get us to expose what the Contract was?
lester_hd3: ding ding ding
prindle666: /:)
mrake_lavode: checking with the staff, the letter was received by someone who looked like Cassandra, then changed to appear as Y’draesk to receive the letter then left. But it could not have been Cassandra because it was during the Britaria adventure.
fredseesthings: this is a hit by mechanus, you are the herald of chaos, they want you out of the picture, or someone does, the whole mzanik charges thing is just the means to get the ball rolling . . . you are what this is all about.
eqximiye: or not
eqximiye: shell game…this isn’t about what it looks like its about at all
prindle666: I’m grabbing a smoke – continue
eqximiye: this has nothing to do with Drae or the Compact, but something else
lester_hd3: i agree Eqx… we are being misdirected
eqximiye: Drae did you and M’Zanik ever talk about anything?
lester_hd3: She waded around in my dreams a lot…
lester_hd3: she was Bound as the Horn the whole time
boskone2: The shell game is about distracting the victim while you remove the item so that the victim can’t find, or something like that.
eqximiye: so what is the item?
carol0nyx: but the misdirection is still a threat to your life… as well as Eqximiye’s now? The clock doesn’t have much time on it. Can we resolve this within that timeframe and still be able to try to fix the Mechanus situation. What are the chances that going off to find the basis of this will fix the Mechanus violations?
boskone2: If we weren/t stuck here dealing with the “Oh look! Shiny!” robot, where should we be and what should we be focusing on?
lester_hd3: maybe it is necessary for me and Koly-Zeta to have a confrontation?
eqximiye: possibly
fredseesthings: smack down!
lester_hd3: it seems inevitable…. (couldn’t help it)
carol0nyx: snerk
fredseesthings: :-|
eqximiye: if someone impersonated Drae to get the letter and hid it there
boskone2: I avoided that one earlier.
eqximiye: doesn’t that suggest that the placement of the letter might be a message to him
lester_hd3: yes
prindle666: back
eqximiye: so she is telling you…what?
carol0nyx: Maybe it’s that the solution to your problem is the shell game. That YOU need to be the pea.
fredseesthings: what, the horn knew something was up, and brought up charges against drae as a distraction from something?
eqximiye: why would she put him in the situation and then give the solution?
carol0nyx: Isn’t she an embodiment of chaos?
boskone2: maybe there is a very big shell game going on higher up than us.
eqximiye: a distraction…so are you saying this isn’t directed at Drae at all?
carol0nyx: shrug I’m just trying to brainstorm.
fredseesthings: we have just enough pieces to be dangerous, but not enough to get it all together . . . .
eqximiye: Kyle that feels sort of right
boskone2: OOC: I wish my memory was way better, so I can remember what all the puzzle pieces are.
mrake_lavode: I just say a white rat run under the door
lester_hd3: WTF?
lester_hd3: in character?
eqximiye: I HATE it when powers get all cryptic- huh? A white rat? Did you just see it or just tell us that?
mrake_lavode: i saw a small white rat rununder the door, i will try to catch it
fredseesthings: !
eqximiye: eeek
fredseesthings: to arms!
boskone2: It’s interesting that the planned invasion of Port Dawn would lead to XMA finding that Lance. Queen captures Lance.
mrake_lavode: OOC: how was this room secured?
boskone2: Boat you mean?
prindle666: (( Officer’s Quarters – locked door))
fredseesthings: i suspect we are all trying to catch this thing . . .
eqximiye: I am not fussed about the rat
lester_hd3: ? tick tick tick?
eqximiye: we have bigger fish to fry – 10 adventureres running around a boat after a rat, lol
prindle666: ((Are you all running after a rat that Fadrie says she saw? It’s a boat. It’s full of rats.))
lester_hd3: whose familiar is it, or is it M’Zanik?
boskone2: Not usually white ones…..
fredseesthings: paranoid . . . so sue me
carol0nyx: sigh you know… it doesn’t matter if we are being led around in a shell game from something above us… to just get through today, we might have to run that shell game as our own possible solution.
prindle666: (Fadrie casts a spell and vanishes)
eqximiye: what are you thinking? ransforming a rat to look like Drae and handing it over?
fredseesthings: get the rat!
prindle666: (Kelroth saw no rat))
carol0nyx: Wouldn’t work if you knew if wasn’t Y’draesk. He’d detect your falsehood.
eqximiye: true you would have to do it and lie to me
eqximiye: or soething
eqximiye: something
fredseesthings: disregard . . .
carol0nyx: Well, not me… don’t have the ability… but something like that, yes.
carol0nyx: It’s all well and good to want to know what led to this trap that we’re look at… but first we have to get OUT of the trap before it kills one or more of us.
eqximiye: yes but the solution may be there
carol0nyx: Not according to what we heard from robo-baliff. Besides… we’ve got a limited timeframe until we possibly have TWO of those things trying to kill two, and anyone that gets in the way.
eqximiye: if its M’Zanik’s game, robo-bailiff wouldn’t know
carol0nyx: Why is the M’Zanik pissed with you enough to do this? Or could it be a test?
prindle666: (Six hundred time units remain.)
fredseesthings: how chaotic is he?
eqximiye: that’s more what I am thinking
carol0nyx: “if its M’Zanik’s game, robo-bailiff wouldn’t know” Yes… was that an answer to a question?
eqximiye: sort of
eqximiye: I guess we can’t ask the chess pieces what the player is thinking
eqximiye: it would only know its own function
carol0nyx: So… what’s involved with going to see this M’Zanik entity? If nothing else… maybe that itself would throw off robo-baliff as in the distraction of the shell game.
lester_hd3: I swore on her name, and broke that oath to kill the Dragon I swore to. We believe that dragon was part of the original schematic/protectorate of the Compact
eqximiye: its pretty easy to go see her right? We can easily get to Limbo from Greycliff
lester_hd3: it was guarding stuff that, uhhh, Big Crazy I-wann-be-a-god elf was looking for
carol0nyx: schematic/protectorate of the Compact? As in this dragon could be Mechanus itself?
lester_hd3: I didn’t mean it that way
eqximiye: Let me explain the Compact – it was an agreement between many powers and groups of mortals etc, example, green dragon clans, white dragon clans, wood elven clans fom other planes, Slaad frpm Limbo
eqximiye: they all joined together under certain agreements to defeat the ancient lich kings
eqximiye: the white dragons in question were the remainders of the white dragon clan that was part of this agreement with the elves
eqximiye: they wanted to renew the oaths and looked at Drae as a representative of M’Zanik
eqximiye: sort of anyway
eqximiye: hence the argument from M’Zanik that he broke the Compact
boskone2: So are the lich kings trying to destroy the Compact and using Y’d as part of this shell game to get the items they want for themselves or for Others?
boskone2: The lich kings would benefit from the destruction of the Compact.
eqximiye: I doubt te lich kings are involved in this – they would benefit but M’Zanik is aligned against them
fredseesthings: or from having it exposed
gilrand: sorry catching up here if this is a shell game what are they trying to obfuscate? or what is it trying to win?
carol0nyx: Wait… if M’Zanik is Chaos (or high level embodiment of such)… and there was some understanding that Y’Draesk is a representive of hers…. then what are the chances that she’s testing him with this to see just how Chaotic he can be in order to truly be her representative. That the shell game was a clue on how she wanted him to proceed under the test?
eqximiye: good one Carol
boskone2: Ok, then maybe another party is using this conflict to distract while continuing to collect things like the Lance and other god-touched items.
lester_hd3: hmmm…
eqximiye: SO following what Carol was saying…M’Zanik is running the shell game…she picked Y’Draesk as?
gilrand: the pea?
gilrand: to see who would “pick” him?
carol0nyx: We were talking earlier about how this embodiment of law was running rampant over the planes… so wouldn’t she want to force a bit more chaos to the situation… using her “tool”
eqximiye: well, a shell game isn’t a game
fredseesthings: is he in it for the long haul?
carol0nyx: ?
eqximiye: if Drae is the pea then he isn’t the victim
gilrand: it’s a con. maybe M’z is trying to hide him somewhere out of the way?
eqximiye: hmmm
gilrand: for a reason…
fredseesthings: death would hide him . . .
gilrand: then if he is the pea who is he being hidden from?
lester_hd3: not always
eqximiye: no his spirit would be accessible
eqximiye: remember how easily Thingizzard pulled him from the abyss
gilrand: remeber what it said renumerations would be made if the appeal was upheld.
lester_hd3: I was just typing ThinGizzard…
eqximiye: who would M’Zanik want to screw over?
eqximiye: or trick somehow
fredseesthings: thingizzard you think?
lester_hd3: the forces that bound her
fredseesthings: I repeat . .
lester_hd3: bound her originally
gilrand: so if after a period of time M’z goes in and says I think he has server his time I relinguish my claim on him. have him released
eqximiye: the forces of law you mean?
gilrand: let me ask. Does thingizzard still have claim on you?
lester_hd3: I do not know who originally had her bound. ‘Law’ facilitated it, but I do not know who was behind it
lester_hd3: Does thingizzard still have claim on you? : yes, one more
gilrand: since she has access to necromantic spells death is not an out for you. Correct?
eqximiye: My theory has been that she was bound for breaking the Compact (Nethminion) and also that this is why COramorphus was in hiding all those years as Kothar
lester_hd3: she nabbed me when I was only a spirit on the Abyss
eqximiye: that would make the forces of law her enemies if you are correct
lester_hd3: and I may be related
gilrand: so if you are bond on mechanus they have “dibs” on you so she could concievably be blocked from grabbing you again?
eqximiye: related to what?
lester_hd3: blood relation
fredseesthings: to who?
lester_hd3: ummmm…. Kothar
boskone2: So, Y’d surrenders to Robo, is punished and dies, thus ending some agreement somewhere. Appeal happens and he is found not guilty. Someone brings Y’d back. One possibility?
fredseesthings: the original kothar?
eqximiye: Drae, wanna field that?
lester_hd3: oh shit…
prindle666: (Fadriewien re-enters the room)
lester_hd3: why did Koly-Zeta only list my Mom
boskone2: Seems like an interesting way for Chaos to use Law to get what it wants.
eqximiye: maybe that’s what is important
gilrand: there has been speculation that when Cora was in hiding as kothar he met Y’Dreask’s mom and did the deed and out spawned Y’D
eqximiye: ?

eqximiye: ok Drae isn’t half grey
eqximiye: ?
fredseesthings: keep talking . . .
prindle666: ((smoke break – brb))
carol0nyx: You all are a very interesting bunch… that’s for sure. smirk
prindle666: ((back))
lester_hd3: never a dull moment
eqximiye: yeah well, elven guys sleep around, you really gotta watch out for that ;)
eqximiye: hell, family members keep popping up
fredseesthings: you should have seen us when we did this every other weekend!
prindle666: <looks>
lester_hd3: since it takes elven women a gajillion months to pop after we sleep with them, we HAVE to
prindle666: =))
eqximiye: how pleasant – what I wonder is how you convince them to sleep with you
lester_hd3: convince? Why do you think elven wine is so good?
eqximiye: It is all so clear to me now
carol0nyx: Fadriewien , were you able to find the rat?
gilrand: it’s not easy. usually involves… stoping now thinking whistfully of wife at home…
lester_hd3: bribery
fredseesthings: he also prints his own money . . .
mrake_lavode: the rat got away, probably nothing, but I want to check a couple of other areas to make sure there is not someone trying to spy.
fredseesthings: jinx!
eqximiye: who prints his own money?
eqximiye: whoa…way off topic
eqximiye: :)
fredseesthings: nevermind . . . .
eqximiye: I see how it is, everyone devaluing the ducal coinage
mrake_lavode: Could I get someone else to come with me?
fredseesthings: if I had some, I’d value it! ;-)
lester_hd3: sure
carol0nyx: So… even less time now. How are we going to stop the death of one or two of our group, and/or the innocent bystanders around?
lester_hd3: I ahve scent
gilrand: I’ll go I have a good spot roll
lester_hd3: have
gilrand: so do I
lester_hd3: have at it
fredseesthings: Woodelf #5
mrake_lavode: Y’draesk should be able to help, thanks
lester_hd3: we’ll both go, I can see invis as well, let’s cover all the bases
carol0nyx: I’ll go too… I can fit into small places
eqximiye: Thangil, since you have scent, if you stay and smell for inruders in case that rat familiar comes back?
gilrand: ok
gilrand: have marth keep a nose out too.
mrake_lavode: No need to break up the metting. two of us should be sufficient
lester_hd3: (Woodelf #5) shutup you
fredseesthings: wohahahah!
prindle666: (okay, so marth and Than are staying to smell for intruders – Fadri & Drae to search for rats on a ship?))
lester_hd3: Yep
eqximiye: I like that question…what are we going to do to keep folks from dying?
carol0nyx: Yes, but I could use the break… I’ll go with Fadri and Drae
eqximiye: If we got to see M’Zanik, we’ll have to take the toaster
fredseesthings: but that will involve taking dra to the toaster
fredseesthings: or you’ll be found wanting
mrake_lavode: thanks, but I don’t want to grab several people away for my paranoia.
eqximiye: If we take the toaster to Limbo it ain’t leaving
eqximiye: reasonably speaking, even if we don’t attack it ourselves its limbo
eqximiye: however, we will be able to deal with it not here involving bystanders
eqximiye: it has already shown that it will hrm anyone who gets in its way
eqximiye: *harm
fredseesthings: request clarification from interface:
prindle666: <drae>
prindle666: (Yes?)
prindle666: (sorry – juggling several chat windows)
fredseesthings: query: when we did the thing at my keep related to limbo, (with the drumming and the music) that was more a summoning than a gate, right?
carol0nyx: Cyren gives Eqximiye a pointed look, goes to door. and slides out.
eqximiye: <shrugs>
prindle666: (2nd edition – summoning – revised 3.5 version – gate)
fredseesthings: whoa :-O
boskone2: Fowyn needs to use the head. Old man’s bladder and all.
eqximiye: thanks for sharing Fo’wyn
eqximiye: so id everyone leave except me, Thangil and Kelroth?
eqximiye: ok, so how are we going to kill Drae <wink>
fredseesthings: finger of death . . . worked on the abyss
eqximiye: good one
fredseesthings: better not tell “Slinky”, she may ask for credit from Mechanus!
eqximiye: lol
eqximiye: probably
prindle666: Fo’wyn wanders back into the room looking mildly confused…
eqximiye: well, that was a quick trip to the head
eqximiye: did you just pee in the hall FOwyn?
fredseesthings: you look confused . . .
eqximiye: Um, Fowyn?
boskone2: Uh, I think I may have but I don’t know cause I don’t remember peeing. Or did I just come back into the wrong room. Which way was the bathroom?
eqximiye: You’re in the room with us again…
eqximiye: you walked out and then walked back in
eqximiye: Are you ok?
boskone2: Huh, I not sure.
eqximiye: Work with me…details man!
fredseesthings: I’m checkng the door . . .
boskone2: I don’t have to pee anymore, so maybe I did pee in the hall, but I don’t think I had to at all, but that doesn’t explain why I left.
eqximiye: OK I’ll bite, why did you leave?
eqximiye: Were you following Drae too?
gilrand: I walk over to the door and open it to see what’s in the hallway.
boskone2: Something about a white mouse and an curious glance and a shiny gem…..
eqximiye: OK come here and sit down <gets>
eqximiye: Thangil, see anything?
boskone2: Wait, why is it still dark. My eyes don’t see to well right now.
boskone2: too well.
eqximiye: Dark?
boskone2: wait, I should be able to see, but I can’t. Why can’t I see?
gilrand: Just the hallway. I’m going to go to the head too.. I drank too much water
eqximiye: You can’t see?
fredseesthings: stop!
eqximiye: Thangil, I think you should wait
eqximiye: Fown is blind
eqximiye: he just said he cant see…pee in a cup
eqximiye: I won’t look
boskone2: wait, no. It’s starting to get better.
boskone2: I can see some light.
boskone2: Just everything is very blurry right now. What happened? Why did I leave the room?
eqximiye: I think you were following Drae and Fay
gilrand: I continue out the hallway closing the door behind me
eqximiye: everyone seems to want to go with them
fredseesthings: I stop him from leaving
eqximiye: Thangil! Wait
boskone2: oh, you may be right. Why would I follow them if I had to go pee.
eqximiye: Maybe they were going to the bathroom.
eqximiye: they went to look for an intruder and everyone seems to have been overpowered by curiosity
boskone2: No, they were hunting something. Maybe the bathroom. But those nice sailor would surely show the way.
eqximiye: I have concerns about us leaving this room right now
gilrand: nice sailor? I didn’t see any sailors in the hallway?
eqximiye: youdidn’t?
gilrand: nope
eqximiye: what did you see when you looked out?
gilrand: just the hallway.
eqximiye: hmmm
gilrand: hall we ALL check?
gilrand: shall
boskone2: Do sailors go chitter, chitter, chitter? I don’t recall.
eqximiye: the question is why did you lose your vision temporarily
eqximiye: no I think we should be cautious
boskone2: Fowyn starts counting his fingers.
eqximiye: the last thing I want is for us all to be wandering around the ship lind
boskone2: I’m missing one.
gilrand: no fowyn saliors don’t go chitter.
boskone2: One of us is missing from my count.
fredseesthings: I crack the door, without looking down the hall and shout “Y’DRAESK, GET BACK HERE! NOW!”
fredseesthings: and close the door.
eqximiye: quick lock it
eqximiye: /just kidding
fredseesthings: done
fredseesthings: oh
eqximiye: who is missing from your cunt Fowyn?
fredseesthings: ?
eqximiye: count
carol0nyx: ((
gilrand: :-t
eqximiye: thats a hell of a letter to drop isn;t it?
carol0nyx: ((That was an unfortunate typo))
prindle666: :-S that’s my wife)
boskone2: OOC, I want that line as my sig line.
boskone2: OOC Where’s that finger been, Fowyn?
gilrand: So… Who is missing from your count? Fowyn.
eqximiye: unfortunate…what a good word
boskone2: Fowyn thinks for a moment and says Cyren. Where did she go?
eqximiye: oh the irony
gilrand: she wnet with Y’Dreask.
boskone2: She had such an interesting look on her face.
boskone2: No, Fay went with Y’d. Cyren followed them. I followed her…
gilrand: and when you followed her?
boskone2: I heard chittering, things went black, and then I was back in the room.
boskone2: Can a chitter noise sound upset? I seem to recall the noise was angry. Why would noise be angry? Why is it so hard to focus?
gilrand: I walk over to the door and open it and ask if M’Zanick would like to join us…
eqximiye: hmmm, poor Fowyn
eqximiye: here, have some water
eqximiye: rest your eyes
boskone2: Thanks
fredseesthings: what?!?
boskone2: Eyes…. oh yeah. I remember something now. I was going to look at something.
boskone2: Look at something with….
boskone2: Look at something with a gem
eqximiye: have some water
boskone2: oh, a gem of seeing.
eqximiye: <presses>
gilrand: can I borrow that?
boskone2: <drinks>
boskone2: borrow my water?
gilrand: the gem of seeing?
boskone2: It’s my water! She gave it to me!
eqximiye: Thangil be careful, let’s just ait a few minutes
eqximiye: it could just b smoke from the recent battles in his eyes
fredseesthings: ?
eqximiye: who knows what’s happened, lets just not panic yet
eqximiye: <pats> hows the water? can you see more clearly?
gilrand: right. I’m pretty certain that M’Zanick is here fucking with us.
boskone2: Ok, you can borrow my gem. Do you have to know where I keep it?
boskone2: Yes, My vision is getting better. Thank you
gilrand: usually on your hip in a belt pouch.
boskone2: Ok. <starts>
boskone2: Hmm, chalk, tindertwig, flint and steel, ouch!
gilrand: ouch?
boskone2: ok, fishhook has been found,
gilrand: Hey better idea do you have a true seeing preped?
boskone2: oooo, shiny mirror!
boskone2: Oh, wait. here it is. I found it.
fredseesthings: “Y’DRAESK, GET BACK HERE!”
carol0nyx: Cyren opens the door and comes back in.
boskone2: <fowyn>
carol0nyx: Sorry, false alarm.
fredseesthings: Where is Y’draesk?
eqximiye: No problem, glad that’s soled
gilrand: That’s a whistle fowyen I need the Green gem of seeing.
carol0nyx: Right behind me.
boskone2: No, wait. that wasn’t it.
eqximiye: solved
boskone2: you mean this gem?
mrake_lavode: here with me
carol0nyx: We found the rat, it was a rat. shrug
eqximiye: good
eqximiye: because the clock is ticking folks
mrake_lavode: couple of crates almost fell on us, but didn’t see anyone
boskone2: <fowyn>
carol0nyx: At this point, what amount of time do we have left to make any decisions?
eqximiye: about half an hour
lester_hd3: Alright… WTF… we’re spooked, and the clock is ticking…
carol0nyx: Are you okay Fowyn?
lester_hd3: what happened
boskone2: Yeah, I’m much better now. Thanks for asking.
lester_hd3: ?
gilrand: Can I see that fowyn?
boskone2: I remember now what I wanted to do.
eqximiye: <looks> everything ok? Fowyn was struck temporarily blind.
fredseesthings: and confused, it sounds like .. .
eqximiye: <nods>
lester_hd3: Yeah… but I don’t like our options…
mrake_lavode: other than being surprised by cyren, it was pretty uneventfull
prindle666: five mins to feed pups
boskone2: <fowyn>
eqximiye: yeah brb, feeding dogs before it gets dangerous
carol0nyx: I thought for a bit that I had been affected by a sleep spell… but it didn’t take hold. Is there any chance that some mage is practicing spells or experimenting near by? That’s why I was so worried.
boskone2: before the dogs feed on you.
lester_hd3: then I was smelling something not Fadri and not ME…
prindle666: (you’re in the middle of the elven fleet – think they have any mages?)
boskone2: And I left the room and was hit by confusion and blindness.
lester_hd3: bunch of Bilgewater…
lester_hd3: Then Cyren … LOL
mrake_lavode: sounds like some kind of prankster creating distractions
lester_hd3: trying to burn our time?
gilrand: then cyren what?
boskone2: sounds like it.
carol0nyx: smirk maybe part of a plan to hold up Eqximiye from turning Drae in on time?
lester_hd3: then smelled Cyren…
carol0nyx: So that she is then in violation?
fredseesthings: thats my thought
lester_hd3: Okay listen… what if this escalates…
lester_hd3: maybe that is what they are trying to make happen
gilrand: So do what he isn’t expecting an turn in y’dreask?
mrake_lavode: We’ve got your back. we will follow your lead.
lester_hd3: As much as that makes me nervous…
lester_hd3: wait for Amy and chuck..
fredseesthings: turning yourself in? or us at your back?
gilrand: Sorry cousin but I’d rather only have to worry about 1 of you then both of you.
carol0nyx: Find M’Zantik and try to evade the robo-baliff… or turn him in and try to figure something out as we go?
lester_hd3: turning myself in…
lester_hd3: I’m thinking they HOPE we screw this up and forfeit the speaker…
gilrand: right.
fredseesthings: do you trust us to get you back?
lester_hd3: is that the shell game? not the Compact or Me… but the Speaker?
gilrand: I look at it like this. We WILL bring you back.
gilrand: yup
eqximiye: No
eqximiye: No way.
eqximiye: No fucking way.
boskone2: Hmm, is there any history to the Rod of the Speaker, like used to kill a God or something?
fredseesthings: it is a artifact . . .
gilrand: unfortunatly in all of our lives we occasionally have to ake one for the tem. this time it’s Y’Dreask’s turn
lester_hd3: Turn? WTF?
gilrand: He’s family but I’d rather only have to try and recover 1 of you instead of both of you.
lester_hd3: I am willing to go if we have a plan
carol0nyx: Yeah, really. Dude. Is that really how you think of your comrades?
lester_hd3: I see you point in general, cousin, but what is our plan?
carol0nyx: Is there a way we could hold time… someone goes to the Appeals cleric and files paperwork while someone else holds time for Drae?
gilrand: Who was the first speaker? Coaramorphus? Do you not think that there would be huge mojo invested inthe speaker’s Rod?
eqximiye: Of course there is huge mojo…this is an artifact.
carol0nyx: What’s the time count?
eqximiye: But kill a god? That’s extreme.
eqximiye: I am NOT ok with this.
gilrand: Right so who gets it if you die/go away? and how do they get it? if they even can if you die off plane?
lester_hd3: So what do we do?
carol0nyx: Do we have to go to the robo-baliff? Or will it coming to us at the endo f the clock be considered still safe?
eqximiye: At what point are we deciding one of our lives is worth more than someone else’s
eqximiye: we have to go out to it
prindle666: Question to the group: it’s 12:30 – I’m prepared to run with this now if you folks are willing. Show of hands?
gilrand: hand
mrake_lavode: fine with me
lester_hd3: I’m game…
eqximiye: I am willing – hand
carol0nyx: I can make it for a while… I’m captivated. :)
fredseesthings: i is good
carol0nyx: I might go make coffee if we continue though. chuckle
lester_hd3: every time I stand up my chair is stuck I’m so puckered
eqximiye: ROTF
prindle666: LOL
carol0nyx: laugh
prindle666: Okay – if we’re all in agreement – 10 min break to make coffee and let me gather my notes
boskone2: only if I get to change into PJ’s and be more comfortable. :-)
eqximiye: Thangil I don’t know the answer to that – there’s a ceremony
fredseesthings: brb
prindle666: go get your pjs Kyle
lester_hd3: shaking hands with the mayor…
carol0nyx: nod… brb… coffee maker.
eqximiye: 10 min break! Woohoo!
prindle666: AFK
lester_hd3: back… mmm Erin experimented with almond flavor in her Death-By-Brownie recipe
carol0nyx: okay, I’m back
carol0nyx: drool mmmm. That sounds good!!!
mrake_lavode: you hope that is almond flavor
lester_hd3: LOL… she doesn’t wear Old Lace
lester_hd3: she ate 1/3 of the pan before me…
lester_hd3: I’ll comission her for a tray of them before the next game
mrake_lavode: she ate the pan instead of the brownies, that is suspicious >:)
eqximiye: ok back
prindle666: back – working out some little details on the side – bear with me
lester_hd3: her blood iron was low… she was supplementing
eqximiye: yum brownies
lester_hd3: I have no coffee… subst chocolate
prindle666: mmmm almond brownies
eqximiye: what a good idea…chocolate
lester_hd3: have an amaretto flavor without the amaretto (almonds after all)
carol0nyx: Kay… I’m on diet… must remember I had my sugar already tonight in diet chocolate icecream sandwich.
fredseesthings: coffee going perka perka . . .
lester_hd3: perka perka burka burka
prindle666: perk perk
fredseesthings: no burkas
lester_hd3: sherpa sherpa
fredseesthings: (to chuck) old mayor of cleveland
prindle666: ?
fredseesthings: (to henry) quickly punjab, my howda pistol!
fredseesthings: Perk . . . used to be mayor of cleveland before kucinich
prindle666: Ah yes, I recall
prindle666: barely
lester_hd3: 72-77
fredseesthings: forgive . . . politics is my football, or nascar . . .
carol0nyx: snerk that’s funny… I was just looking up the results of today’s NASCAR race.
lester_hd3: quick! drive fast… turn left!
eqximiye: lemon flavored girl scount cookies :)
fredseesthings: I included nascar with you in mind :-)
gilrand: those things are evil. Lemony creamy tasty evil…
eqximiye: no, no, your OTHER left
carol0nyx: grin nod except for twice a year when you get to add in some right hand corners as well!
prindle666: we all back?
eqximiye: ok who is still gone
eqximiye: :)
carol0nyx: Kyle is almost ready.
gilrand: Here
fredseesthings: leme check coff
prindle666: okay
lester_hd3: put your pants back on Kyle
mrake_lavode: just don’t let fowyn count
eqximiye: lol
lester_hd3: or cunt
carol0nyx: laugh didn’t even try to do that… 10 minutes just isn’t enough time to even get started.
eqximiye: I am ignoring you HD
lester_hd3: what?
eqximiye: did someone say something?
lester_hd3: nah… it was the wind
gilrand: Like a fart on the wind…
lester_hd3: quick and nearly impossible to behold
prindle666: pokes kelroth in the chest
gilrand: but impossible to forget due to the stench it leaves in it’s wake…
prindle666: TMI Dale, TMI
lester_hd3: break out the lamb’s blood… “Hey, Moses, what about this house?”
gilrand: come on you lived with dan…
lester_hd3: no summonings Dale
lester_hd3: he shall remain nameless
gilrand: I’ve seen him on aol Im under his goetze id
eqximiye: why are we talking about farts when we could be using this time to plan a cunning escape for Drae?
prindle666: I’m sorry, Dale, I have no recollection of those events.
lester_hd3: Yeah… My cunning stunt of an escape!
fredseesthings: <sip> ahhhhh! okay
lester_hd3: (rrrrr… coffee envy)
carol0nyx: a plan so cunning we could pin a tail it and call it a weasel?
prindle666: Right – want a few moments to plan? Mike you here too?
eqximiye: EXACTLY
mrake_lavode: summon david copperfield. i hear he’s good at disappearances
prindle666: lol
lester_hd3: and beat downs
fredseesthings: amelia aerhart more like it . . . .
carol0nyx: Hoffa?
fredseesthings: hey!
boskone2: ok, I’m ready.
eqximiye: Hey, am I the only person here who doesn’t want to see Y’Draesk disintegrated?

lester_hd3: I know… polymorph me into the Lindbergh baby!
lester_hd3: NO
carol0nyx: snerk
lester_hd3: Sugar high
fredseesthings: maybe a spider baby . . .
prindle666: A soft knock sounds at the door. Rille’s voice is heard. “Madam Speaker? You wanted me to remind you of the time?”
lester_hd3: wooo… loopy from 3500 clories
carol0nyx: No… think this is all late night been-shoveling-all-day brain-neuron-breakdown
mrake_lavode: I don’t want to see it. I read the book and didn’t like the ending
carol0nyx: And the time is?
eqximiye: that’s my half hour warning
carol0nyx: ah. okay… that just sucks!
eqximiye: OK, so we do what? Deliver him and thenambush the guy on his way home?
carol0nyx: You know… I’m good at talking around things… but I don’t know how to actually do a shell game with Drae as the pea with the resources we know about in that short of time.
prindle666: Rille enters and stands near the door, trying to appear as if he isn’t looking down his nose at the those present.
prindle666: at those*
gilrand: Yes? Rille?
carol0nyx: what about that time stop idea? Is there a way that there is an object on us that Drae could use to stop time around him?
carol0nyx: Then we go through appeal process?
prindle666: The gray elf glances at Thangil as if he suspected that the ranger just farted.
mrake_lavode: I always favor a sneak attack over a frontal assault
eqximiye: Time stop is a very powerful spell, I cannot yet cast it.
eqximiye: How about someone’s idea that we clear the ship and then blast it?
fredseesthings: ?
eqximiye: Wasn’t that Kelroth?
lester_hd3: again, if this is not what they expect and we go
carol0nyx: hmm… one question I didn’t ask the robo… can he tell if Drae is alive always. Course, that would have given it away.
eqximiye: we get everyone else off the ship and drop a rock on him?
eqximiye: what do you mean Drae?
lester_hd3: we also risk escalating to a REALLY nasty upgrade
lester_hd3: "again, if this is not what they expect and we go " … it screws up their plan?
lester_hd3: drop a rock on the Wrath?
eqximiye: I really don’t care if it screws up their plan…what if we can’t get you back?
prindle666: Rille looks at Eqximie. “Do you require anything, Speaker? Should I have dingy made ready?”
eqximiye: yes drop a rock on the Wrath – if that is the best we’ve got!
eqximiye: <shoots>
prindle666: have a dingy*
carol0nyx: ((too many jokes, so little in-character time to make them))
lester_hd3: the whole point is to foul up their con
prindle666: Rille tries to hide a smirk.
eqximiye: no the whole point is to win, which means survive, dammit.
lester_hd3: UH… YEAH that is my plan, to win
eqximiye: <folds>
eqximiye: stubborn
carol0nyx: Maybe we should make as if we are goign to go with the flow until we come up with something. I don’t want to be run out of options cause we didn’t account for travel time.
lester_hd3: what is their shell game?
lester_hd3: good point…
gilrand: win. Right. How do we do it if we play the game by their rules?
eqximiye: Yes then Rille, prepare us a damned dingy
lester_hd3: if we miss the deadline and you are found in violation Eqx, then we may be truly screwed
carol0nyx: According to how your group has done things… resist until fight is inevitable?
prindle666: Rille bows mockingly and departs.
gilrand: which is what they are planning on?
lester_hd3: so, how do we screw them at their own game if we don’t know who they are?
carol0nyx: Not that we have time… but what is that guy’s issue?
carol0nyx: *Cyren shakes head

eqximiye: Rille is always like that, please excuse him.
carol0nyx: How about I just ignore him. eye roll
eqximiye: If you can’t, then ignore him.
carol0nyx: Well, the point about travel time is still there.
fredseesthings: checking spells, continue . ..
eqximiye: fine we’ll go to the Wrath
lester_hd3: shit on a shingle…
eqximiye: <eqx>
gilrand: Just becasue you deliver Y’dreask to him dosen’t mena he gets to keep him…
lester_hd3: you? I’m shitting myself…
eqximiye: <she>
carol0nyx: (Actually, Cyren would have also been chagrined to realize a potentially helpful question forgotten)
gilrand: Why don’t we ask whne we gett here.
gilrand: who has a teleport memorized?
eqximiye: I like the idea of an ambush
eqximiye: Me
mrake_lavode: i have teleport memorized
carol0nyx: Where can we ambush him?
prindle666: Yestamir arrives moments later on another dingy looking tired.
carol0nyx: How many can you take?
carol0nyx: Or just you?
eqximiye: me plus 4
eqximiye: wait lemme check
prindle666: (stand by – side chats)
eqximiye: yes 4
fredseesthings: I have one
eqximiye: One teleport, and you can also take yourself plus 4 medium creatures right?
fredseesthings: I do believe
prindle666: (sorry – need to check one more thing – continue talking/planning )
carol0nyx: where would we teleport in order to ambush?
eqximiye: we can’t use a teleport for that, as far as I can tell
gilrand: I’m thinking more teleport to leave
eqximiye: teleport is on this plane only
eqximiye: leave where?
carol0nyx: Ah.
gilrand: put distance between it and us.
prindle666: (this takes place the same day as the last adventure – several hours later)
lester_hd3: I think I may puke… really… this sucks
carol0nyx: we will have to time this so very carefully. I believe that it would consider any action upon Eqximiye’s part to retrieve Drae right after turning over as a reneging on the agreeement.
carol0nyx: Which goes against the whole point
eqximiye: True we will have to go with them and wait for an opportunity
carol0nyx: … sucks… indeed!
eqximiye: Fowyn, what did you do with the letter?
gilrand: so we will have to go on a sign. and no hesitation
carol0nyx: rock… meet hard place… don’t mind the squishiness between us.
gilrand: don’t really see any other options?
eqximiye: Who has that letter?
boskone2: I gave the letter to Y’d. He still has it, I think.
eqximiye: Drae do you have the letter?
mrake_lavode: should we take some item of Y’draesk’s so we can track or scry on him if we get separtaed?
gilrand: yes.
fredseesthings: correction, I can take 5
eqximiye: Unnecessary, I can’t find Drae regardless
eqximiye: er, can
boskone2: OOC: take his weapon ring. he won’t miss it.
eqximiye: <bonk>
lester_hd3: if I did, it probably got toasted (Pun intended)
prindle666: (just added the file to the site – under PC Histories and Writings – Inevitable)
boskone2: I can cast Discern Location to find him.
boskone2: but I can’t cast it today.
prindle666: (please review while I smoke one last cig and check one last rule – then we go)
eqximiye: I am going with them unless the toaster thinks it can stop me
eqximiye: OK, the letter says “Once such Action is completed, you or any of your remains and personal effects will be released to your Counsel or Next of Kin.”
eqximiye: Thangil, you are going, just in case adopted doesn’t count
gilrand: yes
carol0nyx: You would also count as his Counsel though in this case, right?
carol0nyx: Also, that pretty much says that others are expected to go.
eqximiye: I am not his counsel
prindle666: (back)
carol0nyx: Also… doesn’t that statement open up the possiblity of non-disintegration?
carol0nyx: "completed, you or any of your remains "
eqximiye: yes it does doesnt it?
carol0nyx: Can we get those lawyers here? Maybe they can stop this train-wreck after all.
boskone2: Chuck, the doc you put out just now. Is it the text of the letter I gave Y’d?
prindle666: (Correct)
eqximiye: we don’t have time to go get them
lester_hd3: is Koly-Zeta trying to bait us into attacking by inferring disintegration?
boskone2: Then the letter Y’d received was the second notice, not the first. The letter begins with the trail already completed. Correct?
eqximiye: maybe he is trying to bait us
eqximiye: then he would have more targets
lester_hd3: he seemed to be expecting a rescue “How many will try to free him” was that his question to Cyren?
gilrand: just a weird though maybe this Kolya is due for reprogramming
eqximiye: I was hoping that was the case
prindle666: You are all now on the main deck of the Wrath. The inevitable can be seen still sitting on the forecastle from where you stand.
carol0nyx: nod
prindle666: (read the letter Fowyn)
prindle666: Ah
prindle666: I see the confusion
prindle666: The letter begins after the *
prindle666: the portion above that was the inevitable’s first words to Y’dra
prindle666: my bad
boskone2: ahhh, ok. Now I understand.
lester_hd3: (I remember that… rrrrr)
prindle666: (sorry for the confusion)
gilrand: are we going to see it?
prindle666: (so? what do you do? not much time before xma agreed to turn him over)
prindle666: (see what?)
lester_hd3: I think he was referring to the letter…
fredseesthings: my god! we’ve lost dale!
prindle666: ((wb))
gilrand: does someone have a log going I just blew mine away,
fredseesthings: not I
prindle666: (gods I hope so <looks>)
carol0nyx: I have the entire session so far.
eqximiye: I have most of it
prindle666: <places><glances>
eqximiye: <eqximiye>
prindle666: Another cog intercects that one and another and another ad infinitum.
gilrand: You idiot why here?
carol0nyx: *Cyren growls in frustration

prindle666: the portion above that was the inevitable’s first words to Y’dra
prindle666: my bad
boskone2: ahhh, ok. Now I understand.
lester_hd3: (I remember that… rrrrr)
prindle666: (sorry for the confusion)
gilrand: are we going to see it?
prindle666: (so? what do you do? not much time before xma agreed to turn him over)
prindle666: (see what?)
lester_hd3: I think he was referring to the letter…
fredseesthings: my god! we’ve lost dale!
prindle666: ((wb))
gilrand: does someone have a log going I just blew mine away,
fredseesthings: not I
prindle666: (gods I hope so <looks>)
carol0nyx: I have the entire session so far.
eqximiye: I have most of it
prindle666: <places><glances>
eqximiye: <eqximiye>
prindle666: Another cog intercects that one and another and another ad infinitum.
gilrand: You idiot why here?
carol0nyx: Cyren growls in frustration
carol0nyx: What is this place?
prindle666: Yestamir blinks. “But… Eqximyie said…”
lester_hd3: worse than the Abyss
gilrand: No she didn’t. What made you think bringhim closer to his destination was a fucking good idea?
carol0nyx: So this is along the way?
fredseesthings: Coronal of Arvandor, protect me . . .
prindle666: The kolyarut looks strangely pleased. “Mechanus. Designated by some mortals as Nirvana.”
eqximiye: I was thinking the Astral actually
gilrand: ooc(me too)
prindle666: Yestamir looks abashed. “Sorry, give me a moment to rest up…”
lester_hd3: jumpinupbaldheadedmotherofFenmarel
eqximiye: So, where the hell are we?
gilrand: Chuck Sikula: The kolyarut looks strangely pleased. “Mechanus. Designated by some mortals as Nirvana.”
prindle666: Kolyarut 81o9/b7z turns to Y’Draesk. “Many time units have been conserved. Please follow.”
carol0nyx: How long is this part of the journey?
lester_hd3: great, I am going to my grave a conservationist
prindle666: “Efficiency is a virtue.”
gilrand: how many time units by our measuring will it take to get to your destination
prindle666: “Mere thousands. Come.” It begins to walk briskly down the orderly roadway.
carol0nyx: Cyren glares at Yestimir
lester_hd3: <maybe>
lester_hd3: folks… wtf?
prindle666: Tending the rows of wheat are many spherical mechanical beings with long spindly metal limbs.
eqximiye: <we>
prindle666: Rille looks around curiously and smirks.
eqximiye: <eqximiye>
gilrand: <thangil>
carol0nyx: Cyren eyes Yestimir’s back while playing with the hilt of her dagger
prindle666: A large square on spider legs strides up the road and halts before the kolyarut. “Cease your forward motion. State your name and purpose.”
prindle666: The inevitable pauses. “Do not obstruct this unit’s passing.”
eqximiye: <eqximiye>
lester_hd3: “Lindevaha, the abolition of soulless objects and geometry”
prindle666: Mondrone: “Identify yourself or I shall forcibly resist your passage.”
carol0nyx: Errr… would this be considered an attack?
lester_hd3: <backing>
lester_hd3: Zeta
mrake_lavode: sounds like it to me
fredseesthings: backing up . . .
gilrand: thangil is stepping back and away. makes motins to the rest to do the same…
lester_hd3: (stinks of a setup)
carol0nyx: nod
eqximiye: <no>
carol0nyx: shell game indeed!
fredseesthings: hows yestamir feeling?
gilrand: What ever happens do not attack unless attacked first…
eqximiye: ((Chuck says he is typing>>
prindle666: Kolyarut 81o9/b7z stares at the being with obvious contempt. “This Unit is designated Kolyarut 81o9/b7z. Your impeadance is in direct violation of my directives. Stand aside.”
prindle666: Oddly, Yestamir and Rille are gone.
eqximiye: (no kidding, who wants their soul imprisoned HERE)
eqximiye: What?

lester_hd3: WHAT!?
fredseesthings: mtrfkr . . . .
gilrand: gone how?
carol0nyx: (can a construct be contemptuous?)
eqximiye: son of a…
prindle666: Mondrone: “Your presence is not authorized. You will be detained.”
prindle666: Kolyarut 81o9/b7z: “The inevitables are not subject to Primus. This is your final warning. Stand aside.”
fredseesthings: time to duck . . .
lester_hd3: holy shit… machine fight
eqximiye: <getting>
carol0nyx: (as long as it doesn’t terminiate Drae because of this attack)
prindle666: The square hums and figits for a moment.
prindle666: Then steps aside.
gilrand: right do not attack unless attacked
mrake_lavode: finding somewhere to hide
prindle666: Kolyarut 81o9/b7z continues down the road as if nothing had happened.
eqximiye: <following>
fredseesthings: sigh . . .
prindle666: It pauses to check on Y’Draesk’s location.
carol0nyx: This is getting BEYOND annoying.
gilrand: slowely following.
mrake_lavode: ok. following
prindle666: (do we assume that Fowyn is with you?)
gilrand: I would think so
lester_hd3: I hope you rust aquiring new targets, Soulless
lester_hd3: uhhh, your call DeathMaster
eqximiye: <chuck>
prindle666: After a long tiring walk through endless fields of wheat, you approach the edge of the cog that you can now see that you’re on. As you draw near, a sense of immense vertigo grips you as you realize that you are heading toward the meshing gears.
prindle666: The inevitable picks up the pace. “Our timing must be precise.”
prindle666: The cog that rises above you is dotted with gleaming, geometrically perfect structures, shining metal lanes laid out in precise rows and angles. Dark smoke rises from stacks in some areas.
prindle666: Two immense gear-teeth, apparently miles across, are slowly messing before you.
prindle666: “It is advisable to step nimbly.”
prindle666: It guides Y’draesk to step ‘up’ onto the meshing gear face, then steps across itself. Fo’wyn hops across with a nervous look but makes it across without incident. He looks down at the rest as the inevitable hustles Y’draesk towards the city.
eqximiye: OK, headig over
fredseesthings: hop
gilrand: following quickly
eqximiye: nimbly
lester_hd3: WTFWTFWTFWTF
lester_hd3: I don’t want to get you guys killed….
prindle666: As the six of you approach the city, other constructs pass you in orderly fashion.
fredseesthings: screams in a mad fit
lester_hd3: but I may explode
fredseesthings: sorry, hit wrong button . . .
eqximiye: fitting though
fredseesthings: oh yeah!
prindle666: A large mechanical centaur with wings swoops down to land before Kolyarut 81o9/b7z.
lester_hd3: (there’s a ‘screams in mad fit’ button)
lester_hd3: crap… another weirdo
fredseesthings: yup, under <view> emotions list
prindle666: " I am Zelekhut Zero-seven-whiskey-tango-foxtrot. State your designation and purpose."
gilrand: sings a song for
fredseesthings: scream (towards bottom)
prindle666: “This unit is Kolyarut 81o9/b7z escorting violator Y’draesk Rrgel’nev, child of Alatia, Servant of Fenmarel Mestarine, Herald of Chaos, Warden of Clan Lin Elangilelimbul, and Sheriff of The Eastern Greenwood to the 47th Level 3 Court of Law, Disciplinary Action Division Seven.”
prindle666: Zelekhut: “Proceed.”
prindle666: The mechanical centaur steps to the side and matches pace with the group.
prindle666: A cold, starkly gleaming spire rises before you, concentric circular steps rising towards a triple-iris valve portal.
prindle666: Two large onyx colored humanoids in golden armor step forward. The kolyarut stops before them.
lester_hd3: Oh shit…
prindle666: Marut Alpha-12: “Purpose?”
lester_hd3: MARUTS!
prindle666: Kolyarut 81o9/b7z: “Delivery of violator Y’draesk Rrgel’nev, child of Alatia, Servant of Fenmarel Mestarine, Herald of Chaos, Warden of Clan Lin Elangilelimbul, and Sheriff of The Eastern Greenwood for Disciplinary Action.”
prindle666: Marut Gamma-721a: “You are earlier than anticipated. Your efficiency will be noted. Y’Draesk R’rgel’nev step forward.”
lester_hd3: Let it be on record, Soulless, that I do not recognize your laws
prindle666: Marut Alpha-12 to the Kolyarut: “We will take charge of the transgressor Unit 81o9/b7z”
prindle666: Marut Gamma-721a: “Recongition is not required. Query: Will you come quietly?”
lester_hd3: I wish to appeal
prindle666: Marut Gamma-721a: "Appeals are to be filed to MendoTc412A/2Beta, the designated Court Clerk Officer

lester_hd3: take me to it, Soulless one
prindle666: Marut Gamma-721a: “I will interperate that as compliance.”
prindle666: Marut Gamma-721a: “Proceed through the portal.”
lester_hd3: take me to MendoTc412A/2Beta, the designated Court Clerk Officer
prindle666: The Maruts fall in on either side of Y’Draesk, towering over him.
prindle666: They begin to walk up the stairs.
eqximiye: <follows>
fredseesthings: following
gilrand: Maruts. Where are you taking him?
prindle666: The Kolyarut and the Zelekhut follow as well then turn down a side passage. The Kolyarut pauses.
lester_hd3: Acknowledge me, Inevitables. Is this the way to MendoTc412A/2Beta, the designated Court Clerk Officer?
prindle666: Marut Gamma-721a: “Transgressor is to be taken to the Disciplinary Action Division.”
lester_hd3: take me to MendoTc412A/2Beta, the designated Court Clerk Officer
gilrand: He requested to be taken to the MendoTc412A/2Beta, the designated Court Clerk Officer to recieve and submit his appeal paperwork.
prindle666: “Negative. Disciplinary Action has been determined. Proceed.”
gilrand: What is the Disciplinary action?
prindle666: Marut Gamma-721a: “Transgressor is to be reduced to component molecules.”
eqximiye: Kolyarut 81o9/b7z, where is MendoTc412A/2Beta?
prindle666: The Kolyarut looks at Eqximiye. “It presides at the other end of this building. This Unit will show you the way.”
eqximiye: Agreed. I will go speak with the appropriate authorities.
fredseesthings: double time it . . . . I’ll go too
eqximiye: OK
fredseesthings: pick up the pace there zeta . . .
prindle666: The Maruts each grab one of Y’draesk’s upper arms. (Grapple check 53 and 44 respectively right & left>
eqximiye: Let us go quickly.
gilrand: Maruts you of course have the paperwork?
lester_hd3: close quarters combat, even if they have improved grab/grapple
prindle666: The Kolyarut moves at a brisk pace. (who’s going with it?)
lester_hd3: close quarters combat feat
prindle666: (book?)
eqximiye: I am – and running if I can get it to run
gilrand: following
fredseesthings: I’m going with xma, thangil, keep an eye on the maruts
prindle666: (roll your attack drae)
clan_mccracken: Yo
fredseesthings: Traitor!
prindle666: (welcome john, sit back and enjoy the ride – a separate explanation will be forthcoming
clan_mccracken: I think I’ve joined just in time to go to sleep. LOL
lester_hd3: rolled a 14 (on die) do you have my sheet ahndy?
clan_mccracken: That’s Arch Traitor, to you Sir.
fredseesthings: Arch Traitor!
clan_mccracken: Better
prindle666: (16+14=30 you’re held)
clan_mccracken: Security Guard 4th Class works too.
clan_mccracken: LOL. Held? So soon?
clan_mccracken: Okay, I’ll stop.
prindle666: (than you’re with Y’D or Kel & XMA?)
prindle666: (thangil*)
gilrand: Y’d
prindle666: Kel & XMA – You’re lead into a large chamber with concentric benches filled with petitioners and various contructs. Towering over the central portion of the chamber is a podium with a golden skull with gears showing through the spaces of it’s surface. The skull is attached directly to the podium. A grey skinned humanoid stands subserviently before it.
lester_hd3: 16+14=30 would be a ‘to-hit’ roll, if it succeeds they can’t start a grapple
prindle666: (right my bad – let me check AC)
prindle666: (AC=34)
lester_hd3: fuck
fredseesthings: To Zeta: Who do we speak to?
prindle666: The Kolyarut points to the skull.
eqximiye: Kolyarut 81o9/b7z, what is the quickest way to speak with MendoTc412A/2Beta now that we are here?
eqximiye: Can we just walk up and explain we want to file an Appeal?
prindle666: “Take a ticket.” It points to a smallish metal box from which protrudes a paper stub with some writing on it.
fredseesthings: I take a ticket . . .
eqximiye: <dashes>
eqximiye: <or>
prindle666: It says “1.23×10^11th”
eqximiye: I think I speak for us all when I say…
eqximiye: WTF?????????????
fredseesthings: is there a “now serving” sign?
prindle666: Yes, or at least you think so. Over by the far gallery that overlooks a large space below.
eqximiye: <walking>
prindle666: It says in glowing golden numerals “1.1364721^11th”
lester_hd3: that’s not funny
eqximiye: <stares>
prindle666: The petitioner in front of the podium bows and leaves. The numeral changes. “1.13672199999^11th”
eqximiye: What does this mean?
fredseesthings: have a seat . . .
prindle666: MEANWHILE…..
eqximiye: <stares>
prindle666: The Marut’s begin to drag Y’Draesk down the passage, then turn towards a downward spiraling ramp.
lester_hd3: I am trying to break free
prindle666: <roll>
lester_hd3: 15
prindle666: (31)
prindle666: (marut’s rolls: 34 & 44 – they still maintain a grip on you)
lester_hd3: arrrrgggg
lester_hd3: ummmm
prindle666: Kelroth glances down at the gallery below as the next dozen partitioners file before the metal skull. Below he sees several rows of tall, wide metal tubes amongst which move several different types of inevitables.
fredseesthings: /:)
fredseesthings: currious . . .
lester_hd3: your mother was a pencil sharpener, and your father was a bronze ramrod
prindle666: A pair of golden-armored figures dragging what appears to be a tall blue humanoid draw close to one. The mechanical centaur nearby presses a switch and a tube swivels open.
prindle666: The maruts stuff the figure inside with little effort. The tube closes. A bright light seems to shine from within. The tube opens, empty.
clan_mccracken: Yikes
fredseesthings: I’m watching intently . . .
prindle666: The maruts continue to drag Y’Draesk down the ramp which opens into a wide gallery.
eqximiye: What are you looking at Kelroth?
prindle666: Kelroth note a new pair of Maruts come into view, dragging a familiar figure. Trailing behind them is Thangil
fredseesthings: I’m watching the process to figure what is going on . . .
eqximiye: Process?
lester_hd3: May the Lords of Limbo grant me retribution, you Soulless Trash Cans
eqximiye: <looking>
fredseesthings: @#$%!
eqximiye: <in> Drae?
prindle666: A tube swivels open. The Maruts attempt to stuff Y’Draesk into it.
prindle666: Y’Draesk twists, kicks and changes into wereform – please make a new grapple check with the hybred numbers HD
lester_hd3: 16 on the roll
fredseesthings: 100,000 GP in emeralds who ever lets me switch tickets line next!
eqximiye: <chuck>
prindle666: (40 & 43)
lester_hd3: JFK
prindle666: (it’s about a 50 foot drop)
eqximiye: <but>
prindle666: A metal centaur (sans wings> looks up at Kelroth. “Affirm!”
prindle666: <yes>
fredseesthings: payable upon accompanyment to my plane!
prindle666: The maruts stuff Y’Draesk forcably into the tube, but seem to be having trouble getting him to let go of their arms.
fredseesthings: ?
prindle666: “Done!” It hands over it’s ticket.
fredseesthings: done!
prindle666: (time for DM gambit – d20 – your roll or mine Phil?)
lester_hd3: friggin SCRAP METAL SHITMEISTERS
fredseesthings: yours . . .
prindle666: You swap tickets with the centaur and it clicks happily? The numerals change to your new ticket.
eqximiye: <could>
prindle666: HD grapple check time
lester_hd3: attempting to hold onto their arms…
lester_hd3: crap… 14 on the roll
prindle666: (range approx 200 feet from your position xma)
prindle666: (standby – checking something)
prindle666: (marut alpha grapple check: 43; Marut Gamma Stunning Blow 31 – HD your grappled AC?)
lester_hd3: focus on holding onto ONE Maruts arm
lester_hd3: it ain’t 31
prindle666: sorry Awesome Blow*
prindle666: (HD take 36 damage – REF save DC 36 or be knocked back into the tube)
prindle666: (18 points were sonic based damage)
lester_hd3: 16 on the roll
prindle666: (checking 16+10=26)
prindle666: Y’Draesk is knocked back into the tube. With a humm, it begins to close.
lester_hd3: isn’t my save higher than 10?
prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: “Last call for 1.1364721^11th”
fredseesthings: Here!
lester_hd3: tumble check out of tube?
prindle666: According to our records hybrd form REF
prindle666: Two tumble checks – 1st at DC 15 to rise up from prone then DC 30 to get completely out of the tube – miss by less than 5 and you get something caught in the tube)
prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: Designation?
lester_hd3: 1st roll… 12 on the die
prindle666: (you spring up)
lester_hd3: think that gets it
fredseesthings: I request appeal of violator Y’draesk Rrgel’nev, child of Alatia, Servant of Fenmarel Mestarine, Herald of Chaos, Warden of Clan Lin Elangilelimbul, and Sheriff of The Eastern Greenwood, and request immediate stay of current punishment pending further evidence submission and preparation . . .
lester_hd3: second roll is a friggin 15…?
eqximiye: <looking>
prindle666: (you spring out of the tube as it snaps shut, just missing your foot, into the waiting arms of the Maruts…)
prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: Justification?
fredseesthings: . . . tamperance and mitigating circumstances.
prindle666: The Maruts look annoyed and attack melee (hit rolls 26, 22, 22 & 30 – I’ll be nice and say you aren’t flatfooted)
prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: Define.
prindle666: (I show 26 ac – correct?)
lester_hd3: I don’t have my sheet.. it is downstairs someewhere…
prindle666: (that’s two hits for 12sonic and 18 melee – 5 DR, second hit 12sonic / 19 melee – 5 grand total 51 damage)
lester_hd3: fight TOTAL DEFENSE
lester_hd3: DR is 10/silver
prindle666: (41 damage then)
lester_hd3: troger that
lester_hd3: roger
prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: Adherant. Define charges of tampering. Define mitigating circumstances.
fredseesthings: (typing)
prindle666: (Yd & than init)
prindle666: (maruts init: 13)
lester_hd3: roll a 4 (()
fredseesthings: Current violation is based upon judgement rendered in absentia. Violator was never served and thus never able to offer defence.
gilrand: 15
prindle666: (incoming full attacks – nonlethal damage only)
gilrand: total of 20
prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: Transgressor’s signature and visage obtained and confirmed. Charges of Tampering Dismissed. Define Mitigating Circumstances.
prindle666: (thangil whatcha doing? You go first>
prindle666: (the tube is reopening btw)
fredseesthings: Plaintif had no claim to the defendant, though he, the defendant was described as such.
prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: Irrelavent. Plaintif’s claim is valid. Defendant called upon plaintif’s Name to bind the agreement which he then subsequently broke.
prindle666: (rolls for awesome blows (1 from each): 22 – miss; 34 hit)
prindle666: (damage 42 – please REF DC 42)
lester_hd3: roll a 8
prindle666: Drae flies back into the tube which begins to close (tumble DC 15 to rise; DC 30 to escape 25-30 you get caught in the door)
lester_hd3: roll of 13
lester_hd3: standing?
lester_hd3: roll of 5
prindle666: (yes, but not before the tube closes
lester_hd3: FUCKER FUCK FUCK
prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: Any final arguments?
eqximiye: Kelroth!
fredseesthings: Then request that the sentence be remanded to
eqximiye: DO something!
fredseesthings: (ooc: i can only type so fast)
eqximiye: (OOC: we know, its fine)
prindle666: (going for a cig, phil – you’ve got more time to type)
fredseesthings: (speaking quickly) servitude at the discretion of the Speaker of the Eldar for a period at the courts discretion!
lester_hd3: x(~x(~x(~x(~x(:-&:-&
eqximiye: :-SS
lester_hd3: #-o
prindle666: <back>
fredseesthings: =P

prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: Justification? (the tube begins to hum>
clan_mccracken: :-?
fredseesthings: A better example to further oath breakers.
prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: Explain.
fredseesthings: (typing)
clan_mccracken: :-&
clan_mccracken: (:|
clan_mccracken: :-&
fredseesthings: The speaker is a agent of this trust, and as such could, at the courts discretion be named as a executor for punishment met out. Being reduced to component molecules can only deter further oath breakers before it looses significance. However, he and the Speaker are both long lived. He being tasked as a punishment by the Speaker, would be a for a more conducive to deterence from lawbreaking.
prindle666: <the>

prindle666: <the>
lester_hd3: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fredseesthings: what?!
eqximiye: oh…my…god…
prindle666: MendoTc412A/2Beta: Next Adherant.
fredseesthings: stepping aside . . .
gilrand: Fowyn. We need to speak with Borsa. Again.
lester_hd3: (x_) kiss my ass
clan_mccracken: Well, that makes the trip back easier
clan_mccracken: Lighter, rather
prindle666: <shortly>
prindle666: (Y’draesk gets squat>
eqximiye: <eqximiye>

fredseesthings: I give it . . .
fredseesthings: Lets get out of here before they charge us rent . . .
eqximiye: wait I need to ask some questions about the Compact
gilrand: We can’t we have no way home.
prindle666: Loitering tickets = bad.
gilrand: yestamir has disappeared.
eqximiye: I don’t know where to do that – I’m a little flustered. I wonder why!!!!!!!
fredseesthings: Rat-bastard . . .
eqximiye: and we need to find rille and yestamir
eqximiye: so I can kick their asses
gilrand: I’ll help
eqximiye: that’ll make me feel better
prindle666: And cyren – she’s not here either. Fowyn just looks dazed.
eqximiye: Where the heck is Cyren?
fredseesthings: brb
gilrand: as in dazed and confused or stunned by what happened?
lester_hd3: ~~~~~~?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
prindle666: (taking some notes)
clan_mccracken: Any chance the head on the desk says "Too bad. Tooooooo bad.:?
fredseesthings: b
prindle666: LOL
hd3: I am about to pass out…
prindle666: (okay – there are still some things to resolve, but I think we’ll stop for now)

The Hammer of the Elves - War comes to Port Dawn
05/17 thru 05/28/5055


Sometime during the War Council on Lothron 17, after Y’Draesk left, people tell me I fell into a trance. It’s not that surprising really…if you’ve ever been to a War Council with my cousin Celethor, General Aglarndak and his Lord High Holier-Than-Me Ellantra of the Defenders of the Seldarine, you’ll know that there’s always someone getting up on his or her soapbox. I don’t remember trancing though; I remember following Entropy out of the room. I certainly wasn’t in a trance because I wasn’t revisiting old memories, I was making new ones. Plus…Entropy is dead.

Imagine my surprise when my former familiar started winding around my ankles. He trotted to the door and looked back at me. Clearly, I was supposed to follow him. He led me out of Greycliff towards the ruins where I knew I would find Y’Draesk. As we wound our way through the ruins, I was surrounded by fog, until I approached a huge broken throne. On the throne was my Lord, Fenmarel Mestarine, the Lone Wolf. He was choosing to be incorporeal for a change. His eyes looked out at me from shadows enfolding shadows. I knew I should approach and kneel beside Drae, who was already there.
“Welcome Herald,” He said. I looked around, but I was the only new arrival. I looked at Drae and he managed to shrug at me. “I guess you’ve been promoted,” he whispered.
This utterly failed to fill me with delight. Every single advancement I’ve ever received has always been the result of pain, loss and suffering. Now I’m to be a Herald of my Lord? Pardon me if I fail to leap about in ecstasy. Naturally, He knows this. I think He finds it funny. It’s pretty much impossible to hide things from a god…I promise, just don’t bother.
He grinned at me…no don’t ask me how enfolded shadows can grin, they just can. He said, “Y’Draesk desires guidance.” and He faded away. Shadows can fade too. Who knew?
Drae and I conferred for a bit. It turns out he had sort of asked for a sign that we were following the right course. After all the recent events with the Lucian clones, he was worried that we would sail off for Port Dawn and leave a greater threat behind us. He didn’t seem to think he had asked for an Intervention though. Heh, figures.
In the end, we accomplished so little that Fenmarel got fed up with waiting for us and came back on his own. I think he was a little peeved with the limitations of his mortal followers. Well, you get what you pay for, as Paleran always says, right before he cheats you blind. He hinted a bit that he could ask some questions, but that if the Seldarine interfered then the other side could too. When we demurred, he got really annoyed. He continued to encourage us, muttering something about, “When have I ever been One to follow the rules?”
Eventually, we gathered up the remnants of our courage and good sense and took advantage of the opportunity as best we could. Y’Draesk asked about the Crown of Shards from the Prophecy.
He replied, “The Crown of Shards is the Key to the Lock. The Lock cannot exist without the Key and vice versa. The blood is what binds the Key to the Lock.” When we asked if it was really a crown, He replied, “It has been called such because the Unknowing Eye can be mistaken for such.”
We asked about why necromancy was forbidden in Leiore. My memory of specifics is starting to fail me, and I thought it would be rude to try to take notes. Gods are always vague too, so its entirely possible that I misremember much and misunderstand even more. A short synopsis of what I can remember is below:
• Everything the Leviathan do is hidden from the gods – above to below
• The piece of Leviathan trapped here after the Forbidding is the Taint.
• Leviathan exists outside everything and as such does not operate under the same rules. As long as the Forbidding is strong it must manifest here as unlife/necromancy.
• The Blood is bound to Leiore and to the Key and the Lock, and also to Leviathan.
• The Lock is different from the Forbidding (lock and door analogy).
• The Key cannot be destroyed.
• “The Leviathan and its spawn are outside everything and as such are not subject to such as I.”
• “Necromancy is the frequency in which it’s power manifests; Leiore is bound to the Blood and so is it.”
• Is there an elven diety with death and necromancy in their portfolio? “Not anymore. She no longer exists.”

After our extremely confusing conversation, I came back to myself in the Council chamber at Greycliff, where that ass Ellantra seized every opportunity to imply I wasn’t paying attention, which of course I wasn’t. How annoying.
On the eighteenth, the Shards left for their assigned mission…capture or kill the governor of Port Dawn, Vishin Al-Natoll. Immediately, I began scribing scrolls. I wanted to have some Teleports around for a fast emergency exit. We’ve been caught without an exit a few too many times lately.
That night, we got our first update via scroll tube. It said something like, “Information gathering going well, need 5000gp worth of gems to finance our sources.” Fabulous. Kelroth pointed out that if they need that much the first night, we could be in trouble. We would need to send more. Thangil ponied up 5K and I pulled out the 5K that Quingle had just given to me towards my purchase of diamonds to use in resurrecting Nique and Umbercrom. We changed everything to gemstones and I called for Elvithien. Elvithien is one of my Eldar, and extremely clever. I instructed him to take the gems to Yestamir, and not to get killed or captured in the process. He merely said, “As you wish Speaker.” I wish I knew who I can count on among my own people. I sent off a message to the Shards letting them know we were sending twice as much as they asked for, and the disguise my messenger would be using. Eventually, Elvithien came back, reporting the goods were successfully delivered and that the tavern-keeper had tried to steal the package.
On the nineteenth, the fleet left Ost Lachrunyanen (Greycliff) with four Corsairs (elven warships), twelve Wingships, six Troop ships and around twenty-five lightly armed support vessels carrying supplies. The Raptors were to meet them at Vinya Avignon on the twenty-seventh to sail on Port Dawn.
Kelroth was determined to try to win some of the slaves to our side. I managed to obtain some names for him from my agents in Port Dawn: three shopowners believed to be sympathetic to the cause, a priest of Kord, a head servant of the governor’s staff and five slaves who were placed in crucial positions, where they would be able to spread the word. Kelroth bought a copy of the spell “Dream” and sent each of these people a dream. He called himself the Silthalion and gave them all a sign, a symbol of the sun or a star, I’m not sure which, with a crescent moon on either side. I don’t know exactly what he said, since I can’t dream myself. You’ll have to ask him.
At one point, Nique and Quingle came back to give us updated information. Nique also delivered a message for me from someone called the Greenmother. Evidently I am supposed to “stop sending my spies into her forest”. They went right back to continue gathering information. The Shards continued to feed us information, and assisted with Kelroth’s plans right up to the attack.
On the 27th, we teleported down to Vinya Avignon to meet up with Thangil and Marth, and we all boarded the ship “The Wrath of Korethor”. Once aboard we determined that all the troops were made up of elite soldiers. Additionally, fifteen giant eagles were brought aboard various ships to provide aerial support. Port Dawn is known to have used gargoyles and wyverns in the past.
Various agents in Port Dawn were able to provide information about the artillery and emergency siege weapons. There is a fortified position on the south shore of Port Dawn, which was extensively revamped by the current governor, and stocked with siege engines. We determined the best place to land the ships and go ashore, and made plans to send several small strike teams onto the north shore to destroy or disable the artillery. N’Dethiel would take the Heart Guard, supplemented by some Eldar, and deal with the southern fortification. This plan was disputed by some of the Raptors, who worried that we should handle the southern fortification ourselves. Additionally, we got the following information about the seven remaining slave guilds:
1. The Garden of Thorns – also known as the Green Team on occasion, they make heavy use of people and officers who are mainly orcs and hobgoblins, they are in some trouble as they had extensive connections with the pirate tribe the Blood Rose
2. Rin-Sen-Cha – specializes in pleasure slaves and drug traffic, they have a mundane but good-sized and well-trained army of about 200 members
3. Neex Hist Trading Company – some consider the best and most-organized guild, they use tattoos instead of brands and have extensive mercantile interests outside of the salve trade, their factors buy lots of slaves but do not sell many in this market, the ones they do sell are “damaged”, there are no records of escapees or incidents so they are really good at handling their merchandise
4. Three Links – oldest guild in Port Dawn, said to have been here from the very beginning, very profitable, Lt Guildmaster is known to be an Illithid called Sarkt
5. Black Dawn – has the smallest army of maybe a couple of dozen members, most are sorcerers or casters of some kind, they use mind-affecting magics on their stock
6. Utility – small lightly armored force, specializing in highly skilled stock such as scribes and craftsmen, has a sideline making slave trade accoutrements
7. Adamantine Lotus – fairly new guild, small and efficient family business started by adventurer types, ruthless businessmen doing small volume but high quality business
As we sailed in, we received information that one of the three Larooshan ships in the bay had been destroyed, and five more ships had arrived. After some discussion, we agreed that I would use the “Dream” spell to contact Wasp in Laroosh. Wasp was someone we met when visiting the Syndec and we knew she had his ear at one time. We determined that we would give the Larooshan ships the opportunity to leave Port Dawn waters. The benefit of this is that we wouldn’t have to fight the Circle members on board those ships in addition to the Port Dawn forces. Since Wasp is half-elven the dream should reach her. On the evening of the 28th I sent her the following dream:
“Our fight is not with you. If your troops and ships leave Port Dawn now we will not pursue them.”
Later that night, I received a Sending from Wasp: “His Enormity does not condone the assault upon the Elves by the criminal Vishin Al-Natoll. Our forces will take custody of him for trial.”
An immediate reply was needed, so I made the following: “Thw Warlord is not negotiating at this time. Remove your forces now and we will not pursue them. Comply to avoid further hostility.”
Wasp Sent to me one final time: “The Cycle of Malice will remain in an observational capacity only. Laroosh and Fennas Ear will not war today. Power has its own chains Speaker.” There was no reply.
While I was wrangling with the Syndec’s representative, Fo’wyn was putting his priestly skills to good use. He scryed on the southern fortification with the spell Scry Location, and determined that there was an illusion hiding many creatures and quite a bit of power. Given the earlier debate, he decided to do a Divination and asked the following question:
“Are the skills of N’Dethiel and her newly assembled team sufficient to the task of taking out the southern fortification?” The answer is as follows:

“Three threats dire to thee
Shards fly at dead reflections
Stout hearts may prevail over eyes below and fangs above
Silthalion breaks the chains.”

We took that to mean that we should attack the slaver guilds, while N’Dethiel and her people take the southern fortification as planned, and the Shards are hunting the governor. We assumed that the eyes below are Sauhaugin, but the specifics of the rest of it were a mystery to us. We couldn’t even agree which slaver’s guild to hit first. In the end we agreed to go to the slave block in the center of town and then decide if nothing made itself clear on the way.
For additional information, I scryed on the only slaver I’ve ever met, a swarthy, fanged southerner called Fayesh Mic. He was on a galley shouting orders, giving a somewhat panicked impression. Fo’wyn and Thangil were watching over my shoulders. Fo’wyn and among the three of us we managed to observe some interesting things. It was night and the weather was clear there. The crew wore no tabards or livery but they had tattoos and tribal scarring. Fayesh Mic then had the crew throw someone overboard. Closer examination revealed it had been a Port Dawn port inspector. Fo’wyn then cast a Scry Location and watched the ship, a galley called “Caskiada” which means broken angler in Rish, sailing out of Port Dawn’s harbor heading south towards the maelstrom at full sail with all oars out. Changing his viewpoint, he saw what appeared to be a full scale slave uprising in Port Dawn. A huge ship was sitting at the mouth of the river, preventing fleeing ships from sailing upstream towards Laroosh by firing magical ballista.
Sitting aboard The Wrath of Korethor, we looked up at the moon and there was a crescent moon on either side, mimicking Kelroth’s Silthalion symbol.

To be Continued…

Cosby's Bane: Blood is thicker than Pudding


How do you kill fifty gallons of jello?

Suryan's War


Stop the death squads!

Veteran of the Psychic Wars

A desperate rescue mission!

The Hammer of the Elves, Part III: Ashes of Victory


The elves have landed their beachhead in Port Dawn! As the smoke rises from the crater where once stood the Temple of Hextor and slaves riot in the streets, our heroes have many obstacles yet to overcome in order to secure the city.

Dear Celemar,

I don’t know where my path is headed, and I am writing this letter in case I do not return. I know we agreed not to speak of that, but given this morning’s events I am feeling maudlin. So far today I have fought a giant artifact, fought my way through a burning city, sworn an oath to a servant of Law and watched as Kelroth’s work here was undermined from within. So far we’re all still alive, so I guess its been a good day, all things considered.
After the fight with the Colossus, we all flew as quickly as possible toward the docks. Thangil carried Kelroth and Drae carried Fo’wyn, while I flew under my own power. The aerial fighting has been vicious here – we severely underestimated their resources. We’ve lost so many eagles and riders!
Thangil and Drae spotted several hideous flying creatures with bat-like wings and horns flying in our general direction. They appeared to be fiendish manticores. I began pulling Fo’wyn while Drae headed back to stop the manticore that had broken off to attack us. As he flew at it, he called out in Abyssal “You shall foul this world no more, spawn!”
It replied, “Stand aside, brother!” as it flew after us. The rest of us flew as fast as we could towards the docks.
Drae responded with, “Your only brother shall be death” as he moved to intercept. The manticore answered with a war cry of “Death to the Silthalion!”
“Look at me,” was Drae’s only response as he used his gaze attack on the creature, which was immediately frozen with fear. It started to glide off to the left as the wings stopped beating. Y’Draesk gave chase and performed a neat coup de grace with his weapon, killing it instantly. He left it to fall into the bay, and the other manticores turned aside to look for easier prey.
We decided to land on the beach where the Colossus walked into the city, since there was less activity there, and then make our way towards the center of the city. Once we landed, we noticed quite a few different groups of people – some were looting people’s homes and probably settling old grudges in all the confusion. Kelroth saved a woman who was being chased by some men. He turned on his holy glow, uncovered his staff and cast Starmantle, so he pretty much lit up the area! She actually attacked him with her mace, but the Starmantle turned it into tiny yellow bits of light. She’s following him around now, it’s really quite cute.
When Fo’wyn and I came around a corner we saw five of our people fighting some humans in uniform. There must have been a caster nearby as well, because as we watched an earth elemental rose up out of the ground to flank the elves. The elemental knocked one down and he didn’t get back up. Fo’wyn started attacking the elemental with his bow, while I moved up and used my wand to heal the fallen elf. Once I got him back on his feet I started healing others who were within reach. The elemental did kill one of our men outright – there was nothing I could do.
Thangil cast Celestial Aspect, which caused horns to grow out of his head. He charged the elemental and it was dismissed instantly! The humans tried to flee, but Fo’wyn killed one outright. Thangil knocked the other two out, and we kept them as prisoners.
All of us who had a bow and arrows to spare gave them to the elven unit. They were on one of the ships that were thrown into the city by the Colossus earlier this morning. Very few survived. We kept them with us, and moved to rejoin the main army.
When we were organizing and preparing to move out, a dwarf came around the corner dragging an unconscious woman. This woman evidently was the caster who summed the elemental earlier. He told us his name was Dwingle and that he was a local jeweler. He seemed very helpful and friendly. He claimed to be looking for payback against the guard.
About this time, a Halfling woman comes into the street as well, and began whispering to Y’Draesk. Drae seemed to be thinking hard about whatever she was telling him, and looked very suspiciously at the dwarf. Dwingle pressed him for his name, introducing himself formally. Y’Draesk avoided giving his name, and Fo’wyn looked at the dwarf using his Gem of True Seeing. Then he turned to Y’Draesk and cried out “Run!” It wasn’t a dwarf at all, but that dratted Inevitable again! I am beginning to understand why they are called Inevitables…they never go away.
Drae debated with the thing, and offered to turn himself over to a mortal authority. It replied that there was noone suitable present. So of course I opened my mouth and stuck my foot into it, offering myself as Speaker of the Eldar. It decided that was acceptable, but I was forced to swear on the Speaker’s Rod that after 48 hours (or after the battle) I would then take Y’Draesk into custody. Luckily, it didn’t think to make me swear what I would do with him. I might just strangle him myself! Personally I expect that we will be forced to go to Mechanus to resolve the issue. If I don’t return from the Clockwork plane, you had better mount a rescue mission or I’ll never forgive you. Never.
Anyway, the thing accepted the bargain and changed its appearance into the dead elf so as not to draw attention and we all headed into the city. Once we got to the wall, we found a tower with enemy archers at the top. Fo’wyn and Thangil climbed up but the firing archers caused Fo’wyn to climb back down in short order. Thangil stayed up to fire back at them. Drae went and got a door, which he used to shield us from the arrows so we could all get up on the wall. I cast a Dispel Magic at the top of the tower, and Kelroth followed up by throwing a Fireball up there.
Our new Halfling friend, calling herself Cyren, volunteered to climb up and try to take out a few of them, and once we agreed she turned invisible and off she went. I understand she made some clever attacks on the Captain of the men on the tower, wearing him down quite a bit. He did manage to hit her a few times, because when she went over the top of the tower, an enchantment went off that put a faerie fire on her. He was using a Ring of the Ram, but since she was flying, it wasn’t as disastrous as it could have been. Those of us standing on the wall below were hit by alchemical fires from within the tower, but luckily our protections held and noone was hurt.
Drae flew up to join her in fighting the guards, and between the two of them they killed all but two of the guards. One of them tried to flee through the trap door, and the Captain killed the deserter himself. Drae asked him to surrender without dishonor, but the man refused. They dueled briefly but the human was overmatched. He saluted Drae with his sword as he died.
Drae tossed a fireball from his necklace downstairs, which set off all the stored alchemical fire they had in the tower. At that point, we decided it was time to go.
When we got to the next tower in our path, Thangil and Drae took the direct approach and flew up to drop a Stinking Cloud glyph egg on top of the tower. I have to say that this Captain wasn’t anywhere near the caliber of the last one, because when he started coughing he dove through the trap door and closed it behind him, leaving his men to suffer.
On the wall in front of this tower, there were six guardsmen. Kelroth asked them to stand aside or die and they refused. As Drae landed behind them, Kelroth sighed and said, “I’m so sorry…you were warned.” When they saw Drae in his hybrid form, the backed down and let us pass.
From there we were able to see the guildhouse of the slaver’s guild known as The Black Dawn. It was lit up in purple flames, and we could see two mariliths moving around inside the grounds. Evidently, they were harvesting souls like mad.
We finally got to the gate, which was held by our people, led by Major Suryan. Do you know him? He’s an old friend of Drae’s from the Five Shires. He had human heads mounted on the walls, which stunk from Port Dawn all the way to the Seven Heavens I’m sure. Once we got inside we could see they were mounting bodies on the other side of the gate in the same manner. Drae went out to chat with him, and then he came in to consult with Kelroth.
They decided to have Sir Tanis Vale’s group bombard the gates from the docks. The troops there really didn’t hold out that long, they ran up the white flag pretty quickly once they started getting hit. By 9am we held three gates. That was when the trouble started. When Kelroth saw the white flags he ordered the bombardment to cease. Suryan didn’t pass that order on to Vale right away. It was pretty clear to me that he did it on purpose.
Then we got the word that the slaver’s guild Utility had fallen. Evidently they had some fae there that were enslaved and couldn’t be saved. Nique will be most unhappy about that. Kelroth immediately wanted to head for the Slave Market and make his appearance. This plan was interrupted by the abrupt arrival of Sir Tanis Vale. He didn’t waste any time, he headed straight for Suryan and backhanded him, yelling “What the hell are you playing at?” Soon, everyone was yelling at each other and the command area was in total chaos. After much argument it was decided that the matter would be discussed after the battle was over, and that further argument would be a detriment to the battle plans. Sir Vale stalked away, grumbling.
Major Suryan asked Kelroth if Vale was under his jurisdiction, and Kelroth replied that he wasn’t. That didn’t make Suryan happy at all. He walked off to consult with some of his people.
Vall Woodshadow and Suwien checked in with me an hour or so thereafter. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable with the whole situation by the time they showed up. Kelroth was riled and things seemed to be spinning out of control, so I told them to pass the word that my people were not to participate in anything…unsavory… out there. I gave them full permission to ignore orders to do things that I figured would cause Kelroth an ulcer. I also asked them to try to recover and save any other fae they run into, as a personal favor for Nique. Vall started looking very uncomfortable during this conversation, and eventually told me that a group of Suryan’s Commandos freed a large number of slaves from an inn in Zone Five called The Golden Gnome’s Rest. They then proceeded to lock the owners and staff inside and set fire to the building. They made the Silthalion’s mark on the outside of the inn and wrote “The Fate of Slavers” in blood below it. I am fairly sure that Thangil and others were also gathering information that called Major Suryan’s activities into question during this time, as Kelroth was pulled into private conference with Sir Tanis Vale first, and then a long sequence of others sought him out. He became grimmer and grimmer as the morning passed. I hesitated to speak to him about what Vall told me, because I didn’t want to add to his troubles.
Around 11:30 we sent an ultimatum to the two guilds The Garden of Thorns and Rin Sen Cha via arrow. Rin Sen Cha surrendered almost immediately. The Thorns did not. Kelroth ordered a few warning shots from the siege engines to convince them that we were serious. It occurred to Thangil that perhaps the Thorns did not read common, and so sent a follow up message in Orcish, demanding their surrender. The Thorns were tripping over each other to surrender to us.
A little past noon, we finally heard from N’Dethiel’s group. She was incapacitated with a Feeblemind but was alive. They had secured the southern fortification, which turned out to have been the headquarters of the secret police, which as you know, was a mage guild. They took heavy losses, but had managed to capture Antioch Togar, the head of the secret police.
Elvithien and Elilmarith are missing. They went into Zone Five and never reported in. I scryed on them and they have been captured by The Three Links, I am almost positive. They seem to be unguarded, which suggests to me that the Illithid Sarkt has them under his control. I feel responsible for them, and I plan to go after them at the earliest opportunity. Practically speaking, they know far too much about the old enemy to be questioned by Sarkt.
The Shards managed to kill the governor and take control of his palace, which is good news. We sorely needed some good news. It means that reinforcements won’t be coming from that direction.

Well, a more uncomfortable and wretched morning I cannot imagine. I just finished speaking privately with Kelroth, Fo’wyn, Y’Draesk, Thangil, Sir Vale and Cyren. Evidently the Inn incident is not the only such incident. Cyren overheard Suryan sending out his strike teams to go after specific targets in Zone Five. Although at first we suspected looting, it turns out that they were sent to murder the noble families in their homes.
After we all shared information that we had gathered on Suryan’s activities, Kelroth was furious. Atrocities have been committed in his name, signed with his mark, all over the city. Drae asked for the chance to speak with his old friend and went to find him, to try to convince him to call back his strike teams. They went into a side room for privacy, but it was none too private. We could all hear what they said to each other.
Suryan revealed that his family had been killed or kidnapped by slavers many years ago, and his strike teams are men and women hand picked for the same background. They all have personal reasons to hate the slavers and everything this foul city stands for. They came south to take their retribution, and Suryan arranged things so that regardless of what we do to him, they all get their chance at personal revenge. There is no recall message or password. He clearly knew what he was doing. He and Y’Draesk quarreled cruelly, and Kelroth finally ordered Suryan’s arrest. He was taken in chains to The Wrath of Korethor, after violently challenging Sir Vale to duel, calling him a coward if he refused. Sir Vale has accepted the duel with the caveat that it will be once the battle is over, per Kelroth’s request.
Kelroth now passionately desires to go and hunt down these strike teams. However, we still have one guild that has not fallen, or even responded to our siege of the city: Neex Hist Trading remains untouched. I am wild to hunt down The Three Links and rescue Elvithien and Elilmarith. I do not know what course of these three we shall take, or even if another will present itself in due course. Just know that whatever road we take, you have my love.

Through the Looking Glass Darkly, Part II: I'm a Little Tea-Pot


Seemingly defeated at the hands of the Governor of Port Dawn, can our heroes escape and complete their mission?


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