Waters of Oceanus

A simple, yet elegant stoppered clay pitcher


This clay jug of crystal-clear water glows with faint blue light, distilled from the headwaters of Oceanus, the great river that flows through many of the Upper Planes. The water has many healing and nourishing properties. A single dose of this water can nourish a Medium creature for an entire day, and when the water is consumed, the imbiber also receives the benefits of a restoration spell.

A full 15 ounce jug of this liquid contains 15 doses.

Moderate conjuration; CL7th; Craft Wondrous Item, create water, restoration; Price: 10,000gp


The guardinals of Elysium offer the Amir of the Hubul Jann to install an oasis full of this water at seven different locations of his choosing on the Prime Material Plane, to be replenished as long as the janni wish to use them.

This jar is but a small sample of the waters.

Waters of Oceanus

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