Book of all Knowledge

The pages of this enormous tome are rough-edged and yellowed. Embossed on the worn, blue leather cover is the holy symbol of all knowlege.


A book of all knowledge is said to contain all the secrets of the world, but few mortals are capable of accessing all that information. Its pages are apparently infinite; no matter how many you turn, more still remain unturned. Once per day, you can attempt a single Knowledge check (as if you were trained) with a +10 insight bonus after perusing the book for 2d4 hours.

If you’re a worshiper of Boccob (or any deity that offers access to the Knowledge domain), the time required is only 1d4 hours.

If you’re a cleric you could just cast Lore of the Gods to instantly gain the same bonus.


Currently possessed by Thohand Hollysword who enjoys leafing through the pages whenever downtime permits.

Book of all Knowledge

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