Cerveth 26, 5055 (07/26/5055)


As Kelroth, his nephew, Yestamir, The Speaker of the Eldar and her ‘curr’ fade from sight, taking with them the Seed of Malgaius, a tremendous sound is heard rolling out from the vast tree that is the material form of the demon lord.

A thunderous splintering roar shocks the ears of those within a few miles of the colossal trunk and seems to go on and on. Ever so slowly, the gigantic bulk of the tree shudders and cracks and tilts, debris, made deceptively small by scale and distance, appear to tumble gently from huge limbs down to crash into the ruined city below, clouds of dust roiling up from each impact. Bit by bit, the immense trunk tilts… and begins to fall. It picks up speed, branches the size of towers tearing free and falling like impossibly giant spears into the wreckage of the buildings below, the screaming of acres and acres of tortured wood drowning out all other sounds as the trunks twists and splits and crashes into the earth, exploding into deadly clouds of flying splinters and slivers, the ground rippling out for miles in a wave from the impact. Clouds of dust, leaves, and wood chips roil upwards, spreading out, yet the rumbling and crashing grows louder, echoing and rolling out over the surrounding land as the terrible forest covering it collapses, dies and crumbles to dust before the eyes of any survivors. As the dust and smoke settle to earth, blurring vision and choking the lungs, secondary crashes and the echoes of a thousand thousand shattering trees assault the senses for what seems like an eternity. When the dust clears, there is nothing left of the forest or the great tree but dust, the rubble of a ruined city and swath of devastation nearly forty miles in diameter – over five thousand square miles of lifeless land.



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