Calendar Nomenclature

Days of the Week

Elvish Common
Elenya Starsday
Anarya Sunday
Isilya Moonday
Alduya Treesday
Menelya Heavensday
Tarion Powersday

Months of the Year – 30 days in each month

Narwain (January)
Ninui (February)
Gwaeron (March)
Gwirith (April)
Lothron (May)
Norui (June)
Cerveth (July)
Urui (August)
Ivanneth (September)
Narbeleth (October)
Hithui (November)
Girithron (December)

Illuvinari Seasons

Spring – Ninui 16 through Lothron 15
Summer – Lothron 16 through Urui 15
Autumn – Urui 16 through Hithui 15
Winter – Hithui 16 through Ninui 15

Illuvinari Quarter Holidays & Elven Council Moots

Yenearsira – Winter Solstice, the Elven new year. A day of rebirth. Falls between Girithron and Narwain.

The vernal equinox falls between Gwaeron and Gwirith, marking the beginning of Ehtele’mele, a week of romance and song.

Sheelala is a day of games and practical jokes celebrated in early spring which falls on the first of Gwirith.

Faradome – Summer Solstice. A celebration of the battle between Corellon and Gruumsh One-Eye. A night of orc hunting that falls between Norui and Cerveth

Yavieba – Autumnal equinox falls between Ivanneth and Narbeleth. It marks a week of reflection and a time to remember those who have left this world. Most important decisions and judgments are made during this week.

Notable Constellations

The Spider – portents evil deeds
The Celestial Tree
Dancers (spring equinox)
Corelian’s Sword/bow
Scales (balance)

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Calendar Nomenclature

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