A Shot in the Dark


Welcome to Tu’Nararth – Approach Vlaakith CLVII, the reigning sovereign of the Githyanki regarding a possible alliance against the Gurth Morgal Herui.
Considered a longshot at best, this mission may possibly win the hard-pressed elves some powerful extraplanar allies. Being a lich, Vlaakith would have ample reason to dislike and fear the necromantic and undead-eating Avolakia. Note: Parts of this adventure may be run online to accommodate Bruce’s availability.

Nikerym: Umbrecrom Ironrage
Team: none currently selected
Combat Likelihood: Count on it

Sequestered Assets


Verify existing and establish new intelligence assets where needed throughout the continent.
This mission is a further extension of the Sorrow Wastes scouting task.

Nikerym: Fadriewien Isarania
Team: none currently selected
Combat Likelihood: low to medium

What Rough Beast


Scout out current activities in the Sorrow Wastes, with an eye toward establishing a permanent ‘listening post’.
This mission is an extension of the Stonefist task, depending on what is found there.

Nikerym: Thangil Elendu
Team: Fadriewien Isarania, Juniper of the Grey, and Y’Draesk R’rgelnev.
Combat Likelihood: High to Very High

Under the Sea...


Several months ago, during the massive naval battle between the Corsair Kings and Fennas Ëar, the Gurth Morgul Herui attempted to slip a massive barge around the fight and towards Ty’Athalael, the underwater city of the sea-elves. Now Eqximiye Carlack, the Speaker of the Eldar, gathers together a team in order to determine why.

Attendance: Eqximiye, Thangil, Nique, and Erenion.

Improbable Foundations


Verify that Stonefist is clear of enemy taint and that the dwarves’ command structure is intact or repairable.

Nikerym: Fadriewien Isarania
Team: Umbrecrom Ironrage and Y’Draesk R’rgelnev. Others may be potentially useful.
Combat Likelihood: unknown

Collecting the Rent
Begins Urui 30, 5055


Even more cubic gate shenanigans! (actual description forthcoming.)

Attendance: TBD

There's a Hell of a good universe next door - let's go!
Urui 15, 5055 thru Urui 22, the end of summer


A Conspiracy of Powers has granted a boon to our heroes, providing them with the means to save refugees from Illuvinari should the war against the Gurth Morgal Herui be lost. A pristine, untouched material plane, frozen in time and hidden from the rest of the great wheel. Having recovered one of the keys needed in order to access this new world, our heroes must now decide what trail to follow in order to recover the remaining three. Erevan Ilsere has implied that the cubic gate given to Erenion will lead them to the keys and three sides remain unexplored. Where will they travel next?

The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus?

The Elemental Plane of Air?

Or Pazunia, the first layer of the Abyss?

Attendance: Eqximiye, Y’Draesk, Quingle, Thangil, Fadrie, Yestamir, Erenion, and Pr’Gillis.

Poor Losers
Anarya, Urui 10, 5055 (08/10/5055)


Our Heroes have done the impossible! They have out-debated the Mouth of Primus, out fought the premier swashbuckler of the era, and out maneuvered both a mad mercane merchant and the yugoloth Sharlocke, Keeper of the Tower of Incarnate Pain. Now they can collect the deed for the Valley of Light and deliver it to the guardinal Ivixel. However, there is one small problem to deal with first…

Attendance: Eqximiye, Erenion, Y’Draesk, Nique, Quingle, Thangil, Fadrie, Pr’Gillis, Yestamir, and Umbrecrom.

Brutal Choices
The evening of Elenya, Urui 9, 5055 (08/09/5055)


“You’re in America now," I said. "Our idea of diplomacy is showing up with a gun in one hand and a sandwich in the other and asking which you’d prefer.”
― Jim Butcher, Turn Coat

Our heroes, representing Elysium, are one of three finalists in the negotiations for the ownership of Darrai Sei Rosani. Things have taken a grim turn though, with the arcanaloth Sharlocke threatening the holdfasts of the Hubul Jann as leverage to win the bid. The mercane Piramus Aristedes appears unfazed and confident, his bid still unrevealed to the other claimants. Can our heroes win the Valley of Light for Ivexal?

Attendance: Eqximiye, Erenion, Y’Draesk, Quingle, Thangil, Fadrie, Pr’Gillis, Yestamir, and Umbrecrom.

Tarion, Urui 8, 5055 (08/08/5055)


After our heroes confront and retrieve Quingle’s missing shadow, they find themselves summoned to the Golden Beaches in Thalasia, on the fourth layer of Elysium. A bit of debate and travel later finds them on the shores of the headwaters of the great River Oceanus. In the distance they can see the mists that suround The Blessed Isles. A great feast is laid out for them and their host reveals themself as Ivixel, a leonal guardinal. The guardinal greets them warmly by name and agrees to honor the rules of host and guest. During the meal, he chats congenially, enthusiastically inquiring about our heroes’ past exploits. Finally, the feast finished, he explains the reasons for his summons.

“For the most part, my homeland of Elysium is a paradise in every sense of the word, but one section has been sealed off from the rest. Within the confines of those blasted lands, hundreds of terrible monsters have been imprisoned for untold millennium. Once an age, guardinals like myself must fortify those boundaries to keep the rest of the upper planes safe.”

“As you may already know, the janni have come into possession of Darrai Sei Rosani or the Valley of Light – a diamond mine on the Elemental Plane of Earth. It is a vast underground complex filled with nothing but purest diamond. As they have no resources to mine it, they wish to barter it away. After a year-long summons across the planes seeking an offer worthy of Darrai Sei Rosani, Utha Alzmed, the current Amir of the Hubul Jann, has narrowed the candidates down to six. They will make their final decision during a three day long diplomatic summit to be held in a neutral realm called the Demiplane of Gloaming. While six diplomats off a substantial reward for the mines, there can be only one winner. Elysium has charged me to win this prize, and to use the diamonds to restore the borders in Elysium.”

“Unfortunately, I believe I have little chance of winning the mines for the cause of Good. Guardinals excel at many things, but diplomacy is not one of them. I need heroes who possess the strength, cunning, and finesse necessary to subvert our opponents and beat them at their own game.”

“I have the necessary materials for you to make the trip, and I offer my personal seal to vouch for your presence at the proceedings. With your combined efforts, it might just be possible to beat the other diplomats, and win the Valley of Light for Elysium. In return, if you win the mines, you all shall be rewarded with a puissant enchanted item of your choice, and you shall ever more be favored among the guardinals and shall find shelter and sustenance in Elysium whenever you require it.”

The lion-headed celestial lays a plane shift scroll, a forked metal rod of dull gray metal and a stoppered clay pitcher on the table.

“Will you do it?”

Attendance: Eqximiye, Erenion, Y’Draesk, Quingle, Thangil, Fadrie, Pr’Gillis, Yestamir, Nique, and Umbrecrom.


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