Under the Sea...


Several months ago, during the massive naval battle between the Corsair Kings and Fennas Ëar, the Gurth Morgul Herui attempted to slip a massive barge around the fight and towards Ty’Athalael, the underwater city of the sea-elves. Now Eqximiye Carlack, the Speaker of the Eldar, gathers together a team in order to determine why.

Attendance: Eqximiye, Thangil, Nique, and Erenion.

Improbable Foundations


Verify that Stonefist is clear of enemy taint and that the dwarves’ command structure is intact or repairable.

Nikerym: Fadriewien Isarania
Team: Umbrecrom Ironrage and Y’Draesk R’rgelnev. Others may be potentially useful.
Combat Likelihood: unknown

Collecting the Rent
Begins Urui 30, 5055


Even more cubic gate shenanigans! (actual description forthcoming.)

Attendance: TBD

There's a Hell of a good universe next door - let's go!
Urui 15, 5055 thru Urui 22, the end of summer


A Conspiracy of Powers has granted a boon to our heroes, providing them with the means to save refugees from Illuvinari should the war against the Gurth Morgal Herui be lost. A pristine, untouched material plane, frozen in time and hidden from the rest of the great wheel. Having recovered one of the keys needed in order to access this new world, our heroes must now decide what trail to follow in order to recover the remaining three. Erevan Ilsere has implied that the cubic gate given to Erenion will lead them to the keys and three sides remain unexplored. Where will they travel next?

The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus?

The Elemental Plane of Air?

Or Pazunia, the first layer of the Abyss?

Attendance: Eqximiye, Y’Draesk, Quingle, Thangil, Fadrie, Yestamir, Erenion, and Pr’Gillis.

Poor Losers
Anarya, Urui 10, 5055 (08/10/5055)


Our Heroes have done the impossible! They have out-debated the Mouth of Primus, out fought the premier swashbuckler of the era, and out maneuvered both a mad mercane merchant and the yugoloth Sharlocke, Keeper of the Tower of Incarnate Pain. Now they can collect the deed for the Valley of Light and deliver it to the guardinal Ivixel. However, there is one small problem to deal with first…

Attendance: Eqximiye, Erenion, Y’Draesk, Nique, Quingle, Thangil, Fadrie, Pr’Gillis, Yestamir, and Umbrecrom.

Brutal Choices
The evening of Elenya, Urui 9, 5055 (08/09/5055)


“You’re in America now," I said. "Our idea of diplomacy is showing up with a gun in one hand and a sandwich in the other and asking which you’d prefer.”
― Jim Butcher, Turn Coat

Our heroes, representing Elysium, are one of three finalists in the negotiations for the ownership of Darrai Sei Rosani. Things have taken a grim turn though, with the arcanaloth Sharlocke threatening the holdfasts of the Hubul Jann as leverage to win the bid. The mercane Piramus Aristedes appears unfazed and confident, his bid still unrevealed to the other claimants. Can our heroes win the Valley of Light for Ivexal?

Attendance: Eqximiye, Erenion, Y’Draesk, Quingle, Thangil, Fadrie, Pr’Gillis, Yestamir, and Umbrecrom.

Tarion, Urui 8, 5055 (08/08/5055)


After our heroes confront and retrieve Quingle’s missing shadow, they find themselves summoned to the Golden Beaches in Thalasia, on the fourth layer of Elysium. A bit of debate and travel later finds them on the shores of the headwaters of the great River Oceanus. In the distance they can see the mists that suround The Blessed Isles. A great feast is laid out for them and their host reveals themself as Ivixel, a leonal guardinal. The guardinal greets them warmly by name and agrees to honor the rules of host and guest. During the meal, he chats congenially, enthusiastically inquiring about our heroes’ past exploits. Finally, the feast finished, he explains the reasons for his summons.

“For the most part, my homeland of Elysium is a paradise in every sense of the word, but one section has been sealed off from the rest. Within the confines of those blasted lands, hundreds of terrible monsters have been imprisoned for untold millennium. Once an age, guardinals like myself must fortify those boundaries to keep the rest of the upper planes safe.”

“As you may already know, the janni have come into possession of Darrai Sei Rosani or the Valley of Light – a diamond mine on the Elemental Plane of Earth. It is a vast underground complex filled with nothing but purest diamond. As they have no resources to mine it, they wish to barter it away. After a year-long summons across the planes seeking an offer worthy of Darrai Sei Rosani, Utha Alzmed, the current Amir of the Hubul Jann, has narrowed the candidates down to six. They will make their final decision during a three day long diplomatic summit to be held in a neutral realm called the Demiplane of Gloaming. While six diplomats off a substantial reward for the mines, there can be only one winner. Elysium has charged me to win this prize, and to use the diamonds to restore the borders in Elysium.”

“Unfortunately, I believe I have little chance of winning the mines for the cause of Good. Guardinals excel at many things, but diplomacy is not one of them. I need heroes who possess the strength, cunning, and finesse necessary to subvert our opponents and beat them at their own game.”

“I have the necessary materials for you to make the trip, and I offer my personal seal to vouch for your presence at the proceedings. With your combined efforts, it might just be possible to beat the other diplomats, and win the Valley of Light for Elysium. In return, if you win the mines, you all shall be rewarded with a puissant enchanted item of your choice, and you shall ever more be favored among the guardinals and shall find shelter and sustenance in Elysium whenever you require it.”

The lion-headed celestial lays a plane shift scroll, a forked metal rod of dull gray metal and a stoppered clay pitcher on the table.

“Will you do it?”

Attendance: Eqximiye, Erenion, Y’Draesk, Quingle, Thangil, Fadrie, Pr’Gillis, Yestamir, Nique, and Umbrecrom.

The Cake is a Lie
Isilay, Urui 5, 5055 (08/05/5055)


A Conspiracy of Powers has granted a boon to our heroes, providing them with the means to save refugees from Illuvinari should the war against the Gurth Morgal Herui fail. A pristine, untouched material plane, frozen in time and hidden from the rest of the great wheel. But the way is locked and the keys to this potential lifeboat must be recovered first. Erevan Ilsere himself has implied that the cubic gate given to Erenion will lead them to the keys, but our heroes’ first foray – to the Plane of Shadow – appears to have yielded uncertain results. The shadow-stuff that makes up the gemstone eyes of the fearsome nightcrawler they defeated appear to be evaporating. And Quingle no longer has a shadow…

Attendance: Eqximiye, Erenion, Fadrie, Juniper, Nique, Pr’Gillis, Quingle, Thangil, Y’Draesk, and Yestamir.

Behind Door Number 1
Isilay, Urui 4, 5055 (08/04/5055)


“If only we still had our cubic gate!,” bemoans Y’Draesk after the moot. “Wait a moment,” says Erenion in surprise. “A cubic gate? Like this one?" he states, pulling a bejeweled cube out from a belt pouch…

And so it begins…

Attendance: Erenion, Juniper, Pr’Gillis, Thangil, Yestamir, Quingle, Fadriewien, Eqximiye, and Y’Draesk.

“Good morning, Lady Carlack,” said Rille, as Eqximiye left her chambers. Rille, a well-tanned, dusky elf, was waiting outside the door, as he did every morning.

“Good morning Rille. I am meeting my guests at the Chaos Tables this morning for breakfast. Is there anything I need to handle before then?”

“Nothing that requires your personal attention, my Lady.” Rille bowed low as he responded.

“Very good then,” she replied.

“Except, perhaps…” Rille said hesitantly.

“Perhaps?” she asked, pausing and giving him a steady look.

“There is news about Fo’wyn, my Lady, and about Borsa.”

“She missed the War Council.” Eqximiye frowned pensively. “What is this news?”

“Lady Borsa has taken her husband and left the city.”

“Has she, indeed? Well, I expect she will take excellent care of him.” Still, Eqximiye continued to frown as she turned down the corridor leading to the gardens. As she arrived, she saw Erenion presiding over the gathering, as he prepared to cast the Heroes’ Feast.

“Lady Eqximiye!” called out a wild-looking pixie in greeting.

“Good morning to you, Juniper of the Grey.” She responded cheerfully, dismissing her concerns about her sick friend for the moment, since he was beyond her aid. “And to you as well, Brambletail.”

“Brambletail and I are pleased to greet you on this fine morning,” said the pixie, formally.

“I am most pleased to hear it,” replied Eqximiye graciously. “How did you like your chambers? Did you rest well?”

“We rested pleasantly, thank you.” The pixie answered, and then stood looking expectantly at Eqximiye, clearly waiting for something. Eqximiye cast around, looking for a distraction.
Her eyes fell on Pr’Gillis, who was just arriving.

“Pr’Gillis!” she cried, snagging him by the arm, “let me introduce you to Lady Juniper of the Grey and her noble steed and companion, Brambletail!”

“Well met,” Pr’Gillis said politely, bowing to the small fey. Eqximiye managed to slip away once the introduction was made, finding Y’Draesk already seated beside Erenion.

Sliding into the seat next to him, Eqximiye murmured, “Did you hear that Borsa took Fo’wyn and left sometime in the night?”

Y’Draesk shook his head in surprise. Seated across from him, Thangil and Quingle heard her questions and indicate that the news is a surprise to them as well.

Gradually, everyone takes their seats and Erenion casts the Heroes’ Feast spell. The mood is cheerful and festive, and so few notice that Malachitrix is in a bad mood. Quingle has to keep nudging him so he will stop glaring at Brambletail and Juniper. Once everyone has eaten their fill, Erenion and a few others cast some additional buffs. The familiars climb into the “familiar pouches”. Fadrie climbs into Erenion’s portable hole, and the party travels to the Astral as planned.

The familiars and Fadrie climb out of the pouches and the group waits for the portal to close. Once it does, Eqximiye presses the side labeled for the Prime Material, and a color pool appears. It is smooth, convex crystalline with silver and gold streaks, which means it is a pocket plane.

Thangil sees something coming in our direction, humanoid in shape. The shape notices us, and turns away, keeping a distance from the group.

We spend some time looking at the portal. Finally, Erenion decides to pray for guidance.

“Oh Fenmarel, please tell me if we should enter this portal. As a god of chaos, I expect you to be as vague and unhelpful as usual, but feel free to surprise me.”

As he finishes speaking, divets burn into the crystalline surface shaped as follows:
• Feather shape on top – recessed and flat
• Circle on left – smooth perfect hemisphere
• Rock on right – jagged inset
• Fuzzy pacman on bottom – recessed and flat

The group expects Eqximiye to click in the side for the Plane of Shadows. She intends to do this, but as a joke, tosses the cube in the air saying, “Give chance a chance.”

The cube spins in her hand, and instead of the Plane of Shadow, the group ends up on Arvandor. Luckily, Juniper recognizes the territory and leads the group to a meadow with a rock face and a large checkered cloth spread on the ground.

An elf comes out of a hut painted to look like the rock face. The elf has the greenest eyes anyone has ever seen, with silver streaks. He has fresh baked bread, hot chocolate and other tasty treats. He begins spreading out his feast. Juniper clearly recognizes him, and is friendly.

“Sir Erryhn,” she says, “well met.”

“Ah, Juniper,” he says pleasantly, “won’t you and your friends join me for a picnic? No obligations.”

“We should be delighted,” she replied. The party sits down to eat. One of the offerings is a large bowl of blue berries, the size of a fist. Y’Draesk and Eqximiye exchange a glance. Eqximiye turns to Thangil.

“Try the berries, Thangil. They’re delicious.”

“Really?” says Thangil, tentatively taking a large blue berry.

“Just bite into it,” Eqximiye says encouragingly.

When Thangil bites into the berry, purple juice gushes out to cover his chin, immediately staining his skin blue.

While the group makes merry with their host, Malachitrix studies him carefully. Finally,
Malachitrix cries “Hey, he’s a…” but the elf interrupts him.

“Shhh!” he says, and Malachitrix promptly falls asleep.

“Do you know a safe place in the Abyss to purchase wine?” asks Erenion. Sir Erryhn immediately writes down directions to such a place, and gives it to Erenion.

The group questions the motivation of their strange host. Finally, several of the party begin to realize that this elf is the same individual they have encountered before in the form of an enormous, ancient green dragon! Additional conversation begins to suggest that his true form is not draconic. Eventually, it starts to become clear that this elf is actually Erevan Ilsere, the elven god of Mischief, Change, Rogues and Changelings.

The elf looks around, clears his throat and says, “Some of us have decided to invest some resources in a long shot, and maybe if you prove worthy that long shot could be a fall back, a lifeboat, for you.” He gestures to the cubic gate.

The party questions Erevan closely, gaining the understanding that they will need to go to each of the sides of the cube to obtain the keys that will open the pocket plane. It is made clear that Erevan has some unlikely allies in this endeavor, and the majority of the elven pantheon are not among them.

Ultimately, the party can think of no further questions, and is ready to leave. They go up a hill to a stone circle. From there, they use the cubic gate to travel to the Astral. Upon arrival, they are next to a bright blue color pool. The group decides to go to the Prime Material and open the portal to the Plane of Shadow from there.

We pop into the grove near Greycliff. Erenion clicks a portal into existence to the Plane of Shadow. He hands the cube to Eqximiye and steps through. He immediately steps back through and Eqximiye closes the portal. He explains that there is a “leak” from the negative plane that hurt him immediately.

The group moves outside the grove and tries again. They find an acceptable entrance to the Plane of Shadow and pass through. The terrain looks like a twisted version of Greycliff and the surrounding land. Quingle attaches himself to the leyline. Immediately, something becomes aware of him.

In the hill beneath the group, a nightcrawler stirs and attacks. The party defeats this foe before taking too much damage. The retrieve 8000 gold pieces, 15 gems and fifty +4 enchanted arrows. They return to the palace to rest and regroup.

Message in a Bottle (or a Battle?)
Isilay, Urui 3rd, 5055 (08/03/5055)


Wherein a Strange package arrives for the Speaker.

Rillë hurries up to the Duchess and leans down to whisper urgently in her ear.

Eqximiye frowns for a moment and turns to Celethor saying, “Please excuse me. I will return immediately.” She follows Rillë from the room.

Just outside, an unfamiliar high elf wearing the colors of the Jawarl Avignon garrison stands, looking around curiously.

Rillë gestures importantly at the soldier, saying “Lieutenant Falasdir Korianthil.” The young man straightens as he turns toward the Duchess.

“My Lady,” he says, bowing. “I bear a message from Captain Evendell, Gorgon Battalion.”

“Greetings Lieutenant,” Eqximiye replies. “Will you give me this message?”

“Not an hour ago, a raven flew into our encampment at Jawarl. It flew right up to Sergeant Darkwood, dropped a fragment of paper and a box at her feet, squawked at her and turned into a small silver statue. The box is clearly addressed to Eqximiye Carlack, Speaker of the Eldar. The Captain considered this strange delivery, and deemed it too risky to send an unknown parcel through the arches. She also thought it appeared important, so not wanting to delay its delivery, she sent me to inform you instead.”

Eqximiye’s eyes narrow in thought. She purses her lips slightly to the left, and then nods abruptly.

“Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I hope you will remain long enough to take some refreshment before you return to your duty.”

He smiles and shakes his head, “Thank you, but no, I am ordered to return immediately. Either I will escort you to the Captain, should you wish to make the journey, or I will return to report to the Captain whatever message you desire.”

“In that case,” says the Duchess, “I will detain you no more than a moment.” She turns and re-enters the council chambers, Rillë at her heels.

As she enters, Morran Tel-Kittoren says to Thangil, “Sadly, only the same that ever we plan for when battling the undead. Release.””

She walks directly up to Celethor. “Forgive me, but I have just had a message arrive from Jawarl Avignon. I must depart at once.” Sarendil steps up on the side opposite Rillë, shooting the other elf an unfathomable look.

“What sort of message?” asks Celethor, holding up a hand to delay her departure.

“A silver raven, probably an enchanted figurine, had dropped a box addressed to me within the fortifications. Captain Evendell thought it too risky to bring it through, so he sent a messenger instead. I must inspect the parcel at once.”

“Very well,” replies the Warlord, “you may go.”

She nods at her cousin, and turns to leave. As Sarendil moves to follow,

Rillë says, “Wait Sarendil, one of us should stay here.”

“I agree,” Sarendil says smoothly, “one of us should stay here.” Rillë’s lips draw back in a snarl, but before he can speak, the Duchess chimes in.

“Good thinking Rillë. One of you must remain and speak for the Eldar in my absence. There will likely be decisions to be made.” Rillë pauses, uncertainty coloring his face.

“I’ll be glad to remain and represent the Eldar,” remarks Sarendil, as Rillë’s expression turns sour.

“Excellent,” says Eqxmiye.

“You’ll leave me the Rod then, right?” he asks slyly.

Eqximiye lifts one delicate eyebrow. “Nice try, Sarendil. Don’t push your luck.”

“You can’t blame me for trying, Speaker,” he adds mockingly. Celethor frowns behind him, as the drama plays out. As Eqximiye walks away, Celethor adds, “Take as many as you need to ensure your safety.”

Immediately, several members of the council rise. Y’Draesk is the first to reach her, blocking the door. Thangil and Faydrie are close on his heels, along with Erenion.

Juniper is sitting by the door, and Eqximiye notices she looks rather bored. She pauses, saying, “Juniper, would you like to come with us to Jawarl Avignon?” She hesitates, but accepts the invitation after a few moments.

The group makes the trek down into the lower levels of the palace. Finally, after passing several guard stations, they enter an empty room with a large arch at one end. Lieutenant Korianthil and a palace guard are waiting just inside the room. As the party approaches, he steps in, kisses her and turns smoothly to bow to the Duchess.

“My Lady, are you ready to leave?”

“Yes, indeed I am,” says Eqximiye, looking curiously at the blushing guard.

“Then follow me this way,” he says and walks directly under the arch, vanishing.

“Oh, by the way,” Eqximiye says to Erenion and Juniper as she trails behind him, “this is a teleportation arch.” Then she also vanishes beneath the structure.

Very shortly, the group appears many long miles to the south, where the salty scent of the ocean assaults their nostrils. The weather is significantly warmer here, but the cries of the sea birds are the same as in the capital. Lieutenant Korianthil loses no time leading them to Captain Evendell.

“Welcome, Lady Eqximiye,” declares Dývenil Evendell, standing as they enter. She extends her hands in a warm greeting that surprises Eqximiye.

“Have we met?” she asks.

“No, Lady, not until this moment have I had the honor,” replies Dývenil. “May I be introduced to your friends?”

Eqximiye makes the introductions, and there is a round of polite conversation. Finally, Dývenil says, “Well, you didn’t come all this way just to make small talk. I have a package for you.“ She pulls out a box slightly more than a foot long, approximately five inches deep and places it in the middle of her desk. Next to it, she places a torn scrap of parchment and a statue of a small, silver raven.

“Earlier today, this raven flew into the compound and dropped the parchment and box next to my Sergeant, squawked at her twice and turned into this little statue. She brought them to me immediately, and I locked them in my desk until your arrival just now. I swear to you, no-one has tampered with these items.”

“Understood, Captain,” replies Eqximiye.

Captain Dývenil leaves the party alone in her office, who immediately begin their investigations. After studying the raven for a few moments, Eqximiye announces it to be a Figurine of Wondrous Power, and sets it carefully aside.

The group turns to the parchment. There is no writing on it, and eventually they decide it has been torn off a larger document.
Finally they inspect the box. Neither the box nor the parchment emanates magic. Faydrie begins to attempt opening the box. On the inside, there is something sticky, holding the box closed. Faydrie determines it to be lead, and decides it would be foolish to force it open without knowing more.

After some debate, the party agrees that Erenion should handle the parchment, and use his abilities to try to see into the item’s past. He is successful.

“I see a shadowy figure. He…or she…is standing on a ledge in an alley of sorts. He, yes definitely he, is writing frantically on the parchment. Now he is giving the parchment and the box to the raven. The raven is flying off as flaming arrows soar past.”

Eqximiye groans, “The parchment must have been torn in flight. Damn.”
Erenion replies, “Well, let me try with the box next. Maybe it will tell us more.”

He places one hand on the box and concentrates. “A male, human, stole this from a desk. He is a rigid and unprincipled man. He is the man who sent it here with the raven.” He pauses, sighing. “Wait, there’s more. Another human male, a good man, he bought it and kept writing equipment in it, I see him clearly. “

The room goes quiet for a moment.

“What are you going to do now?” Rillë asks into the silence.

“It’s from Andros. I know it is,” mutters Y’Draesk.

Eqximiye nods at him. “Yes, I rather think it is. He was in trouble when he sent this. I hope it was worth it.” She glares at the fragment of parchment for a long moment. “I simply must know the contents of this letter.”

Thangil responds, “There is no magic that can recall the ink to the page, even if we mend the parchment itself. I fear it is lost.”

“Actually,” Eqximiye says, contradicting him with a wry smile, “there is.”

She places the paper gently on the desk. She draws breath and speaks the sharp, glittering words of a spell. When she finishes, she places one finger on the parchment and says in a crystalline voice, “I wish this paper would be made whole with the writing intact.”

A moment later, a large piece of parchment lies on the desk. It is water stained, but legible.

“E, I believe this is how they are maintaining such a tight seal on the city and control over the populace. Treat it carefully, and do not open it in an area that is not warded or sealed with lead.”

“Is that it? Is that his writing?”

Eqximiye looks around, but cannot even be sure who asked the question.

“Yes, that’s him!” she says exultantly. “Let’s get this back to the palace. Now.” The party gathers up the three items, and take their leave of Captain Evendell.

Before long, they are in a lead-lined, warded room. Carefully placing the box on the far side of the room, they summon an unseen servant to open it. The servant forces the box open. Inside the box is a severed hand, somewhat moist and stinky, and fairly fresh.

The party stares at the hand in horror and disgust.

“What the hell?” says Y’Draesk.

Erenion sighs and moves towards the hand. The others watch as he slowly reaches out to touch the hand. He closes his eyes as he reads the history of the grisly object.

“I see the good man again; he’s with the other one, the other man. They’re struggling. The other man, he’s hurting the good man.”

Erenion pushes suddenly away from the box. “He cut off the good man’s hand with an axe.” He turns away, breathing harshly. “I watched him do it.”

“Why would he cut off someone’s hand off and send it to us? That makes no sense,” says Rillë with feeling.

“I’m sure he had a reason,” says Eqximiye firmly. “I cannot imagine that he would do such a thing without a good reason.”

Slowly, the group converges on the dreadful appendage. Upon further study, they find that the ball of the hand is swollen. Eventually, this swelling is identified as a necrotic cyst, which allows the person with the ‘mother’ cyst to scry on the person carrying it at will.

“How can we determine if someone is infected?” asks Eqximiye. “Would a spell to detect undead also detect these?”

“No, I think not,” replies Erenion. “The aura of the living being will conceal it.”

“Just imagine,” grumbles Eqximiye, “an entire city under their control.”

“If only we still had our cubic gate,” says Y’Draesk.

“I have a cubic gate. What do you need?” says Erenion.

“Nah, we need our old…wait, what?!?! YOU have a cubic gate???”


“Where does it go?”

Erenion lists off the various destinations, “It goes to The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus, the Prime Material, the Demi-Plane of Shadow, Layer 1 of the Abyss – Pazunia, the Blessed Fields of Elysium and the Elemental Plane of Air.”

The party stares at Erenion in surprise. Then everyone begins talking at once, making plans to investigate all the destinations.


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