The Ghosts of Risp
Elenya, Cerveth 7, 5055 (07/07/5055)


For years, the city of Risp has been a place of desolation and ruin, emptied of all life by a horrific magical poison that fell from the sky. Now, the poisoned earth is fading, leaving the way open to reclaim the once proud metropolis’ treasures. One obscure item hidden away in a warehouse is the focus of several faction’s attention.



A quickie adventure – clearing Y’Draesk’s Grove

Stairway to Heaven
06/25 thru 07/07/5055

Umby and his pal take a tour of Celestia.


Yestamir Carnen: CLIMBS DOWN
Umbrecrom: leaps down
The CDM: The lammasu bows its head to you both. “Understanding and Mercy go with you.”
Yestamir Carnen: Our humblest thanks, Lord Korantes. You have provided a most enjoyable trip for us, and we thank you.
Umbrecrom: Thank you Koranates. Know that you have eased the burden of our task.
Umbrecrom: Start walking to the path
The CDM: The lammasu smiles and leaps once more into the air, its wings catching the wind with a crack. He quickly dwindles into the night sky.
The CDM: Tito bobs along beside you, silent, but lighting your way.
Umbrecrom: Walking in the surf. Its holy water- how often do you get to do that
The CDM: The path takes you down towards the castle and along the beach. Here and there, a stone step is placed to assist you over uneven spots.
The CDM: ((the holy water burns Yest))
Yestamir Carnen: :^P
Umbrecrom: Umby will collect a few pebbles and rock from the shore for a keepsake
Umbrecrom: rocks
The CDM: The castle rises higher as you grow near and a stone lined path leads down towards the dock. A single carved wooden door seems to be the only entrance from this side.
Umbrecrom: We approach the door
Umbrecrom: Go up to it
Yestamir Carnen: CAW!
The CDM: Angels and humanoids with animal heads are carved into the wood.
Umbrecrom: Knock if it isn’t open
The CDM: One of the faces – with the head of a crane turns and speaks. “Welcome traveler! Knock thrice and enter to enjoy the hospitality of Mahlhevik.”
Umbrecrom: I knock thrice and enter
The CDM: The door opens before you, revealing a grand hall, decorated with gold and silver tapestries of abstract designs. As the three of you enter, torches spring to life all down the hall and running footsteps can be heard to approach.
Umbrecrom: Looking about.
The CDM: A breathless young human hurries towards you, golden tresses spilling from jeweled pins. She smiles warmly at you both and drops her skirts which she had been holding to keep from tripping. "
The CDM: “Welcome, welcome!”
Yestamir Carnen: BOWING LOW
Umbrecrom: Smiles broadly back ‘Thank you young mistress’
Yestamir Carnen: “Greetings, Milady”
Yestamir Carnen: “Yestamir Carnen at your service”
The CDM: “I am Sarnia. Welcome to Castle Mahlhevik. You are most welcome.”
Umbrecrom: I am Lord Umbrecrom
Yestamir Carnen: “The pleasure is ours, milady”
The CDM: “What can I do for you? Are you tired? Hungry?”
Yestamir Carnen: “We are neither”
The CDM: She curtsies. “Master Carnen, Lord Umbrecrom, how may I serve you then?”
Yestamir Carnen: “However, we would speak with the master of this home, if and when possible”
The CDM: She smiles wide, dimples forming. “M’lord is entertaining guests, two more are hardly a burden.” She turns and looking coyly over her shoulder to make certain you are following she hurries off down a passage.
Yestamir Carnen: FOLLOWS
The CDM: <typing – please stand by>
Umbrecrom: Follow her, making as much haste as she does
The CDM: Sarnia leads you down several passages and into a large room littered with pillows and low tables. The room is occupied by a dozen or so beings, all of them humanoid if not all human. A dark elven man with shifty eyes speaks with a fat dwarven woman at one table while a bald halfling boy with strangely vacant eyes plays cards with a gnome man. Sitting off to one side is a thin, sharp-faced man with thinning blond hair wearing a white silk robe trimmed in scarlet. Across a chess game in progress between them kneels a kulurut.
The CDM: The inevitable moves a piece and leans back whle the thin man scowls at the board.
The CDM: <done>
The CDM: Sarnia smiles at you both and bades you enter. "Do you need refreshements?
Umbrecrom: Wine would suffice
Yestamir Carnen: “No thank you, Milady. My thanks to you…. Lord Mahlhevik?”
The CDM: She hurries off to procure the drinks.
The CDM: The thin wizard looks up from his game at the sound of his name. “I am Mahlhevik. And you are?” He moves a piece decisively. “Ha! Take that and stick it in your carborator. Check.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom looks over the crowd, except the vacant eyed kid, seeing if any takes particular notice of he and yestamir. if not then he’ll look at the game to see who is ahead
Yestamir Carnen: BOWS
Yestamir Carnen: “Lord Yestamir Carnen, and Lord Baron Umbrecrom Ironrage”
Umbrecrom: Greetings, M’lord Mahlhevik. I am Umbrecrom Ironrage of Illuvinari. It has been said that Castle Mahlhevik welcomes all who would visit Lunia, the Silver Heaven, so I request your hospitality if only to converse for a time. Your reputation here on the Silver Sea is lore that reaches across the multiverse. I would offer my thanks for the commitment to your current path
Yestamir Carnen: GESTURES AT UMBIE
The CDM: The enforcer from mechanis moves a piece across the board, taking the wizard’s high priest. “Check mate in fourteen moves.”
The CDM: The wizard frowns at the board. “Are you certain? But I’m winning”
The CDM: The inevitable nods. “There is only a point four three percent chance of error.”
The CDM: “Bah, fine, I conceed.” The thin wizard rises and approaches just as Sarnia returns with Umby’s wine.
Umbrecrom: Umby reaches for his wine and turns to the thin wizard to greet him
The CDM: "Yes, I am Mahlhevik. Umbercroome you say? Wordy for a… " He gazes up and down at Umby. “A stonechild? Interesting.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom sir
The CDM: “Welcome, so you’ve heard of me, yes? Good, fine. Come, sit and tell me your tales, Umbrecrom and Yestamir.”
The CDM: He snags a wine from Sarnia as he passes, leading to you another corner of the room with a view of the bay.
Umbrecrom: Enter taking note of the demeanor of the others.
The CDM: He drinks deeply from his cup, as Yestamir and the drow trade glares.
The CDM: Everyone in the room watches you save for the halfling and the kulurut.
The CDM: “So! Where are you two from?”
Umbrecrom: Lord Mahlhevik, we arrive from Illuvinari.
The CDM: “Where? Is that near Greyhawk?”
Umbrecrom: You may be familiar with where I am from, Illuvinari, it being the well-spring of the Eldarea.
The CDM: Mahlhevik frowns. “Oh, them, yes. Nice place. Trees and things, yes? Fine, good. What brings you to my home away from home?”
Umbrecrom: Recent circumstances in Zandikar have caused us to seek Celestia
Umbrecrom: We seek to climb the mountain of elestia
Umbrecrom: Celestia
Umbrecrom: I am to understand that the paths are not always easily traversed
The CDM: “Zandikar? Is that old windbag up to his old tricks? I thought he was dead.”
The CDM: “You’re climbing up? Interesting. But you are both alive, yes? Good, fine, yes.”
Umbrecrom: I’m not certain of who he might be- we know Zandikar as an Iron Fortress
Umbrecrom: on Kolyoral
The CDM: The wizard nods and grins, signaling for more wine. “Yes, it is, never liked Acheron, noisy place. Dismal view.”
Umbrecrom: And no sense of hospitality
The CDM: Sarnia hurries over and fills the wizard’s cup – he waves her away.
Yestamir Carnen: “Dismal and noisy indeed”
Umbrecrom: I understand the paths here on Celestia can be something of an ordeal
The CDM: “No, not in the least.” He watches Sarnia retreat and grins at the two of you. “Nice piece of tail, yes?”
The CDM: "Ordeal? I’ve heard that. Difficult to traverse. More difficult to return from.
Umbrecrom: Very nice (cracks half a smile as he looks on)
Yestamir Carnen: “She is quite beautiful, by human standards. You are most forrtunate to have her as a companion”
Umbrecrom: We were hoping that there might be less… formal methods of going about. Something maybe out of the way and not so obvious
Umbrecrom: And less arduous
The CDM: He sighs and blinks, looking back at the two of you. “So, you’re going to climb Celestia because of circumstances in Zandikar, yes?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Indeed. Less arduous”
Umbrecrom: As I’ve said
Yestamir Carnen: “Yes”
Yestamir Carnen: “And we seek your aid”
The CDM: The wizard chuckles. “You can’t have it both ways, boyo. Arduous or obvious”
The CDM: He pulls his ear for a moment.
Umbrecrom: Less arduous I suppose
The CDM: “I may know of a few …. less traveled ways. But why come to me? You’ve an Lantern assigned to you.” He nods at the archon across the room.
Yestamir Carnen: “Our journey is important to the greater good, and the outcome could have much bearing on saving the lives of many innocents”
Yestamir Carnen: “The archon was furnished as a guide to you. No more, no less”
The CDM: “Hmmph. And so you come to appeal to my better side, yes?”
Yestamir Carnen: “And now we are here. And we would beg your help, yes”
Umbrecrom: Appeal and beseech
Yestamir Carnen: “Appeal and beseech”
The CDM: The wizard grins. “Carnen. You speak like one.”
Yestamir Carnen: RAISES AN EYEBROW"
Yestamir Carnen: “Oh?”
The CDM: He laughs and makes a forked tongue gesture with two fingers.
Umbrecrom: Heh So you do know of the Eldarea
Yestamir Carnen: *SIGHS

The CDM: “I’ve heard a few stories, yes.”
Umbrecrom: Smiling and looking over to Yestamir
Yestamir Carnen: “I am not Eldarea.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Nor was my father”
The CDM: He waves Sarnia back. “No of course not, yes.”
The CDM: “Sarnia, be a dear and tell the guests that the entertainment is starting early? Hmm?”
Umbrecrom: Entertainment?
The CDM: The young woman nods, her blue eyes watching both of you with a smile then moves to speak to the other guests.
Umbrecrom: (THIS bodes ill I think)
Umbrecrom: Are we to be your entertainment?
Yestamir Carnen: (Perhaps)
The CDM: “Mmm, yes. Wrestling. Normally a boring sport, I try to liven it up a bit. But you were saying.”
The CDM: The room clears out leaving just the four of you.
The CDM: “Now you want to tell me what you really want?”
Umbrecrom: Are you familiar with the… work of the Eldarea?
Yestamir Carnen: “We need your help, Sir. It is our understanding that you can help us bypass the paths. And we have a matter of great urgency.”
Yestamir Carnen: “A good place to start, Umbrecrom. The Eldarea”
The CDM: “Oh please. Pull the other one. You didn’t come to me for directions, Yestamir.”
Umbrecrom: True enough,
Yestamir Carnen: “Pray continue, Umbrecrom”
Umbrecrom: I can’t helpo but notice that there is a sea of holy water at your door
The CDM: “And yes, I once met one of the Speakers on a trip through Torch. Interesting chap. Good sense of humor.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Do you remember the name?”
Umbrecrom: A different fellow than who now leads their rank
Yestamir Carnen: “More than likely”
The CDM: The wizard gazes at Umbrecrom. “Yes, I’ve noticed that as well.”
Umbrecrom: Handy thing that, I’d imagine
The CDM: “Blasted elf names, Cela, cora, tella, kella, moria, something”
The CDM: “Your point, Master Umbrecrom?”
Umbrecrom: We on illuvinari face… a challenge, a grave challenge in the time to come
The CDM: “Ah! Mortethian, I think”
Umbrecrom: Undead amass. Strange goings on in… churches
The CDM: “Told the best gnome jokes ever.”
The CDM: “Churches? Sounds like fun. Well, no, not really. So, you want to fill a few flasks of holy water? Be my guest!”
The CDM: “Never liked undead all that much. Too drippy.”
Umbrecrom: It strikes me that if there were a way to focus a small but considerate portion of this water you reside beside… and pass it to where it might do more good than stirring about without purpose…
Umbrecrom: Certainly it would be a challenge to… craft such a thing
Yestamir Carnen: “Quite a challenge”
The CDM: The wizard laughs and holds up a hand. “Stop right there, Rocky. I have no intention of voiding my lease.”
Umbrecrom: Eyes popping wide
Umbrecrom: And I have no intension of causing such.
Yestamir Carnen: “Voiding your lease?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Certainly not our intention. The cause of good, is our intention”
Umbrecrom: I did not realize my request would put you in such a position
Yestamir Carnen: “We fight the Children of The Black Sun”
The CDM: “Oh come now. You two saunter in, with one of Torfallen’s toadies in tow and ask me sidelong to make you a portal or somesuch to siphen the Silver Sea? Please!”
The CDM: The wizard looks at Yestamir. “Perhaps a bit of Yellow Sunlight then?”
Yestamir Carnen: “And we were told that you were studying the ways of good. Indeed, embracing them. We thought you might see our plight and aid us.”
The CDM: “Oh, I’m…… exploring my options. I like it here. Quiet neighbors. Garden parties. Welcome wagons, yes, yes. Fine, good.”
Umbrecrom: Siphon the Silver sea is a little… grand. I was thinking more along the line of a good hose. Something a little more focused than just transplanting it from one place to another
The CDM: He gives Umbrecrom a sharp look. “And you come here and ask me instead of say… the big platinum wyrm up top?”
The CDM: He chuckles again.
Yestamir Carnen: “Listen, Lord Mahlhavik. There are creatures. Outsiders. Who are trying to destroy the world we live on. Render if fit only for undead. No good, no evil living creatures. Just undead. We thought, no we pray, that you might aid us.”
Umbrecrom: You are checking your options. I thought to offer you the opportunity to put in a little practical application
Yestamir Carnen: The nature of good, explored or lived, demands that the agents of good be aided. I doubt you would be allowed to remain here if you weren’t interested in the practical application of the ways of the weal. Even your heart can’t be so cold as to see millions perish"
The CDM: “Boys, boys. Relax. Don’t get your backs up. I’d love to help, you know flex the old arcane gestures, roar out a Word or two, but really. I’m a renter. I’m not helping you steal holy water. Ask the landlords – it is thier sea after all.”
The CDM: He looks at Yestamir. “Look, Yestamir. Don’t pull that ‘you are good, so you must help us’ crapola with me. You’re not all that bloody squeaky yourself or you wouldn’t be here.”
Umbrecrom: Stealing would be wrong. But certainly if there were some other contribution the mighty Mahlhevik could make…
Yestamir Carnen: I am here because you
The CDM: “Besides, I’ve heard of some of the crap your family’s pulled.”
Yestamir Carnen: are powerful, and I am not.
Yestamir Carnen: Because you CAN help
Yestamir Carnen: If you so choose.
The CDM: He laughs. “Yes, yes, and you’re just a poor little elfie. Who managed to walk into Lunia. But… I’m being rude. More wine?”
Yestamir Carnen: My family is not ME.
Yestamir Carnen: I serve Correlon Larethian, and the ways of good.
The CDM: “That’s nice. Why not ask him?”
Yestamir Carnen: And the King of Amcarofarne
Umbrecrom: (Yestamir, don’t try to force him)
Yestamir Carnen: Because I’m asking you, Lord Mahlhavik
The CDM: “And I was the Terror of Attichton.”
The CDM: He smiles. “I’m retired of course.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Of course”
Umbrecrom: (He is not the only person who can help us, he will not be our only saviour)
The CDM: “Not my gig anymore. Turning over a new leaf as it were.” He crosses his feet and props them on the table.
Yestamir Carnen: “Yes. Turning over a new leaf. And under that leaf is an elf and a stonechild, in need of help”
Yestamir Carnen: “YOUR help”
The CDM: “So, aside from pissing off my landlords, what do you want me to do about it?”
Umbrecrom: (let him help how he might want to help)
Umbrecrom: What you would see fit
Yestamir Carnen: “We are beggars in your home, and would accept any help offered”
Yestamir Carnen: “Gratefully”
The CDM: “Let me think. So undead problem, yes? Fine, good.” He makes air quotes. “Destroying the World, yes? Good, fine.”
Umbrecrom: Looking around remembering the comment about entertainment. Wondering where the rest are watching from
Yestamir Carnen: (Yeah. Mental wrestling)
The CDM: “The problem is, you boyos want a oneshot, hammer solution. Never works, let me tell you. I know, tried it a few times. Other side of course. But you get the idea.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Perhaps you can provide one of many nails needed to build the house then?”
The CDM: “Holy water hose, eh? Interesting idea. Never fly though.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Or the coffin”
Yestamir Carnen: “Why not”
The CDM: “You are just delightful. You know, if you’re ‘exploring options’ I know some folks I could put you in touch with….”
Umbrecrom: It was a thought
Yestamir Carnen: “An idea”
The CDM: “They could make it worth your while. How do you feel about black?”
The CDM: He winks at Yestamir.
Yestamir Carnen: “Black?”
The CDM: “Robes, you know, the whole, dark lord schtick.”
The CDM: “You’ve got the tongue for it.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom finishes his wine, looks for more
The CDM: “Bah, just yanking your ear, Yestamir. Look, I’m not sure what you want from me”
The CDM: Sarnia shows up and fills his cup.
Yestamir Carnen: “So if Sarnia’s life was in danger, would you not save it?”
Yestamir Carnen: “She would most certainly try and save yours.”
The CDM: “That depends. And its not the point.”
Yestamir Carnen: "Oh but it is. "
Yestamir Carnen: “You are either a good neighbour or not”
The CDM: He wags a finger at Yestamir and smirks. “You like to fence verbally. You should go into politics.”
The CDM: “Look, you boys like wrestling?”
Yestamir Carnen: “We need something that will help with undead.”
Umbrecrom: Not my thing but I’m not opposed to loosing a good fight
Yestamir Carnen: “That is what we want”
The CDM: “Visit a church, friend. Not a retired wizard who’s trying to secure a better afterlife.” He turns to Umbrecrom and grins. “Oil wrestling?”
Umbrecrom: With…
The CDM: He waggles his eyebrows and eyes Sarnia pointedly.
Umbrecrom: Smiles. Umbys thinking this is a bait and switch
Umbrecrom: What’s the catch?
Yestamir Carnen: "So Sarnia. Tell us the way to Lord Mahlhavik’s heart? "
Yestamir Carnen: *GRINS
The CDM: “Catch? Hell, lad, She’s the catch! Assuming you can hold on to her with al lthat oil on her….”
The CDM: Sarnia smiles prettily at Yestamir. "I can’t tell you that sir. Its warded and guarded.
The CDM: She smiles wider. “And locked in a vault.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Even here, in Celestia?”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom holds wide his fingers thinking grabbing her would be the mistake
Umbrecrom: So where does the wrestling take place?
Yestamir Carnen: “I would think securing a better afterlife wouldn’t hinge on being selfish.”
The CDM: “Come on, boys, I’m not gonna bite your heads off. Don’t have that spell memorized.” He rises and looks at Yestamir. “Funny coming out of you, lad.” He nods his head. “Hurry up. I’m betting they’re up to team matches by now.”
The CDM: ((1am here guys – put a pause here?))
Umbrecrom: Follow Mahlhevik

The CDM: When last we left the Terrible Trio…
The CDM: Mahlhevik had invited you to join him for some “entertainment”
Umbrecrom: And Umbrecrom was considering exactly how to pin an oiled opponent
The CDM: The thin balding mage leads you out of the “pillow room”, through a door and down some stairs. Loud, racous cheering can be heard.
The CDM: You emerge in a large room with ramped circular seating for maybe a hundred or so that overlooks a small indoor arena.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom follows the wizened wizard
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Yestamir Carnen: I follow Umbrecrom.
The CDM: The seats are currently filled with only several dozen spectators (some from the previous room) who are all shouting and yelling and having a great time as four, barely clad women wresting in a 30×30 pit
The CDM: wrestle*
Yestamir Carnen: Chesting?
The CDM: They are covered in gleaming clear oil and not a lot else
Yestamir Carnen: Chestling?
The CDM: Chesting?
Yestamir Carnen: Female wrastling.
The CDM: Yes, I thought I’d made that clear, sorry
Yestamir Carnen: CHUCKLE
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom looks on, enjoying the spectacle, but also looking at any technique they may be using
The CDM: Four, barely-clad women, covered in oil, tag-team wrestling.
Yestamir Carnen: Ahhh.
The CDM: A dwarf, teamed with a half-orc woman, seem to have the advantage over the elf / human team currently.
The CDM: Mahlhevik sits, clearing enjoying the show. “Come, sit boyos, enjoy.” He begins to cheer on the dwarf / half-orc team.
Umbrecrom: Listen for names being called out & try to figure who is who
Yestamir Carnen: Tring not to groan
The CDM: “GET HER IN A HEADLOCK, SLYVIE! YEAH LIKE THAT!!” Yells Mehlhevik, then grins at you. “You don’t approve, Yestamir?”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom hasn’t decided who to cheer for so he’s watching to see who fights fair and who does the dirty tricks
Yestamir Carnen: “Everyone has their own past times. This I’m afraid isn’t one of mine”
The CDM: Names appear to be Slyvie, Dorna, Greestle and Litanna, although who is who is not exactly certain. Techniques appear to be….. grab, hold and display for the crowd.
Yestamir Carnen: “But if I must, I will of course root for the underdog”.
The CDM: The dwarf / half-orc team seem to be the ‘bad girls’ in this particular effort.
The CDM: “If you prefer, Yestamir, I can have some l some lads come out and wrestle?”
Umbrecrom: ‘GRAB THE DWARF BY THE FEET! Pull her down!’
The CDM: There is a sudden, determined, and likely rehearsed, reversal of fortune for the teams and the half-orc winds up on the loosing end.
Umbrecrom: cheering the sudden twist of fate
The CDM: Urged on by the stonechild, the girls of ‘good’ team tackle the dwarf
Umbrecrom: Wild Cheering, fist pumping, stomping of feet!
Umbrecrom: ‘Make her eat her beard!’
The CDM: The crowd goes wild as the ‘bad girl’ team is pinned and soundly defeated.
Umbrecrom: And all is right in the world…
The CDM: Various mediums of economic exchange change hands in the crowd.
Yestamir Carnen: Clapping enough to be polite
Yestamir Carnen: “No need, Lord Mahlhavik”
The CDM: Mahlhevik waggles his eyebrows with a grin at Yestamir. “Now comes the forfeit.”
Yestamir Carnen: “The forfeit?”
The CDM: The said forfeit is graphic, sexual and highly displayed for all to see. The crowd goes wild.
The CDM: Afterwards, as the girls bow, wave and slide off, a pair of men come out to clean up the pip before the next match.
The CDM: Mahlhevik leans back and grins at the two of you.
Yestamir Carnen: (Yestamir slides just enough into an elven trance to miss most of what goes on)
The CDM: “So lads, gonna hang out for a few days?”
Yestamir Carnen: (and emerges when the round is over)
Umbrecrom: ‘…and this doesn’t void your lease? Lucky you!’
Yestamir Carnen: “That is up to my friend Umbrecrom. I will defer to him”
The CDM: “Hell no! Long as I keep it in my castle as part of my services as a host and all the participants are willing, I’m in the clear.”
The CDM: He tugs his ear with a smug look.
Yestamir Carnen: “Well, that covers the lawful part”
The CDM: He peers at Yestamir. "My, aren’t we feeling sanctamonious today? "
Yestamir Carnen: “Why Lord Mahlhavik. I was only making an observation. No more, no less.”
The CDM: The wizard rolls his eyes and turns to Umbrecrom. “Where’d you pick up the wet rag?”
Umbrecrom: ‘Sorry Master Mahlhevik, we are in Celestia with tasks to attend. Stopping by to see you was to assuade my curiosity mostly. Still if you were interested in -how did you put it – pronouncing a Word or two, there may yet come a time for that.’
The CDM: “It never fails to surprise me that so many confuse ‘Good’ with ‘Uptight’”
The CDM: “Or ‘repressed’”
The CDM: “Good, fine, yes. So Master Umbrecrom, what would you like me to do for you exactly?”
Umbrecrom: Ystamir hails from colder climbs where displays like this are generally more private than an arena.
Yestamir Carnen: “Neither of us are uptight. Or repressed. From what I can see, the matches were done via freewill, and enjoyed by viewers and participants alike. It’s simply not my thing. Nothing more, and nothing less than that, Lord Mahlhavik.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Quite so.”
The CDM: “I see.” He eyes the anime-haired elf. “If you prefer I can arrange a more personal and private show for you.”
Umbrecrom: ‘Mahlhevik, I had hoped for a ’hammer’ as you put it, but its not your forge so to speak’
Yestamir Carnen: "There’s a time and a place for everything. Or so say the muses. Now is just not the time. "
Yestamir Carnen: “Time always seems to happen in too small, or too large amounts. Sad, but true”
The CDM: “Well, I’m sorry to disappoint, Master Umbrecrom, yes, yes, fine, good. And your friend has a point regarding time.”
The CDM: “Perhaps, if things go badly for you back in your E-loovinary you can come visit and perhaps find a place here?”
The CDM: The lantern archon bobs by Yestamir’s shoulder patiently.
Yestamir Carnen: “Lord Mahlhavik. We need your help. Don’t you get it? Being good is a cou”rse of action
The CDM: “Mister Carnen. I get it. You want my help. But you don’t want to pay for it. You want someone to come solve your problems. I’ve been told that there is virtue in self-sufficiancy.”
Umbrecrom: The offer to assist in what manner you might is there. I’ve begun a trade business through Sigil so we may not always be incapable of paying for assistance.
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The CDM: ((john did you need a repost?))
The CDM: “Mister Carnen. I get it. You want my help. But you don’t want to pay for it. You want someone to come solve your problems. I’ve been told that there is virtue in self-sufficiancy.”
Yestamir Carnen: “There’s also a virtue in neighbours watching out for each other.”
Yestamir Carnen: (No, I’m cool)
Umbrecrom: More importantly if you should have need to flex the digits it might be good to have a target already picked out
The CDM: “And practicality. I’m not the guardian of the multiverse, boyo.”
The CDM: Turning to Umbrecrom, he says “I’ve yet to hear a single suggestion from you as to what you want me to do. Other than piss off my landlords by draining thier pretty ocean”
The CDM: And to Yestamir. “And you need to tone down the self-righteousness, lad. It will get you burned one day.”
Umbrecrom: You didn’t take too kindly to that, and as you say we are looking for… contributions. Apparently I’m not very good at making suggestions.
The CDM: “Contributions? Like gold, silver? Hmm? Good, fine, yes. How much we talking?”
The CDM: ((you two still there?))
Umbrecrom: You are in a very unique position given your past life. Maybe knowledge is all we need if perchance you had it. you didn’t seem to know anything about the Children of the Black Sun, but maybe you’ve been to the Githyanki home in the Astral and could suggest pointers for visitors, or
Umbrecrom: give councsel for any of a number of tasks that lay before us.
Umbrecrom: Have you ever heard the name Imperigon?
Umbrecrom: ’We’ve a companion who is fading away into incorporealness, that has stumped many people for a long time.’
The CDM: The wizard strokes his chin thoughtfully.
Umbrecrom: Answers are better than coin
Umbrecrom: Soon I hope to have plenty of my own coin
Umbrecrom: I don’t know what you’re inclined to help with and I don’t want to make assumptions again
The CDM: “One moment, lads.” He stands and raises his arms. “I say A REMATCH!” The crowd goes wild and the girls come back out onto the field of slippery battle with fresh bikinis. Then the wizard heads back up to the pillow room. “Well, then follow me, lads, I don’t think Yestamir cares for the entertainment. Shame.”
The CDM: As you walk he says…
The CDM: “As far as your cult problem, do you have~any~ idea how many cults there are in the multi-verse? Give me more to go on, boys. Now as to Tu’narath, I’ve been there a few times. And I’ve known three different Imperigons in my life.”
The CDM: He sits and Sarnia brings a simple meal of fish, scallions and wine for the three of you.
The CDM: “I don’t mean to sound condesending lads, but you’re aweful provincial. You assume your world is the center of creation.” He holds up a hand to stop any protest. “No insult intended, yes, fine. I was like that in my youth as well.”
The CDM: “Now that we’ve established that I’m not going to leave my home and blow up the baddies or drain the ocean for you – Mmm, delicious! Sarnia! Marvelous – Let’s proceed one thing at a time. What would you like to know first?”
The CDM: Sarnia blushes at the compliment and peers demurely at Umby and Yestamir to see if they also approve of the meal.
Umbrecrom: ‘That your willing to offer council is a good start.’ Umbrecrom takes his plate and and smells deeply “Thank you. ’
The CDM: The wizard munches on his food and listens politely.
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The CDM: Sarnia blushes brighter at Umbrecrom’s compliment and looks to Yestamir
The CDM: ((john did you need a repost?))
The CDM: ((what was the last thing you aww?”
The CDM: saw*?))
Yestamir Carnen: (no)
The CDM: ((ah, so the posts remain even if you leave the room? excellent. I’ll give you two a moment to catch up and post))
Yestamir Carnen: samples the food
Yestamir Carnen: “Excellent Sarnia. Excellent. My compliments to you”
The CDM: The food is sublimely delicious. The wine a perfect match to the fish and scallions.
The CDM: The woman bobs her head and blushes even harder.
The CDM: “Thank you, M’Lord.” She murmers
Yestamir Carnen: Leaning close to Sarnia, conspiratorially Whatever he’s paying you, it’s nowhere near enough."
Yestamir Carnen: Smiles at her
The CDM: “M’lord is too kind.” She says, redfaced and clearly pleased.
Yestamir Carnen: “No. Not too kind. Not kind enough, I would say.”
The CDM: The wizard looks at Umbrecrom expectantly, content for the moment to eat. “Where would you like to start, Master Umbrecrom?”
Umbrecrom: ‘I wouldn’t.’
Umbrecrom: ‘Your hospitality is enough for now, and gracious it is.’
The CDM: “You wouldn’t? I thought you wanted council?” He shrugs. “The serbet I think, Sarnia. Lemon.” She scurries off.
Umbrecrom: ‘If it may be alright to contact you at a later date, I think I would like that.’
The CDM: He nods slowly. “Of course. Good, fine. You are of course welcome to visit at any time.” He smiles and nibbles at a fish bone, then pushes his plate away.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom eats at the meal and asks for a second helping as he nears finish
The CDM: Sarnia returns with three crystal bowls of lemon sorbet. She quickly refills your wine and removes the dirty dinner plates then departs.
The CDM: Sarnia gleefully provides Umbrecrom with a huge second helping.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom blows her a kiss and begins the second course
The CDM: “Save room for the soup, Master Umbrecrom, Sarnia makes a marvelous gumbo.”
The CDM: The wizard turns to Yestamir. “So, Mister Carnen. No questions from you either?”
Umbrecrom: ‘I must gird myself for the journey at hand. Next as Lord Mahlhevik suggested we go to Mercuria.’
Yestamir Carnen: Of course I have questions. But as as Umbrecrom has suggested, there’s a time and a place for everything.
The CDM: “Ah, off to visit the big guy? I suggest politeness. He is a dragon after all.”
Yestamir Carnen: “But of course!”
Umbrecrom: ‘Of course’
The CDM: Several more courses follow. A rich soup. Slices of some sort of succulent roast. Candied nuts. Fragrant and wonderfully delicious breads and pastries. All served by a blushing and eager Sarnia.
The CDM: Mahlhevik makes easy conversation to bide the time, regaling you with amusing tales of travelers who have stopped by his home.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir listens for any that sound familiar
Umbrecrom: And Umnbrecrom politely makes comments, some baudy, others serious, whatever seems to amuse the old guy
The CDM: Yestamir recognizes what sounds like several races he’s heard of, and a few he’s not. Mahlhevik seems to warm to the stonechild during the meal and trades jokes and somewhat riske humous annecdotes with him.
Umbrecrom: For someone whose supposedly CE, Umbrecrom thinks Mahlhevik is OK. Of course it doesn’t take much in the way of actually doing evil to make one so. Still it seems as Mahlheviks efforts to be genuinely reformed are honest.
Yestamir Carnen: Via the mindlink “Where to now, Umbrecrom?”
The CDM: He does seem basically pleasant, if unwilling to directly commit to your cause. But then you are in Celestia. Perhaps he’s on his best behaviour.
Umbrecrom: mind link- Mercuria. Its supposed to be an alternate to the path. The only real objective I have there is to be friendly to The Platinum Dragon, and Get to Solania in high style so maybe they make an exception to not letting non-dwarves into Erackinor. But this IS Celestia and rules are rules. Once we hopefully find Dergeden Umby can get his sword re-done.
The CDM: ((anything else here guys? he did volunteer to provide information if you give specifics))
Yestamir Carnen: (How do we get there?)
The CDM: ((you have a guide – Tito the Lantern Archon))
Yestamir Carnen: “Lord Mahlhavik. One question. Do you know what a Lucian is?”
Yestamir Carnen: (oh! forgot. Yeah!)
Umbrecrom: I really wasn’t prepared to ask for anything else from Mahlhevik, and I’m supposed to keep quiet about the Spiderslugs, big elven secret.
The CDM: "Lucian? I’m not certain. Is it a plant of some sort? (he may not know it by that name)
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir describes one
Umbrecrom: (Lucian is simply the name the Spiderslug uses John
The CDM: “Spiderslugs? Hmm.. interesting. Yes, fine, good.”
The CDM: The warlock looks at Yestamir oddly.
Yestamir Carnen: (Sorry. It’s been a while. Brain is like a sieve)
Yestamir Carnen: “Apologies if I’ve offended…”
The CDM: “Are you talking about an Avolakia?”
Umbrecrom: Planar knowledge?
The CDM: “Sort of a worm-octopus-bug?”
The CDM: ((zip))
The CDM: “Eats undead?”
Yestamir Carnen: “That sounds about right”
The CDM: “Hmm… What did you call it? A Spiderslug? Hmm… yes, bad.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Bad would be an… understatement.”
The CDM: “Rather nasty creatures. Even I’m unclear regarding their origins.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Any known defenses from them. Most effective weapons against them?”
The CDM: “Are we talking about a pair of them? Or a band? Or an entire tribe?”
Umbrecrom: a cult
Yestamir Carnen: Apparently more than a couple"
The CDM: He laughs. “Give them what they want – maybe they’ll go away.”
The CDM: “A cult? Wait. The cult you two boyos have been prattling about is made up of Avolakia?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Yes…”
The CDM: The wizard looks … well, quite frankly… disturbed.
Yestamir Carnen: “It’s one of the problems we need help with…”
The CDM: “One? I’d say that’s plenty, boyo.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Certainly an impressive one to start with”
The CDM: “Sorcerers and clerics. Shape-changing aberations.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Thoughts on how to deal with them. Besides letting them turn the world into undead?”
The CDM: “Hmm. Interesting. Yes, yes, bad.” He frowns and looks at Umbrecrom.
The CDM: “They may be trying to resurrect a god. So, my advice is to strike hard and fast, boyo. If they’re gathering in a group larger than a tribe…”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom looks back. (I remembered that was something I’d promised not to reveal when I became a Knight. I’m in a heap of trouble for having sold that head which amounted to revealing it already)
The CDM: “They are able to use suggestion at will and can control undead naturally. Tend to surround themselves with deadies for both food and defense.”
The CDM: “Watch your funeral parlors. They love to infiltrate those and sometimes even small churches.”
The CDM: “Even illithid are careful in dealing with them.”
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Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir sighs
The CDM: “As to the best way to beat one? Pure physical force. They have impressive resistance to most magics. Oh, don’t let one bite you. Will sapping venom.”
Yestamir Carnen: “They’ve already done most if not all of the above.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Lovely”
Umbrecrom: ‘Funny you should mention Illithid- Here’s a question: suppose the head of a Lich was sold in Sigil, and the high bidders were turned down because they were the high bidders. Afterwards its been understood that selling it was a mistake. Do you have any connections that might be able to track down the… ahhh. alchemist that did purchase it?
The CDM: Mahlhevik grins. “Are you any good at cooking? I could use some help in the kitchen.”
The CDM: He peers at Umbrecrom thoughtfully. “An illithid lich? Interesting. Yes, fine. And I may have a few contacts left who’ll deal with you. Sarnai!”
Yestamir Carnen: “You seem to have things well under control in the kitchen with Sarnia”
Umbrecrom: question is do I really want to deal with them?
The CDM: The young woman huries over, her blue eyes watching both of you with a smile as she hands Mahlhevik a quill and parchment.
The CDM: “Oh, lad. so untrusting for a stonechild. I’m not auctioning off your soul or anything.” He hums and nibbles on a bit of pastry while the quill floats on its own and scribbles down a letter.
Umbrecrom: Eyeing her back Umbrecrom winks
The CDM: She blushes brightly and winks back. Mahlhevik smile and leans over to Umbrecrom. “I think she fancies you, sure you lads won’t spend the night?”
The CDM: The wizard looks over the finished letter and adds his seal, then blows on it, rolls it up and hands it to Sarnia who adds a black ribbon and seals that as well.
Yestamir Carnen: “Perhaps we could stay the evening…” Looks at Umbrecrom…
The CDM: Mahlhevik takes it back and hands it to Umbrecrom. “In Sigil there is a demodand called Xxreltamith. Roll the ‘ex’ It should be able to help you – it owes me a few favors.”
The CDM: “You can trust it for the most part, just don’t accept any offers for dinner.”
Umbrecrom: ‘Austensibly to sleep and prepare for the morrow?’ Umbrecrom smiles and laughs. Accepting the roll Umbrecrom turns to Mahlhevik, "My sincere thanks for your assistance on this!’
Yestamir Carnen: “And mine”:
Umbrecrom: ‘Yestamir, we should probablly attend this immediately after Celestia, no?’
Yestamir Carnen: “More than likely”
The CDM: “Alright, boyos, if there’s nothing else you need me for, I’m off to, eh.. make sure my other guests are adequitely entertained, yes, fine. Sarnia will either show you to rooms or see to your needs until you depart. If you’re here for breakfast, we’ll talk again then.” He rises and hurries off towards the arena door.
Yestamir Carnen: (Minlink" Umbie. I’d like to stay"
The CDM: She smiles wide, dimples forming. “What are M’lord’s guests needs, sirs?”
The CDM: Mahlhevik pauses at the door. “And Master Umbrecrom?”
Umbrecrom: Mindlink: fine by me.
The CDM: "Don’t remove the collar. You’ve been warned. He winks and departs.
Yestamir Carnen: Mindlink. Sounds good, Umbie
Umbrecrom: Mindlink: make nice with the collared lady, Yestamir. Don’t take it off though
Yestamir Carnen: Mindlink. Thanks, I got that. Probably one of Pr’Gillis’ relatives.
Umbrecrom: Or Quingle’s
Umbrecrom: OOps Mindlink:
The CDM: ((so you two stay the night?))
Yestamir Carnen: “Soooooo, Lady Sarnia… What’s this about a collar?|”
Yestamir Carnen: (Yeah)
The CDM: She smiles and dimples. “Does M’lord Carnen require one?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Lady Sarnia… I am an elven Lord. My collars are all invisible”
Yestamir Carnen: Smiles back at her
The CDM: She titters politely and looks back and forth between the two of you. “Do you require anything? Or will you be spending the night?”
Umbrecrom: we will be spending the night, yes.
Yestamir Carnen: "Wine of course. And we will be spending the night. And I would ask that you do NOT
Yestamir Carnen: Quarter us near that dark elf.
Yestamir Carnen: "
The CDM: “Wonderful! Would you like seperate rooms? Of course, M’Lord. You are guests of Master Mahlhevik. No one is fool enough to break that tradition here. M’lord Mahlhevik is quite fearsome when angered.”
Yestamir Carnen: “One room is fine”
The CDM: She smiles and nods. “I will refresh your wine then and go see that it is prepared.”
The CDM: The young woman does so.
Yestamir Carnen: “Our thanks, milady”
The CDM: ((quick smoke break – gives you a chance to mindlink ))
Umbrecrom: cool
Yestamir Carnen: Otay
Umbrecrom: John, what say we put a * in front of what we’re saying through the mindlink instead of typing it out?
Umbrecrom: ‘mindlink, that is)
Yestamir Carnen: That’s fine
Umbrecrom: * Yestamir, you realize Celethor and Lady Exqimiye required that I keep certain state secrets. Are you not bound by such a restriction?
The CDM: ((back you two need a moment to discuss in-character?))
Yestamir Carnen: Not that I am aware of. I’ve been asked to watch what I say, but not required
Umbrecrom: not that I know of, John might be on a break himself
The CDM: ((alright))
Yestamir Carnen: *The Warlord has asked me to be careful. But when seeking help, one has to move past carefulness a bit.

Umbrecrom: * I trust your judgement.*
Yestamir Carnen: Such as it is.
The CDM: Sarnia returns and shows you both to a well furnished suite in an out of the way tower. There is an impressive view of the ocean and stary sky. Two bedrooms, a sitting room and a large sunken tub. She smiles and curtsies to you both. “If you require anything, please pull the bell cord. Anything at all.” She blushes.
Yestamir Carnen: “Would you care for a game of chess, Sarnia?”
The CDM: “Oh! I’m not very good at chess, but perhaps a game of mancala? There should be a set under the coffee table.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom will make his way back to the wrestling pits so Yestamir can have some playtime with his new friend.
Yestamir Carnen: “You’ll have to explain the rules to me. I’m not familiar with mancala”
The CDM: The wizard looks surprised that you return and without Yestamir, but grins and catches you up on the current match. Which proves to be quite…. vigorous.
Umbrecrom: There is much cheering
The CDM: Sarnia pulls out the game board and patiently explains the rules – sort of a rectangular chinese checkers, often taking any excuse to touch Yestamir’s hand and guide his moves as she teaches him.
The CDM: The wrestling gets extremely exciting when the girls (six of them now) start pulling spectators over the railing into the ring.
Umbrecrom: Are the wrestlers wearing collars too?
The CDM: No. Sarnia wasn’t either that you could tell.
Umbrecrom: oh
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir plays the game.
Yestamir Carnen: “So, tell me about yourself, Lady Sarnia. How came you here to this castle, and what keeps you here?”
The CDM: She is a surprisingly shrewd opponent. She wins three out of four matches.
The CDM: “I am in service to M’Lord Mahlhevik, sir. I came with him when he first settled here, many years ago by your reconning.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Are you bound to him, or here freely?”
The CDM: She looks at Yestamir coyly. “Bound, sir?”
The CDM: Meanwhile the wrestlers have defeated all challengers and seem declaim themselves triumphant.
Yestamir Carnen: “Yes. Bound. As in, you are required to serve the wizard”
The CDM: “Why do you ask, sir?”
The CDM: “I am happy to serve Master Mahlhevik.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Well, because after viewing how efficient you are in various aspects of keep and castle upkeep and running, I thought I would offer you a job in my employ”
Yestamir Carnen: “And if you are bound to Mahlhavik, you can’t really go freely, can you?”
The CDM: “Oh, you’d have to dicuss that with Master Mahlhevik, sir.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Regardless of how much you enjoy his service”
Yestamir Carnen: “It is as I suspected then. You have no freewill”
The CDM: She looks at him coyly from under long lashes. “Would M’Lord care for some more wine? Or another game?”
The CDM: The wrestlers spy the very large stonechild and begin to openly and verbally question his virality.
Yestamir Carnen: “I am fine, Lady Sarnia. I am grateful for all you have done for us here, and if you ever find yourself able, I would be honored to offer you employment in my service. As a free being”
The CDM: She smiles warmly at Yestamir. “I might like that, M’Lo…….Yestamir. But I doubt that will ever come to pass.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Indeed. And that is truly a shame, Sarnia.”
The CDM: The wrestlers wave at Umbrecrom daring him to take them all on.
The CDM: Sarnia leans over and kisses Yestamir on the cheek. “You are a kind man, Yestamir”
Yestamir Carnen: “So can you tell me what your trueform is, Lady Sarnia.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I am usually called other things. But I accept the compliment”
The CDM: “But you are, sir. You speak of freedom….” She lifts his hand and kisses it then lays it on her throat. Beneath his fingers he can feel an unseen collar of some sort of metal covered with runes.
Yestamir Carnen: "Ahhh. there it is. I wondered where it was,
The CDM: Mahlhevik leans over to Umbrecrom. “Go on, lad, they won’t hurt you. Much.” He grins.
Umbrecrom: (I’d thought to suggest that Mahlhevik and I enter the pit as a tag team to take on all comers, but then I rembered Umby is carrying a shard that is the whole point of this trip- he’s not going to leave it in a bundle of clothes while he wrassles the ladies, and U’d rather not wrassle with it) Umbrecrom laughs at the ladies and waves them off.
Yestamir Carnen: “What is it, and what does it do?”
The CDM: They hoot and jeer but eventually find another victim – who utterly fails to prevail against them. Mahlhevik eyes Umbrecrom and nods slowly, smiling. “Disciplined. Good, fine, yes. I like that.”
Umbrecrom: ‘An even rarer treat would be to see the Master of Castle Mahlhevik enter the pit and reveal to all why he is master!’ Umbrecrom smiles hoping to coerce the wizard into action.
The CDM: Sarnia kisses the palm of Yestamir’s hand. “What does what do, M’lord?”
Yestamir Carnen: "The collar, Sarnia. What does it do, why is it on you?
The CDM: The wizard laughs and waves off the hooting girls. “Now, now. I have to play the proper host.”
Yestamir Carnen: (Yestamir removes his hand)
The CDM: The woman smiles, looking confused. “I don’t know what you mean, M’Lord?”
Yestamir Carnen: “The collar around your neck. What does it do?”
The CDM: “What collar, M’lord?”
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The CDM: Mahlhevik turns to Umbrecrom. “I’m surprised you didn’t let Sarnia entertain you. I had thought she’d caught your eye.”
Yestamir Carnen: Sigh
Yestamir Carnen: “Sarnia. Would it be permitted for me to read your mind?”
The CDM: “Read my mind, Lord? If Master Malhlevik approves, I suppose.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir touches the collar again.
Umbrecrom: ‘I was being polite. There aren’t many of the ladies who DON’T catch my eye. Yestamir seemed to like her, and wanted to stay so… here I am.’
The CDM: He laughs. “Wonderful. He did hear me about the collar, yes?”
Umbrecrom: He did, I’m sure.
The CDM: “Good, good, then all’s well. What do you think, Umbrecrom? Another match or shall we find other entertainment?”
The CDM: Sarnia seems quite pleased by Yestamir’s attentions.
Umbrecrom: What do you have in mind?
The CDM: “A horse race? Perhaps some gambling? Do you play chess?”
The CDM: “Strip Mahjong is quite stimulating with the right opponents.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir removes his hand again. “Many thanks for the company, Sarnia. It is time for me to retire, and I look forward to seeing you again in the morning.”
The CDM: She seems a bit disappointed but nods and smiles, rising. “If you require anything, please ring.” With a last lingering look she leaves the room.
Yestamir Carnen: “It was refreshing to meet someone as truly nice as you. Good night, Milady.”
The CDM: A bright smile. “Rest well, M’lord”
Umbrecrom: I’ve played chess, but I don’t think I’d be a challenge for you. I’ve no luck, so gambling is an excercise in giving to those more fortunate than I. If there are horses racing that would be well to watch.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir does a detect psionics around the room, tells Umbie via the mindlink he’s turning in.
Yestamir Carnen: "
Yestamir Carnen: *Umbie, see if you can find out what Sarnia is. She’s obviously bound with a runed collar. Her condition really upsets me"
Yestamir Carnen: *
The CDM: “Horse racing it is then! And we’ll just do gentlemen bets so as to not strain your lifestyle!”
The CDM: No psionic items are present Yestamir.
The CDM: <typing>
Yestamir Carnen: (very good! am turning in for the evening)
Umbrecrom: The stain I don’t mind, its the leaving with less than I started with that annoys me so.
Yestamir Carnen: Okay
The CDM: Malhlevik treats Umbrecrom and several other guests to a few truely exciting races out on the beach, filling them with song, tales and a really impressive quality (and quantity) of adult beverages. He entertains them far into the night and then finally excuses himself. Sarnia shows Umby up to their rooms, asking if he has any needs before she goes. In the ‘morning’, a hearty breakfast is served on huge balcony over the docks and it is evident that many of the guests plan to depart. Some going on further into Celestia, but more departing the plane for other realms.
The CDM: <done>
The CDM: ((Final actions before the trip to Mercuria?))
Yestamir Carnen: “Lord Mahlhavek. A word please, privately if possible.”
Umbrecrom: Thank Mahlhevik for his hospitality, wish him well in his endeavors in Celestia. Also a word of advice on approaching the Platinum Dragon- are we expected to offer gifts?
The CDM: “Gifts never hurt, Master Umbrecrom, but he values words and deeds just as highly.” To Yestamir, if you like sir. He steps to the balcony railing.
The CDM: “Try some of the sausage, delightful! Yes, Master Carnen?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Lord Mahlhevik. A couple of things… I must know… WHAT is Sarnia, and why is she bound to you?”
Yestamir Carnen: “She’s obviously not a free person, which is disturbing considering where we’re at|”
The CDM: The wizard chuckles. “Well, she’s not exactly a person, Yestamir. And I keep her bound to protect my guests. She is a tanar’ri. A succubus.”
The CDM: “But an excellent hostess, don’t you think?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Ha. It is as I suspected. Yes, she is an excellent hostess, and nice too. How exactly do you get away with keeping her here on this plane?”
The CDM: He smiles. “Are you asking about the details of my lease, Master Carnen?”
The CDM: Malhlevik pats Yestamir on the shoulder. “Come finish breaking your fast and be on your way, sir. I’m certain your companion is chomping on the bit as it were.”
Yestamir Carnen: “No… Of course not. I’m sure there’s a lot more here than meets the eye. It’s a shame though that you have to keep Sarnia magicked.”
Yestamir Carnen: “She seems genuinely nice”
Yestamir Carnen: “Even for a succubus”
The CDM: “Ah, yes, and that’s what makes them so very dangerous, M’Lord Carnen. Yes, fine, good.”
Yestamir Carnen: “One other question, M’Lord…”
The CDM: “Hmm?”
Yestamir Carnen: "Do you have any suggestions as to where we might find “weapons against the spider slugs?”
Yestamir Carnen: “You mentioned blunt force. But are there other aids you can refer us to?”
The CDM: “When you say ‘weapons’ Yestamir, I hear ‘magic arrow’. You want instant kill or banes. There are none and indeed so few things in life are simply answered. But they are abberations and therefore susceptable to the vulnerabilities of such things. They weild great magic potential and powers of suggestion. So ward yourself appropriately. But physically? Not nearly so devastating. That’s why they surround themselves with servants.”
The CDM: “Oh, and call them what they are. Avolakia. Names are powerful.” He winks. “And knowing is half the battle.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I understand. My thanks for your aid, and your hospitality.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Indeed. Avolakia”
The CDM: “Of course, you and your friend were good and fine guests, you are welcome here. Please stop by again. Oh, and when Master Umbrecrom decides what questions to ask, have him come visit.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I will sir. I will.”

The CDM: Alrighty give me a sec here to order my thoughts.
Yestamir Carnen: Otay
Umbrecrom: Ok this is the big one- the Platinum Dragons palace!
The CDM: Yestamir, Umbrecrom and Tito depart the demnise of the Wizard Malhlevik after breaking their fast and the latern archon leads them towards the mountain of Celestia. The slope increases gradually as you travel, the air becoming thinner and yet somehow lightens your hearts. The air seems to glimmer with a warm golden glow and lush growth begins to dot the countryside as you travel.
Umbrecrom: The clarity of the view is probably spectacular
The CDM: A fast running stream joins you, following alongside the road for a time, singing happily. Off in the distance you see a plateau with a village perched upon it, ahead the path splits, one branch going toward the settlement while the other continues to wend its way up the side of the mountain.
The CDM: Indeed, Umby, the view is rivaled by few others in the Multiverse.
Umbrecrom: Does Tito talk? ‘Tito, is the higher path the one to Mercuria?’
The CDM: Tiu hums to itself as it leads you to the fork in the path, then stops. “We are in Mercuria, now, Master Carnen.”
The CDM: Titu*
The CDM: “To your left lies the village of Goldwatch”
The CDM: "While the right path leads deeper into the layers.
Yestamir Carnen: “Which path should we take to reach Lord Bahamut?”
The CDM: The lantern archon bobs by Yestamir’s head and then floats off up the right branch.
Yestamir Carnen: “After you, Umbrecrom”
Umbrecrom: Umby goes onward
Umbrecrom: up the right branch
The CDM: The path takes you higher and higher into the mountain, through lush valleys, and past a dozen or more settlements. As your legs grow weary, you climb the path up out of yet another spectacular valley and find a small encampment to one side of the path. About two dozen humans in silvery breastplates eye you carefully. At one elaborate and very large tent, you see a 12 foot tall blue humanoid peering out of the tent toward you.
Umbrecrom: (Blue as in Blue like the guy we did the trade deal in Sigil with?)
The CDM: (( a Mercane, yes))
Umbrecrom: Master Anglican Fortimus Z? Or a different Mercane?
Yestamir Carnen: “Slow down Umbie. You’re walking too fast.”
The CDM: Difficult to tell from this distance but its dressed differently.
Umbrecrom: “Sorry Yestamir, but it looks like Master Anglican Fortimus Z up ahead.”
Umbrecrom: “Or certainly someone of the same race”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom stands for a moment and waves to them.
Umbrecrom: ((Do we still have the mind-link? is it still a range of ? 15’?))
The CDM: The obvious bodyguards look at Umbrecrom in a detached, neutral manner, standing easily or going about their tasks of setting up the camp. The mercane nods pleasantly from the distance, holding up a spidery, many jointed hand.
Yestamir Carnen from x.×.×.9 joined the chat
Umbrecrom: “We should greet them, I think, Yestamir.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Well, keep going then. Might as well speak to him now if it’s him”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom starts for their camp
The CDM: ((30’ range initially, once formed unlimited range))
The CDM: Two guards step nimbly forward and interpose themselves. “Good day, sir. How may we be of service?”
Umbrecrom: The two dozen Breastplate guys
they look to be veteran adventurers or military?
The CDM: They look military
Umbrecrom: “Greetings travelers. My name is Umbrecrom and I too am a traveler here. I noticed your leader and I thought to make his acquaintance.”
The CDM: The guard looks pointedly at Yestamir.
Yestamir Carnen: “Greetings Sirs. I am Prince Yestamir Carnen, of the city of Amcarofarn. And I too would rest, and speak with your commander.”
The CDM: “What business have you with my employer, Sire?”
Umbrecrom: “No business, unless he be Master Anglican Fortimus Z, in which case he will know us from our business in Sigil”
Yestamir Carnen: “The Baron speaks the truth…”
The CDM: “Be assured he is not Master Anglican, Your Highness and Your Grace. If you so desire, though, I will carry a message to him and discover if he would make your acquaintance.”
Umbrecrom: “Thank you for your kind service!”
The CDM: The man bows and stalks towards the tent, while the remaining one stands rigid before you, staring at a point in space between you.
The CDM: The guard speaks quietly with the Mercane, who bends down and listens to him then looks in your direction.
The CDM: After a moment, the elongated blue head nods and the Mercane goes back inside the tent. The guard stalks back to where you stand and nods sharply at you. “Master Tyral Ka’rhan bids you welcome and inquires if the Prince and the Baron would care to join him for some refreshment?”
Umbrecrom: “Such kind welcome can only be responded to in kind. Thank you, you may lead on.”
Yestamir Carnen: “It would be a pleasure.”
The CDM: The man nods and spins on his heel, leading the way to the tent. Inside, the tent is easily the size of a ballroom, richly appointed and filled with the hazy fog of incense. Three Mercane look up from the pillows and massive hookah and nod cautiously. There are at least six guardsmen that you can see here.
The CDM: One Mercane rises and bows in a complicated and most likely double jointed manner. “I am Tyral Ka’rhan. I bid you greetings, Your Highness, Your Grace. These are my associates, Theleman Cordite M and Terrel Vv’oxx.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Greetings my lords. Prince Yestamir Carnen at your service. As is my travelling companion, Baron Umbrecrom Ironrage.”
Yestamir Carnen: Bows lows
Umbrecrom: "Hail, Masters! Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. "
The CDM: “Please sit and join us for a smoke if you wish. Or wine and dates are available as well.”
Yestamir Carnen: "A distinct pleasure, Lord Ka’rhan.
Yestamir Carnen: “Wine and dates would be appreciated.”
The CDM: The incredibly tall blue man sits, smoothing his obsequious robes and snaps his fingers. A young centaur boy clops through a dividing silk curtain bearing a silver tray with dates and crystal goblets of a blood red wine.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom sits among the group and retrieves a glass of wine. He smells the aroma, guessing its quality is likely beyond himn to gauge properly.
The CDM: “Well met then Prince, Baron. Where do you travel to?”
The CDM: All three mercane smile unnervingly wide smiles.
Umbrecrom: “Master Tyral Ka’rhan, we seek to journey to the very gate of Chronias”
Umbrecrom: " And your travels- where are you seeking?"
The CDM: “Ah, Chronias. And you seek enlightenment while still mortal? Very impressive and most noble, master Baron. My associates and I have business in Mertion.”
The CDM: The centaur offers Yestamir some wine and dates.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir accepts gratefully, and nods his head thanks.
The CDM: Yestamir notes that the Mercane’s lip movements do not match their speech.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir passes the info along to U via the mindlink.
Umbrecrom: "We will be passing through Mertion as well, though no real business there. But please, do not be mistaken to think we seek enlightenment- ours is task from which we will return.
Umbrecrom: "
The CDM: The mercane Master turns to look significantly at his brethren then back at Umbrecrom. All three bow their heads to him. “Then you have our respect, Your Grace.”
Umbrecrom: If there is a Hooka pipe available, Umbrecrom would like to give it a tryt.
The CDM: The flavor is rich and quite strong, but not unpleasant.
The CDM: “Are you stopping to rest or do you plan to continue on?”
Umbrecrom: “My thanks. I hope your business in Mertion bodes well for you. Do you seek the healing waters?”
Umbrecrom: * Do you want to hang out or press on Yestamir?*
The CDM: “We bring trade goods to the hospitals of Empyrea.”
Yestamir Carnen: Perhaps they know OF Fortimus Z?
Umbrecrom: “Trade? Why I myself have just secured a trade deal in Sigil. What sort of wares do you offer?”
The CDM: “Many fine surgical tools, bandages and linens from Union.”
The CDM: “And what do you trade in, Your Grace?”
Umbrecrom: “Sadly my deal was not so fortunate to deal specifically in products for the healing arts, but along the lines of… I’m sorry. I can’t recall if there were a stipulation of confidence in the contract. But it was with someone who you may know – A Master Anglican Fortimus Z.”
The CDM: ((?))
The CDM: “Ah, yes, Anglican is known to us. He maintains a small business in Sigil.”
The CDM: Theleman Cordite M speaks up. “Angilcan Fortimus is a relation.”
Umbrecrom: “I thought his business quite vast. Truthfully I am not a trader by nature but of necessity.”
The CDM: “We see. It is nothing to be ashamed of, Your Grace. Not all have the knack for trade. To each his role.”
Umbrecrom: “Truthfully! My pride rests elsewhere, but I learn from the business I manage.”
The CDM: The Mercane treat you graciously and trade annecdotes with you. Apparently this is one leg of a large trade run for them. After Celestia, they will hit Mechanus, then Sigil, then Tu’narath and finally the City of Brass.
Umbrecrom: “Could you tell me where is it you operate from?”
The CDM: “Why from Union of course, Your Grace.”
Umbrecrom: “Of course- you mentioned that! Mayhaps I’ve indulged in too much of this exquisite wine…”
Umbrecrom: He takes another sip, closing his eyes savoring its flavor
Yestamir Carnen: Time to go I suppose,
Umbrecrom: “If I find myself in a position where I can trade for medical equipment and supplies, I’ll want to be able to get back in touch with you.”
The CDM: The mercane smile at one another. Theleman Cordite M hands you a gleaming card of parchment. “Please come consult us when next you visit Union then.”
Yestamir Carnen: Standing, offering his hand “The pleasure was ours, my Lords”
Umbrecrom: "Many thanks to you! "
The CDM: “Anything can be had in Union. Much cleaner than Sigil.” Says Terrel Vv’oxx. “We look forward to doing business with you.” States Master Tyral Ka’rhan.
The CDM: The card’s surface swirls and glimmers. Vv’oxx, M and Ka’Rhan says the card. It swirls again. Union Mercane Counsel. Then it flashes. Present at Staircase Gate.
The CDM: The Master Mercane extends it long skinny blue arm to Yestamir. Four-jointed fingers wrap around the elf’s hand.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom rises. “We must be on our way, but I thank you for honoring us with this visit. If our business brings us to Union, you can be sure to see us again.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom will join in handshakes
The CDM: “We look forward to negotiating with you, Your Grace.”
The CDM: The three mercane rise, towering over you both like strange blue trees. Then they bow.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom will bow back. I think it might be appropriate to back out, so thats what he’ll do
The CDM: The guardsman rejoins you as you leave and walks you to the edge of the camp.
Umbrecrom: and we continue on our journey
The CDM: The path takes you higher and higher into the mountain, through yet more lush valleys, and past more settlements.
Umbrecrom: Up the path, noting the terrain, any animals that are around, the plants, keeping an eye out for herbs and the like
The CDM: You see other travelers, some going in your direction, others, heading downwards. Most are lesser archons of one type or another, some have the heads of lions or dogs.
Yestamir Carnen: I will keep a look out for wild veggies as well.
Yestamir Carnen: Cooking herbs if any
The CDM: Once a great gold wyrm wriggles through the air high above you, disappearing higher up the slope. As you grow more tired in spite of the cheery light and fresh air, you find some wild herbs alongside the path.
The CDM: Titu hovers around you.
Umbrecrom: We’ll gather them. A great Gold Wyrm has to mean we’re close.
Yestamir Carnen: “Tito. Do you know any herbs here that can rejuvinate us on our travels?”
Yestamir Carnen: “We grow weary.”
The CDM: “I’m sorry, sir. But I have no memory of such.”
The CDM: “Perhaps you’d care to rest?”
Umbrecrom: How long have we been on the road since we left castle Mahlhevik?
Yestamir Carnen: We will sit down. Yestamir will break out flint and tinder, build a fire. Get some water for the camp kettle and boil up some herbs, tossing in some rations and spices.
The CDM: “Fourteen hours, sir.”
Yestamir Carnen: If any other travellers pass, Yestamir will approach and see if he can purchase some staples of meat.
The CDM: After buying a haunch of succulent lamb from a passing dwarf for a few silver, Yestamir cooks up pleasant stew.
Umbrecrom: Ah (when Umbrecrom retrained he actually switched out a feat for the endurance feat, so I think he’s feeling it less- he also uped his Con to 24 with the stat point at 16th lvl)
The CDM: ((indeed I’m certain he is feeling it far less than his companion))
Yestamir Carnen: “Well Umbie. I hope we’re getting closer to our destination. This is proving to be more tiring than I would have expected.”
The CDM: Lulled by a full belly, Yestamir soon dozes off into a light trance.
Umbrecrom: “Well, it is the Seven Heavens, and so far we’re tackling them all on foot…”
Yestamir Carnen: “And I’ve spent weeks on the frozen plains in your people’s lands, with little food or shelter. Strange…”
Yestamir Carnen: SNORE
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom stands watch, thinking its probably not necessary.
The CDM: A few hours later, Yestamir is awake and feeling much better, although his calves ache from the gentle yet constant incline
Umbrecrom: Umby’s turn
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir cleans out the kettle, stores it in its linnen case, then prepares the leftover food for use later. Then stands guard.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir will send info crossplains to the Speaker.
Yestamir Carnen: I believe he gets 25 words?
The CDM: ((correct))
The CDM: Umby grabs a quick nap. During which an aged dwarf pauses to rest his bones nearby your camp.
The CDM: The old dwarf brushes his beard out and sniffs the air as Yestamir packs the leftovers.
The CDM: ((are you sending to xma?))
Yestamir Carnen: The Lucians are known as Avolakia. They are best dealt with by using pure physical force. Watch funeral homes and churches. Resurrecting a god. Yestamir."
Yestamir Carnen: The Lucians are known as Avolakia. They are best dealt with by using pure physical force. Watch funeral homes and churches. Resurrecting a god. Yestamir."
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir hails the dwarf
The CDM: ((noted))
The CDM: “Ach, hullo” Rumbles the old dwarf in thickly accented comman.
The CDM: common*
Yestamir Carnen: “Are you hungry?”
The CDM: He pause in his rebraiding of his beard and eyes the elf. “Ifin thet be a spot oh mutton, ten aye, I’d be grateful fer a bit.”
Yestamir Carnen: “It is, though a bit cold. Come over, and I’ll warm you up a bowl or two.”
Yestamir Carnen: “My name is Yestamir. My friend is Umbrecrom.”
The CDM: The dwarf rises slowly, groaning as his old bones creak loudly. He slowly ambles over. “Thenk ye, thenk ye. I be Dolren Granitejaw.”
Yestamir Carnen: " A pleasure, good sir. Please sit, eat. I’ve some elven wine if you wish. I won’t tell anyone you stooped so low to drink it." WINKS
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir hurries to warm the food.
The CDM: The dwarf chuckles and rubs his hands together to warm them, eyeing the stew hungrily.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir nudges Umbrecrom
The CDM: “Tis better den air beer, lad.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Well then sir, you’re in for a treat. This is from the halls of Fenis Ear~ itself. And a good vintage it is, too”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir holds out the flask, waiting for the dwarf to produce a cup.
The CDM: Dolren smacks his lips and drinks deeply straight from the flask.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir Grins.
Yestamir Carnen: “I’m glad you approve.”
Yestamir Carnen: Nudges Umbrecrom again.
Yestamir Carnen: “Wake up, Mister Umbrecrom. We’ve company.”
Umbrecrom: “Unnngh. Boy, that was a good sleep.” Umbrecrom sits up rubbing his eyes. “I dreamt about Amcaro-” Umbrecrom looks at the Dwarf “Oh. Hello”
Yestamir Carnen: “Master Dolren Granitejaw”
The CDM: “Ah… tis lightn wispy, liken its brewers… but wets theh whissle it does.”
The CDM: “Greetins,” The dwarf waves a stumpy, gnarled hand and peers at the warming stew with a hungry eye.
The CDM: He holds onto the wine skin with his other paw.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom bows his head, smile spread across his face. Umby speaks in Dwarvish giving Yestamir the translation over the mind link “Greeting Master Granitejaw. Its a pleasure”
Yestamir Carnen: Thanks
The CDM: Dolren smacks his lips and empties the flask with a deep, satisfied sigh.
The CDM: Ruemy gray eyes never leave the heating stew.
Umbrecrom: “To what do we owe the pleasure of your company Dolren, if I may call you that? May I ask what brings you to Celestia, where we are also travelers?”
The CDM: "Aye be headin too join me kin oop in Erackinor.
Yestamir Carnen: As soon as the grub is warm, Yestamir pulls out a bowl and scoops in a healthy amount of stew, and hands it to Dolren.
The CDM: “Whut miy yoo too be doin here?”
The CDM: The dwarf scarfs it up as if he were pouring it down a well.
The CDM: Then holds out the empty bowl with a hopeful gleam in his eye.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir refills the bowl as soon as it’s empty.
The CDM: “Tis be fine grub, master ellfee. Aye. Fine bit oh muttin.”
The CDM: “Thenk ye.”
Yestamir Carnen: “You are most welcome, sir. Thirds?”
The CDM: Dolren continues to eat as long as the stew lasts, shoveling it away like a starving wolf.
Umbrecrom: "Our goal is Chonias, or at least to its very gate. We’ll be passing through other parts on other tasks, I plan to also visit Solania for example.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir spoons out the last of the food, and then goes about cleaning the pot.
The CDM: The dwarf smacks his lips and wipes his mouth with his beard, belches loudly and sighs.
The CDM: “Iffin aye migh be askin, whatcha dooing headin oop there?”
Yestamir Carnen: “We’re off to see the Landlord.” WINKING
Yestamir Carnen: “Some elvish chocolate?”
The CDM: “Well, aye be happy tah keepin you coompany as ye walk.”
The CDM: “Ooo… chocolate!”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir pulls out a square of chocolate, unwraps it, and breaks it into threes, and hands it out to Umbie, the dwarf, and himself.
Umbrecrom: ’We’d be honored, Dolren’
Yestamir Carnen: “Indeed we would, sir.”
The CDM: Dolren sucks on the confection, moaning and groaning in delight.
Umbrecrom: “Thank you Yestamir.”
The CDM: “Ah, tis a goodly thin tah have coompany as ya traavel.”
Yestamir Carnen: “The pleasure is mine. I only wish I would have brought more.”
The CDM: Titu hovers around you, patient as always.
Umbrecrom: “And this is our guide Titu”
The CDM: “Yo! Sparky!” Says the dwarf. “Ha far tah Erackinor?”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir chuckles.
The CDM: The lantern archon bobs by Yestamir’s head and then shimmers. “We are nearly halfway through Mercuria, sir.”
The CDM: “Ach, me bones. Ah well, tis be nuthin fer it.”
The CDM: Umbrecrom and Yestamir both feel quite refreshed from their naps.
Umbrecrom: "Halfway? I thought the Palace of the Platinum Dragon was to be found here?
The CDM: “The palace moves sir.”
Umbrecrom: “Have you thought that maybe the curative waters of Mertion might soothe the ache of your bones? We’ll be going through there too.”
The CDM: “Oh.. it myght it myght et thet laddie. But aye doon ken tha way.”
The CDM: Titu shines brightly. “Are you ready to continue sirs?”
Umbrecrom: “It moves! Of course it does. Shards and shrapnel! That’s the least reason why I wanted to try to go there…”
The CDM: The lantern archon dims as if embarassed. “I am sorry sirs. Is that where you wish to go now?”
Umbrecrom: “Niether do we, Dorlen, but its not going to stop us. Titu, its my fault, you haven’t been reading my mind, so you didn’t know.”
The CDM: Dolren groans and creaks to his feet. “Aye, be no tim lick tha presin.”
The CDM: Titu dips in the air and brightens. "Where do you wish me to lead you sirs?
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir looks at Dolren with concern. “Dolren. Do you have any ailments other than long life”?
Umbrecrom: "Well, I’d like to try to at least try to secure a blessing or permission or whatever from the Platinum One for our eventual purpose. "
The CDM: “Heh, bit toe rhumetism, thets all, lad.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Well, I’ve a healing potion, but I’m not sure it would work for that…”
The CDM: “Bit yer ryt, long lif kin be an ailment. heh”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir sighs.
Yestamir Carnen: “Or short life, in some cases.”
The CDM: Titu shines brightly. “Then I shall adjust our course, sirs. Are you ready to continue sirs?”
Umbrecrom: “I’ve heard those friendly to him might bypass using the paths. Not that I mind the stroll. Yes Titu we can continue.”
Yestamir Carnen: “We are. Any chance you can journey with us, Dolren?”
The CDM: “Aye, lad, aye be willin.” He takes a few shuffling steps up the path.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir looks at Dolren’s feet.
The CDM: The lantern archon moves ahead, leading the way up out of the valley and taking the next, somewhat stepper branch. The ancient dwarf wheezes and huffs, struggling to keep up, obviously aching but cheerily chatting at you in his nearly incomprehensible broahg.
Umbrecrom: "Dolren, if you’d like I can carry you on my shoulders. "
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir will keep an eye peeled for other travellers. And see if he can get a good pair of shoes for the dwarf.
The CDM: “Ah, lad I be fyn, fyn… an I be a bit heavy evin fer tha licks oh yew.”
The CDM: Your pace becomes maddeningly slow as Dolren struggles to keep up.
Umbrecrom: “No need for you to.. as you wish.”
The CDM: The path you take seems a bit off the beaten way as you spy no other travelers or settlements. It wends and winds up the mountain. Dolren gets slower and creakier, pausing often to catch his breath.
Yestamir Carnen: Chuck. Do I have a levitate power? I can’t remember, of if it would apply.
The CDM: ((no you do not))
Yestamir Carnen: (Okay)
The CDM: Finally the old dwarf sits on an outcropping, wiping his brow with his beard. “Aye be hollin ye back lads, an it looks tah meh eye thet yew both have mport thengs tah dew. Goe on wit yah. Thenk ye fer tha mutton lad.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom will pause as often as needed. We’ve no great deadline to beat. And to accomodate him, I’ll stopp often for solid rests
Yestamir Carnen: “No Dolren. We will carry you. Umbrecrom’s offer stands, and we will be offended if you don’t accept.”
Umbrecrom: “You think a Stonechild would abandon a such a fine and august Dwarf such as yourself?”
The CDM: The dwarf eyes you both for a long while then nods. “Ye be good sorts.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Come on over, Dolren. My friend the stonechild has broad shoulders.”
The CDM: Climbing up on Umby’s broad shoulders the decrepit dwarf clings to the stonechild. He wasn’t kidding, though, he feels like he’s wearing a lead backpack.
The CDM: You make much better time as the old dwarf naps, drooling a bit on Umby’s shoulder.
Umbrecrom: Umbys got a pretty good carry capacity, Chuck
The CDM: Oh, I know.
The CDM: He’s still pretty effing heavy for dwarf.
The CDM: Heh
Yestamir Carnen: “Thanks, Umbie. I appreciate your helping the fellow.”
Umbrecrom: Ok. We’ll go slow enough so Umby can be surefooted
The CDM: A few hours later, Dolren starts awake.
The CDM: Snort! “Ach! Hullo! Oh, it be yew!”
Yestamir Carnen: “I know it’s beneath you, now that your peerage.” WINKS.
Umbrecrom: How ya doin up there?
Yestamir Carnen: "Rise and shine, Master dwarf. And apologies for the bumpy ride. "
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir nudges Umbrecrom
The CDM: “Aye be fine n right lads. Thenk ye. Yew lads be nice folk. But kin thus old dwarf be askin yew a nudder favor?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Please do, my Lord.”
The CDM: “Altho me bladders ’bout tah burst.”
Yestamir Carnen: “There is the woodline, good sir.”
Umbrecrom: Oh! You want to stop for a bit?
The CDM: “Please, lad”
Umbrecrom: Umby Helps him down
Yestamir Carnen: “We will wait.”
The CDM: The dwarf waddles off into the trees disappearing. Soon a steady sprinkle can be heard from somewhere in the foliage."
Umbrecrom: “He wasn’t kidding when he said he was heavy… gotta stretch my back a bit.”
The CDM: It goes on for quite some time.
The CDM: And continues.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir will look for other travellers. If none, he will take his bow and go looking for game.
The CDM: Eventually the dwarf wanders back to where Umby is stretching.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom will take off his Boots of Leaping and striding
The CDM: “Lad, be a bit umbarissed now bout thes. But ayed epreshiate a big favor.”
Umbrecrom: "Here Dolren try these on. They should give a little help if you want to stretch your legs
Umbrecrom: Ask, please!
The CDM: “Thenk ye lad.” He sits and pulls off his worn, paperthin leather shoes. “Ye see, I be tha last oh my clan. Tha Granitejaws yewstah be quite da hall in da ole days.”
The CDM: Tugging on Umby’s boots he wriggles them and grins.
Umbrecrom: I’m sorry to hear that your the last.
The CDM: "Ye see, Aym goinn oop tah see my kin. and tah stay iffin yah ken whut aye mean. "
Umbrecrom: I understand
The CDM: “And aye… well, thet is tah say, Aye be goin dere wit me hat in me hands.”
The CDM: Yestamir returns with a brace of fat rabbits.
Yestamir Carnen: And begins to skin and cook them properly.
Yestamir Carnen: He will go scrounge for more herbs and wild vegetables.
The CDM: "Taint ryght, yew ken. Aye should be be bringin da clan treasures n such. But… " He shrugs and fidgets with his beard braid. “Aye spent tit all tah get dis far.”
The CDM: “Could ye seet in ye hearts to give this ole dwarf a bit of finery to wear or carry to his final rest?”
Umbrecrom: “I can understand your position, Dolren.”
Umbrecrom: Hey!
Umbrecrom: I might have something for you.
Umbrecrom: U rummages around in his backpack. “I’ve and extra earthsilk jersey, and with my weaving skill I should be able to do a fair job of tailoring it for you…”
The CDM: The old dwarf nods and smiles thankfully.
The CDM: It is a simple matter for Umby to alter the garment to fit Dolren and in the matter of an hour, he is clad in earthsilk and Umby’s boots.
The CDM: “Aye, tis a fine bit oh nicery lad. Thenk yew.”
Umbrecrom: “Do you need a weapon? I’ve an extra war hammer. It’s not a treasure but you shoulds have something”
The CDM: “Dew ya haf an old hammer or sword I could bear as well? I hate tah luke me boy in deh eyes wit now weppin.”
The CDM: The conies are cooking up nicely Yestamir.
Umbrecrom: “I’ve an extra Warhammer- here ya go.”
The CDM: The old dwarf’s eyes water and he bows so deeply his beard brushes the ground and he nearly falls. He clutches the warhammer in arthritic hands and smiles.
The CDM: Soon the smell of roast rabbit fills the air.
The CDM: Dolren sits against a stone and mutters old dwarf battlesongs to himself.
Umbrecrom: “your the last of your clan, you know I’ve been thinking I need something other than this old chainmail” Umbrecrom removes his chainshirt- “There’s even a bit of Magic to it! It’ll fit nice!”
The CDM: The dwarf nearly cries. “Bless ya, lad, bless ya.” He slowly pulls on the chainmail and draws himself up straight. “Thenk ye, lad.”
The CDM: “Ay feel lick a hunnerd years younger, do aye.”
The CDM: The rabbit is crisp and smelling fine, dripping sizzling juices into the fire.
Umbrecrom: “You Welcome Dolren. You’re gonna look good for your clan, and I’m glad to help.”
The CDM: ((john? you still there?))
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir begins dishing out food
The CDM: The dwarf eats every scrap, mumbling both your praises, in his mangled common.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir pulls out another wineskin, poors cups for Umbie and he, and then offers the skin to Dolren.
Yestamir Carnen: poursa
Yestamir Carnen: pours
Umbrecrom: “Thank you Yestamir, you’ve done an excellant job!”
Yestamir Carnen: “It is nothing my friend.”
The CDM: The dwarf grins and drinks deep from the skin.
The CDM: After the meal and a bit of a rest, you continue up the mountain. Dolren insists on walking, tromping in his armor and trying hard not to wheeze. Rounding a corner you come upon a gleaming white marble tomb.
Umbrecrom: “And what’s this?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Indeed. An odd place for a tomb”
Umbrecrom: “Is there any attribution around?”
The CDM: You have passed similar structures but this does seem a bit out of the way.
Umbrecrom: “Maybe a barbarian or ranger. This seems to be a fine spot.”
The CDM: Simple but elegantly built, it proclaims the final resting place of one Lady Merlith Contrailion. Warrior, magess and devoted champion of Pelor and the Light. A bit of overgrowth clings to the small building.
The CDM: Dolgren studies it with rhuemy eyes and bows his head, resting the head of the warhammer on the marble steps.
The CDM: “Tis a good spot.”
The CDM: With a groan he rises and then sits on the steps. “Aye be needin a rest lads. Dew ye mind?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Perhaps a palidin”\
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom grabs some of the weeds that cling to its walls. “Go ahead. I think I’ll just spend a bit clearing out this overgrowth.”
The CDM: The dwarf stretches out near the inscription and closes his eyes for a nap.
The CDM: The weeds and vines are a bit stubborn but after a while you’ve cleared the entire area, leaving it clean and gleaming.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir will help Umbie
Umbrecrom: Did you hear- he’s the last of his clan.
The CDM: A bit a satisfaction fills you as you think that perhaps, Lady Contallion, whoever she was, approves.
The CDM: Titu hovers around you, patient as always.
Yestamir Carnen: “I did not. Perhaps we can talk him into returning with us, and visiting with the dwarves on Illuvinar”
The CDM: Several hours pass.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom smiles as he checks the stonework making sure its in good condition (Stoneworking skill)
Umbrecrom: “No. He seeks to be with his kin.”
Umbrecrom: I mean * No. He seek to be with his Kin*
Yestamir Carnen: “Sometimes kin is least where you expect it”
The CDM: The stone of the tomb is strong and hearty – still in good condition. Nearby you find a small, carefully stacked pile of marble blocks covered by weeds, obviously left over from the tomb’s construction.
Umbrecrom: “We can ask, but I think his place is in Erackinor”
The CDM: Dolren Granitejaw fails to wake. There is a small smile on his face, its expression peaceful. He clutches the warhammer on his chest.
Yestamir Carnen: “Dolren”
Yestamir Carnen: “Wake up, Dolren…”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom notes his still chest without touching him " He’s home now"
The CDM: The old dwarf has passed away in his sleep.
Yestamir Carnen: Clutching his holy symbol,
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir prays to Correllon to bring Dolren back to life, so that he may be with his kin.
Umbrecrom: Sniffing, Umbrecrom turns away, looking for the pile of Marble blocks.
The CDM: Yestamir receives no answer but his eyes fall on the old dwarf’s face and the peaceful expression it bears and somehow he feels his heart lighten.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir sighs.
Umbrecrom: He considers what it would take to create a tomb for Dolren out of the extra stone that is there
The CDM: There is enough there for a modest crypt and space enough next to Lady Contraillion’s tomb. Somehow you don’t think she’d mind the company.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir will help. Chuck. Do I have any skills that might aid this process?
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom explains to Yestamir that he’ll make a tomb for their friend. He explains what it’ll be like and suggests things he can do to help.
The CDM: With Breath of the Black Dragon, you could carve an inscription, Yestamir. Else only your back and hands to help Umby.
The CDM: Umby has the skills and I’m certain could improvise the tools.
Yestamir Carnen: I will do all of the aboe
The CDM: It takes some time to sort, move and stack the stone into a humble but pleasing crypt for the dwarf.
The CDM: What do you inscribe?
The CDM: Oddly, there is just enough stone to do the job.
Yestamir Carnen: Dolren Granitejaw, of the Clan Granitejaw
The CDM: What do you inscribe?
Yestamir Carnen: Favoured amongst Moradin’s Sons
Umbrecrom: * How bout something like:Master Dolren Granitejaw last of the Granitejaw clan. Honored and respected friend. *
Yestamir Carnen: May he rest in peace.
The CDM: ((gonna grab a smoke – hammer out what the final version is going to be))
Yestamir Carnen: Bruce>
Yestamir Carnen: ?
Umbrecrom: I think we need not speak for the Soul-Forger
Umbrecrom: I like the ‘May he rest in Peace’
Yestamir Carnen: Soulforger?
Umbrecrom: *Moradin, I think it presumpotuous for us to proclaim that *
The CDM: ((back – got a final?))
The CDM: ((?))
Umbrecrom: John? Master Dolren Granitejaw Last of the Granitejaw Clan. Honored and respected friend. May he rest in peace. That sound good?
Yestamir Carnen: How about "Dolren Granitejaw, last of the Clan
Yestamir Carnen: Granitejaw
Yestamir Carnen: May he rest in peace.
Umbrecrom: Yeah That sounds better
Yestamir Carnen: Okay. There it is.
The CDM: So be it. Yestamir uses his caustic spittle to carefully inscribe “Dolren Granitejaw, Last of the Clan GraniteJaw, May he Rest in Peace”
he CDM: You inture him with armor, earthsilk, warhammer and boots?
Umbrecrom: we stand over the tomb honoring his memory, short as we knew him.
The CDM: And do you have any last words?
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir will say this "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Dolren Granitejaw, last of the clan Granitejaw, died a warrior, and friend, though we knew him but a short period of time. I hope his spirit will find its way home, and may a smile always be on his face.
Yestamir Carnen: "
Umbrecrom: Yeah. Inter him with the stuff. Last words. “Master Granitejaw, our friendship was new. Your passing saddens us and you’ll be missed. I am proud to have known you. Blessings to you and your clan.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir will fill two cups with wine, passing one to Umbie
The CDM: Somehow the small little crypt seems a bit brighter and more elegant. After a time, Titu bobs around your heads.
Yestamir Carnen: “May the gods bless Dolren Granitejaw, and the clan Granitejaw”
Umbrecrom: Smile thinking how he drank and ate. “Thanks Yestamir. Let’s drink to his memory”
Yestamir Carnen: Taps cups with Umbrecrom
Yestamir Carnen: “Somehow Umbie, I’m not so excited to go much further. There’s been more sadness on this journey than the rest combined|”
Umbrecrom: Finishing the cup Umbrecrom breathes deep and looks a final time before he turns and goes
The CDM: Eventually you depart, leaving the tomb behind, the path winds up and around the mountain, hiding the final resting place of Dolren Granitejaw and Lady Merlith Contraillion.
The CDM: Even Titu’s glow seems subdued.
The CDM: You round a bend and climb up along the top of a clifface to find suspended in the air less than a dozen yards away, an immense palace. Shimmering stone lined with jade, copper and silver form its gleaming walls. Impossibly huge gemstones form its windows and are set with gold and silver trim.
The CDM: A tall, simply clad woman stands on the path before you. Gold hair and eyes gleam in the light of the plane.
Umbrecrom: Profound amazement
The CDM: “That was very well done, Yestamir, Umbrecrom. I am Soljarnarian. Welcome to My Lord Bahamut’s home. You are welcome here.”
The CDM: ((I think that’s a good place to stop, don’t you?))

The CDM: Okay, everyone ready?
Yestamir Carnen: Yep
Umbrecrom: go
The CDM: The CDM: You round a bend and climb up along the top of a clifface to find suspended in the air less than a dozen yards away, an immense palace. Shimmering stone lined with jade, copper and silver form its gleaming walls. Impossibly huge gemstones form its windows and are set with gold and silver trim.
The CDM: A tall, simply clad woman stands on the path before you. Gold hair and eyes gleam in the light of the plane.
The CDM: “That was very well done, Yestamir, Umbrecrom. I am Soljarnarian. Welcome to My Lord Bahamut’s home. You are welcome here.”
The CDM: ((done))

Yestamir Carnen: BOWS
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom smiles wide ’ greetings Soljarnarian’
Yestamir Carnen: Greetings, Lady Soljarnarian.
Umbrecrom: ‘We have sought the home of the Platinum Dragon and are pleased to have found it.’
The CDM: The woman curtsies deeply and smiles at you both. “Please take my hand.” She holds out both of her hands.
Yestamir Carnen: TAKES HAND
Umbrecrom: ‘It is sad that Master Granitejaw shall miss the rest of our journey..’ Umbrecrom turns back to regard the path leading to his tomb
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom turns back to Soljarnarian and smiles a sad smile and then advances and grasps her hand.
The CDM: She chuckles softly. “Fear not, Master Ironrage. His journey is done now. And you both made the final part of it better than it might have been.”
Umbrecrom: ‘Thank you. ’
The CDM: There is a flash of light and you find yourselves standing on a balcony overlooking the ridge upon which you stood only a second before.
The CDM: <typing>
The CDM: Soljarnarian turns and walks along a broad walkway of cast silver tiles and up towards the steps of the palace. Wide steps of gold bricks rise up to the gigantic doors of teak and electrum which swing open as you approach. The towering hall before you has floors of beaten mithril and walls and slender columns of fine marble lined with copper and jade.
Umbrecrom: ’Lady Soljarnarian, might I ask, are there any special protocols we should be aware of while we are in His home?’
Umbrecrom: Umby’s marveling googly-eyed at the treasures that are Bahamut’s home.
The CDM: The entrance to the main hall is huge – even for a dragon – and except for a relatively narrow path up the middle, the floor is covered with neat rows of different shaped ivory sticks.
Umbrecrom: we’re walking on gold brick steps. This is AMAZING
The CDM: Acres of these sticks, some straight with nobby ends, some curved, some small, some huge.
Yestamir Carnen: Indeed it is. Any thoughts on those ivory sticks?
Yestamir Carnen: *
Umbrecrom: ‘These Irories, Soljarnarian, might I ask what they are?’
Umbrecrom: (Ivories)
The CDM: Soljarnarian smiles. "For such as you two, it should suffice that you remain polite and truthful. Oh, " She adds with a sly wink, noting your gaze. “Those are the bones of all the thieves that have tried to steal from My Lord.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom bursts out with a laugh ‘Ha-ha-ha!’
Umbrecrom: ‘Beg pardon. It’s a lesson some need I suppose!"
The CDM: “They, too, are now part of My Lord’s home.”
The CDM: “Truely, Master Ironrage. That is why the entrance is lined with them. To set the proper tone for visitors.”
Umbrecrom: ‘An honor they don’t deserve, but have well earned.’ Thinking about his personal trove of keepsakes from past foes ‘But I understand it well enough.’
Umbrecrom: Remembering his missing right ear, Umby recalls yet another task he wants to attend to eventually.
The CDM: You all enter the next chamber, which is fashioned to resemble the inside of a vast underground chamber, with rough walls and outcroppings of jade, copper, silver, citrine, sardonite and dozens of other semi-precious metals and minerals.
Umbrecrom: ((in their natural states or have they been worked in some way?))
The CDM: The floor here is still beaten mithril and rugged, twisted columns that rise to the roof appear to be made of single rough pieces of ruby, saphire and diamond. The ceiling is studded with thousands of bright points of light that may be actual diamonds, rubies and emeralds.
The CDM: ((clearly worked to appear as outcroppings of rock))
The CDM: ((Imagine going into a natural cave and all of the walls were precious metals and stones instead of rock))
Umbrecrom: Yeah, Umby probablly can’t even guess at the natural forces that would create that kind of confluence of gems and precious stones. Stunning though.
The CDM: “My Lord’s home is his horde, as you can see.”
Yestamir Carnen: *Quite a difference from Lord Correllon’s home. The opulance is staggering.

Umbrecrom: ‘Befitting of his nature. This is… I’m staggered- its so amazing!’ Umby spins a few times to get a good look.
The CDM: She leads you to one side of the chamber and pauses before a large outcropping of topaz and leaps into the air, shimmering as she flies, swelling and taking on a metallic gold sheen. Landing, she has transformed into a huge gold dragon which peers down at you.
The CDM: “What brings you to the home of Bahamut?”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom, who has never (to my knowledge) been in the presence of a Dragon is staring up, wide-eyed jaw agape.
Yestamir Carnen: IN DRACONIC
Yestamir Carnen: “We seek an audience with Lord Bahamut, and would ask for his aid and hospitality.”
The CDM: A great orb, many times wider then your outstretched fingertips can reach, flairs to brightness from its place suspended high above you. It shimmers like a full moon, made entirely of mother-of-pearl.
The CDM: Another great gold dragon is revealed across the hall, coiled around a spire of pure emerald. “By what right do you seek this audience, Yestamir Carnen?”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom looks on, momentarily speechless.
Yestamir Carnen: BOWING LOW
Yestamir Carnen: “We seek the mercy that all gods of the weal may offer for those who are true of heart, noble of spirit, and in the direst of needs”
The CDM: ((stand by – must fulfill husbandly spider-slaying duties))
The CDM: ((sorry back))
Umbrecrom: cool
Umbrecrom: (( ))
The CDM: A third gold dragon shimmies across the floor like a snake from the dimmer reaches of the hall. It slithers past you with the sound of a thousand tons of leather sliding across metal and coils up one of the chambers rough columns of jade. “And what makes your heart such a one, Yestamir Carnen?”
Yestamir Carnen: BOWS LOW
Yestamir Carnen: Hope, My Lord. I can only hope that my life’s journey as a servant of good has allowed me to claim such a title. It is not for me to determine, but for one such as my Lord Bahamut to judge. If I am found wanting, may his righteous hand smite me where I stand, and my soul sent wandering across the multiverse in despair."
The CDM: To vast points of light appear on the roof amongs the ‘stars’ and reveal a fourth great gold dragon, clinging to the ceiling. It drops and falls, light as a feather, circling around the three of you and then lighting on a rough pedistal of pink coral. “And if your heart is found to be pure, what of the nobility of your spirit? How shall you prove that, oh, child of Amcarofane?”
The CDM: ((Two* vast points of light))(
Yestamir Carnen: BOWS LOW
Yestamir Carnen: “My lord. Again, that is beyond my provenance to say, as I am but a mortal, long lived though my race may be. However, I stand ready to prove myself in whatever manner my Lord wishes, perilous and thankless though the task may be. If the cause of good be served, I will not, and can not turn away from any quest demanded or requested.”
Yestamir Carnen: BOWS LOW
The CDM: A fifth gigantic golden wyrm fades into being coiled in a vast circle around you. It raises its head and regards you with opalescent eyes the size of cottage doors. “Then prove the nobility of your spirit, the trueness of your heart with your words, Son of Celorik.” It rises silently and wriggles through the air like some giant snake swimming and piles itself neatly upon an obsidian stalagtite. “We sit in judgement.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir stands silent for a while. Pondering…
Yestamir Carnen: Then, he begins removing his cloak, his armour, his rings, his other magical items, and places them in a pile in front of him.
The CDM: Soljarnarian, resting on her outcropping of topaz, peers at Umbrecrom, the expression in her huge swirling eyes unreadable.
Yestamir Carnen: “I prove my nobility of spirit by casting aside my personal items of wealth and status.”
Yestamir Carnen: Pulling one last item from his hand, he removes the signet ring of the Carnens, and places it by itself, in front of him.
Umbrecrom: ((Umbrecrom for his part didn’t expect that Yestamir would ask to be judged and then to prove his nobility of spirit- this is quite the unexpected turn))
Yestamir Carnen: The only item left is his holy symbol of Corellon.
Yestamir Carnen: “I part with all my items except this, my lords. The symbol of my faith, and my ultimate symbol of my heritage.”
The CDM: Yet another great wrym of gold slithers into view and slowly coils around a rough, tapering cone of lapis lazuli. “And how does this prove nobility, Yestamir Carnen?” It booms.
Yestamir Carnen: “Nobility of spirit is simplicity, and humbleness, my lords. Not status or wealth. I prove my nobility of spirit by casting it aside, as I will my life if that is what brings about the greatest good”
The CDM: The dragon coiled round the emerald spire tilts its great head and says. “Then it is the nature of nobility to be poor? Interesting.” It peers around the hall slowly then looks at the elf once more.
Yestamir Carnen: Quite so, my lord.
Yestamir Carnen: BOWS LOW
The CDM: A seventh gold dragon walks slowly into the chamber from the entrance you were lead through and slides up to the top of a rounded boulder of pure amethyst. It arranges its coils just so and then regards Yestamir. “Then opulance is the opposite of nobility of spirit, Sir Elf? That speaks poorly of My Lord, doesn’t it?” It seems amused.
Yestamir Carnen: “True nobility lies in being superior to your former self. There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow elves, or beings.”
The CDM: “You evade the question, Yestamir”, says Soljarnarian from her topaz outcropping.
Yestamir Carnen: “My definition is my own, my Lord. You may judge me as you will.”
Yestamir Carnen: "Though I may add that, one must be true to thineself. "
The CDM: The dragon coiled around the jade column queries. “And what is the truth of Yestamir Carnen’s heart?”
Yestamir Carnen: “That I stand ready to serve the greatest good, though I may stumble along that path occasionally.”
The CDM: Seven great wyrms, coiled or sitting upon seven perches of pure gemstones arrayed in a circle around where you stand regard you enigmatically for a moment.
The CDM: As one, seven great golden heads turn to peer at the stonechild.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom, who has been watching the exchange, notices the attention and steps out a bit to separate from this conversation Yestamir had begun.
The CDM: ((LOL))
Umbrecrom: "It is said that travelers friendly to Bahamut may travel Celestia without using the paths. I have urgent business in Chronias, and other tasks on Celestia. Regardless if you would allow us to traverse Celestia without the paths, it would be an accomplishment without equal to be able to call The Platinum Dragon, my friend, and I, his. ’
The CDM: First one, then another and finally all the great dragons begin to hiss, until the air is filled with a grand cacophany of sound not unlike the noise of some great steam engine venting pressure.
Umbrecrom: …what do their faces look like as they make this noise?
The CDM: ((raised heads, bared teeth and a strange shaking of the skulls))
Umbrecrom: Raised as towards the ceiling?
The CDM: ((yes…..somehow… you get the impression that they’re laughing))
Umbrecrom: ((good))
Umbrecrom: Soljarnarian too?
The CDM: ((yes – all seven)
The CDM: “Perhaps, then, one should refrain from being judged, if they are not ready to be tested.” The quiet voice cuts through the sound and the hissing falls away. An immense sphere of shimmering hematite slowly drifts down from the ceiling. Perched atop it is a colossal dragon with gleaming platinum scales.
The CDM: The sphere descends until it hovers and inch above the beaten mithril floor, not five yards from you.
Yestamir Carnen: Who is the voice talking to?
The CDM: ((Yestamir apparently, although it might be both of you))
Umbrecrom: "Greeting Lord Bahamut. I am Umbrecrom Ironrage- and this is my friend Yestamir Carnen. Thank you for allowing us into your home.’
Umbrecrom: He looks up to meet his eyes if possible.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir says nothing.
The CDM: The Platinum Lord of Dragons gazes down at you, his eyes vast swirling pools of opalesence, filled with light and wisdom and immense intelligence.
Umbrecrom: You likely sense the object I carry- the purpose I’m here in Celestia. The shard that I carry, a portion of the Sword of Fiery Might which had been re-forged anew but shattered once again. I seek to throw it into Chronias itself, hoping to destroy it forever so that it will never be re-forged in whole again. I felt it wise to seek you out formally to inform you of my intentions. If I may- do you approve?
Umbrecrom: ’ ’
The CDM: “Pretty words, stonechild.” The dragon’s mouth seems to curve at the corners – a smile? “I am aware of what you carry, Umbrecrom Ironrage. Your intentions are pure in that regard, yet you will not find what you seek in Chronias.”
Umbrecrom: ‘Chronias will not destroy this evil?’
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom had never really entertained this possibility.
The CDM: The great dragon god tilts its head like an impossibly huge cat studying a mouse. “Oh, it would. As would a blast of my breath.”
The CDM: “It would be unmade.”
The CDM: “Did it not occur to you that those who had shattered it the first time had not thought to do such?”
Umbrecrom: ‘How I planned to accomplish this task is of little importance, so long as it CAN be destroyed. I don’t know what had been attempted the first time- just that it wasn’t enough. The shards had been regathered. I sought to… unmake it as you say.’
The CDM: “While it exists, broken and scattered, another such weapon cannot be made by the Lords of the Effreet.”
The CDM: “The power is already invested. Do you understand?”
Umbrecrom: ‘So it must… remain for eternity, but a shard, unretrevievable.’
Umbrecrom: "I had not thought the power it contained as trapped’
The CDM: “Must? What is ‘must’ young stonechild? But a good idea? Yes.” The Lord of Metallic Dragons hisses in humor.
Umbrecrom: ‘Very well. It then can not be unmade.’
The CDM: “Then what shall you do with it, youngling?”
The CDM: For some reason, Umby seems to feel the intent stares of fourteen dragonic eyes on him.
Yestamir Carnen: (Yestamir scoops up his ring and his other stuff and stands waiting as well.)
Umbrecrom: ‘I seek to find a gaurdian for it, now. I am a poor choice for this task, and would be rid of it and the threat it represents.’
The CDM: (All 7 of the golds are watching Umby intently)
The CDM: “Whom shall you choose then, Child of a Stone Lord?”
Umbrecrom: ‘As I asked for your approval, I must now ask for your grace. Would you relieve me of this burden Platinum Lord? Would a friend ask that of one such as you?’
The CDM: All the dragons, gold and platinum tilt their heads simulatainiously. “You do this of your own free will, oh Iron Knight?” Says Bahamut.
Umbrecrom: ‘I ask you freely, Would you please relieve me of the stewardship of this evil, to gaurd it through all eternity so that it may never be used to re-forge the acursed blade ever again?’
Umbrecrom: He takes it out of its pouch, still wrapped, holding it waiting to see how Bahamut reacts
The CDM: The Lord of Metallic Dragons bows its great head. “I would take stewardship of this shard, Umbrecrom Ironrage, son of Nithelia Fragaria Vesca. And in doing so, so swear that I shall not fail in this task. It shall not see the light of mortal realms while I draw breath.”
The CDM: “You have asked for Mercy and Grace, you shall have it. I relieve you of this burden.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom offers up the wrapped shard, its evil should not be revealed in this place, in his open outstretched hand. I thank you and accept your kind offer. Let it be done.’
The CDM from x.×.×.187 joined the chat
Umbrecrom: ‘I thank you and accept your kind offer. Let it be done.’
The CDM: The Platinum Dragon reaches down with a huge claw and holds it open palmed, like a large metal table before Umbrecrom.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom puts his hand in the claw of Bahamut and slides his hand out from under the wrapped shards, leaving it in the Platinum Dragon’s possession.
The CDM: Bahamut turns to the great gold wrym coiled atop the pedistal of pink coral. “Ryujin, secure this.” He hands the pouch to the smaller dragon, who grasps it in its huge jaws and dips its head to touch the mithril floor, then wriggles off through the air.
The CDM: The Lord of Metallic Dragons turns to regard Yestamir.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom breathes deep, sad to have learned why it should not have been destroyed, but glad that the Platinum Dragon and his retinue now watches over it.
The CDM: ((like someone’s gonna steal it from HIM))
Umbrecrom: yup
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir returns the regard, saying nothing.
The CDM: “You seem troubled, Son of Galelinde,”
Yestamir Carnen: “I am mortal. And an elf. Such is my burden.”
The CDM: “And I am not. Speak your mind, youngling.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Avolakia.”
The CDM: The great platinum dragon nods. “It saddens me that this task falls to your generation, young Carnen. But at the same time, it will be good to close the chapter on this story once and for all. The task must be done.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Indeed it must.”
The CDM: It tilts its head to the side, gazing at the elf with one massive eye. “I think that you do not shirk from what must be done, yet I see a cloud over your heart.”
Yestamir Carnen: The Avolakia are powerful. Almost too powerful for us to handle as a people. I would ask for your help, but as I have failed to adequately stand in judgement before you, I fear that I am unable to do so."
The CDM: “It was arrogant to think that you could, is that not so?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Perhaps. Or naive.”
The CDM: The Great Wyrm seems to smile. “Do not let it way heavy on you, Yestamir Carnen. You are young. And youth is not youth if not touch with a bit of arrogance and naivety. Would you accept my counsel?”
Yestamir Carnen: “I would, my lord.”
The CDM: “Then I would impart onto you two things. First I would suggest that you visit Arvandor before the dead of winter. Someone awaits you there. The second is that the Crown of Shards is not where it was warded, but fear not, it does not lie in the talons of the Avolakia. It rests, unrecognized for what it is, beneath the Depths of Despair.”
Yestamir Carnen: BOWS
Yestamir Carnen: I accept your counsel, and my thanks to you for your wisdom, my Lord."
The CDM: ((bah…. “let it WEIGH heavy on you” ))
Yestamir Carnen: (Let what weight heavy on me?)
The CDM: <typing>
The CDM: “Boons and words have been exchanged. Formalities have been observed.” The Dragon God looks at Soljarnarian as she decends her topaz resting spot and shimmers once more into the form of a human woman. She approaches Yestamir and bows deeply then offers a small bundle to the elf. Bahamut continues speaking.
The CDM: “Please accept this humble gift as recognition for your kindness to Dolren Granitejaw.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Thanks you, my Lords.”
The CDM: ((do you unwrap it now?))
Yestamir Carnen: Sure, I’ll take a peek.
The CDM: Within the bundle is a wide band of silver inlaid with swirling runes of pure sapphire the exact shade of your hair. Lady Soljarnarian say quietly. “This is a Torc of Free Will, Yestamir. Wear it around your neck and you will be unaffected by anything that produces a brain lock effect.”
Yestamir Carnen: BOWS LOW
The CDM: The gold dragon that appears as a human woman turns to Umbrecrom. She walks to him and holds a small pouch out to him.
The CDM: Bahamut speaks. “And you, Umbrecrom, for the same reasons.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I am deeply humbled, and thank all of you for such a gift. It is beyond compare.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir looks at the torque in awe.
The CDM: ((Psi Handbook pg 136))
Yestamir Carnen: “Lord Bahamut. I have something that I would ask of you.”
Yestamir Carnen: (thanks!)
The CDM: “Bide a moment, Yestamir. Umbrecrom has yet to receive his gift.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom looks upon the Platinum Dragon, awaiting his pronouncement
The CDM: ((bruce?))
Umbrecrom: yeah?
Umbrecrom: (())
Umbrecrom: ((Oh sorry missed the line where she gave me the pouch))
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom opens the pouch and removes the…
The CDM: In the pouch, lies a small ugly sphere of rough iron the size of a grape. It is warm to the touch.
The CDM: The Lord of Metallic dragons chuckles. “Bound within that sphere, is the spirit of the first dwarven king, whom Moradin molded with his own hands and into blew his very breath. It was thought lost for many an age, but it came into my possession recently. I give it unto you.” The Platnium Dragon seems to smile.
The CDM: “I suspect you might find some use for it.”
The CDM: “Give the Soulforger my regards.”
The CDM: “Now, Yestamir, your something you would ask?”
Umbrecrom: ((Wow. cool!))
The CDM: ((heh, thought you’d like that))
The CDM: (( as the big B says “I suspect you might find some use for that?”)
The CDM: ((john?))
Yestamir Carnen: “I do. Some time ago, upon completion of our task to destory the Effreet sword, I was given one of the shards of it. In hopes of having a powerful weapon made, or something useful to our cause, I gave it to an acquaintance to craft an item from it, in hopes of having a better method of dealing with the evil which we face. In light of your acceptance of being caretaker of the other shards, I would retrieve and give you this other bit of the sword, if you might take it and place it with the others.”
Yestamir Carnen: “It is probably better off here, than on Illuvinari.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir gives Umbrecrom a pained look.
The CDM: The Dragon God looks at Yestamir for a moment then looks at Soljarnarian, who bows her head with a sorrowful look. Bahamut returns his gaze to Yestamir, something sad in that look. “The fate of that shard is set now, Son of Celorik. The wheels of destiny turn.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Might I ask how I might return it to you then”
Yestamir Carnen: ?
The CDM: “It has passed beyond your reach for now, child.”
Yestamir Carnen: “It is with a master craftsman, so for the moment, it is out of my hands, though I would retrieve it as soon as possible.”
The CDM: “It no longer lies in that one’s keeping.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom looking at Yestamir What? What were you thinking? Hearing what Bahamut says Umbrecrom wears a grim visage.
Yestamir Carnen: “Has it been stolen or lost then? Where is it located? I will retrieve it as soon as possible.”
Yestamir Carnen: Apologies. I had hoped to have it made into something of use to our cause.
The CDM: “Rest, blood of Oialelenial, the die has been cast.”
The CDM: “It is not for you to change the path that shards cuts.”
Yestamir Carnen: Well that can’t be good.
Yestamir Carnen: "Perhaps you should give me the chance, Lord Bahamut. *
Yestamir Carnen: “Sometimes paths can be changed”
Yestamir Carnen: “I would offer myself to this quest freely.”
The CDM: "Not this one, little one. " The dragon flairs its head ridge. “I will speak no more on this subject, Yestamir Carnen. Other than to say that sometimes even a dark act can inspire a bright result. Remember that when you return home.”
The CDM: His tone turns comforting. “And the dark act was not yours.”
Yestamir Carnen: “So be it then, Lord Bahamut”
The CDM: "Umbrecrom, Yestamir, it is still your desire to Erackinor?
The CDM: "
Umbrecrom: “Yes, Lord Bahamut. I would very much like to go to Erackinor.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yes as well.
The CDM: “Then rest, when you wake we will be in Solania.” Soljarnarian bows to the Dragon God, her gold hair sweeping the mithril floor briefly. Rising she turns back to you and smiles. “Please follow me.”
Yestamir Carnen: (where’s Titu at??)
The CDM: ((trailing behind as always))
Yestamir Carnen: (Okay)
The CDM: She leads you from the great chamber, eventually to a room of carnelian and pyrite, overlooking a section of shining parapet. Outside a vast whirlwind cups the castle gently and moves it up the mountainside.
The CDM: Soljarnarian curtsies prettily and says. “There are refreshments, bathing and soft beds here. Rest now and know that you are well cared for.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom smiles, she’s back in humanoid form. Can’t help but think about Pr’Gillis, specifically his dad the Elf and his mom the Dragon. Smiles to himself.
The CDM: ((Tomorrow Night – Erackinor!))

The CDM: The CDM: She leads you from the great chamber, eventually to a room of carnelian and pyrite, overlooking a section of shining parapet. Outside a vast whirlwind cups the castle gently and moves it up the mountainside.
Umbrecrom: A big chunk of ground floating in the sky- Umbrecrom thinks this is nice.
The CDM: ((heh))
The CDM: A day passes. Sol brings you food, drink and anything you might require during your trip.
Umbrecrom: Bathing would be nice. Its been a while and I imagine Umby can really get clean here
The CDM: You are shown to magnificent bathing facilities, laden with jeweled fixtures and a mother-of-pearl tub big enough to hold a hill giant.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom avails himself of the facilities using whatever soaps oils and ungents are available
The CDM: As the next day begins, the skies overhead glow like burninsh silver. Luminescent fogs and invigorating scents rise off the valleys. Various fine buildings can be seen below. Monasteries, cathedrals, shrines. Massive glaciers rest on some of the upper slopes.
Umbrecrom: Umby’s thinking that Malachitrix would like a keepsake from here. ‘Soljarnarian I know of a young dragon might there be a bauble that I could pass along to him from the home of Lord Bahamut?’
The CDM: Finally, as the day draws to a close, a vast carved archway hoves into view. It is sunk deep into the mountain’s side and is respendant with carvings that can be clearly seen even from the miles that yet separate you.
The CDM: Soljarnarian smiles prettily at you. “I’m certain you could find something appropriate in the gift shop…”
Yestamir Carnen: (LOL)
Umbrecrom: <Gift shop! Yeah well make a brief stop there- don’t know if we need to deal with that nw though>
The CDM: Then she laughs, seeing your expression.
Umbrecrom: ‘That would be splendid!’
Yestamir Carnen: Fibber
The CDM: Her eyes flash with brief opalescence as she says, "Don’t let it be said that dragon’s have no sense of humor, Umbrecrom.
The CDM: “What did you have in mind?”
Umbrecrom: " I’m not entirelyt certain what he’d like. He’s young and anything interesting might catch his fancy’
The CDM: She smiles slyly. “Perhaps a shaving from My Lord’s throne?”
The CDM: Soljarnarian chuckles. “I’m sorry, I’ll stop teasing you. What type of dragon is it?”
Umbrecrom: Umby’s eyes get big, his jaw drops.
Umbrecrom: ‘Heh heh. That was amusing! Malachitrix is a <help me out here, I think he’s a > Bronze dragon.’
Umbrecrom: (or is it Brass?)
The CDM: ((blinks…….uhmmm fuck… let me check))
Umbrecrom: Brass maybe- isn’t his breath weapon acid?
Yestamir Carnen: “I know that were I to ask for anything, it would be a lock of Lady Solharnarian’s hair. She is beautiful beyond compare, both as a dragon, and as a Lady of Lord Bahamut’s court.”
Umbrecrom: <well done Yestamir!>
Umbrecrom: <maybe its copper- that one has the acid breath>
The CDM: ((crap neither amy or I could find it – I think its copper though))
The CDM: ((confirmed – copper))
The CDM: Soljarnarian laughs. “I’m afraid not, Yestamir. For reasons I’m sure you can understand.”
Umbrecrom: ‘Malachitrix is a Copper Dragon M’Lady.’
The CDM: “How old is this ‘young’ dragon?”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom gets a confused look ’He’s about this big.’ He sizes his hands apart to indicate how big he is ‘without the tail.’
The CDM: She laughs. “Ah, barely a hatchling then. Hmm.”
The CDM: “How about this?” She walks to the dresser and opens a drawer. Pulling out a small turquoise and turtleshell comb she hands it to Umbrecrom. “A contribution to his horde.”
Umbrecrom: ‘That would be lovely, Soljarnarian, my thanks to you. I shall let him know that it was you who chose this treasure.’
Yestamir Carnen: "Oh I understand my Lady. As a consolation prize, might I continue to be a recipient of thy laughter and smiles? "
The CDM: She raises an eyebrow at Yestamir and smiles.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir smiles broadly in return.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom wraps the comb and puts it away.
The CDM: She chuckles. “There is a fine line between genuine flattery and becoming a sycophant, Yestamir. You should be careful where your tongue leads you, sir.” She winks and peers out the window for a moment. “We are nearly arrived. Gather your things and follow me to the balcony where we first entered.”
Umbrecrom: <Gather gather gather, following the Golddragonlady>
Umbrecrom: ‘It has been a pleasure having been a guest here, and you have been most gracious, Soljarnarian. If ever you make your way to Illuvinari please stop by Stone Haven so that I may return the compliment.’
Yestamir Carnen: “Lady Soljarnarian… You misunderstand. I am not deceitful in my words. I meant everything that I said. And would utter them again if given the chance. I would also ask you to dinner if that is something permitted by your Lord…”
The CDM: "It is unlikey, Umbrecrom, but I will remember and treasure the invitation.
Yestamir Carnen: “While I am not a god, it is said that the Carnen’s are direct descendants of Correllon Larethian.”
The CDM: She raises that brow once more and regards Yestamir with a smile.
The CDM: “I am no god, Yestamir.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Then you accept my invitation?”
The CDM: She laughs again and shakes her head. “I doubt very much you could afford my meals, sir.”
The CDM: The view from the balcony is breathtaking. Rising high above you is an arch carved from the living rock of Celestia. Titanic figures of dwarves wrestle, toil, battle and craft in the bas relief of the massive structure, so large that you must crane your necks to take in even a portion of the design.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom marvels at the craftsmanship of the stonework, making notes of particular examples of stonecraft
The CDM: Inside the archway lies a vast pair of doors crafted of stone. They hang open, revealing a tunnel so wide five dragons could fly abreast through it.
The CDM: A hundred or so tiny figures move on the ground below you, passing into and out of the opening.
The CDM: You blink as you realize that the figures are dwarves.
Yestamir Carnen: “Perhaps I need to adventure a little more then before you will say yes? And since you didn’t say no, Might I contact you again, at a later date?”
Umbrecrom: Yestamir points out various details to Yestamir commenting on how amazing the work is
Umbrecrom: Umby points them out to Yestamir
The CDM: “Lets see what happens in the next decade or so, Yestamir. Perhaps you will change your mind.”
The CDM: “Come, take my hands” She holds out a hand to each of you.
Yestamir Carnen: “Perhaps. You might be surprised however at the persistance of this son of Amcarofarne.”
Umbrecrom: And Umbrecrom grasps here hand
Umbrecrom: her hand
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir grasps her hand, kisses it, and then smiles back at her
The CDM: She rolls her eyes but smiles none the less and flash the arches seem even higher now, towering above you as you peer up from the road you are now on.
The CDM: “I must take my leave of you both, now. Good fortune to you both. May Mercy and Understanding accompany you on your journey.” She curtsies deeply.
Yestamir Carnen: “My lady, A gift…”
The CDM: “Hmm? I require no gifts from thee, Yestamir.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir removes his signet ring and passes it to the dragon… “I will return for it in due course. Treat it well, lest my King, mother, and Uncle kill me, in that order”
Umbrecrom: U just spends a moment looking at the arches, and then turns to Soljarnarian ‘Good fortune to you, Lord Bahamut and your companions.’ and offers a bow.
The CDM: She raises her brow once more and peers at him.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir places it in her hand
The CDM: “Are you quite certain?”
Yestamir Carnen: “I am”
The CDM: “Very well. I shall have to be careful to place it in the ‘non-edible’ pile.”
Yestamir Carnen: “My thanks My
Yestamir Carnen: Lady.
Yestamir Carnen: I will see you within the decade.”
The CDM: With a final nod she blinks out of existance.
Umbrecrom: Umby smiles and turns back to the arch, marveling at its scope.
Umbrecrom: "Well, we should get moving.’
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir turns to join him
Yestamir Carnen: “Indeed we should”
The CDM: Crowds of dwarves pass you with odd glances as they go about thier business.
Umbrecrom: ‘I hope to fing Durgeden the Black. I understand this is where he disappeared from when he was abducted’
Umbrecrom: <said that to Yestamir>
Yestamir Carnen: Psionic link or out lout?
Umbrecrom: U smiles at the Dwarves who stare and nods to them. <psi-link I think>
Yestamir Carnen: Okay
Yestamir Carnen: I think so as well. Let’s start asking around.
The CDM: As you approach the doors, you see rows of lights lining the walls, cold fire in all the colors of gemstones.
Umbrecrom: <cold fire?>
The CDM: ((yes, flames but no heat))
Yestamir Carnen: Interesting.
The CDM: Several armored and armed dwarves march up to the door from within the tunnel, halting before you.
Umbrecrom: we look for Erackinor- the Dwarven Mansion- I’m thinking that is where the blacksmith will be found.
Umbrecrom: * = psi talk
The CDM: ((got that =P))
Yestamir Carnen: In Draconic to the dwarves “My lords. We seek Erackinor. Might you assist us?”
The CDM: “Ye are at the gates of Erackinor. What business doth a tree lord have here?”
Umbrecrom: In Dwarvish “Greetings master Dwarves. We seek Durgeden the Black. Could you instruct us where he may be found?” <psi-trsanslate to Yestamir>
Umbrecrom: * heh heh. he called you a tree lord*
Yestamir Carnen: Thanks. He’s just jealous"
The CDM: The guardsdwarves turn to face Umbrecrom and reply in Dwarvish.
The CDM: “Child of Stone, why do you bring an elf to Erackinor?”
Umbrecrom: "It was my friend who brought me, because I could not get here on my own.’
The CDM: They turn and glare at Yestamir.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir smiles and bows low.
The CDM: Looking back at Umbrecrom they say in dwarvish. “You are welcome to enter the last home of the dwarves, stonechild, for your kind and ours have ever been close.”
Umbrecrom: “I thank you. But I sense that your invitation is for me alone…”
The CDM: “Aye, that be true. The elf is not welcome here.”
Umbrecrom: “But he is my friend and I would not leave him”
The CDM: “Then make thyself comfortable.”
Umbrecrom: “Could someone be sent to find Durgeden the Black? so that he may talk with us outside of Erackinor”
The CDM: The guards and several passersby eye you.
Umbrecrom: <We’re the only non Dwarves around right?>
The CDM: ((Yup.))
The CDM: ((this is sacred ground – no non-dwarves allowed at all))
Umbrecrom: <Even outside the Arch?>
Yestamir Carnen: *Umbrecrom. You are more than welcome to go in alone. I will remain here and wait.
The CDM: ((you are the only nondwarves there right now))
Umbrecrom: <Oh wait we’re outside the door>
The CDM: ((yes))
Umbrecrom: *It was your Dorje that shattered what my sword couldn’t. Otherwise Durgeden would still be there most likely. These Dwarves are just guards performing their orders. They don’t have the pull to make exceptions

Yestamir Carnen: Is titu still with us?
The CDM: ((of course))
Yestamir Carnen: Titu. I don’t suppose you have a hat of disguise in your pocket." Smiles.
Umbrecrom: I don’t think that’d work- this is Celestia
The CDM: “I have no pockets, sir.” Says the lantern archon sadly.
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The CDM: ((smoke break brb))
Yestamir Carnen: I’m joking Umbrecrom
Umbrecrom: ((OK Chas))
Yestamir Carnen: Again. I can wait here if needbe. Go in and do what need be done. Perhaps you can have me sent for later.
The CDM: ((back))
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Umbrecrom: To the GuardDwarf "I understand that Elves are not permitted with Erackinor. As a GuardDwarf yours is a thankless task- and I will not ask you to make exceptions, but those who can may yet appreciate the opportunity to speak with the both of us. Could you send for Durgeden the Black for us?
The CDM: Somehow the lantern archon makes the sound of someone clearing its throat. “I would advise against enchantments to gain entry sir.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir chuckles. “Fear not Titu. I was merely telling a joke.”
Umbrecrom: “We can wait here if you could assist us.”
The CDM: The dwarf’s bushy brows rise, making it look as if a huge hairy catepiller was chewing on his forhead. “Send for? Ye mean as in to fetch? Durgeden the Black?”
Umbrecrom: “If you could inform him that Umbrecrom Ironrage and Yestamir Carnen await an audience with him, outside, I think he would be oblige.”
The CDM: The dwarf scowls more and looks you both up and down. Finally he decides to follow age old tradition and pass the buck. He collars another guard and talks with him urgently for a few minutes.
The CDM: The other guard tromps off down the huge hall.
The CDM: More dwarves and dwarven petitioners move past you in a never ending stream.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir plays with his holy symbol a bit. letting it hang outside of his cloak.
Yestamir Carnen: Smiles at the dwarves as they pass.
The CDM: Many of the dwarves glare in irritation at Yestamir.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir smiles back
Umbrecrom: I don’t know if they’ll make any exceptions for you Yestamir, but these guards aren’t the ones to decide that. Put that away, you don’t have to annoy them. I’m trying to get you in, don’t antagonize them
The CDM: ((way to be GOOD Yestamir))
The CDM: The guards glower at Yestamir.
Umbrecrom: If you’re just going to goad them, you may have to wait out here
Yestamir Carnen: Oh now, now. The dwarven/elvish rivalry has exhisted for a long time. And will long after I’m gone. A little good natured humour isn’t out of sorts. And, we both know that I am a dwarf friend at the end of the day.
Yestamir Carnen: *
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir puts his holy symbol away. SIGHS. Finds a wall to lean against.
The CDM: The guards glower even more.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir smiles, straightens up. Mock dusts the wall. And goes to find a rock to sit on.
The CDM: After several hours the panting guardsman regurns.
The CDM: returns

Yestamir Carnen: I wish there was some way to get our friends from home here.
Umbrecrom: ?
Yestamir Carnen: Our dwarven friends. They would vouch for me
Umbrecrom: Looks like maybe Durgeden will come out and talk
Yestamir Carnen: That would be primo.
Umbrecrom: doesn;t matter. They have their orders.
Yestamir Carnen: Don’t we all.
Umbrecrom: But we’re not all Dwarves
Yestamir Carnen: Nor elves for that matter.
Umbrecrom: We’re apt to decide exceptions are to be made
The CDM: A trio of dwarves march up the center aisle and talk to the guards quietly. One particularly square jawed one with a huge raven beard glares at Yestamir after the discussion.
Umbrecrom: I don’t get this Dwarf-Elf thing. Its just annoying."
The CDM: “No, tis the other one.”
Yestamir Carnen: *Well, neither do I at times. Really, it’s been passed on by our gods. We must suffer it I suppose. Like many things in life.

The CDM: The dwarf looks at Umby and sizes him up. Then marches up to the stonechild and looks up at him. “Yes. Know the face.”
Umbrecrom: I don’t recall any stories of Corellan and Moradin bickering"
Umbrecrom: *
Umbrecrom: Umby looks to the Dwarf “Can’t say the same about you. Can I help you?”
Yestamir Carnen: *Shhhh. You’re being exhamined.

The CDM: ((actually it has more to do with the dicotomy of their natures))
Yestamir Carnen: That goes without saying. LOL)
The CDM: The dwarf grins. “Durgeden Granitejaw. Known by some as ‘the Black’” He sticks out a hand the size of a small ham.
Umbrecrom: <I don’t recognize him do I?>
The CDM: ((nope))
The CDM: “Sloppy work you did there in Acheron, but whose tah complain, eh? Ye got the job done.”
Umbrecrom: Umby grasps it firmly “Ahhh! We knew one of yer kin. Dolren”
The CDM: “Aye, ye did right by him says he.”
The CDM: “And by me and those that half-dragon stole.”
Umbrecrom: “We didn’t know what we were getting into. Could have been better prepared.” He shakes the Dwarves paw
The CDM: The dwarf makes a damn good showing of crunching Umby’s fingers – and of keeping from showing how much the stonechild’s grip pains him in return.
Umbrecrom: <So Durgeden the Black wasn’t one of the smiths taken?>
The CDM: ((yes, he was – he looks different here))
Umbrecrom: Umby smiles about that.
Umbrecrom: <Great!>
Umbrecrom: “Yes sloppy work that. I got in touch with some Djinn and they’re giving that Iron box the once over”
Umbrecrom: “So its bound to get sloppier” big smile
The CDM: Durgeden grunts in amusement. “What kin I do fer ya, lad?”
Umbrecrom: " Well, first off we did leave a bunch of loose ends. I wanted to know if there were any details that you could remember about the Half-Dragon that might be helpful when he eventually tracks me down"
The CDM: “Heh. Don’t know that much about him, save he was a nasty half-breed. Red and dark dwarf.” He and his two companions spit onto the road.
Umbrecrom: U spits too
The CDM: “Had thet fallen archon and a pit fiend working for him. And the tiger spirit.”
Umbrecrom: "The Pit Fiend? "
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir spits as well.
The CDM: Nearly every dwarf stops to stare.
Umbrecrom: “Tiger spirit? I don’t know if we ran into that. The guy with the spikes? What about the iron golem things?”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir says, in Draconic “Half dragon BAD
The CDM: Most of the dwarves stare at the elf and his spittle in expressions of puzzlement.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir pulls out a pocket square and dabs his mouth.
Umbrecrom: that’s better
The CDM: “Rakshasa”
Umbrecrom: “Good to know- we didn’t see him.”
Yestamir Carnen: (Chuck, Can I assume that we refilled our wine and provisions while at the cloud castle?)
The CDM: ((yes))
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir pulls out a wine skin and offers some to the dwarves.
The CDM: “The bladeling and the other dark dwarves. There was the dragons ’course. But youse know about them seein hows you got inside. And the metal cats.”
The CDM: The dwarves studiously ignore the wine.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir pours himself a cup, and imbibes slowly.
The CDM: “Aye think that be it, lad. Didja have other questions?”
Umbrecrom: “We did manage to avoid the worms”
The CDM: “Aye, now that’s a fine trick it is. Tough to do.”
Umbrecrom: “I was hoping you’d have been in a state that you could remember something about them. I’m sure I’ll be seeing them again”
Umbrecrom: <Not the Worms- the others>
The CDM: “Tisn’t a thing about the remembering, lad. Tis that I don’t know much other than that forge.”
Umbrecrom: “Yeah, that forge. It didn’t look well after the sword shattered.”
The CDM: “Good.”
The CDM: “Tis a foul place that was.”
Umbrecrom: “And if your having a problem remembering, it was Yestamirs own Dorje that destroyed the blade which released everyone. While he was indisposed our Halfling was able to manage to work its power.”
The CDM: “Aye, I remember that.”
Umbrecrom: Umby gestures to Yestamir at the appreopriate moment.
Umbrecrom: “I also have a problem I think you’re uniquely qualified to handle for me.”
The CDM: “Seems tah me it should be the halfling that be needing the thanking, unlike what yer point eared friend seems to believe. What problem is that, lad?”
Umbrecrom: "It isn’t Yestamir that’s thinking anything friend Dwarf. "Looking Durgeden in the eye, U holds his hand up & snaps his fingers so that the Greatsword he keep in his glove of storing appears pointed safely away from anyone. He presents the blade to the smith.
Umbrecrom: “My own weapon, though powerful, proved insufficient. I suspect part of the problem was that the final crafting of its magic was done by Elves and that has somehow lessened it. Lessened what it could be. It has been damaged because of its failure. As mighty a weapon as it already might be, it is not enough. I would seek to have it forged anew, reborn under a Dwarven smith’s hammer at the foot of the Soul Forger, remade, and improved. I seek Durgeden the Black to re-cast the sword and place his maker’s mark upon it.”
The CDM: ((break to feed dogs ))
The CDM: Durgeden tries not to snear at the mention of Elvish smiths.
The CDM: He takes the blade and eyes it.
Umbrecrom: <And I appreciate his effort>
The CDM: “Aye, Could use a few good reworkings”
Yestamir Carnen: You just HAVE to hate how elven smiths destroy all that they touch, don’t you?
Umbrecrom: “It could use everything you can blast into its rigid metal”
The CDM: The dead smith looks at Umbrecrom. “Might be better just to melt it down and start over.”
Yestamir Carnen: Because the elves would certainly defile it .
Umbrecrom: Umby smiles, a gleam in his eye, a single solid nod.
Umbrecrom: get a grip. *
The CDM: “I take it you’re not here for a social visit then? Here tah claim a reward fer your work on Archeron, eh?”
Yestamir Carnen: *No, no. Wouldn’t want to grip anything. I might somehow lessen anything I touched

Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir looks a bit irritated.
Umbrecrom: “Couldn’t be very social, if’n me friend Yestamir isn’t to be treated as a friend.”
The CDM: Durgeden eyes the elf.
The CDM: “Hmmph.”
The CDM: “When he acts as one he’ll be treated as one.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Harrumph yourself. At least Dolren enjoyed my company. And wine.”{
The CDM: “Aye, that he did. Tis the only reason I haven’t booted yer smug ass down the mountain.”
Yestamir Carnen: If I was smug would I have offered to fill your cup with my own hand?"
Yestamir Carnen: Pulls out cup, fills it with wine, offers it.
Yestamir Carnen: “Take it. Dolren did. He was a true gentleman.”
Umbrecrom: “I asked him to bring me here. I thought you might extend the courtesies that Mahlhevik let us enjoy. If you can’t despite the part Yestamir had in the Iron Tower mess, I can’t pretend to understand it.”
The CDM: Durgeden turns back to Umbrecrom. “I won’t bandy words with this mealy-mouthed git, lad. I don’t ken to let him speak pretty words and insult me behind his grin.”
The CDM: “And Mahlhevik.” The smith spits again.
The CDM: The dwarf hands the blade back to Umbrecrom. “Don’t truck with dark wizards, lad.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Durgenden.”
Umbrecrom: “You’re the one who suggested this might be a social visit. You’re the one who plainly doesn’t want it to be.”
Umbrecrom: Durgeden
Yestamir Carnen: “Regardless of what you may think of me, or elves, I would ask that you help Umbrecrom with his sword problem. He’s saved many a dwarven life. He saved MY life for that matter. He needs your help, and I would beg that you indulge him.”
The CDM: “Then let him speak, elf and aid your friend by shutting your yap and at least pretending some respect.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Go ahead, Umbrecrom. Speak your piece.”
Umbrecrom: “So Durgeden Granitejaw. What is it you can do for me?”
Yestamir Carnen: And then let’s go. This place is irritating.
The CDM: The dwarf glares up and down at Yestamir then turns back to Umbrecrom. “Ye want your sword remade. Very well, then. I will repay my debt to you by reforging it.”
Umbrecrom: * No. This Dwarf-Elf follies is irritating. *
Yestamir Carnen: I would think dwarves in heaven would be happy. Apparently that is not true
Umbrecrom: U arches an eyebrow. “When you speak of debt, you make it sound like a task to be done with. I’m thinking that I’d be honored and proud carry a sword that Durgeden himself really poured his effort into.”
Yestamir Carnen: Show him the stone, Umbie
Umbrecrom: That doesn’t go to him
Yestamir Carnen: I know, but he’d be impressed…
The CDM: The smith crosses his arms and waits for Umbrecrom.
Umbrecrom: <what’s he waiting for Chuck?>
The CDM: ((Uhm.. You? To tell him what you want?))
Umbrecrom: “If when the sword is redone, if it could be done as a Soul Forged weapon, I’d be honored. I’ve also heard of something called a weapon of legacy. Are you familiar with them?”
The CDM: ((soul forged?))
Umbrecrom: (That
Umbrecrom: s the weapon template done by dwarven weaponsmiths in Celestia)
The CDM: ((I’ve never managed to find that – where is it?))
Umbrecrom: <hold on>
Umbrecrom: <I’ll have to get back to you- it basically adds 1 to the weapons hardness, 5 hit points, and there’s a pattern of angelic wings on it. Every time its swung you can heard a song of good in the distance- I want that to be in Terran not common so it sounds like an avalanche>
The CDM: ((heh, don’t want much do you? <chuckles> alright, this looks like a good place to stop then – must be up at 6 am. Same time tomorrow?))

Illuvinari: Stairway to Heavens
Transcript as of Wed May 6 03:37:12 2009 GMT (44 KB)
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The CDM from x.×.×.187 cleared the room 2 hours ago
The CDM: When last we left our parabolic pair, they were at the gates of Erackinor in Solania, the fourth layer of Celestia, trying to convince Durgeden to reforge Umby’s sword for him into a Weapon of Legacy.
The CDM: The shade of the great dwarven smith looks at Umbrecrom.
Yestamir Carnen: Good luck Umbie
The CDM: “Ye want it to become a weapon of legacy, eh? And Soulforged to boot?”
Umbrecrom: ‘ever done that?’
The CDM: He tugs his beard as his two companions glower at Yestamir.
The CDM: “Aye. Once. Tis not an easy thing, but can be done.”
Umbrecrom: ‘and Durgeden is the one to do it!’
The CDM: “Hmmph. Aye, I kin do this fer ya.”
Umbrecrom: ‘I am in your debt, Master Granitejaw.’
Umbrecrom: ‘The sword you craft will cleve a reputation like none other!’
Yestamir Carnen: Don’t overdue it, Umbrecrom. He’ll think you’re going elf on him.
The CDM: He takes the sword and hands it to his two apprentices, then turns back to Umbrecrom. “That remains tah be seen, lad. Ye’ll be wanting guest quarters then?”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir sighs, and begins looking around for some other races, with merchant stalls/tents set up.
Umbrecrom: "Well, I do have another thing to do here, at least I think he’s here. Oh is Dolren around?’
The CDM: ((bruce – do you have a final cost on this puppy?))
Umbrecrom: <cost? WoL are priceless. >
Umbrecrom: <that’s what the write up says>
Umbrecrom: <didn’t look close for a specific cost>
The CDM: ((stand by then))
The CDM: ((damn, okay, this is going to take quite a while to figure out, I don’t recall any of these rules – bah. What do the first two ceremonies cost?))
Umbrecrom: the first two ceremonies I think add up to 34000 gp
The CDM: ((DMG states 1 day for every 1k gold to make so I’ll round down – thirty days))
Umbrecrom: crap
The CDM: ((that’s not figuring for the soulforged either, just throwing that in))
Umbrecrom: <Oh wait ritual costs least- 2000 lesser-13500 page185 chart 4-3
Umbrecrom: <greater ritual is next level>
The CDM: ((checking))
Yestamir Carnen: I’ll help financially as best I can
The CDM: ((depends on the abilities – see the next 7 tables))
Umbrecrom: Sounds like it’ll be months
The CDM: ((sorry, I haven’t had time to research this much))
Yestamir Carnen: Maybe Moradin can speed it up once\if you show him the stone?
The CDM: ((looks like I’ll have to schedule a rule study))
The CDM: ((still trying to figure out the xp costs too))
Umbrecrom: not a problem- didn’t think to do it myself either
The CDM: ((looks like around 1600xp
The CDM: ))
The CDM: ((that’s a guess w/o reading in depth))
Umbrecrom: <I don’t know- sounds light>
The CDM: ((whatcha wanna do bruce? have umby wait? come back later? try something else? ))
The CDM: ((pg 182-183 for xp costs))
Umbrecrom: %u201DDurgeden, Where might I find the Soul Forger and how should I address him?%u201D
Umbrecrom: ’ ’
Yestamir Carnen: Why don’t you just get it all set in motion and started. We can come back easily enough, now that we know where the place is.
The CDM: ((still have to enter through Lunia, John))
Umbrecrom: * I got this nugget that I want to pass along…*
The CDM: The smith’s brows rise. “The Soul Forger? Ye want tah see the Soul Forger?”
Umbrecrom: “Yes I do.”
The CDM: “But…yer not a petitioner!”
Yestamir Carnen: (I know, but perhaps Moradin can make other arrangements. Regardless, we can try and come back)
The CDM: (perhaps he can but why would he?))
Umbrecrom: “… I was given a gift that I’m going to give to him. It was his once long ago.”
Yestamir Carnen: (Maybe he’ll be happy to get a lost soul back in his hand)
The CDM: “A gift? Ye have a gift fer the Soul Forger?”
Umbrecrom: “Aye. A gift fitting for the Maker”
The CDM: Durgeden looks skeptical
The CDM: As do the other dwarves around.
Umbrecrom: I thought that the shard from the Sword of Fiery Might that I carried would be cast into Chronias itself. Instead the shard now rests in the palace of Bahamut, under his watchful eye.
Yestamir Carnen: Go ahead. Make them gasp
The CDM: “Gud place fer it!”
Umbrecrom: Before we even ran across the platinum Lord, we encountered your kin, Dolren’
Umbrecrom: ‘Of course you know what happened to him’
The CDM: “Aye, tis true. Me great grandson.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir sips some more wine.
Umbrecrom: ‘Lord Bahamut was pleased by the way both Yestamir and myself treated your great grandson. The last of Clan Granitejaw’
The CDM: “Ye did right by him and tis fer that act and yer work in Acheron that I’m here now.”
The CDM: “And rightly so.”
Umbrecrom: ‘and gave us gifts because of it’
The CDM: “Did he now?”
The CDM: “And what does this have ta do with the Soul Forger, lad?”
Umbrecrom: ‘the gift I received was something I thing the Soul-Forger would like back.’
Umbrecrom: think
The CDM: The smith scratches his beard in deep thought.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir smiles at the dwarves broadly.
The CDM: “Then I’ll take it to him ifin ya like.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom reaches into his shirt and pulls out the metal grape looking nugget, bringing it forward for Durgeden to look at.
The CDM: ((wow, john you’re really trying to make this hard for umby aren’t you?))
Yestamir Carnen: (Not at all. Just anticipating his reaction)
Umbrecrom: <I don’t think he’ll recognize it>
The CDM: Durgeden peers closely at the nugget and frowns. “Doen’t seem tah be much tah look at lad”
Umbrecrom: “Unless I have been fooled its not what it is but what is bound to it.”
The CDM: “Hmm…. Very well, I’ll take it to him. Wait here.” He holds out his hand palm up.
Yestamir Carnen: By Hades he’ll take it!
Umbrecrom: ‘Could he be brought out here?’
The CDM: The eyes of nearly every dwarf in earshot nearly pop out of their heads.
Umbrecrom: ‘Asked to treat with me?’
Umbrecrom: dang
The CDM: “………..ya….ya… want tah bargain with Moradin??!?”
Yestamir Carnen: (I feel like rolling on the ground and laughing like Henry)
Umbrecrom: “Not in the slightest! Merely present it to him. It was his once long ago.”
Umbrecrom: “Yer daft if you think I’d even think of trying to do that”
The CDM: The smith leans close and says in a quiet, conspiratorial tone, “Lad, didja take one ta many knocks to tha head?”
Umbrecrom: ‘Three. but I try not to let it get me down. I’m a stonchild after all.’
The CDM: “Heh. Well, ya got great stone gajungahs tah be sure.”
The CDM: The smith studies Umbrecrom for a long moment.
Umbrecrom: “I think he’ll appreciate it. And I’d like to be the one to present it to him. And it’d be nice if it could be out where Yestamir would be allowed to witness it.”
The CDM: Durgeden peers at Yestamir. “Doun knew what ye see in him, lad.”
Umbrecrom: ‘You ever had a friend that other folk didn’t get along with?’
The CDM: The smith nods slowly. “Aye. Tis a heavy burden ye bear with this smug one though.”
Umbrecrom: “Bet your friend was a damn fine friend too.”
The CDM: “Bugger still owes me a ten weight of platinumn.”
The CDM: He laughs.
Umbrecrom: "I’m sure he’d rather owe to you than cheat you out of it’
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom smiles broadly and winks at the dwarf
The CDM: “Hmmph.”
The CDM: “Tis a phrase used by cheats and layabouts instead of going out tah do honest work.”
Umbrecrom: ‘I do realize what I ask is maybe a little unprescedented."
The CDM: “Lad, ye have no idea.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom holds up the nugget "Master Granitejaw, you’ve no idea"
The CDM: “What ifin I tromped up to yon elfie’s god’s doorstep and demanded she come out and see me?”
Umbrecrom: “I don’t know. Try it. It’ll help if you bring a gift.”
The CDM: The dwarf rolls his eyes. “Very well, I’ll go and see if I kin speak tah the Soul Forger on yer behaf den.”
The CDM: Durgeden and his two companions turn and march back into the depths of the mountain, leaving you with a score of guardsdwarves eyeing you.
Umbrecrom: ‘My debt to you only rises, Durgeden’
The CDM: Time passes as do all things this side of the veil of life. Slowly.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom will inspect the nearby stonework, commenting and marveling.
Yestamir Carnen: (Is there ANYwhere to hang out this side of the gates, Chuck?)
The CDM: ((not close))
The CDM: ((down the road a bit is a very nice looking stone village))
The CDM: Things become very very quiet and still. The sounds of the crowd fade and stop.
Umbrecrom: <you can’t escape the the Ironrage Stonecraft lectures that easily>
Umbrecrom: I think its time to turn around *
Yestamir Carnen: (Be nice to the guy driving the bus.)
The CDM: The very air itself seems to still.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom turns wondering if he’s here.
Yestamir Carnen: *Sit down Umbie. Waiting for a god takes time

The CDM: Around the gates all the dwarves are frozen as if stone.
Umbrecrom: not just a god- The soul-forger
Yestamir Carnen: Indeed
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom is mimicing the dwarves but still looking around, getting ready to look down
Umbrecrom: <can we sense him?I’m guessing the Dwarves can>
The CDM: A shadow falls on the stonechild and the dwarf. A vast silhouette can be seen in the arch, nearly brushing its top. Two wide pools of firery eyes peer down at you from the heights.
The CDM: ((the dwarves are all frozen like statues))
The CDM: ((not reacting in the slightest))
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom can’t look away
Yestamir Carnen: I know I sure can’t
The CDM: Vast eyes like molten metal study you, you can feel the heat from them even though they are a score of yards away.
Umbrecrom: “The Lord Bahamut gifted it to me.
Umbrecrom: He was pleased by how we treated the last of the Granitejaws in his final hours.”
The CDM: Moradin the Forger of Souls steps carefully out of the arch, avoiding crushing his followers. His skin shimmers like old bronze in the light of the plane.
Umbrecrom: <wow!>
Yestamir Carnen: (Gimme some sugar Baby!)
The CDM: The god of dwarves steps out into the light, the wiry copper hair of his head nearly brushing the top of the arch. He leans down and peers at you both.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir bows low.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom steps ahead “He told me that it was crafted from your own hands, you breathed life into him.”
The CDM: The titanic figure goes down on one knee and holds out a bronze palm the size of small cottage.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom brings the nugget out and goes and puts it into the hand of the waiting God
The CDM: Fingers the size of tree trunks close around the speck of iron.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom steps back.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir puts a hand on Umbrecom’s back. Well done sir.
Umbrecrom: thanks friend
Umbrecrom: “Bahamut is wise, yes.”
Umbrecrom: “I return to you that which is yours.”
The CDM: The gigantic figure regards Umbrecrom.
Umbrecrom: “I would not proclaim to seek a boon, nor would I turn one away.” Umbrecrom smiles
The CDM: Then it reaches out and gently grasps Umbrecrom between two fingers, lifting him.
Umbrecrom: <sweet!>
Yestamir Carnen: (Yikes!)
Umbrecrom: what is he pinching?
The CDM: With no more pressure than you would exert in crushing a grape, he turns the stonechild into a red smear.
The CDM: ((heh… j/k ….))
Umbrecrom: holy crap
The CDM: ((sorry couldn’t resist))
Umbrecrom: heh heh heh LOL I’m giggling
The CDM: The figure rises to its feet and turns, stepping back towards the archway.
Umbrecrom: <I’m on the God-ride!>
The CDM: It pauses and turns to regard Yestamir over his shoulder.
Umbrecrom: ya laggard!
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir smiles inspite of himself, turns into a hawk, and flys after the God and his friend.
Yestamir Carnen: “The pleasure is mine, Lord Moradin!”
Umbrecrom: <Yay! I got him in!!!!>
Yestamir Carnen: Thanks Umbie. I thought I was going to have to get a room somewhere
The CDM: The god steps through the archway…
The CDM: … and into a vast dark chamber filled with a huge device out of which glares white, hot radiance. You both find yourselves standing on a smooth stone floor, sweat springing to sudden bloom on your skin. Moradin, his eyes like pools of molten steel, turns to you – to your surprise you find that he is your size.
Umbrecrom: I’m betting Durgeden’s going to find that friend of his tonight or when he can get to it
The CDM: The air is like fire to your lungs.
Yestamir Carnen: Perhaps so!
The CDM: The god of forges regards Umbrecrom. “Your sword.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir uses his adapt power to keep the worst effects of the heat at bay.
The CDM: ((it does nothing to help – in fact he finds that none of his powers are functioning save the mindlink))
Yestamir Carnen: Not good!
Umbrecrom: "Yes Lord Moradin.’ (If U still has it he’ll present it)
The CDM: ((he does))
The CDM: The Soul forger studies it for a long time.
Umbrecrom: 88
Umbrecrom: (oops)
The CDM: Then he takes it to the forge – which you find you cannot approach any closer for fear of burning – and disolves into a mere shadow against the glaring light.
The CDM: Then comes a resounding CLANG
Yestamir Carnen: By the cape of Correllon himself!
The CDM: Your clothes are drenched with your sweat. Around you there are many dwarves frozen in various acts of smithwork.
The CDM: Again comes the CLANG
The CDM: The sound goes straight to your bones.
The CDM: And a third time. CLANG
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir drinks some water, hands the canteen to Umbrecrom.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom is just dazzled. He doesn’t even register Yerstamir at the moment
Yestamir Carnen: U
Yestamir Carnen: mby. Are you all right?

The CDM: The shadow resolves into a dark silhouette, the only details are a pair of orange gold pools of molten steel for eyes, and a bar of brilliant white fire clenched in its hand.
The CDM: It approaches, becoming the forge god bearing a white-hot greatsword.
Umbrecrom: I’m fine. The Creator is at work.
The CDM: “You would do this, Umbrecrom Ironrage?”
Umbrecrom: “I would do this Dwarffather.”
The CDM: Moradin nods gravely, then plunges the sword, still glowing white from the forge through Umbrecrom’s breast.
Yestamir Carnen: “What the???!!”
Yestamir Carnen: “STOP!”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir digs frantically for a potion of healing.
Umbrecrom: yestamir- don’tt!
The CDM: “Silence, elf” And Yestamir finds his voice gone. Only his friend’s scream of agony and the sizzling of his flesh to be heard.
Umbrecrom: aaarrghhhh!
Yestamir Carnen: AGGHHHH!
Umbrecrom: <sizzle, sizzle>
The CDM: After what seems like an enternity, Moradin withdraws the cooling blade and Umbrecrom falls to his knees, smoke rising from a gaping hole in his chest.
Yestamir Carnen: (SMOKE)
The CDM: The dwarven smith god eyes the blade critically.
Umbrecrom: The blade (huff) needed to be… tempered
The CDM: “Tis tempered enough.” He waves a hand idley at the stonechild and turns back to the forge with the blade. Umby collapses, his chest whole, but scarred.
Yestamir Carnen: RIGHHHTTTTT. Oil usually works better!
The CDM: ((oil? Pfft. Soul forger dude))
The CDM: ((He tempered it with Umbie’s soul))
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir pours a healing potion down Umbie’s screaming mouth.
The CDM: Yestamir’s voice returns.
Yestamir Carnen: I hope you’re happy, Umbrecrom. That was painful just to watch
Umbrecrom: “I’m glad you could be here Yestamir”
Yestamir Carnen: “I’m not so certain that I can return the sentiment, my friend!”
The CDM: There is a vast hissing sound and steam fills the air, making it even hotter.
Umbrecrom: Umby tries to get to his feet. He still wants to watch as much as he can.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir helps him up, if possible.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom will offer weaponsmithing commentary through the mindlink because he has craft:weaponsmithing
The CDM: Moradin strides through the mist, greatsword in hand. The blade is shimmering silver gray, covered with fine swirls and lines like feathers. The god swings it experimentally.
The CDM: The blade sings. The sound of boulders and stones singing praises to those on high.
The CDM: “Interesting.”
Umbrecrom: SWEEEEEEET!
The CDM: Then Moradin offers the weapon to Umbrecrom.
The CDM: “It will serve you as well as you serve it.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom reach for and takes the greatsword feeling its heft and balance.
The CDM: The blade is fine and exquisitly balanced.
Yestamir Carnen: Umbie. Are you all right? *
Yestamir Carnen: Looks at the wound.
The CDM: ((two holes in his armor and diamond shaped scars on his chest on back))
The CDM: and

Yestamir Carnen: PHEW
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom moves the sword through the air a bit. (Umby gave his armor to Dolren)
Umbrecrom: Hes got his Earthsilk jersey
The CDM: The blade sings again. The sound of boulders and stone grinding the praises of good.
The CDM: Moradin turns his firery gaze upon you both.
Umbrecrom: “This will be perfect!” Umbrecrom turns and faces the Forge God
The CDM: “Nay. It will be what you make of it.”
Umbrecrom: “I thank you Lord Moradin. This is an honor like no other.”
The CDM: “Yes. It is. Tis time you were on your way.” He blinks slowly……… and you find yourselves on the mountainside, the burnished silver sky high above you.
Yestamir Carnen: “Here. Have some wine. You earned it.”
Umbrecrom: <Are we still in Solania?>
The CDM: ((yes))
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom takes the wine “cheers”
Yestamir Carnen: “Cheers!”
The CDM: ((I’ll get you details as soon as I can go over the rules Bruce))
Yestamir Carnen: “Where to now?”
Umbrecrom: Coolness! Thanks- that was spectacular!
Yestamir Carnen: Looks around for Titu
The CDM: ((you doubt the CDM?))
Yestamir Carnen: (You are the master!)
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom too geeked to put the sword away is going to hold it for a while
The CDM: The lantern archon is waiting patiently nearby. “Good day, sirs. Are you ready to continue?”
Yestamir Carnen: “I believe we are. Once my friend calms down that is”
The CDM: The archon hums to itself patiently.
Umbrecrom: “Well, Yestamir. I’ve been thinking about the Sorrow Wastes. Titu, can you tell me if there are Sussuri here in Celestia?”
The CDM: “Sussuri? I do not believe so, sir.”
Umbrecrom: “A shame.”
The CDM: “There is no need for them in Celestia.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Let us be gone, Umbrecrom. We have business elsewheren”
Umbrecrom: “Of Course”
Umbrecrom: “a… yes.”
The CDM: "Where to now, gentlemen?
Umbrecrom: Empyrea has the healing fountains and curative waters. its the next layer
Umbrecrom: “I would like an opportunity to try the waters of Empyrea”
The CDM: Titu bobs and floats off up the steep mountain trails.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom fingers the scar in the center of his chest
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir pauses to see if can spy a cloud castle floating in the air… then he begins to follow Titu down the path…
Umbrecrom: and follows the archon
Umbrecrom: “Move your feet Elf!”
The CDM: Far down the mountainside, there is a sparkling in the air…
Umbrecrom: If I notice it I’ll stop to watch
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir raises a hand, a distant look in his eye
Umbrecrom: What is it Yestamir? You know what this is about?
The CDM: Titu waits patiently, as always, until the glimmer disappears in the distance.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir sighs, turns, and moves after Titu
Yestamir Carnen: “Tis nothing.”
Umbrecrom: “What flasks vials and containers do we have? I’m thinking to collect the waters we find”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir rumages around in his pack…
The CDM: Over the course of the next day and a half, the archon leads you higher up the slopes. Then the path becomes gentle, leveling off into a great, sweeping plain. In the distance there are citadels and great domes.
Yestamir Carnen: “I have a few. Maybe more.”
Yestamir Carnen: Surveys the distant buildings…
Umbrecrom: “Titu, who lives in yonder palaces?”
The CDM: To one side a vast host can be seen, assembled rank and file. The shining sky glimmers off distant swords, brightens silken outspread wings as the armies of heaven drill.
The CDM: “Paladins, celestial, and other creatures of Law and Good, sir.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Is that Empyria?”
The CDM: “No, sir. The City of Tempered Souls lies further ahead.”
Umbrecrom: “How appropriate.”
Umbrecrom: “I forgot Empyrea was called that”
The CDM: “Indeed, sir.”
The CDM: Tito hums as it travels onward, leading you deeper into the plane.
Umbrecrom: We watch the heaven drill as we go
Umbrecrom: Always interested in watching technique, styles and fighting prowess
The CDM: The hundreds of thousands of celestials drill in perfection as you travel.
Umbrecrom: damn that big
The CDM: As the end of the day draws nigh, a deep, cold, clear lake draws into view. At its far side lie white spires and domes clustered together.
Yestamir Carnen: “Shall we stop here for the night?”
The CDM: Your legs burning with exhaustion, you finally approach a marble pier. Docked there is a simple reed canoe.
Umbrecrom: “This I belive is Empyrea. Yes lets rest here.”
Umbrecrom: “or we can take this canoe…”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir settles down near the pier, and breaks out some food, wine, and prepares a hasty supper.
Yestamir Carnen: “Rest for a moment my friend.” Hands refreshments to Umbrecrom
The CDM: “I would prefer that you pay me first, then I would be happy to take you to Empyrea, good sirs.” Says a soft female voice.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir looks up at the voice
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom looks too
Yestamir Carnen: "We have travelled some ways on foot, My Lady. Would you care to share some repast with us?
The CDM: A tall, female hound archon wearing only a white cotton skirt bows from where she sits nearby.
Yestamir Carnen: "
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir stands and bows in return.
The CDM: “I thank thee for your kind offer, but I have already supped.”
Yestamir Carnen: Pulls out an extra cup. “Some wine perhaps?”
Umbrecrom: “Sorry, I didn’t realize it was attended”
The CDM: “I will sample your wine, however.”
The CDM: The achon’s muzzle curls into a smile.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir pours some wine from the dragon castle, and offers it.
The CDM: She sips and nods her approval.
Umbrecrom: “I am Umbrecrom, this is Yestamir.”
The CDM: “I am Ysinda.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Well met, Ysinda.”
The CDM: “When you are ready, I will bear you to Empyria if that be your goal.”
Umbrecrom: “What would you ask for your service?”
The CDM: “No more than you feel the service is worth, Umbrecrom.”
The CDM: “Some pay nothing. Others would give thier souls.”
The CDM: She sips her wine and smiles enigmatically.
Umbrecrom: “If I had a Platinum Roc egg I think I’d give it rather than swim all that way. We seek to discover the fountains. Is it permitted to partake and bottle what we find?”
The CDM: Ysinda smiles her distinctly canine smile. “None will stop you.” She tilts her head and one ear rises. “Have you such an egg, Umbrecrom?”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom laughs. “No, its but an expression. No such thing I believe. I don’t think I could live up to it anyhow.”
The CDM: She chuckles and her ears prick up.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir begins to look through his coin purse.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom rises “Is there game around? We’ve not refreshed our supplies in some time.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I will offer some coin. I wish I more to offer, but I’m saving my gold for a very special, and expense date.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir offers a handful of gold and platinum pieces.
The CDM: “There is. Although, Empyrea can assist you there.”
Umbrecrom: “How so?”
The CDM: Ysinda takes the coin and slips it into a waist pouch without counting it.
The CDM: “You can find many supplies in the City.”
Umbrecrom: "Ahh’
The CDM: “Are you ready?”
Umbrecrom: I have some supplies you might find useful, Ysinda. A potion of Water Breathing, and I can spare a Thunderstone."
The CDM: She smiles. “If that is your payment for passage, Umbrecrom, then it is acceptable.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom smiles and gives her the items. “Both may be useful out on the water”
Yestamir Carnen: “And our guide?”
Yestamir Carnen: Gestures at Titu
The CDM: “The lantern archon has no need of a boat.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Just so. Very well then. I believe we’re about ready.”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir hastily packs his supplies from the supper.
The CDM: Rising, she stretches her limbs and climbs into the canoe, standing at one end. She grasps a long paddle and looks at you expectantly.
Umbrecrom: We get in the boat.
The CDM: She pushes off from the pier and begins to paddle, remaining standing, as Titu flies out before the reed boat, so close to the water it makes a small wake in its passage.
The CDM: The lake is cold and clear, yet so deep you cannot see the bottom. Ysinda begins to quietly sing a hymn.
The CDM: The distant shore eventually draws close, the spires shining in the light of the plane.
The CDM: The waters are calm, even at the center of the lake. The sound of the hound archon singing quietly and the stillness of the water make the journey take on a dream-like quality.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom joins in the hymn softer in Terran adding undertones of percussion to her tune. He may not be particularly good though which is why he sings softly
The CDM: Ysinda’s eyes remain fixed ahead, but her ears prick as Umby adds his voice. She slowly alters her singing to compliment his.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom tries to make dramatic emphasis to Ysinda’s song, growing just a bit louder with the encouragement of her changes
The CDM: She bares her fangs in an approving grin and continues to paddle. Ahead the piers of the City of Tempered Souls can be seen.
The CDM: With barely a ripple, she brakes the canoe to an easy stop beside one stone wharf and bows.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir springs out, and if there’s a rope, ties it to the pier.
The CDM: “Seek out the inn with the sign of Seven Swans. The food is quite good there.”
Yestamir Carnen: Offers a hand to Umbrecrom
Umbrecrom: "Thank you. Could you tell me the name of your song?’
The CDM: She smiles. “Praise for Dawn.”
Yestamir Carnen: Many thanks for the passage, Ysinda.
Yestamir Carnen: "
The CDM: “Thank you for the fine coin, Yestamir.”
Umbrecrom: Umby smiles and winks at her. Taking Yestamirs hand he gets out of the boat."
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir smiles, bows.
The CDM: Turning, you find yourselves in Empyrea, the City of Tempered Souls.
The CDM: ((good spot to stop for the night?))
Umbrecrom: Yeah this is good.

The CDM from x.×.×.187 cleared the room 3 hours ago
The CDM: When last we left our Pugnacious Pair, they had just arrived at Empyrea, the City of Tempered Souls…
Umbrecrom: <So what are we looking at>
The CDM: The city curls around the eastern bank of the lake, scores of spires rising into the air, hundreds of shining domed buildings nestled in around the bases.
Umbrecrom: I guess we’re going to go out and see if we can’t find some of these pools of healing waters
The CDM: Crowds of different races, many dressed similarly to Ysinda the hound archon, bustle through the streets.
The CDM: Bruce, I’m not clear on what you hoped to accomplish here, so can you fill me in?
Yestamir Carnen: The rhyme of the ancient stonechild.
Umbrecrom: Just wanted to get healing waters- I figured there were pools of it for the taking. free heal potions as it were
Umbrecrom: Various types- some even said to restore life I think
Umbrecrom: Didn’t expect a thriving metropolis
The CDM: Right. Long way to go for a few free healing potions, but what the heck. You both spend a few days here rubbing elbows with various healers who lead you to some of the hundreds of different healing pools.
The CDM: How many vials did you bring? And what in particular were you looking for?
Umbrecrom: Was also going to have Yestamir get planar co-ordinates, not realizing you always have to come in through the sea
The CDM: No way into Celestia around Lunia unless you have a god helping you
Umbrecrom: I did want to make it worth the effort, but realistically we can only carry so much
The CDM: You are met with equal parts disgust, contempt and amusement once you start scooping up waters into vials.
Umbrecrom: I figure some of that life restoring juice would be good. Umbrecroms died 3 times so far. Also if there’s particularly powerful stuff it might be worth using as a… weapon (?) versus particularly nasty undead
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom swings around to find out what’s so funny, disgusting and contemptuous
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir sighs, and begins filling beakers and vials along with his stonechild friend.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir tries to act nonchalant about the whole thing.
Umbrecrom: Something tells me this might not work
The CDM: Basically, the locals consider you vultures.
Yestamir Carnen: I haven’t a clue
Umbrecrom: Is it proper to pay someone?
Yestamir Carnen: “Titu. Do the healing qualities of these waters transfer their properties across planes?”
The CDM: “No, sir. They are inert outside the places they gather.”
Umbrecrom: (also Umbrecrom IS missing an ear- see if there’s anything that’ll grow it back)
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir stops filling, and begins drinking the partially filled beaker in his hand.
Yestamir Carnen: “Cheers Umbrecrom.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom stands up and drinks what he started to gather
The CDM: That’s easily taken care of. A halfing wearing cotton robes leads Umbrecrom to a small grotto. “Bath in these waters for a day and your ear shall regrow.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Anything that will restore lost life abilities?”
Umbrecrom: “Thank you kind Sir.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I was killed at one point by a rather evil creature…”
The CDM: “But you’re alive now aren’t you?”
Yestamir Carnen: “And haven’t been the same since I was restored to life.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Yes, good sir.”
Yestamir Carnen: “And grateful for it, too.”
The CDM: The local nods and smiles, figuring the conversation is at an end."
Yestamir Carnen: “Are there any pools to restore lost hitpoints?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Levels I mean”
Yestamir Carnen: Worth a try, no?"
The CDM: “Levels sir?”
Yestamir Carnen: *
Yestamir Carnen: (Help me out, Bruce)
Umbrecrom: (In a pinch though yestamir should be able to Plane Shift to celestia and Teleport back to here)
Umbrecrom: *’Levels’ is game mechanics talk)
The CDM: (teleport doesn’t work cross planar)
Yestamir Carnen: (I know. Help me in game speak)
The CDM: (he can teleport withIN a layer but not across layers)
Yestamir Carnen: “Some of my life abilities were lost when I was raised from the dead. Are there any pools to restore those”
Umbrecrom: “My friend Yestamir was raised. Is there any waters that can mitigate the effects so that it would be more like a resurrection?”
The CDM: “How long ago did this occur?”
Yestamir Carnen: (Not that long ago, right? CAn’t remember)
Umbrecrom: ? Uhnnn. My notes don’t have that…
Umbrecrom: let me see if there’s something indicating date on the adventure log
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir tries desperately to remember…
The CDM: ((about 13-15 days ago by my reckoning))
Yestamir Carnen: That’s it??
Yestamir Carnen: Wow…
Yestamir Carnen: I was thinking months.
The CDM: ((you left right after you got back from Acheron – remember?))
Yestamir Carnen: “Thirteen to fifteen days, sir.”
Yestamir Carnen: Otay.
Umbrecrom: I’m thinking it was around 6-18 to 6-22
The CDM: ((yup))
The CDM: ((I’m saying 6-20 – right in the middle))
Umbrecrom: and this Celestia adventure started 6-25
Yestamir Carnen: “Maybe less”
The CDM: ((correct))
The CDM: ((its currently 7-2 – that’s 13 days))
Umbrecrom: “13 very lucky days ago”
The CDM: ((okay, so Yest isn’t going on Necrotic Cradle then?))
Yestamir Carnen: “Yes. Very lucky,”
Umbrecrom: (only if this works)
Yestamir Carnen: I’ll go. But it’d be nice to find something sooner.
The CDM: They take Yestamir to a pool to soak in for a day or two. I’ll reset your xp to the very start of 17 then.
Umbrecrom: (Well, Kethmira and the Blue Kobold need it. I think U’s making small changes
feats, could be done by retraining I think. Carl wants to change something that will need the Cradel.
The CDM: ((Which makes TWO levels you are behind on record keeping John))
Yestamir Carnen: Holy crap! It worked!
Umbrecrom: Sweet!
Yestamir Carnen: I’ll be superamalgamated.
Yestamir Carnen: Sorry Chuck. We need to get Taloq the accountant to help me out.
The CDM: The price is a year’s service in Empyrea. You can work it off in installments.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom will spend the time trying to collect business cards and the like for trading
Yestamir Carnen: *SIGH

Yestamir Carnen: Service to whom. Or what?
The CDM: its alright john, I just only let you use what you’ve gotten to me until you update
The CDM: “Service to Empyea, sir”
Umbrecrom: Working here won’t be so bad. Besides you’re an elf and wyou didn’t have to go through the Necrotic Cradel
Yestamir Carnen: “That’s true. What kind of service”
Yestamir Carnen: "?
The CDM: “What ever is needed and suits your abilities”
Yestamir Carnen: (You’re a hard man, Mr. Sikula. :^) )
Umbrecrom: (Town mindreader, community bus duty)
The CDM: Umbrecrom’s payment is merely three months service. Again payable in installments.
Yestamir Carnen: "Can I work that off as an agent in Illuvinari?
The CDM: (garbage collector)
Yestamir Carnen: "
The CDM: "Doing what?
The CDM: "
The CDM: (Law and Good – price suits the buyer))
Yestamir Carnen: “Building a library dedicated to the ideals of Empyrea?”
The CDM: (You’re an elf, a year is nothing to you)
Umbrecrom: Three months? Why didn’t the Halfling or any of the townsfolk mention that?
The CDM: “I don’t see how that helps the City of Tempered Souls sir?”
Yestamir Carnen: "How many on Illuvinari even know that this city exists?
The CDM: “He may have assumed that you knew sir. Do you find three months service too severe for the repair of your ear?”
Yestamir Carnen: Wouldn’t it be a good thing to spread the knowledge of, and for the concepts that this city stands for?"
The CDM: “Sir, if you don’t wish to pay, that’s fine.”
The CDM: ((resetting yesta’s xp back to prior level))
Yestamir Carnen: "No, Fair is fair. I simply think I’d be of more use back home. Libraries are always good things, yes?
Yestamir Carnen: "
Yestamir Carnen: “But if I must, I will be happy to serve the City here, as required”
The CDM: “I suppose so, yes. Libraries are good things.”
Umbrecrom: “Not really, I’m just unaccustomed to finding out the price of something when there was no mention of it after I’ve partaken. It’s a fair price to be sure.”
The CDM: “We shall have the healer in question demoted sir”
The CDM: “Or did you assume it was free?”
Umbrecrom: “No need for that. It is a fair price. Just have him understand not everyone knows these things”
Yestamir Carnen: “Very good! I’m glad you agree! Do you have any city architects that would be willing to assist in the design of such a place? Something grand and fitting to the concept of a tempered soul…”
The CDM: “Indeed, sir. And you, sir? (to Yestamir) You may begin your service when every you wish, sir.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Building a library, or here?”
The CDM: “Why would we need a library on the mortal planes sir? Here of course.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I had thought a library would be more fitting for an off-worlder like myself…”
Yestamir Carnen: “Well, wouldn’t that bring in more business, if the library can educate folk BEFORE the pass on?”
Yestamir Carnen: “One can never have too many libraries back home, let me assure you.”
The CDM: The archon sighs heavily. “Very well sir. Your debt is cleared.” He turns to Umbrecrom and bows. “Do you wish to make arrangements for your service now sir? Or at some future date?”
Umbrecrom: “To be certain, only folk who have studied planar lore even know about this place and its amazing pools.”
Yestamir Carnen: “No, seriously Sir. I am quite certain that a library back home would serve Empyria MORE than one located here.”
Umbrecrom: “For those who can make the journey Yestamir.”
The CDM: The archon turns to Yestamir. “Sir, I have told you already we have no need for a library on the mortal realms. Since you are not in need and you have no desire to pay for healing you may go now.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I would very much like to build such a place of learning and lore, in honor of the tempered souls here,.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Have no need??? And who decides this?”
Yestamir Carnen: “I was getting quite excited about this project, Surely you’re not considering the potential…”
The CDM: “You did sir, when you chose to argue about fair payment.”
Yestamir Carnen: “And for your information Sir, I will pay my debt. I simply feel that I am better qualified to do so in the mortal realms.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I will pay my debt Sir.”
Umbrecrom: " Tell you what- I’m a trader, I can work into my various negotiations a venture that will help to inform and transport those who have need of Empyrea’s unique and wonderful qualities! No kind Sir. We insist on paying, and by trying to bring more business we may best serve Empyrea!" This is an excellent notion!"
The CDM: Turning back to Umbrecrom. “Did you wish to work off some of your time now? Or at a future date, sir? Some chose to do so after they pass to the afterlife.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I like it Umbrecrom! Transportation to Enlightenment! It has a ring!”
The CDM: Looking annoyed now, the archon says. “Sir, we have no need or desire to ‘bring more business’ to Emyrea. We serve those in need or those who find their way here.”
Umbrecrom: (We have 2 weeks before any adventures start? I wouldn’t mind putting in a few days to hob nob and make connections. Yestamir- Want to put a small downpayment on our bill?)
Yestamir Carnen: (Sure. Why not. This guy’s not budging, so rather than chistle our way out of our debt, might as well do what we can)
The CDM: (not 2 weeks – adventures start on 7-7))
The CDM: ((so four days))
Yestamir Carnen: (Well, four days it is then)
Umbrecrom: “Sir those in need might not even know about Empyrea. We wouldn’t be huckster trying to peddle baubles, but serving those who had need.”
The CDM: ((red or black high bruce?))
Umbrecrom: (I think Chuck means 4 days until an adventure is scheduled- maybe we should pass as we have 4 more places to hit before we return)
Umbrecrom: (Black)
Yestamir Carnen: "My thoughts exactly! We needed help to get here. Why not provide help for others that are truly in need of locating the City of Tempered Souls? "
The CDM: (correct)
The CDM: The archon bows to Yestamir. “Safe journey sir. Goodbye.” Yestamir vanishes, finding himself hip deep in holy sea water.
Umbrecrom: (So we’re on maybe a tight schedule- lets set up for duty down the road)
The CDM: The archon turns to Umbrecrom and raises an eyebrow. “Sir? Do you wish to arrange for future payment then?”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir teleports back.
Yestamir Carnen: “I will arrange for future payment.”
The CDM: ((teleport only works on the same layer – yestamir is now on Lunia))
Yestamir Carnen: Ahhh crap.
Umbrecrom: “Yes. Pardon for the… enthusiam”
Umbrecrom: You can teleport
Umbrecrom: no you can’t
Umbrecrom: (damn)
Yestamir Carnen: (Which layer was Lunia again?)
The CDM: ((the first one))
Umbrecrom: Yestamir- You’re by Mahlhevik, maybe you can talk to him while I talk to the Archerons.
Yestamir Carnen: SIGH
Yestamir Carnen: I suppose. I REALLY liked the idea of the library.
Yestamir Carnen: And I’m irked, as I DO want to pay, even if it’s here.
Umbrecrom: (…Wait. Can we even communicate across layers with the mindlink? Yestamir might have to do a correspond.)
The CDM: Titu hovers near Umbrecrom’s head, somehow conveying worry
The CDM: ((true – mindlink is gone too john))
Umbrecrom: “What’s the matter LanternLight?”
The CDM: ((then you shouldn’t have fucked with him John))
Yestamir Carnen: (No more than Bruce was.)
The CDM: ((a bit more, actually))
Yestamir Carnen: Oh well.
The CDM: ((shrugs you still have the Cradle))
The CDM: “I am uncertain of my duties now, sir. Do I return to Lunia to guide Yestamir? Or continue to guide you, sir?”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir does a sending to Umbie.
Yestamir Carnen: “Umbie. Convey my apologies. If I might be returned, I will arrange payment of my debt.”
Umbrecrom: (“Yestamir should be able to contact me in a moment or three if he’s all right.”
Yestamir Carnen: “I am on Lunia.”
Umbrecrom: (Does U get to communicate back with the Sending?)
The CDM: ((stand by have to look it up))
Umbrecrom: (John)
Yestamir Carnen: (Yes)
Umbrecrom: (Never mind)
The CDM: ((you using Correspond John?))
Yestamir Carnen: Yes
The CDM: ((yes you can both talk for a 16 rounds))
Umbrecrom: cool
The CDM: ((I’ll let you two hash it out for a few minutes then if you like))
Yestamir Carnen: (Bruce, pass my apologies on and see if that helps. )
Umbrecrom: Celestians aren’t as nice as I would have thought. Lunia is near Mahlhevik, why don’t you just go talk with him, and I can visit the Archons. There’s a number of things I’ve thought to ask him about if you want to handle that."
Umbrecrom: *
The CDM: ((aren’t as nice? so they’re supposed to just take Yestamir’s crap? No, sorry, don’t think so))
Yestamir Carnen: *I want to arrange payment of my debt. *
Umbrecrom: *Yeah, well look where that got you

Yestamir Carnen: Please ask
Yestamir Carnen: It wasn’t crap. I was ready to pay, but would rather have done it elsewhere if allowed. I WAS a little too overzealous about it though.
Umbrecrom: I’ve seen what happens when the conversation surprises him as much as his after the fact debt arrangement surprised me. Powerfully peeved, overzealous or not- you was just talking.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir Carnen will pay his debt. Will you PLEASE ask?
Umbrecrom: I would rather not end up back in Lunia
Umbrecrom: *
Umbrecrom: *You’re the diplomat, and he really didn’t respond well

The CDM: A second lantern archon zips over to Titu and the two buzz and vibrate and flash at each other.
Umbrecrom: They want service here. Fine. If you want you can still do something on Illuvinari
The CDM: Titu then bobs before Umbrecrom’s face. “Sir, it has been a pleasure to serve you. Your new guide is here.”
Yestamir Carnen: Never mind Umbie, I will return to Stonehaven and await your return.
Umbrecrom: "uhhh. What is his name?’
The CDM: Titu bobs once more. “Nubin sir.”
The CDM: “Safe journey sir.” Titu flashes and zips out over the lake.
The CDM: Nubin bobs before you and says. “I am at your service, sir.” The voice is of the halfing healer that brought you to the healing pools.
Umbrecrom: “So what’s Titu up to? Finding Yestamir?”
Umbrecrom: “Could you tell me what happened to Yestamir?”
The CDM: “Titu is returning to Lord Torfallen, sir. As to your companion, he has been returned to the shores of Lunia.”
Yestamir Carnen: (Yestamir is going to plane shift and head back to Stonehaven, and await Umbie’s return.)
Umbrecrom: “Returned is an awefully generous interpretation”
The CDM: “No mortals were harmed in the transport, sir.”
Umbrecrom: “So that’s some kind of standard of behavior? No mortals get harmed?”
The CDM: “This is Mertion, sir. We don’t use violence unless absolutely necessary, sir.”
Umbrecrom: “You don’t use violence to end a convesation unless absolutely necessary? That’s your standard?”
The CDM: “Sir, your companion did not wish to pay a fair price for the service he sought. As he was not in need, he was ejected via the gentlest method available.”
The CDM: “Where do you wish me to guide you, sir?”
Umbrecrom: “He was inquiring about the specifics of payment. He’d hoped to perform it elsewhere. If it was unacceptable, the words ‘That is unacceptable’ would have conveyed that marvelously. As for his ‘need’ I am uncertain as to what that constitutes, but I would have hoped that an agreement could have been reached. One way or another rather than , well, rather than how it transpired.”
The CDM: “Sir, he was told several times what the payment entailed. And that the terms were quite easy to fulfill. Yet he continued to press the issue, sir.”
The CDM: “As for need. He is in no danger from his condition and will recover the lost life essence naturally through life experience.”
Umbrecrom: “So he’snot a master of the obvious. I’ll grant you that. He did want to pay. He wanted to apologize.”
The CDM: “Then he is welcome to return to Empyrea at any time, sir.”
The CDM: “We do not hold grudges, sir.”
Umbrecrom: “Its a long journey, and I think you’ve hurt his feelings. Not that that constitutes ‘harm’ apparently.”
Umbrecrom: “Not ‘You’ that… guy thing that disappeared him”
The CDM: “Apparently neither does lack of proper respect.” Says Nubin. “Sir.” It adds.
Umbrecrom: “I’m not following you on that, Nubin. He may be thick but I don’t see having to repeatedly turn aside his offers for what he wanted to do as disrespectful, just wearysome.”
The CDM: “You are mortals in the realms of the dead and the gods, sir. You come here acting as if you have a right to handouts, sir.”
The CDM: “There was a saying among my people when I drew breath as you do now. You catch more flies with honey, sir.”
The CDM: “Now, sir, how may I guide you?”
Umbrecrom: <thinking>
Umbrecrom: Why don’t you grab a cigarette Chuck
The CDM: ((will do. John? Are you really planeshifting and stranding Umby?))
Yestamir Carnen: Umbrecrom. I can either remain here and await you, or, return home and plane shift back when you are ready to leave. Your decision.
Yestamir Carnen: I’m sure Mahevlick can contact me when you’ve arrived.
Yestamir Carnen: *
Yestamir Carnen: *I’d prefer Stonehaven, frankly.

Yestamir Carnen: But as I said, I will be happy to remain here somewhere and await your return.^
Yestamir Carnen: *
Umbrecrom: *Yestamir. Apparently you’ve disrespected the Archon when you pressed your offer. I’m a little discombobbled as I was the one thinking to turn it into a business venture. I do want to Let the Archons know about their wayward Trumpet Archon. Though I’m not sure how they’ll take the implication that they handle their own- I may be back with you faster than I think."
Yestamir Carnen: *Well, fine, and good luck with that. I frankly got the impression, based on the boatmaster, that payment was whatever one thought worthy of paying. Or barring that, could at least be discussed, since returning here is, umm, difficult. I will go find dry land, and await your call.

Umbrecrom: There’s no reason to wait for me to speak to Mahlhevik. You could ask him for info on Caranraugfuin (particularly with maybe how bad it would be if it were involved with the Volakia or just info on Grey Worm itself). Info on Lance of Night. Knows anything about the Compact? Mage’s Guild called the Circle or its leader the Syndek. Monk order called Opaline Fist. Something called Forged Lightning. Doing Permenancy on Superior Resistance on Umbrecrom.
Umbrecrom: *
Yestamir Carnen: *I have no desire to return to that Castle without you. Thus, I will await your return.

Yestamir Carnen: (Yestamir will go into bird form, and go aloft, looking for the Wizard’s castle. When he gets somewhat nearby, he’ll land, and find a place to await Umbrecrom*
Yestamir Carnen: )
The CDM: (it takes a while, but he eventually finds it with little difficulty)
Umbrecrom: ""Nubin, After you return me to Lunia would you be able to relay a message to – I don’t even know who should get this but I’m thinking someone in Yetsira might be interested in knowing about it."
The CDM: “That is not exactly part of my function, sir, but I will do my best.”
Umbrecrom: “Is there someone whose function that might be?”
The CDM: “Follow me, sir.” The lantern archon, zips off through the crowds, humming a martial tune.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom follows
The CDM: Nubin wends its way through the crowds eventually leading you to a tall thin building with strange posts sticking out of it at right angles near its peak. A young looking half-orcish lad sits near the entrance, picking his tusks with a bit of straw.
The CDM: Seeing you, he stands and brushes off his cotton shift. “Kobanari. What can I do for you?”
Umbrecrom: “I am Umbrecrom. I am thinking I’d like to pass along some information of uncertain importance to… I don’t know sowhere, someone appropriate in Yetsira.”
The CDM: ((hey bruce, john either of you ever recover the first part of the Lunia session?))
Umbrecrom: (Sorry, didn’t think yo copy that first one)
The CDM: Kobanari rubs his chin. "What kind of information? Big place is Yetsira.
The CDM: "
The CDM: ((john? you?))
The CDM: ((or do either of you have any notes from it?))
The CDM: ((in particular I was looking for the name of Lord Torfallen’s hound archon))
Yestamir Carnen: Nope
The CDM: ((?))
The CDM: ((no worries, Bruce? carry on if you like))
Umbrecrom: “Well, a little while back I and some friends were in Archeron on the Lost Cube Kolyoral. There within the Iron Fortress, Zandicar there were… Vile people re-forging the Sword of Fiery Might. We stopped it, broke it up and gave Bahamut one of the shards so that it wouldn’t ever be re-forged. Well, one of those people helping in the effort to re-forge it was a Trumpet Archon, black wings, armor, Gold Trumpet. I thought… Someone might want to know that. I understand that there are Archons of a higher order who… It’s my own notion that they’d be interested. Nubin, here has pointed out that I’m presumptuous, and well, I can’t say he’s wrong. I still think this is important, but I probably don’t need to do it myself.”
Umbrecrom: “I can’t say I understand the workings here in Celestia, so maybe its best that the information just gets to them with all the propriety that a native can bring to bear.”
The CDM: The half-orc nods slowly and peers at the Lantern Archon once more. “Getchyerself in trouble again, Nubin? How long this time?” “A decade,” Sighs the bobbing light. Kobanari chuckles and turns back to Umbrecrom. “You want the Exchequer of Souls then, friend. I can see to it a message gets there.”
Umbrecrom: “That’ll be wonderful. What would you like for this service my friend?”
The CDM: “As this has nothing to do with healing, I will accept whatever you deem the service to be worth, Umbrecrom.”
Umbrecrom: “I think this is really important. You have no need for healing potions or holy water, so let me ask if a vial of Anarchic Water- and I realize it may be valuable only in that you get to destroy it, has any value. Or maybe a Thunderstone, or both?”
The CDM: Kobnari smiles and nods. “What ever you think its worth, man. Hold on a moment.” He goes inside as you ponder this and soon a large gold eagle hops out from an opening up top and onto one of the posts. It spreads its wings and cries out then flies off into the sky. Kobanair comes outside once more and leans against the doorframe. “Message is on its way, friend.”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom gives the lad both and thanks him. “OK, Nubin back to Lunia for me. I’m thinking Yestamir will be back at Castle Mahlhevik, because I wanted to stop in and ask the wizard a question or two.”
The CDM: Nubin bobs and begins to lead Umbrecrom back towards the docks. Kobanari waves as you go. “Mercy and Understanding go with you, friend.”
Umbrecrom: “Mercy and understanding. Soon I suppose. Farewell Kobanari.”
The CDM: The lantern archon pauses at the docks. “Will you be walking the entire way, sir?”
Umbrecrom: “Not if you can get me back there quicker. Can you- is there a way to save me some time?”
The CDM: “I can, sir. If you would follow me, please.” The archon swings around and reverses course, leading you through the city once more. Eventually it leads you to a small grotto at the far end of Empyrea.
The CDM: Pausing to see if you’re still following, the lantern archon hovers patiently.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom follows.
The CDM: It passes deep into the back of the grotto and into a cave, a short passage later and you hear the chiming surf of Lunia ahead. Emerging onto its sands you recognize a familiar outcropping with a sullen looking falcon perched on it.
Umbrecrom: Yestamir! Good to see you.
Yestamir Carnen: (Switches shapes)
Yestamir Carnen: “Greetings Umbrecrom.”
The CDM: Nubin bobs around both your heads.
Yestamir Carnen: "Are you ready to return to Stonehaven?
Yestamir Carnen: "
Umbrecrom: “A quick visit with Mahlhevik for a few questions, hopefully some good answers and then all will be done for now.”
Umbrecrom: “Here”
The CDM: A shadow passes over your heads and, looking up, you see a golden eagle above you. It circles and then lands nearby, peering at the stonechild sharply then squawks and holds out a leg on which is tied a small pouch.
Yestamir Carnen: “A friend?”
Umbrecrom: “Look at that- Its holding its leg out! That’s weird. I mean it just looks weird. Let me get this.” Umbrecrom unties the small pouch.
The CDM: Inside the pouch is a pearl and a folded piece of parchment.
The CDM: The eagle sqawks again then flies off.
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom reads the parchment.
The CDM: The message reads…..
The CDM: “Umbrecrom Ironrage, It is with deep sadness that I receive your missive regarding Zalatian, whom we still hold out some small hope for redemption. Should you encounter him again, merely break this pearl and you shall receive aid against him. Thankfully and with regret, Minos, Exchequer of Souls”
Umbrecrom: Umbrecrom reads it aloud. Folds the paper and puts both back in the pouch. “I’m glad for that!”
Yestamir Carnen: “A positive developme
Yestamir Carnen: nt I would say”
The CDM: ((shall we pause here then? ))
Umbrecrom: yeah, this is a good spot
The CDM: ((cool beans, same bat time tomorrow?))
Umbrecrom: 8? 8:30? 9?
The CDM: shoot for 8p
Umbrecrom: ok- plan to stone
The CDM: good with you John?
The CDM: copying file and emailing

The CDM: Alrighty then. When last we left our Barbaric Brace, they and they’re new guide Nubin were resting their buns on that same outcropping of rock overlooking Castle Mahlhevik.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “I’ve got a few questions for the wizard, if you don’t mind Yestamir.”
The CDM: The lantern archon hovers patiently nearby, idly humming a martial tune.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: "He might be able to give more insight into the Avolakia, in particular with the Grey Worm. I hadn’t thought about it before, but what if it had become their thrall?’
Yestamir Carnen: “That’s fine, Umbrecrom. I’ll remain camped here, while you attend to your questions. Please convey my greetings and well wishes to the Wizard, and his assistant.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Well that would be bad I imagine. Especially if you were planning on attacking it.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Which, at last check, no one seemed to be planning.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “But we must deal with the Avolakia, and if undead are their pawns, we have to consider the Grey Worm”
Yestamir Carnen: “And funeral parlours, and graveyards…”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “and small churches. The wizard has been helpful, I think he may be a little more so…”
Yestamir Carnen: “Don’t forget to take your oil and gambling money:”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “I don’t gamble. If I want coin to pass through my hands, I want something for it.”
The CDM: Nubin’s humming takes on a bored tone.
Yestamir Carnen: “Well then, I would say you’re all set to go. Good luck, and my hopes that you’re able to secure more information on our world’s trevails.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “I shouldn’t be gone long. I’ll see you later.” Umbrecrom jumps off the rock and makes his way to the front door.
The CDM: The lantern archon buzzes back and forth uncertainly.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Did you want to re-establish your mindlink?”
The CDM: “Which of you need my guidance?”
Yestamir Carnen: “It’s only good to a certain distance. It would be pointless.”
Yestamir Carnen: “He does.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Without yours I’ll need someone’s”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umbrecrom makes his way to to castle Mahlhevik’s door.
The CDM: [one moment]
The CDM: [John are you getting my IMs?]
The CDM: [John are you not getting my messages?]
Yestamir Carnen: Yes
Yestamir Carnen: I just send several back.
The CDM: [I’m going to have a smoke. Let me know if you want to continue this or not tonight.]
Umbrecrom Ironrage: I’m assuming you two are talking- I don’t have IM tonight
Umbrecrom Ironrage: I take it I was waiting for nothing then.
The CDM: [Sorry Bruce, trying to resolve something]
Umbrecrom Ironrage: [OK- that’s cool, give me a heads up when you’re ready]
Umbrecrom Ironrage: BRB
The CDM: [Sorry Bruce]
Umbrecrom Ironrage: its cool
The CDM: [Alright. I apologize for the extensive delay. Are we all ready to get this puppy rolling?]
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir stands up, dusts off his clothes, and follows Umbrecrom to the castle door.
Yestamir Carnen: “Wait for me, Umbrecrom”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: yep. Things happen- don’t worry about it
The CDM: Nubin buzzes in relief and zips off after the pair, trying to get ahead of you.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Move your feet Elf!”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “heh, heh. That’s never going to get old” Umbrecrom smiles to himself
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir switches to bird form, alights onto U’s shoulder.
Yestamir Carnen: “CAW
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Its my last Earthsilk Jersey don’t soil it.”
The CDM: Your arrival is greeted by the same door carving. “Welcome Traveller! Knock thrice and ….oh, its you, well don’t just stand there, go in.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: We do
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir hops down at the door, as Umbie knocks.
Yestamir Carnen: Changes form
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Wanted to refill those wineskins-eh?”
The CDM: Sarnia runs breathlessly to greet you. “Master Carnen, Lord Umbrecrom, how delightful to see you both again!”
Yestamir Carnen: “Greetings, Lady Sarnia.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “A pleasure to see you M’lady”
The CDM: She curtsies and smiles until her dimples threaten to rupture her face.
The CDM: “Lord Mahlhevik will be most happy to hear that you’ve returned. Do you need refreshments?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Wine and some cheese would do well.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Thanks for that, milady”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “I wanted to pick Mahlhevik’s brain some more. Oh what the heck wine and cheese would be great.”
The CDM: Sarnia bobs her blonde curls and looks at Umbrecrom questioningly. “We have pickled monkey brains if you prefer, Lord Umbrecrom.”
The CDM: She looks sad for a moment. “I’m afraid we’re not able to serve the brains of sentients at this time.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: :Looking nonplused “and why not?”
The CDM: “Something about our lease, I believe, sir.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: [not a comment about the sentients but about the monkey brains]
Yestamir Carnen: “I hope it’s about more than the lease, Sarnia.”
Yestamir Carnen: Chuckling
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “when you can talk to cows the notion of ‘sentients’ gets a little deep for me”
The CDM: “Oh, I’m sorry, I misunderstood, sir. Then… monkey brains?”
The CDM: She looks confused and hurt.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “no please, I’d like to try them.”
Yestamir Carnen: “No, he means no monkey brains, please.”
The CDM: She beams at the stonechild and curtsies. “Then please follow me, I’ll prepare your refreshments and then let Lord Mahlhevik know that you’ve arrived.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Excellant.”
The CDM: She leads you both off to a large room that is reminiscent of a roman bath. Steam fills the air and around a dozen people of different races lounge in the heated waters.
Yestamir Carnen: (Any sign of the drow?)
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umbrecrom will look around for somewhere to put his clothes so he can join them
The CDM: She shows you where the changing room is and where to find a goodly supply of fresh towels then hurries off to get your food.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir sits down and stretches his arms, then his legs.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umby obliges, and goes back into the steam room
The CDM: [not the same one but there are a trio of comely looking drow women there. uhm… very nicely proportioned if you like slim elven types]
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umby smiles to them, nodding in approval
Yestamir Carnen: “This journey has taken more from me than I imagined”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir looks at the drown with narrows eyes, then turns away.
Yestamir Carnen: drow
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Yes. Been an adventure”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umbrecrom stretches
Yestamir Carnen: “You can always go show those drow your new scar, Umbrecrom. Might aid you in your conquests there…”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Who else looks to be in the room
The CDM: Also here are a pair of halfings, a gnomish woman with dark hair who is utterly gorgeous, and a winged humanoid that looks vaguely elvish.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir establishes the mindlink
Yestamir Carnen: In case we need to speak privately…
The CDM: The rest of the guests are filled out by humans of various shades, builds and genders.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir squints at the winges elf thing, trying to figure out what’s going on there.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: In case
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Half-celestial is my guess
Yestamir Carnen: winged
The CDM: Sarnia hurries back into the chamber with a tray of various cheese samples and two glasses of wine. Also on the tray is a monkey head with the top of its skull cut off exposing the brain.
Yestamir Carnen: Strange
The CDM: [actually a raptorian]
The CDM: [raptoran*]
Yestamir Carnen: Sweet Correllon’s brow! You are NOT going to eat that!
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umby dips his finger in the monkey head and samples it
Umbrecrom Ironrage: ,hows it taste?.
The CDM: Mmmmm sweet jellied monkey brains!
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umby dips two fingers in scooping out a bit. “Yestamir, you gotta try this- its great!”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir grabs the tray, stalks over to the kitchen, puts it down on a table.
The CDM: The trio of well shaped drow women eye Yestamir with something that could either be contempt or hunger – it’s difficult to say. The winged man eyes Umbrecrom with interest as if trying to place his origin.
Yestamir Carnen: “He’d prefer crackers and tomatoe soup, please.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Around a mouthful of brains “Its like candied mushroom only firmer!”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “No bring that back. bring two!”
Yestamir Carnen: Unless you want to spend the rest of the night shambling about as my friend the zombie, I’d eat the soup.
The CDM: [and smarter]
Yestamir Carnen: Leaning forward and looking at the cook..
The CDM: After a long and pleasant soak (and yummy cheese and BRAINS), Sarnia returns and curtsies.
Yestamir Carnen: "Crackers and SOUP, please.
Yestamir Carnen: "
Umbrecrom Ironrage: You think that’d happen here? I doubt it
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Don’t take my monkies!
Yestamir Carnen: Don’t tempt me! *
The CDM: "The tree-like creature ladles out some yummy smelling soup for Yestamir.
Yestamir Carnen: *Friend!&
Umbrecrom Ironrage: *You have the soup Bleeaaagh

Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir passes it to Umbie.
The CDM: Sarnia frowns. “Didn’t you like your brains, Lord Umbrecrom?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Your spoon, my friendf.”
Yestamir Carnen: “It upset his stomach. He’s not the stonechild he used to be”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “My fragile friend here doesn’t like food with faces”
Yestamir Carnen: “I tell him all the time to watch what he eats. Especially if it watches back.”\
The CDM: “All food has a face, M’lord. Or did at one time.” She scowls. “Well, except vegetables. Most of them, anyway.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “You should see him around fish dinners”
Yestamir Carnen: “Yes, you should.”
Yestamir Carnen: “Cheese, My Baron?”
The CDM: She nods solemnly. “I shall keep that in mind when dinner time arrives, M’lord.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Yes. Correct Yestamir- that is cheese. Good job!"
Yestamir Carnen: “Eat Umbrecrom. Cheese is good for you.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umbrecrom grabs a slab.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: So is anyone doing anything in here?
The CDM: “My Lord Mahlhevik sends you good wishes and asks that you excuse his absence for the time being. He also asks that you refresh yourselves and join him on his yacht on the morrow to break your fasts.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: " Hadn’t planned to stay too long. If we do we won’t be able to stay much past the breaking of fasting."
The CDM: The halfings seem to be …… involved. Intimately. The drow women seem to be discussing something and throwing little glances at Yestamir. The raptoran looks bored but curious about Umbrecrom and most of the humans are talking to the gnome woman.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: That OK with You Yestamir?
The CDM: Sarnia looks disappointed but nods. “Did you wish me to ask for an interview sooner then, Lord Umbrecrom?”
Yestamir Carnen: That’s fine.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Looks like you’re a hit with the ladies my friend
Yestamir Carnen: Yeah…
Yestamir Carnen: “No. I would prefer to rest here.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “No that will be fine- we just won’t be staying much past that”
The CDM: One of the drow women licks her lips suggestively and tries to catch Yestamir’s eye.
Yestamir Carnen: “Can you get us quarters. And soon? And lead us there on a path AWAY from those, those drow?”
The CDM: Sarnia curtsies. “Then I will see to having your rooms prepared.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Pity. They look… lonely
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umbrecrom goes to retrieve his clothes and checks to make sure nothings mising
The CDM: Sarnia returns in a short while and smiles until her dimples look like they’re going to tear her face. “Your rooms are ready, sirs… If you will follow me?”
The CDM: No one would be fool enough to steal while under Mahlhevik’s roof.
Yestamir Carnen: “One would think so”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: I figure, but just thought to check anyhow
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Following Sarnia
Yestamir Carnen: Following
The CDM: As you depart one of the drow call out in accented elvish “Hey, Paleface! Nisse asss!”
The CDM: The three giggle loudly.
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir smiles, bows, and heads after Sarnia.
The CDM: Sarnia leads you both to the same rooms you stayed in on your last visit. On Umby’s nightstand is a small monkey head.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umby smiles and saunters over
The CDM: Sarnia stands expectantly. “Do either of you have anything you require?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Yes.”
The CDM: “Yes, Master Carnen?”
Yestamir Carnen: “Please bring a chair and table for Umbrecrom, and set it outside of our door. He is NOT allowed to eat in this room while we share it. Don’t want ants or other vermin crawling in, you know.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Pulling his brain covered finger out of his mouth, “Ants would be just aweful..”
The CDM: “Oh… yes… I’ll be right back sirs.” She curtsies and hurries off.
Yestamir Carnen: “Indeed.” Ushers Umbrecrom out the door and closes it behind him.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: He picks up the monkey head and heads outside to finish it.
The CDM: Sarnia gets him a stool and a small table and asks if he needs anything else.
The CDM: [next morning then?]
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “thank you. ummm. A ring of three wishes and phoenix feather pillow? Just kidding. I’m good”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: next morning
The CDM: Very early the next morning, Sarnia wakes you each with a gentle shake and tells you that you’re expected at the docks in twenty minutes.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Thanks” she’s quiet. didn’t even hear her come in
The CDM: [t-port]
Umbrecrom Ironrage: ,ahhh>
Umbrecrom Ironrage: We get cleaned up and ready to head out
The CDM: You both arrive at the docks to find a small but elegant yacht moored at the marble pier. The ship is finely crafted and black as midnight, trimmed with black sails and ebony fittings.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Really nice boat.”
The CDM: Mahlhevik, dressed in a white admiral’s uniform with a white pirate hat (with black skull and crossbones) waves at you from the upper deck. “Ahoy! Boyos! You made it! Fine, good, good. Come join me!”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Admiral Mahlhevik! Be there in a moment!”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir changes to bird form, flies up, changes back.
The CDM: An albino parrot lands on the wizard’s shoulder and squawks loudly. “Boyos aboard! Boyos aboard!”
Yestamir Carnen: “Well that was somewhat appropriate.”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umby boards the boat. “Nice outfit. The landlords don’t mind?”
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “What with the hat and all”
The CDM: You climb the ebon stained teak gangplank and join the wizard on the forecastle. “Bah, they didn’t specify in the lease so its their problem, yes? Fine, fine, good.” He smiles and leads you to a small table with three chairs.
The CDM: As a bikini-clad Sarnia begins to serve breakfast, the ship moves away from the dock and gathers speed, heading out across the ocean.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umby sits enjoying the view
The CDM: Sarnia sets down glasses of juice, mugs of coffee and plates with pancakes, bacon and eggs. The bacon and eggs are laid out so that they make a face on the top pancake.
The CDM: She frowns and quickly moves the bacon and eggs on Yestamir’s plate to the side.
The CDM: "Sorry, sir. Forgot about your face issue.
The CDM: "
Umbrecrom Ironrage: Umbrecrom looks at her and mouths “thank you”
Yestamir Carnen: Yestamir sighs.
Yestamir Carnen: “Thank you Sarnia.”
The CDM: Mahlhevik digs in and grins, saying between mouthfulls. “So, you lads have some questions I gather, yes? Fine, fine, delightful. Is there more syrup, Sarnia? Thank you. So lets hear them!”
The CDM: [oh come on – that was funny]
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Thank you Lord Mahlhevik. As ever your hospitality is a delight!”
Yestamir Carnen: (SIGH)
Yestamir Carnen: (Heh heh)
Yestamir Carnen: “The food is delicious, Sir”
The CDM: “Mmhaappy to mmm be of service, boyo. Very tasty, Sarnia. The eggs are perfect. Do we have some strawberries perhaps?”
The CDM: Sarnia wiggles off to fetch some berries.
Umbrecrom Ironrage: “Well, as you know we’re dealing with Avolakia. We’ve also a nasty Draco-lich in the vicinity. A creature that is said to be called… I’m not even sure it safe to mention its name. Well, its called the Grey Worm when not using its real name. Any idea how the Avolakia and this thing might interact?”"
The CDM: “So… [sip]…. ahhh… feel that sea air, lads? Wish it had some salt to it, but oh, well. All’s fine and good.”
The CDM: [……….one moment Bruce… the Grey Worm and the Draco-lich are two seperate things… or was that deliberate?]
Umbrecrom Ironrage: <not>ve not guessed about before.

Midsummer 2.0 or Who am I?
07/01 thru 07/06/5055


The conclusion of the Midsummer festivities.

The Skein of Yesterday
Midsummer Evening, 5055


In which some long-standing questions are finally answered.

Dancing with the Devil
06/25 thru 07/01/5055

An offer of alliance with a price.dance_with_the_devil_.jpg

The Temper of Perfection, Part V: Quenched in Blood
06/23 thru 06/24/5055


The Iron Knight and his entourage now hold the forge of the Iron Fortress, but for how long? Can they free the captive spirits of the smiths there? Or will they find themselves joining the prisoners in forging a fearsome artifact of war?

Pr’Gillis begins the looting by removing the periapt that Ignitius wore. Cyren searches the forge for traps and secret doors but finds nothing. There is molten metal on the ground, along the back wall runes within pictograms of suits of armor that have weapons instead of hands- probably where the Warforged Golems were created.

Nique and Umbrecrom position themselves to sunder the bound blade on the anvil an accidentally set of a Symbol of Death, which has no effect. Umbrecrom’s greatsword crashes down on the giant sword, there is a clash as the two meet- the Blade of Fiery Might, though not yet fully formed- glyphs on the blade are in various states of forming, arising out of the metal as if it were alive and growing to completion, is unscathed. Umbrecrom’s +5 Starmetal Dwarvencraft Greatsword on the other hand now bore a niche in its blade. Umbrecrom is stunned into silence for any weapon would have crumbled under his strike. Nique’s intelligent Frostburst Sabre Frostwind on the other hand did do damage as the bound weapon squealed as a patch of frost briefly spread across a small patch. Despite the accomplishment she decided to back out with Umbrecrom. Seeing the effect a little frost had on it, Yestamir prepared his Dorje of Energy Bolts for a Frost Bolt, which was deflected & splattered into the forge, still leaving a 8” discolored spot on its length. He then shot his Dorje again, frost formed across the blade once more and the metal sang a discordant note as the metal reacted to the frigid attack. Cyren then threw a dagger that bounced harmlessly off its mark and immediately began to melt. Again Yestamir released the power of his Dorje with a Frost Bolt, which deflected once more, but the blade screeched again reacting to the freeze. Yestamir then passed the Dorje to Cyren reasoning that because of her thieving abilities she might be able to activate the psionic implement as she might activate a magic implement for which she had no magical training to use. She then pointed it and as Yestamir faded back into his Wind Walk form to provide himself protection the Halfling managed to activate the crystal’s psionic frost attack. Again and again she for 5 rounds blasting the blade bound with adamantine straps to the huge black anvil in the mammoth forge with heat so intense that the floor was molten metal. The sword was looking worse for the experience frost scorching across its length, runes twisting and spiraling out of shape. Above the landing at the top of the steps that overlooked the room the man with black wings, a golden chest plate, and golden trumpet at his side suddenly appears which catches everyone’s attention. He smiles at them. Umbrecrom smiles back. Cyren continues her assault on the sword. The Trumpet Archon is shot in the wing with an arrow from Thangil’s bow. It plucks out the arrow and vanishes again. For 9 rounds Cyren uses the psionic weapon on the Blade of Fiery Might until it finally burst into hundreds of broken shards. The group then decided it would be best to gather shards to take away so that the artifact could never be re-forged in total.

The Trumpet Archon then reappears and speaks the words of a Blasphemy spell at the gathered group. Pr’Gillis still had the stone with the Silent spell on it which everyone was within its sphere of silence, so were unaffected by the unholy magic. A Pit fiend Lyzden the outcast from the abyss invisibly teleported into the corner to which Arime, Thangil’s Psuedodragon, whose naturally sees invisible reported to Thangil who then informed the rest of the group through Yestamir’s continuing mindlink. Cyren cast her Plane Travel spell to go back to Fennis Ear taking most of the group, while Yestamir followed via a psionic Plane Shift.

Yestamir arrived just outside of the poisoned dead city of Risp, while everyone else arrived just north of the Sorrow Wastes among an Orc army about to descend onto the opposing Human and Dwarf forces stationed to the south of Hilltwain. Cyren climbed atop Nelke while Pr’Gillis ran out to Lightning Bolt a line of 4 of the Orc Barbarians. Umbrecrom going into a rage solidly stabs one of the Orcs as 5 Orcs went to surround Pr’Gillis. 3 other surrounded Nelke and one managed to hit the Sabretooth. Nique rolls under Nelke and then shape changed into a Mastodon. Cyren flew down to one of the Barbarians flanking it with Nique and hits it. Pr’Gillis then hit 3 of the Barbarians surrounding him, the first of which sprouts cold amber patches of ice on its exposed skin. Then from above and further into where the Orcs are coming from an Ogre Magi materializes and shoots its own Lightning bolt and something falls into 2 pieces. Arrows fall around Nique one of them hitting her elephantine form. 3 Orcs attack Umbrecrom and hit him with their warhammers. The 5 attacking Pr’Gillis can’t manage to strike him. Nique starts to charge and tramples the 5 Orcs around Pr’Gillis while he manages to remove himself from the area as he strikes 3 more times, the last two manifesting the patches of frozen crystals that mark having been victim of his Touch of Golden Ice. The Ogre Magi casts an Ice Storm that covers the group doing some cold and bludgeoning damage. His rage still going Umbrecrom sunders another Orc’s greatsword and spins his greatsword back into the Orc burying his blade in the dying creatures chest. A giant 30’ tall spiked Golem lumbers over to Pr’Gillis and grabs one of the trampled Orcs and impales the creature on its spikes. It then breathe out a noxious toxic cloud of green gas to envelope the area. The two Orc who sprouted the ice then drop to the ground twitching. Pr’Gillis breaks into a full run away. Arrows drop haphazardly around the group, none finding their mark. Cyren grabs Thangil who had transformed into his Cheetah form as he ran past her. The Ogre Magi cast another Ice Storm on Umbrecrom and Pr’Gillis as they leave doing more of the cold and bludgeoning damage to them. As Umbrecrom’s refugees get near the line of Dwarves and Humans, Nique turns away to give aid to a cavalry charge into the oncoming Orcs. The others run into the camp offering to help and find out what the situation is.

Yestamir contacts Umbrecrom with a Correspond power and informs the Stonechild that he will look into the town Risp which he arrived near while Umbrecrom lets the Elf know they are near a battle and have offered the Humans and the Dwarves that they will check out the north part of the Sorrow Wastes many leagues to the west of Yestamir’s position near a town called Hilltwain.

The group minus Yestamir, has again been subject to Nique’s Wind Walk spell and they head out and up. They travel about 500’ above the ground until they find the western edge of the army of Orcs, Ogres, Ogre Magi, Goblins and Kobalds that appear to be less organized than they were along the leading edge that was attacking the Humans. There are even Hill Giants and a few Stone Giants and the occasional odd centaroid Lamias with the torso of a human and the body of a lion. There are a lot of wolf pelts and piles of wolf bones that seem to indicate that they are eating the wolf packs that they at one time had with them. Everything avoids the huge spiked Golems that wander the wastes. As the group goes deeper into the territory they discover a massive gorge that seems to be a focus for the army in the Sorrow Wastes. Nearby can be seen an Orc Shaman who is well fed when compared to the others. He has a retinue of 4 Golems. Near the mouth of the gorge can be seen upwards of 30 of the spiked Golems, full ones carrying assorted corpses going in empty ones coming out. There appeared to be fortifications within the gorge, the orcs around the gorge seem to be well fed and well stocked. 4 hours later the group returns to the camp to make their report. Yestamir also returns from his investigation around Risp. He also decided to scy on the Lucian that attacked us during the pirate attack and found him in Falls Gate rallying his people saying that the time is soon. That night Yestamir had disturbing sleep. On the morning of Narui 24th the group had a dream of a bird’s-eye view of what the group had done and gone through in Kolyoral. Every smith had had this dream too. When we awoke Yestamir set up a Remote View Trap which immediately went off. Umbrecrom spent his time gathering names and contacts for trade all the way to Hilltwain. Before they returned they left 3 healing wands for the Dwarves and the Humans.

12 Dwarves came by to honor the group, and we honored them back. Nique contacted a Djinn and treated with him giving him the shards that she, Pr’Gillis and Cyren had gathered at the Iron Tower. Umbrecrom brought in the trade deal to Celethor and Lady Eqximiye and requests a replacement to resume the administrative functions of the Sigil trade deal.

The next day after giving thought to the contact with the Djinn, Umbrecrom asked Nique to resummon the Djinn, Attarin Bin Assaf. Umbrecrom speaks with him explaining how we know that he was likely well rewarded for the shards he was given and tries to negotiate a better deal. The Djinn was smug and difficult to deal with, but Umbrecom whose ire had grown remained calm if emphatic that we would expect more gratitude from one who had to be quite richly rewarded for what was nothing but good fortune. Good fortune that could be continued for himself or yet another Djinn should we grow weary of dealing with him. Not that we wanted to end our association with him, but we did not appreciate being treated like ignorant mortals who didn’t recognize the value of the gifts that had been offered freely to him. The Djinn revealed that he was about to be honored as reward for returning the shards to his liege by being elevated to a Noble Djinn, and conceded that he would offer more for given his good fortune. Umbrecrom sought a means to restore that bit of life energy to his friend Yestamir which had been lost when he urged them to investigate the Slaadi that cost Yestamir and Pr’Gillis their lives. Pr’Gillis, was resurrected and restored to his full vigor, but Yestamir was brought back through the lesser means of Raise Dead and had cost him a portion of his life energy. Umbrecrom, understanding the loss having been through it twice himself was determined to try to restore it for his friend. Attarin Bin Assaf had offered to allow Umbrecrom to take 5 people to the Necrotic Cradle, a legendary place of life, death, birth and the undead where a person could reweave the very fabric of their own life remaking themselves into anything. Or if he preferred they could have 3 wishes. Umbrecrom was given a ring that he could use to call Attarin Bin Assaf when he had decided. Umbrecrom slipped the ring on his pinkie wondering who might join him and Ystamir to this place of legend.

The Temper of Perfection, Part IV: Blue Cubed
06/22 thru 06/23/5055


Seeking a way into the Iron Fortress, our heroes take a small detour…

The morning of the 22 Nique casts the 2 Wind Walk spells that will allow us to become mist-like and travel at great speeds over long distances. We leave the hive of the Fomians a translucent smudge in the sky rubbed with the metal dust from which the cube is made so we appear more like clouds of dust. After a few hours we come across one of the huge abandoned battlefields strewn with the remnants of what was once the site of a huge conflict of Orcs, Goblins, and Hobgoblins. We are 100’ above the 3/4 mile of debris of this long ago conflict and contained within Yestamir’s Mind Link. We descend to 60’ as Yestamir detects for psionics and magic (20!) He senses moderate strength magic in a pile of 50 to 60 bodies slammed together among broken jagged weapons and twisted armor. As he searches Specters burst forth and ascend into the sky at us, the lead undead just missing him with a swipe from a glowing Katana. We immediately ascend to 100’ again and leave at top speed quickly departing the encounter.

A half-hour later at 2 we spot movement on the landscape- 2 Steel Predators. They are south easterly from our position and moving stealthily patrolling 1/3 of the way from where we are to what we understand to be the spot where the Blue Dragons reside. We can catch wafts of ozone, and see a huge rift in the flat terrain that has parts that are rounder and less sharp than other parts- obviously worked areas. We get to within 500’ of the rift about 100’ up still. As we gaze in, both Pr’Gillis and Thangil catch movement above us, Pr’Gillis flying out above and behind us, still we’re mostly in a tight grouping. A gout of lightning splits the sky as a very large Blue Dragon appears above us still a little ways off. The lightning boils around Pr’Gillis who because of his particular Draconic heritage is unaffected, and through our ranks, frying most of us. The Dragon then casts a Fireball which erupt in a 20’ sphere around Pr’Gillis who makes his save, and everyone but Umbrecrom and Thangil. Thankfully everyone made their save and is only burned greatly. We immediately retreat taking advantage of our superior speed, heading back over the edge of the cube toward the Predator’s lair. Once over the edge we head north skirting the edge but still going in the direction of Zandikar. We land after a bit to solidify so we can receive healing magic. Yestamir sets up a remote view trap, and we return to our Wind Walk forms & continue over the other edge, and go another 40 miles and then peek over the edge to view the Tower from the opposite direction we had been coming from. From nearly 600’ above it looked to be a squat ugly metallic building less that 100’ tall put together with an odd assemblage of metal plates with big rivets. As we Wind Walked over it there was a noticeable updraft from the heat it was generating accompanied by a thick smell of sulphur, metal, and coal. As we went over the edge of the Tower still about 100’ above it Yestamir’s View Trap was triggered- somehow we were being scried on. Yestamir re-established another View- Trap. The group assembled into a line Pr’Gillis, Thangil, Umbrecrom, Nique and Nelke, Yestamir and Cyren. It was noticed that a group of 5 Steel Predators accompanied by some small blurred thing flying above them, all headed toward the direction of the Blue Dragons. Pr’Gillis who had used his Wind Walk form to enter the Tower through one of the many cracks between the various metal plates, seeping down within the walls. Maybe 60’ down Pr’Gillis followed by Thangil and Umbrecrom behind his so as to maintain Yestamir’s Mind Link had entered an open area like a small room. The three decided to retreat back to the roof where Cyren had noticed a flash of light out in front of the building. A tall man had teleported outside the buildings front door. He was a very handsome human-looking man with white hair broad shoulders, wearing an elaborate black breastplate and carrying a large Golden Trumpet. He flexed his black feathery wings as he adjusted the breastplate, and the proceeded to enter the building as if he owned it. As the explorers tried to descend within the building at the opposite corner Pr’Gillis who was first started taking damage from the considerable heat. Thangil then passed him to go further but he too started taking damage, after which the group retreated to the roof again. It was decided it was time that everyone should leave coming back in as direct a fashion as possible. 40 miles out from the Formian hive a pair of Steel Predators were spotted ranging. 20 miles further the Wind Walk spells end and everyone floated to the ground uneventfully. After coming upon a squad of Formians patrolling their domain, which they informed about the Steel Predators, the group returned to the Queen’s hive about midnight. The next morning, healed, rested and prepared (Nique had cast Endure Elements and Immunity to Energy- Fire on herself and her Sabertooth.) Umbrecrom’s Assembled again received Nique’s Wind Walk spells and walked away into the sky. At 10am it was noted between the Dragon’s lair and the Tower several groups of Steel Predators and a Blue Dragon were searching the land in the direction away from the Tower. The group arrived at the Tower and proceeded to seep down to the room they had discovered the day before. There was a spike bed on the floor and a circular spot on the wall that lit the room with its fire. Once in, Yestamir set up a Mind Link at 11am. Cyren checked the single door for traps and didn’t discover any. Thangil listened at the door, and didn’t hear anything. They searched for secret doors to no avail. People began taking damage from the overbearing heat, and Nique cast Resist Energy Mass on the group, which would last for 140 minutes. Endure Elements was cast on Cyren. They opened the door and it was hotter still beyond revealing a hall with a door at the end maybe 30’ away. and a door to the left. Cyren and Thangil checked the door and entered to see a room with a cot, a fire disc, hooks on the wall two holding steel kilts. Under the cot was a metal plaque etched in acid from Imperigon to Ignitius promising vengeance to the people who expelled Ignitius from his homeland in return for managing the forge and the Elementals. Going to the other door Cyren and Thangil checked it, they cracked it open and looked beyond to see part of a much bigger room, along the back wall on a raised corner section atop almost a floor of steps there was a brass winged lion/dragon hybrid called a Dragonne overlooking many slaves that were through the room, many working with hammers at anvils & work tables. The din was loud. Nique cast Barkskin on herself and Nelke. Pr’Gillis activated his psionic Inertial Armor and his Forcesreens. Everyone made a save vs. fatigue. Yestamir returned to his Wind Walk form and activated his psionic power of Temporal Acceleration, which he used to step into a different time-stream and then he went out to scout the room beyond and returned in what seemed to be no time at all. He reported seeing another Dragonne across the large room from the first, 3 Azer (like lava Elemental Dwarves ) the one near the forge obviously Ignitius. In the monstrous forge was a large 10’ long jet-black anvil with runes inscribed in it, also 3 huge columns of fire blazed within the forge. The floor although not metal appeared to have been melted. There was an enormous curved sword with runes on it bound to the anvil with adamantine bands. Its runes did not seem to be complete. Also in the room was a man with metallic skin that had barbs protruding from the skin much like the spikes that were found from where the adamantine shipment was stolen. Immediately outside of the door was steps to the left that led up to a landing guarding another door by what looked to be a suit of platemail that had swords instead of hands. Yestamir re-established his Mind Link. Umbrecrom thinking upon the description of the large curved sword recalled the lore of something called the Sword of Fiery Might and related it to everyone excitedly- this was phenomenally bad. Nique cast Vigor Mass Lesser and on round 10 she cast Summon Earth Elemental. Round 11 the floor behind the metallic guy with the spikes bent, buckled and burst as a large Earth Elemental arose out the tear slamming his with both fists doing significant damage. Nique moves just a bit within the room everyone still was in and cast the spell again. The spiked metal guy back-flipped to get out of range of the towering Earth Elemental which provoked an attack of opportunity from the Earth Elemental who kick him viscously into the wall some 20 feet behind him. He hit the wall and slid to the floor in a broken mass. Thangil ran out of the room and shot an arrow at one of the Azers hitting it. Umbrecrom left the room launched up the stairs on the left and discarded his tower shield just in time to set off a Symbol of Insanity causing him to run back down the steps in fear. Yestamir flew out and tried to dominate the other Dragonne but something shut down his power as a voice danced across his mind ‘You don’t get to do that here!’ (this may only be a figurative description). Pr’Gillis noticing that Umbrecrom has fallen prey to something that was twisting his bodily and mental energies abandons his attack on the Dragonne and races over to the Stonechild and launches into an array of light handed strikes about his head and shoulders, and briefly senses his flow giving way before it snapped back into a twisted knot that would not yield. The Dragonne flew over to Thangil and tried to do a sonic attack but was close enough to Pr’Gillis who was carrying a stone that Cyren had cast silence on, that nothing happened. The other Dragonne leapt atop the Earth Elemental causing the Earth Elemental to hit it with an AoO for some damage. The Dragonne missed the Earth Elemental, and it returned a devastating pair of slam attacks. The second Earth Elemental erupted from the floor and attracted the other un-named Azer with 2 powerful slams. Nelke & Nique ride up to Umbrecrom reaching her staff out to him hitting him with a heal spell that lifts the insanity from his mind. Cyren cast Sanctuary upon herself. The second un-named Azer flanked the Earth Elemental and stabbed it. Umbrecrom refusing to approach the Symbol again bullrushed the first Azer by the Dragonne, pushing it into the creature allowing Thangil an AoO that he hits with a critical doing serious damage to the flaming Dwarf. She falls top the ground, the fire that is her hair starts to dim. Thangil then Fires at the Dragonne hitting it for similar damage. One of the pillars of flame from within the forge, a Greater Fire Elemental exits and attacks the first Earth Elemental. Another Greater Fire Elemental leaves the forge and heads for Umbrecrom on the other side of the room. Pr’Gillis runs up behind Umbrecrom and right up his back leaping off his shoulders and onto the Dragonne, which slaps at him and bites the Half-Dragon but misses. The other Dragonne hits the Earth Elemental solidly. Yestamir flies up near the armor looking thing with the sword hands and manifests a Breath of the Black Dragon spouting a drenching of acid at it but it seems to no effect. The Elder Fire Elemental leaves the forge to stand before Iginitius as if protecting him. The Earth Elemental slams the Dragonne a final time as it is crushed to the floor never to get back up. Nique wanting to speak to the Fire Elementals, but not speaking their language she has to drink a potion of Tongues, which will allow her to communicate with the Elementals. She comments about wanting to help free them so they wouldn’t be bound against their will. To which one of the Greater Fire Elementals replies ‘Burn them! They interrupt the great work! burn them all!’ The Earth Elemental advances on Ignitius to which the Azer looks dismissively at the Earth Elemental and says ‘Enough of this! Be gone!’ as he waves a hand. The Earth Elemental is dismissed back to it home plane with the gesture. The next round he intones ‘By the might of Hexitor!’ growing with the power of the Righteous Might spell to nearly twice his height. Umbrecrom runs 50’ to the Greater Fire Elemental and misses with his attack and the Fire Elemental returns an attack that misses as well. Atop the Dragonne Pr’Gillis attack its back and head with a series of strikes that kill it, as Golden Ice forms along its rigid body. Yestamir lines up against Ignitius and levels a devastating Cold Energy Bolt, which encases the formerly flaming Azer in a sheen of thick ice. The Elder Fire Elemental runs over to Yestamir and strikes him for some fair damage. The remaining Earth Elemental attacks the Elder Fire Elemental its fist of rock and dirt striking the flames solidly. Umbrecrom strikes the Greater Fire Elemental doing some damage with his sword. The Fire Elemental replies with 2 significant slams back at Umbrecrom. The Greater Elemental hits the Earth Elemental, and Yestamir prepares another Cold Energy Bolt and manifests it at the Sword of Fiery Might which hits it and the sword rings with the sound of hot metal warped by freezing magic. The smiths who had been mindlessly working away at their tasks throughout the room all stop and look at the Sword bound to the anvil in the forge and then to Yestamir. Cyren hits an Elemental with a crossbow bolt. Umbrecrom hits the Greater Fire Elemental twice causing devastating damage. Thangil shoots 2 arrows at the Elder Elemental solidly. The Greater Elemental hits Umbrecrom while the Elder Fire Elemental destroys the Earth Elemental. Pr’Gillis steps over to the remaining Azer and strike 3 fair kits on it. Yestamir manifests another Cold Bolt at the Greater Elemental and it then starts to move off after it takes damage from the magic cold. Nique talks with Dergeden and he reveals Imperigon is a Half Red Dragon Duergar and Lyzden- the outcast from the pit is a Pit Fiend. Cyren hits the remaining Azer with a crossbow bolt and it dies. Umbrecrom chases after the Elder Elemental but misses with his attack. The Elemental misses with its attack on Umbrecrom. Pr’Gillis runs over and strikes it twice, Thangil hits with 3 arrows, and Umbrecrom strikes it twice which snuffs out its flames.

(My notes obviously are incomplete. I don’t recall what happened at 3 in the morning so I couldn’t fill in the empty spots but everything died)

The Temper of Perfection, Part III: Silence Reigns

In order to win over their new allies, the formians, our heroes must prove themselves against the steel predators.


While enjoying the hospitality of the alliance with the Fomians , Nique decided that she would provide healing to the Ant people who required it. Umbrecrom’s assembled team also partook of the food pods provided them. The Queen of the hive had proposed a pact with us where we would kill the pack leader of the Steel Predators, a task that seemed necessary in opposing Imperigon. Information she relayed was that the Steel Predators were not psionic, and that the Blue Dragons that resided in the open canyon near the tower may be Axiomatic. We traded some of the loot from the Slaadi attack for arcane support from the Queen. 2 Chain mail shirts +2, Braciers +2, and the ruby studded gold necklace were offered while Thangil claimed the Brooch of Shielding (59). The Queen traded 2 potions of Bull’s Strength, 2 potions of cat’s Grace, 2 potions of Fly, 3 potions of Tongues, and 2 Potions of Protection from Energy Sonic and provided cast spells of 8 Resist Energy Sonic and provided 2 Myrmidons that had Greater Teleported us out to the lair and awaited our return.

Narui 21, 5055 8am we teleported with the Myrmidons. Nique then cast Wind Walks on us as we were still many miles out. By 9am we arrived at the lair.Yestamir mind linked us, as we descended into the hole that led into their lair. A little way in there was one of the creatures on a ledge overhead that we hadn’t seen, and a little ways further there was another that rubbed its tail against the metal walls in such a way as we thought it to be some code of communication. We went deeper where those of us that had Darkvision could see 2 other Steel Predators and another larger one with a gold bracelet with ruins around its paw, obviously the pack leader. All were chewing bits of metal, armor and the like, the big one a faintly glowing metal sword. Noting the walls covered in raw torn jagged metal edges and spikes we decided that it would be bad to have combat in these confines, and began our quick retreat, both predators began scenting the air as we passed.

We positioned ourselves outside, Pr’Gillis on top of the cave mouth invisible. Umbrecrom 30’ out from Pr’Gillis and a bit to the right in front of the cave. Thangil 30’ to the left. Cyren 10’ behind him, scouting from her position. Nique and Nelke 30’ behind Yestamir who hovered centrally still in Wind Walk form. The rest of us solidified 5 rounds later. Nique then cast Mudslide into the hole. Thangil cast Longstrider on himself, Nique cast Stoneskin on herself and Nelke, several rounds later anticipating the predator’s arrival Cyren cast Silence, centered below Yestamir. Thangil then noted one sneaking out in front of Umbrecrom staring at him informing the group through the mindlink. It then leapt into an attack that scored with a claw and a bite. Another leapt out from the other side of the hole at Thangil but missed. Umbrecrom returned a single attack as he began to rage, missing 2 other times and then moved to the side just catching the edge of Cyren’s silence. Cyren cast a spell but it didn’t work. Yestamir tried to mentally dominate the one attacking Umbrecrom but was unsuccessful. Nique cast call lightning, which hit one of the creatures to no apparent affect. The one on Umbrecrom then attacked with its sonic roar, but to no effect. Cyren used her Ring of the Ram to knock the one near Thangil prone, which also caused some damage. It then roared a sonic attack at Thangil, which he saved against taking no damage. Umbrecrom scored with another hit. Thangil dropped back and drank a potion so he could fly into the effect of the Silence. Yestamir manifested an Energy Bolt of Cold at the one on Umbrecrom for significant damage as Nique cast to summon an Earth Elemental. The Pack Leader then leapt out, leaping through Yestamir, lands & bites Nelke for considerable damage only about a quarter of which the Stoneskin was able to fend against. Umbrecrom’s Steel Predator, targeting his sword tried to sunder it, but missed. Cyren again uses her ring to hit the second one again, which caused it to leap at her, but it had missed. Again Umbrecrom hit the predator with a single strike. Pr’Gillis who had been waiting for the Pack Leader then leapt down from his perch and attacked it, only to have another Steel Predator flank him from behind. Thangil cast Stars of Arvendor, which caused 10 stars to appear. Yestamir manifested another Energy Bolt of Cold at the first one on Umbrecrom. Another Steel Predator runs out to attack Umbrecrom. As an Earth Elemental erupts next to the Pack Leader and attacks it as Nique begins recasting the spell. The Pack Leader launches a full attack on the Earth Elemental hitting all 5 times, tearing chunks of stone and dirt from its body. The first Steel Predator hits Umbrecrom with a claw and a bite, and both rake attacks doing a fair amount of damage. Cyren continues to hit the one she targeted with her ring from above where she had been flying. It leapt at her and missed again. Umbrecrom struck once more for a fair amount of damage. Pr’Gillis’ Flurry of Blows all struck the Pack Leader causing a good amount of damage. The one behind Pr’Gillis hit him with a claw, which went all but unnoticed. Thangil launched a star at the predator on Cyren doing similar damage before he shot 3 arrows 2 of which struck true for a fair amount of damage.Yestamir moved to line up the two on Umbrecrom and manifested another Energy Bolt of Cold doing considerable damage to both, despite the fact that they appeared at least resistant to some of his attack. The first creature drops dead frozen and immobile. The other Steel Predator strikes Umbrecrom for a fair amount. The second Earth Elemental erupts into a flanking position next to the Pack Leader as the first lands both a solid and glancing blow. The second does the same. Nique casts Rusting Grasp as Nelke hits it too. When Nique struck the Leader with both hands, it cringed at the blossoms of flaking rust that blossomed under her hands. Again the Pack Leader struck 5 terrible attacks on the first Earth Elemental, rock and dirt flinging and falling from the attack, yet still it stood. Cyren knocked hers prone to the ground again after which it got back up. Umbrecrom landed a mighty strike opening up its side. Pr’Gillis lands 3 strikes on the big one for considerable damage. The one behind Pr’Gillis not able to strike his quickly moving form. Thangil launched another star, and hits the Pack Leader with an arrow doing fair damage. Yestamir lines up more of the same on the one on Umbrecrom and the one on Pr’Gillis but both manage to make their save but still receiving a good amount of damage. The one on Umbrecrom joins the first frozen creature at Umbrecrom’s feet. Both Elementals amid the frightening slam attacks they’ve been assaulting the Pack Leader with miss him this time around. Nique uses her Cure Serious wand to heal Nelke, which completely heals the Sabertooth’s wounds. Nelke’s attacks miss though. The Pack Leader misses the Elemental it was attacking, but it gets torn apart into dissipating dirt and rock by one of the other predators. Cyren uses her ring to finish off that Steel Predator. Umbrecrom Charges the Pack Leader and hits with a solid strike. Pr’Gillis’s flurry strike solidly 3 times. The remaining creature flanking Umbrecrom strikes him with 3 claws and a bite for considerable damage. Thangil shoots his remaining star at the Leader and hits with 2 of 3 arrows. Yestamir angles to launch another Cold Bolt, which the Leader makes his save against but still takes a considerable hit. The last Earth Elemental attacks the Leader & does little damage. Nelke attacks it, channeling Nique’s Rusting Grasp spell causing a final bloom of the deadly rust and it dies. Nique casts a Cure Serious from her wand on Umbrecrom for which he is grateful. Cyren casts another curative spell on a further grateful Umbrecrom who continues to strike at the remaining creature hitting it once another solid blow. Pr’Gillis flanks it and strikes it twice doing solid damage. The final Steel Predator then bolts into a full out run trying to escape, failing sadly when Yestamir launches his final Energy Bolt of Cold freezing it solid in mid-stride and slams into the ground shattering into icy shards across the metallic plane. Cyren reads magic on the ring that the Pack Leader wore sensing a deflecting magic (+3 Ring of Protection which Umbrecrom trades out for his +2 Ring which he gives to Nelke). Pr’Gillis seeing Umbrecrom slip into the fatigue that his rages leave him in after a battle, considers the flows of energy through the Stonechild’s body, sensing where various surges of energy miss-align and block one another, strikes him with rigid fingers lightly in the chest, abdomen, arms and neck like an abusive therapeutic message that somehow causes the Barbarian immediate relief. Umbrecrom smiles thinking how he knew that sooner or later the Half-Dragon Fist of Zouken would prove to be a useful addition. Cyren and Nique continue to administer their curative spells one more time. The final Earth Elemental before the summoning reached its end was sent into the lair to search the mud for any remains of value but found none. Nique continues Umbrecrom’s curative magics with a spell that allows him to regain little bits of health until he is completely healed. The Elemental brings back a metal plaque etched with acid in a strange language, Cyren Casts a Languages spell and reads it, seeing that it is a letter from Imperigon thanking Tavarus for the use of his pack of Steel Predators. Thangil skins the Pack Leader and the bludgeoned one and gets 2 Steel Predator hides. Umbrecrom locates one with an intact tail and slices it off thinking it would make a fine scabbard decoration. The remove the head of the Pack Leader to present as a gift to the Formian Queen. Upon returning Yestamir asks the Queen if they can fashion a crown for our leader, the Half-Dragon (who the Queen seemed to favor in dealing with us) with the Pack Leader’s claws. She is informed of the victory and the bodies are retrieved because Cyren had suggested to use the bodies as possible disguises when they went to check out the Iron Tower, as well as the mud, which Nique had created for her mudslide. The Formian miss having mud and are grateful for this unexpected prize. Later after Umbrecrom and his group returned from reconnaissance on the Zandikar the Iron Tower Pr’Gillis is presented with an odd chitin dome with the Steel Predator’s Pack Leaders claws protruding proudly from the top. The fit is odd because the Formian craftsman had to guess at the odd shape of his head (is was to be a surprise), but Pr’Gillis wisely shows much gratitude and appreciation for the gift.
The Temper of Perfection, Part II: The Lord of the Iron Fortress
06/18 thru 06/22/5055

On the trail of missing ore and dead smiths, our heroes find themselves on an obscure cube on the plane of Archeron…


Upon the lost cube of Kolyoral, Umbrecrom and his assembled cohorts arrived on the 19th. Yestamir erected a psionic Mindlink so that everyone who stayed within 30 feet of another in the Mindlinked group maintained a telepathic communication. They looked out across the flat steel plain seeing tears and spots gouged with wear. They could see for miles but not indefinitely. To the Southwest they could make out the sharp edge of a horizon. At a certain point it just became indistinct and diffused. The immediate thought was to locate a place where they could regroup to if they needed to later. Miles of flat stretched out in every direct. The air smelled metallic. The distant clash of swords and armor was constant. Archeron was the plane of eternal battle. As Nelke paced in obvious agitation Nique cast a Druid spell that lets her commune with nature and learn of her environment. She discovers a large fortress, a huge rent in the surface of the cube, where a mountain seems to arise from another point, a collection of holes leading into the cube, and where various large battles have occurred. She casts another spell, which allowed her to know the direction of their objective- Zandikar, The Iron Fortress. Sensing to which direction the assembled needed to go she then Wildshaped into a horse for Yestamir to ride and took the lead. Next, Nelke served as mount for Cyren who kept an eye out for traps on the metal plane. Umbrecrom remained on foot in front of Thangil who Wildshaped into a lion while his companion Arime followed. Pr’Gillis was last. They were able to maintain a pace that allowed them to cover almost 2 leagues a day (37.5 miles). The plain offered little diversion- small dents and rips, some metallic rubble, there were spots where bits of it peeled away like mica. After 8 hours they decided to rest. The sky dimmed till it was almost like moonlight. Umbrecrom’s first watch was uneventful, but a while after he had nodded off during Cyren’s watch, she and Thangil spotted something high overhead. They watched as two eagles descended, this being significant because it was the first indication of life on the cube other than the distant clangor of ever-present combat. After a period they decided the eagles were large eagles. Very large. Yestamir, Pr’Gillis and Nique were also awake and prepared for the still descending birds, which now looked to be giants, yet strangely and unnaturally beautiful. Cyren shot an arrow and hit the first what was obviously a Roc. The pair of axiomatic Rocs continued their strafing run. Yestamir established his Mindlink effectively awakening the sleeping Stonechild. Nique shouted ‘Stop!’ The Rocs being animals, they may otherwise had be dissuaded from attacking, without resorting to having to kill them. Yestamir attempted to Dominate the second gargantuan bird and succeeded. Nique had cast one of her Druid spells attempting to charm it, but to her disappointment her spell didn’t hold. Having gained a degree of control over the second Roc, the blue-haired Elf tried to get the bird to fly close and nudge the first to throw its attack off balance, but such an action being so averse to the Roc’s normal behavior, it was able to once again gain control of its actions from the Psion. Thangil, seeing them still making their diving attack, having readied his bow, hailed 3 arrows into the neck and chest of the first one. Umbrecrom rising from his slumber reached for a vial of acid from a pouch and hurled it at the second bird striking it, splashing the burning liquid across the feathers of its underside. As the birds circled around for another air-born attack, Cyren noted the size of the birds that were very nearly as large as adult dragons, set aside her bow and leveled her wand at the first as it flew by, loosing a Scorching Ray spell that began to properly set it afire. Yestamir having botched his subtle tactic, called upon his strange powers again, this time manifesting Breath of the Black Dragon as a gout of corrosive acid much more potent than what Umbrecrom used, which spouted from his mouth catching the first one that Cyren had cast upon. Pr’Gillis calling upon his own Half-Dragon heritage used his own breath weapon, breathing flame on the second Roc as it passed, catching it aflame. Nique began casting another spell as Umbrecrom threw another vial of acid but misjudging his timing, threw it into the airy wake of the Roc. Thangil still with his bow loosed 3 more arrows of which only one found its mark in the leg of the second Roc. Because the Roc’s attacks were disrupted by the damage they sustained, they flew by unable to retaliate. Cyren having switched back to her bow shot 2 arrows that sank into the Roc’s tail. Yestamir having retrieved his Energy Bolt Dorje, aimed it like a wand and let loose a bolt of fire that didn’t seem to catch hold of the trailing bird. The flame was doused by the concussion of air that accompanied Nique’s summoning of the Air Elemental, which tried to attack the trailing Roc without success. Thangil with a carefully placed single shot hit the first Roc so well placed that the bird flinched in pain, while Pr’Gillis used the bow the Elves had given to Umbrecrom to hit the second Roc in the side with an arrow. As the Roc’s flew off, abandoning the humanoids on the ground Thangil let fly a final arrow hitting the trailing bird. Yestamir tried his mental domination yet again to no avail. The summoned Air Elemental easily caught up to the Rocs landing an impressive albeit unseen attack on the first. Cyren shot 2 more arrows, which hit but showed very little effect. A final time Yestamir reached out his mind straining to gain command of the body of the Roc, edging the creatures own psyche only to have its mental essence slip past his Dominate again. Nique, dismissed her summoned Elemental deciding that these animals need not die for their attack. No one was hurt after all. The rest of the night passed uneventfully, and everyone rested well. The next day they moved another nearly 2 leagues and stopped to rest. On Pr’Gillis’s watch he noticed a tall bipedal being that somehow was only 100’ away. It had a long thick tail, and was scaly. It also carried a spear. The sleeping members of the group awake. Several recognize the creature as a Betazu more specifically a Glugon- an Ice Devil. ‘Are you friend or foe of Imperigon?’ it asked. Yestamir offered ‘We know not who Imperigon is…’

‘Imperigon- Lord of the Iron Fortress.’ it offered back.
Thangil announces ‘We are not friends of this Imperigon.’

In the ensuing conversation the Glugon revealed that Imperigon had one of the outcasts from the Pit. Something that had been banished from the Abyss? The Abyss was the home of demons- something they would cast out? Devils certainly. The Raptors had recently retrieved a captured Cleric of Labolis from the foul plans of the daughter of the Dark Elf goddess the Spider Queen, who makes her home within the Pit. She was trying to usurp her mother’s place. Could their interference have caused the would-be godlings casting out of the Abyss? The Ice Devil said this Imperigon or its Pit creature has been stealing petitioners. She had stole a High Priest of Labolis… Are they the same? I think it named the creature ‘Lydzen’. The Ice Devil was on a mission to retrieve the stolen Batorean Green steel weapon, which had been stolen from its master. It said Imperigon had allies from Erelhei-Cinlu which was the city of the Dark Elves- the creature from the Pit may very well be the goddess’s daughter. There were also said to be Emissaries of Ilkkool Rrem with Imperigon also. Illythid from the Mind Flayer stronghold. The Ice Devil offered power to any who would take it, but would require the deaths of both Pr’Gillis and Nique. We had declined. Before it left, it bid us to think upon its offer, and gave its name, Iskiset, should we decide to take up the deal. It then walked away and vanished.

The next day Nique cast a Cloud Walk spell upon us, which turned us into a mist allowing us to float upon the wind, and we echolocated so as to stay within the confines of Yestamir’s Mindlink. An hour out we ran across a battle- Fomians, a race of giant Ant-like beings attacking 3 Humans, one Human having already fell. When Yestamir tried to detect psionics one of the Ant creatures with a bronze helmet panicked and teleported away. The two remaining Fomians died, as Yestamir noted there were no psionics in the remaining combatants. The Humans began to dance and celebrate at their victory, not sensing our presence. They then began to change into a trio of Slaadi- two tall green Slaad in armor wielding swords, and a grey Slaad garbed with braciers but no other armor to speak of, but wearing a prominent ruby studded gold necklace.

Umbrecrom and Yestamir, unfamiliar with the specifics of the creatures, decide that they should question them and willed themselves out of the Cloud Walk spell, not noticing that it actually took them 5 rounds to return fully to solidity. Umbrecrom walked out about 30 foot away from Yestamir so as not to provide a single area to target should things go badly. Things immediately took a turn for the horrible, as one of the green Slaad casts a lightning bolt past Umbrecrom to where Cyren hovered still under the effects of the Cloudwalk spell. Yestamir used his psionic power to create a manifestation of Black Dragon’s breath weapon, gouting acid at the other green Slaad and its grey companion. which the grey one managed to avoid. Umbrecrom retrieved one of the Glyph Eggs Lord Kelroth had bid him to carry during the mission in Port Dawn to retrieve the renegade Elven soldiers bent on murdering the town’s slave holding families. Speaking the activation word he threw it at the bunch engulfing all three in a consecrated Fireball. When the fire cleared it was apparent the grey Slaad had avoided the effects of this spell also, although the other green ones had not. The grey Slaad then looked to Yestamir who had delivered a far more potent attack, and raised his hand in the Elf’s direction, and grasped it into a fist. That’s when Yestamir died. His body crumpled inward upon itself, bone snapping, skin rupturing in sprays of bright red blood all mingled in the muffled scream of his dying breath being forced from the crushed sponge of his lungs. The tattered dripping remains of his corpse dropped to the ground a wet limp memory. Seeing this Nique knew they had no time to wait for the timely transition the Cloudwalk required and dismissed her spell, which immediately brought the rest of the party back from their misty forms. Pr’Gillis interposed himself over Yestamir’s seeping red remains, eyeing the green Slaad that would soon advance. Nique already near Yestamir began preparing another spell hoping to save her friend. Cyren cast a Scorching Ray spell from her wand on the other green Slaad burning it to the bone, yet still it stood. The first green Slaad motioned its hands grunting sounds in its bizarre language, which brought into being a multi-hued explosion of energy that hammered the Half-Dragon Monk. Pr’Gillis then activated his psionic armor and stood his ground. Umbrecrom, having seen his friend Yestamir brutally cut down slipped into the raging combat mind of the Barbarian and unleashed fury upon the green Slaad Cyren had already hurt. First the Barbarian’s powerfully enchanted star metal great sword White Iron appears in his already swinging hand being summoned from the Glove of Storing that he wore and sundered the green Slaad’s own enchanted sword, destroying it. Umbrecrom continued the swing into another arc that glances off the creatures magical Chain Shirt, but a third circuit connects deeply as it slices through ribs al the way into its breastbone where Umbrecrom held the dying Slaad to shield himself from the grey Slaad’s direct attack. Thangil with bow in hand and arrows ready shot an arrow as he positions himself but the arrow deflected from the remaining green Slaad’s enchanted plate mail armor. The grey Slaad still held out his hand and re-positions it slightly at Pr’Gillis. He squeezed it into a fist again. Half Dragon hide folded and compresses, his skull cracked- an impacted crater that crowded his clavicles, his ribcage imploded upon itself as the Monk died where he stood. Nique completed her spell which drew the disparate shreds of lifeless Yestamir together and re-knit his torn rendered body into a battered corpse that was then infused with enough life energies to bring him back to life if only just barely. She then gave him a potion of healing she had pulled out to further his healing and restore a semblance of vigor. The remaining green Slaad advanced on Thangil swinging its sword and missing the quick Ranger. Cyren again leveled her wand and released a devastating Scorching Ray that the grey Slaad was caught it. Umbrecrom tosses the green corpse on his sword to the side as he charged the grey Slaad. He struck his sword at the portion of the grey Slaad’s own sheathed sword that protrudes over its head from its back sheathe and easily shattered the enchanted weapon, ensuring it would be weaponless in melee combat. The Stonechild continues the stroke full circle burying the great sword deep into its chest by way of its thin grey neck. With a frighteningly casual flick, Umbrecrom discarded the Death Slaad’s corpse from his sword. Nique cast healing magic on Yestamir, but the journey back from the dead always takes its toll. Except for the most powerful resurrection spells those who return from death’s grasp always leave something of themselves behind, always return diminished. Yestamir would be something less than what he was. Umbrecrom and the others inspected the corpses of the four Slaad. Victory tithings as Barbarian tribes would call it. Spoils of victory, loot, those of a more civilized nature would say.

The green Slaads offer:
1 suit Enchanted full plate mail
2 Enchanted Chain Shirts
1 destroyed enchanted swords
1 enchanted Tower Shield
2000 Gold Pieces

While the Death Slaad paid tribute with:
1 Ruby studded gold necklace
1 destroyed enchanted sword
1 set of enchanted Braciers

In the wake of combat Cyren prayed to the deity that she has pledged herself to Clerical duty for- Olidammara. The Laughing Rogue answered her prayers, but it is never that straight forward, never that simple. Soon, Pr’Gillis had benefited from the effects of a resurrection spell, and Cyren and Thangil having been privy to the ire and pronouncements of Talisid the Celestial Lion, the sentience of a Deck of Many Things, Olidammara, and the Dragon goddess of Life, Tamara before time started once again. Umbrecrom tried to figure on what souvenir to claim from the Death Slaad decided to rip its jaw off. As he pulled it from the Slaad head, 5 of the Fomian Ant creatures appeared at the edge of the field of battle. There was a short period of confused efforts to communicate before Cyren casts a Comprehend Languages spell allowing her to understand the insectoid clicks and whirs of the Fomians. Yestamir psionically manifested his power of Correspond, which allowed him to breach the language barrier by communicating directly mind to mind with the Fomian wearing the Bronze helmet, who also possessed a degree of psionics. They were under the impression that Pr’Gillis led Umbrecrom’s group, and no one dissuades them of that notion. Yestamir translated for Pr’Gillis. He negotiated an audience with their Queen and insisted that Yestamir and Umbrecrom need to be present and it was agreed. The psionic Ant creature teleported them to an area Nique had identified with the Commune with Nature spell two days prior as a torn up area of the cube exposing the hive of the Fomian people. Introductions were made and protocol observed. In talking to Pr’Gillis the Queen told of an alliance of the pack leader of the steel predators and the Lord of the Iron Fortress. Yestamir retrieved Thangil, Cyren, Nique and Nelke bringing them back to the hospitality of the hive where Pr’Gillis and Umbrecrom ate from strange nectar pods. The information the Queen provided on the steel predators, which roam the cube in packs, and had an alliance with Imperigon:

Large creatures
Very fast
about 12 HD
They like to consume fresh metal
Are utterly deaf
Exceptional scent ability
Speak terran
Blind Sight
Sonic Attack
Like to attack from surprise
They are some kind of living metal.


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