Ghosts of Fenris



Before Celethor signs over command of the Company of Shards to Eqximiye, in preparation for the Armada campaign, he has a special assignment for Quingle and Pr’Gillis.

Taking them to a scry-proof room, he tells them there will be no discussions on this mission – just do it:

“A mage will teleport you to Ceralon. From there you will proceed with others who will be transporting a large cylindrical object. You will bury that object, set the controls, and finally plant a flower over it. Then you will go back to Ceralon where the mage will teleport you out. Pr’Gillis’ job will be to dig the hole, bury the object, and memorize/set the controls. Quingle’s task will be to make sure nothing appears out of the ordinary.”

So on the evening of the Lothron 10, 5055, Quingle gives Malachitrix a bag of honey sesame treats to keep him occupied, and leaves him in a scry-proof room. He polymorphs himself into a high elf as a disguise, and goes to meet his comrade.

Quingle and Pr’Gillis are teleported to Ceralon, near a building that appears to be in ruins, with two sides broken down and overgrown. The city is amazing, with buildings and plants seemingly grown together as one.

As they travel, Quingle uses his talent with illusions to make the cart with the cylindrical object appear as a palanquin carrying a fine elven lady.

They pass a great tree and ceremonial bowl – the council chambers for the Elven High Council.

They continue on into the woods, and pass a large stone obelisk, eventually coming to a clearing in the woods containing a circle. In the center is a young white tree 40’ high. Off to one side, outside the circle, is a pavilion. Lounging in the pavilion are 6-10 elves in plate armor, whose sigils Pr’Gillis recognizes as the Order of the Lance.

Quingle and Pr’Gillis follow them into the circle, where there are elves all around. To all observers it appears that the fine elven lady is making a personal offering to the tree, while in actuality Pr’Gillis is burying the cylinder and setting its controls, finally finishing up by planting a rose bush.

When their task is complete, they take their leave, travel back to Ceralon, and are teleported back to Fennas Ear.

On Lothron 11, Quingle and Pr’Gillis are again with Celethor, who is also speaking with Eqximiye and Celemar. “Something has to be done. I need to talk some sense into him,” Celethor says to Eqximiye. “Who?” she asks. “You know who,” he responds. “No, I don’t!” Celethor and Celemar are staring each other down, and finally Celethor commands everyone to clear the room, and Quingle and Pr’Gillis hear none of the remaining conversation. But later, Celethor again comes to them and says: “Part two – same thing in reverse.”

So Quingle and Pr’Gillis again teleport to Ceralon, and make their way to the clearing, where they see Eqximiye and Thangil enter the circle. Eventually, Hithlorian enters the circle as well. He and Eqximiye get into a discussion, and he takes notice of the rose bush that had been planted the previous evening. Something about the rose impresses the powerful Eldar, and Quingle hears him say “at least someone knows how to make an appropriate offering,” and touches the rose.

Which springs the trap on the dimensional mine: the cylinder opens, pulls Hithlorian into it, and closes. At that point Pr’Gillis approaches, makes the settings on the cylinder’s seals that he had memorized, digs up the cylinder – now an eternal prison for the insane Hithlorian – and he and Quingle take the cylinder, again disguised, back to Ceralon. Pr’Gillis and Quingle are ported back to Fennas Ear. And Hithlorian to – ???


500 XP to Quingle! Thanks for the write-up, Carl!

Ghosts of Fenris

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