Celethor Carnen

The Hero of the Elven People, The Warlord


The prior Duke, Dior Carnen, married Elenariel Narbelmire, daughter of the Queen of Lëiore and her consort, Amanion Narbelmire. The rulers were killed in a recent attack on Fennas Ëar. They were blessed with six children.

The eldest, Celethor, was named Warlord after the death of the Queen. He has not yet married, and has sired no children at this time.

The second son, Celemar, is the current Duke of Fennas Ëar. He is married to Eqximiye Carlack and together they have a daughter, Celeraen.

The third son, Celorik, was believed dead, but has recently returned to Fennas Ëar. His only son, Yestamir, has also recently arrived in the city.

The fourth son, Celeshbar, left Fennas Ëar years ago, and only returned for his parents’ funeral. He brought his human wife and their children.

The fifth child was a daughter, Kethmira. She has most recently served as Ambassador to Keloania.

The sixth child is Kelroth, another son. He is presently Earl of Greycliff and Protector of the Eastern Greenwood. This title has been empty since the disappearance of his uncle, Mortethion Carnen.


Celethor Carnen

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